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The people for Tony Stark?

Okay, I was talking with my sister about how awesome it would be if in the wake of Civil War, that the people/public in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, EVERYWHERE! Just showed a subtle but strong solidarity for Tony Stark/Iron Man using what Tony is super into. Technology.
Like, picture this:
Hashtags; Tony is trending for MONTHS.
“I stand for the man that stands with me👏🏽 #IStandWithTonyStark #CaptainAmericaWho?”
“#IronMan with a #ironwill for the people and what’s right!”

People view the footage of the airport battle from the grainy cameras posted all over like crazy because someone uploaded it to YouTube. It’s not the best but you can see how team cap just didn’t pull any punches and how Tony had tried to talk despite not hearing what he’s saying. He looks broke , trying to hold everything together.
People lose their minds when they see Cap’s team charge first and when Rhodes falls from the sky and Tony dives after him.
The comments light up and bbbuuuuurrrrrnnn team cap.
“lmao what a fucking joke. tony is trying to talk to him and do you see this guys body language? he’s not hearing anything. Dude wouldn’t even listen to a team member let alone 117 countries”
“Yooo, legit they just kept flying after seeing War Machine go down like that? I saw Falcon turn around but I don’t care man, you’ve LIVED and FOUGHT with this dude and he’s obviously seriously hurt and you just keep flying away in the jet you stole??? Cowards. Pathetic.”
“They really look like they’re trying to kill the real heroes. Fuck I’m glad we have Iron Man and Co. with us”

People organize a day online; through tumblr, twitter, insta, Facebook, any way to get the news out that you wear red on this day and you just subtly grab a pen and draw a circle in your palm for a repulsor just like Iron Man’s. And everything blows up that way. News networks talk about it and talk show hosts, the paper has articles on how the public is showing an unimaginable support for Iron Man and the rest of his team that stayed and fought for them and continue to fight for them during the revision of the Accords.

And I want it to be on the news so much that team cap has to watch it and has to know how much everyone loves Tony and what he’s doing and how he went about it. And how he is an actual hero who did his best and how much the public believe and appreciate him.

UGLY by Warsan Shire

Your daughter is ugly.
She knows loss intimately,
carries whole cities in her belly.

As a child, relatives wouldn’t hold her.
She was splintered wood and sea water.
They said she reminded them of the war.
On her fifteenth birthday you taught her
how to tie her hair like rope
and smoke it over burning frankincense.

You made her gargle rosewater
and while she coughed, said
macaanto girls like you shouldn’t smell
of lonely or empty.

You are her mother.
Why did you not warn her,
hold her like a rotting boat
and tell her that men will not love her
if she is covered in continents,
if her teeth are small colonies,
if her stomach is an island
if her thighs are borders?

What man wants to lay down
and watch the world burn
in his bedroom?

Your daughter’s face is a small riot,
her hands are a civil war,
a refugee camp behind each ear,
a body littered with ugly things

but God,
doesn’t she wear
the world well.

it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.


@espersona​​ week, Day 2: Awakening

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sassy-shadowy-student  asked:

#1 and #5 please!

I have already answered #1 but I will tell you what are my favorite Hamilton songs.

1. Alexander Hamilton

2. My shot

3. The Schuyler sisters

4. Right hand man

5. Helpless

6. Satisfied

7. Wait for it

8. That would be enough

9. Guns and ships

10. What’d I miss

11. Take a break

12. Say no to this

13. The rooms where it happens

14. Hurricane

15. Burn

16. It’s quite uptown

17. Who lives who dies who tells your story


Thank @2doc-is-my-otp for getting me into this ship right in the middle of my cyborg phase. Have some shitty sketchy doodles I did this morning after stalking said blog :’)



Again I kind of adore the messages Yuuko is putting across here. 

Only the victim of a situation can decide whether their suffering was significant or not. Grudges are easy, unequal, and unfair by their very nature. And even then, spiders are more fair than humans. 

It occurs to me that Yuuko isn’t even explaining this as a lesson that Watanuki “needs to learn”, but rather as an explanation that “this is just how things are, and none of it is ever fair or equal”. 



My favourite resolution to this plot line would be Watanuki going, “Oh, the spider wants Doumeki to suffer? OK I GOT THIS.”

And then just like. Chasing Doumeki around his house beating him with a stick until the spider was satisfied and lifted the curse. 

It’s absolutely not going to be that simple BUT I CAN DREAM OK. 

So Ali Danesh posted her concept character designs for ATOTS, and I was definitely interested in Ford’s, mostly because the episode itself is so dark, you can hardly make out the details! Also interesting to note that he WAS already wearing the turtleneck; he simply had his scarf that was on his face covering it.

Also wanted to talk about the symbols on his belt! Anyone have any guesses as to what they could be? Here are mine (but I’m open to other interpretations).

  • H-like symbol - Symbol for Pisces, Greek for fish, and also the constellation.
  • E- like Symbol - My best guess is Epsilon, the Greek letter. Also used to denote the 5th brightest start in a constellation.
  • ♉ - Appears to be the symbol for Taurus, representing the constellation and strological sign of the same name.
  • £ - Pound sign. Represents Libra, the basic unit it weight in the Roman Empire, and possibly also the constellation.

All seem potentially based in astronomy/astrology in one way or another! Makes me even more curious as to what he did on the other side of that portal…

Visible // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

Part 2 to ’ Invisible

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian, @archer-whovian-violinist

Requests are open ;))

Words: 806


After the incident with (Y/n) happened she disappeared, literally. It was like she never existed. No one remembered her except the pack, her things in her locker had disappeared. Nobody cared about the once popular girl who had disapeared from the school, maybe even the whole state of California!

“Whatever happened to (Y/n)?” Lydia pursed her lips,“ She just disappeared off the radar.” “Well,” Isaac looked around while shoving his hands in his pockets,“ She left Beacon Hills, obviously.”

“Yeah so helpful Isaac,” Stiles rolled his eyes,“ I mean where is she right now?”

“Well,” (Y/n)’s voice cut in, appearing behind Isaac,“ I didn’t exactly leave Mr. Isaac.”

“What the actual fuck,” he screamed out, flinching.

(Y/n) giggled, leaning close to his face,“ I’ve been watching you guys for months, you’re just like little bugs.” Her voice changed, turning cold,“ You all are little pests.”

“Wow thanks,” Stiles rolled his eyes again,“ Now where have you been. Everyone forgot you and you left Beacon Hills. No one remembered you except us.”

“Well,” (Y/n) smiled,“ I never left Beacon Hills, not exactly. I can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time,” she disappeared for a second and then reappeared next to Scott, she disappeared again then appeared on the other side of the room. No one payed attention to her.

“I’m not exactly what Stiles thought I was,” She thought for a second,“ What was it called?  A Zanna?”

“Yeah a Zanna,” Stiles yelled at her.

“You must be mistaken,” (Y/n) walked towards him,“ I’m not a Zanna, an imaginary friend. I am what you call, well.” She shook her head,“ This is harder than I thought. I am well to be frank, I am dead.”

“What does that mean?” Allison asked, confusion all over her face.

“Well it means exactly what I said,” (Y/n) stuck out her tongue,“ I’ve been dead for years. But for some reason I came back. Remember that time you chanted some silly Latin words, Scott and Stiles? Well it didn’t do nothing, I came back to life.”

“That’s not possible,” Isaac drawled out,“ If you’ve been working on that story for a year…”

“Well that was this little thing called a lie,” she smiled,“ You would know something about that wouldn’t you?”

“How did you die anyway?” Scott asked,“ I mean not to be rude or anything-”

“It’s fine you would find out anyway,” (Y/n) closed her eyes and sighed in regret,“ I was murdered here late at night when me and my friends decided to play around on a little bet. I now haunt the school. Boo!”

“Really?” Isaac raised an eyebrow.

“Nah that’s a stupid movie cliché. I was a werewolf and I was killed by a few hunters who thought I was going around murdering people,” (Y/n) clicked her tongue,“ What was his name? Oh! It was Peter Hale who killed the girl not me! I was innocent but Uncle Peter thought it was fun to blame me. Great luck right?”

“Did you say… Uncle Peter?” Allison gasped,“ That means you’re related to Derek?”

“Well no shit Sherlock” (Y/n) rolled her eyes,“ He’s my little brother, God I hated when he was born he was so obnoxious and always cried. I always had to look out for him when we were growing up. I was only three years older than him, heh. I died in his arms.”

“You died… In his arms?” Lydia’s eyes widened in surprise.

“No wonder he’s a sour wolf,” Stiles rolled his eyes. “Hey he’s still my brother,” (Y/n) frowned, slapping the back of Stiles’ head,“ Don’t be a dick Stiles.”

“How long are you- you know. Going to be a ghost,” Allison asked. Stiles let out a little hey for being ignored.

“Probably until someone kills me,” (Y/n) pondered,“ Or burned my body.”

“What the fuck man?” Stiles spat out the water he was drinking,“ Burn your body?!?”

“Haven’t you seen Supernatural?!?” (Y/n) asked,“ I don’t actually know when I’m going to leave but I’m going off a whim and saying what Dean and Sam do.”

“Great we have a ghost in our hands, who’s related to Derek and Peter Hale. The ghost doesn’t even know how to get rid of itself and you know to top it off- It’s a fangirl of a show about badass guys who hunt monsters and is going off that to hunt itself,” Stiles exclaimed,“ So peachy.”

“Hey I might be dead but I’m still a girl!” (Y/n) glared at him,“ Anyway, We need to get to Derek and Peter.” “

Ugh why do we have to go to them?” Isaac moaned in agony,“ Peter creeps me out.”

“Because they’re the only ones who know how to help us!” (Y/n) exclaimed.

I wrote this while sitting in the car on the way to work this morning, when I was caught in heavy traffic. (and then finished it off during lunch).

WrenchxReader, set before watchdogs 2 takes place, at the previous year’s Skelter festival.
954 words.
Marks off for 1. Meetings on my writing list.

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Gregor never said a word, just picked me up under his arm and shoved the side of my face down in the burning coals and held me there while I screamed and screamed. You saw how strong he is. Even then, it took three grown men to drag him off me. The septons preach about the seven hells. What do they know? Only a man who’s been burned knows what hell is truly like.

TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees – #3

Produce 101 Season 2 provided us with more than just a handful of hot boys in uniforms. Hell, yes… we are so lucky that several of them are victims of intense sex appeal. 

After already mentioning two extremely sexy participants of Produce 101 Season 2, it is finally time to reveal the – of course in my opinion – third sexiest trainee of the show.

Prepare some tissues, girls. Then this guy might be able to make you drool rivers.

#3 – KANG DONG HO // 강동호

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No one has suffered more from Mnet’s typical evil editing than PledisKang Dongho – also known as NU’EST’s Baekho. Even during his very first screen time, Mnet tried to make him look like the scariest fucker ever. And guess what – it worked.

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Dongho turned into Produce 101′s number one bad boy. Not only Mnet’s script, also his fierce and manly appearance made sure that this trainee gained a lot of mostly negative attention by other contestants and the audience. But you know – such a scary bad boy image made him actually hot as freaking hell.

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However, it wasn’t only his image that gave him the nickname Sexy Bandit. It was his sensual look during Team 2′s Boy in Luv performance that caused multiple heart attacks among countless girls.

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Come on, I can’t even look at this gif without moaning. Seriously, no one fitted Boy in Luv’s concept better than Dongho. His stage presence was way too intense to be true. Oh boy, you well ensured to make a lasting impression!

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Besides being Produce 101′s Daddy Sexy or Real Namja, Dongho proofed through the arm wrestling and punching competition that he is also the strongest of all trainees. If a zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow, I would love to have Dongho by my side. Actually, I would love to have Dongho by my side 24/7, since he is – despite the mean image Mnet gave him – a wonderful, sweet and lovable person.

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Yes, Dongho is known for being super charming and caring. Everyone who is at least a little bit familiar with NU’EST and the rest of the Pledis family should know that he is just a puppy in a wolf’s body. And a guy that appears manly and super sexy with a fantastic personality is actually what I would call perfect boyfriend-material.

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Another feature that enforces his sex appeal is definitely his beautiful cotton candy voice. His appearance might give the impression of him being NU’EST’s rapper, but hell no – there are already two rappers in NU’EST. Dongho is the group’s main vocalist.

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Oh yes, ladies! Kang Dongho is that kind of guy that stares at you in the most sexual way while singing a love song with his sweete angel voice. 

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And BOOM… I’m sorry to say this, but your ovaries just exploded. 


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I had a dream out in the desert, AKA an actual Burning Man AU, what even is my life anymore

“Where’d you get that hat?”
“… I found it?”

On the first night of Burning Man, Jyn jumps on the music stand and steals a cowboy hat right off the head of the DJ manning it.

On the last night, she’s learned his name, among other things - the feeling of plastic flowers falling out of her hair as he runs his fingers through it, the look in his dark eyes when his pupils are blown wide, his open laughter in the desert sun to name a few. His fingers have smudged out the blacklight body-paint on her more than once, his hands leaving stains wherever else they roam on her.

She got lost in a dust storm with him on the third day there, hand on the small of her back, and she thought she had lost him until she felt an arm wrap around her and pull her into his chest, shielded from the dusty winds.

She has spend nights in the cold desert stargazing with him, or dancing under the light installations, or other more private things, but their seven days together are up, and at some point very soon she will have to face the facts; she’s going home to England, he’s going home to Mexico, and there is no more desert paradise for them…

This is what freedom of speech looks like. Calling a gay man homophobe and burning down buildings and cars to stop him from speaking his mind to people who want to hear him. Has it been a liberal speaker everyone would be outraged but somehow we should just put up with it because he supports our president and speaks the truth that libs snowflakes don’t want to hear and most importantly don’t want YOU to hear because someone might change the way they look on the situation.
Keeping people in the dark is the most effective way of making sure they never see.

If Fallout New Vegas Was a Movie

1. Neil Patrick Harris as Arcade Gannon - Harris (HIMYM) already is known for his wacky and sarcastic humor which is right up Arcade’s alley. Besides, with glasses they look so similar and that’s important.

2. Sam Worthington as Craig Boone - First one I thought of when it came to Boone’s squishy eyes. Besides Worthington (Avatar) played soldier’s before so he’s got the discipline down.

3. Emma Stone as Rose of Sharon Cassidy - Stone (Easy A/The Help/Spiderman) has that saucy crude humor that would be PERFECT for Cass’s blunt personality. The fact that they look similar as well makes me think of who they modeled Cass after.

4. Danny Trejo as Raul Tejada - Okay I was lazy on this one. But why not? If the voice actor of Raul is already a great actor, why change anything?

5. Anne Hathaway as Veronica Santangelo - Okay I think Bethesda is just seeing if we’d notice at this point. It can’t be a coincidence that she looks EXACTLY like Anne Hathaway. Hathaway can do anything, even punch the shit out of people probably.

~Dead Money~

6. Karen Gillan as Christine Royce - Gillan (Doctor Who) has that squishy round cutesy face that Christine has. Plus with her shaved head, they look super similar.

7. Jidenna or Eddie Murphy as Dean Domino - Based off the painting in the into sequence of DM, Domino looks of African American heritage. I tried to go for actor/singer combos, which is why Jidenna (classy af) was my top choice but Eddie Murphy could also be equally as classy and nail the unique voice.

~Honest Hearts~

8. Jesse Williams as Follows-Chalk - trust me when I saw it was hard to find a tan, light-eyed famous actor that had that same wide-eyed look as Follows-Chalk. BUT I think Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) looks very similar and could do a great job!

9. Charlize Theron as Waking Cloud - Theron (Mad Max) can nail the bald look and has that piercing gaze that Cloud has as well. She’s a bad ass and what better way to play a midwife accompanying the courier than by being Theron?

10. Gerard Butler as Joshua Graham - Butler (300/Phantom of the Opera/How to Train your Dragon) has a phenomenal track record for being a unique bad ass or leader. Plus, his voice is one of the most powerful and unique one’s I’ve ever heard so what better way to distinguish The Burned Man legend than with Butler?

~Lonesome Road~

11. Lenny Kravitz as Ulysses - As yes, so it was hard to find good pictures of middle-aged men rocking the dreads but even though Kravitz doesn’t wear them currently, his track record from the 90s . I think the likeness is really close actually.

Basically… Fallout New Vegas is going to be just one giant comedy movie.

[Fallout 4]