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tae couldn’t stop looking at jin or touching his neck throughout the entire vlive can someone please collect them

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For the viktuuri one liner: you taste even better than a katsudon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[bakit ka ganyan friend]

“You’re making me into such a liar, Yuuri,” Viktor huffs, breath coming out warm yet reaching the skin of Yuuri’s ear in a cool whisper of air.

Yuuri’s not even sure he’s still breathing- if he even remembered what breathing was- with Viktor so close and so, so warm against him. Their hips are flush together, Viktor’s bare chest to Yuuri’s clothed front with his hands roaming down (and down) the expanse of Yuuri’s back, and Yuuri-

Yuuri isn’t even sure if he’s still alive, at this point.

How can he be, when it’s beginning to look like Viktor is playing around less and less as he is actually actively getting into Yuuri’s pants?

“Wh-what?” he manages to sputter, voice coming out choked and croaky from his throat as he struggles not to struggle against Viktor’s touches. He wants it, he really does, but it’s one thing to want something in a fantasy and another thing entirely to actually get that thing without even actively trying for it.

Or, well.

He had intended for Viktor to be seduced, even if just for a little bit, at his portrayal of Eros. That was the reason he could pull it off at all- he had someone in mind, someone to tempt, someone to focus his heart and mind on.

And he succeeded.


He still doesn’t understand how that led to this.

“Don’t you remember, Yuuri?” Viktor drawls into the curve of his ear, right before nipping at the lobe and eliciting a half-strangled squeak from him. “You made me fall in love with katsudon. But lapochka, you taste so much better than any food I’ve ever eaten.

“I highly doubt that,” he tries to argue, though it falls flat and somehow high when Viktor squeezes and fits his knee right where his growing arousal is.

Oh, god.

He’s dead.

He is so, so dead.

“Oh my god,” he wheezes out a in a rush, squeezing his eyes shut as he focuses on the curl of his toes on the bedsheets. Viktor, oblivious as he often is to what Yuuri really needs, only pushes further, grinding his leg inwards that Yuuri can’t help an embarrassing moan. He barely has enough of his wits about him to cover his mouth, though Viktor doesn’t help him with this at all when he reaches out and pins Yuuri’s wrists down onto the bed on either side of his head.

Viktor even has the gall to look absolutely delighted at him, those ocean-blue eyes bright and gleaming with glee with lips stretching so wide across fair cheeks that Yuuri feels his face hurt in sympathy.

But Viktor deserves absolutely none of his sympathy, because he is embarrassing.

“If I make a mess because of you,” he warns, glaring hard despite the red flush on his cheeks, “I am going to smack you, Viktor.”

“I wouldn’t mind at all!” Viktor exclaims cheerily, before lowering his head and trailing kisses and light bruises from Yuuri’s neck down to his chest, which he has somehow reached by dragging up the hem of Yuuri’s shirt with one hand. Yuuri, because he’s in love and hard-pressed to say no to anything Viktor wants (which is a lie, he knows, because if anyone knows how to truly say no to Viktor it’s him), does nothing to stop him when he tugs the article of clothing off his body. And because Viktor’s first answer apparently wasn’t enough, he adds in a hum while brushing dry lips over Yuuri’s nipple, “Mm, I wouldn’t mind hurting for you, Yuuri.”

Yuuri’s eyes roll to the back of his head, and it’s not even out of pleasure. It’s despair clawing at the back of his eyes, because he does not understand how Viktor can say the things he says without feeling one ounce of embarrassment for himself.


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playlist : Tyler takes you on a walk in a forest when you're feeling sad/anxious

he’s holding your hand, leading you through the trees, playing soothing songs from his phone that he knows will calm your nerves. he kisses your head and tells you that he’ll never leave you. letting you know that you need to just cry and let it all out, because that’s what you need.

- breathe me by sia
- the lightning strike by snow patrol
- sweet child o’ mine (guns n’ roses cover) by taken by trees
- skinny love by bon iver
- have faith in me by a day to remember
- falling in love with glaciers by listener
- welcome home by radical face

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Dragon and soup

Dragons: What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you?

hmmm m nothing really or nothing that i can think of

Soup: Comfort food?

oatmeal or warm pie with ice cream


                                   Breathe tragedy through ragged lungs -
                                                              - While you bleed blue and gold

                                                 And god makes monsters of men

                                                               Written by Serberus

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