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doctor who otp doodle prompt roundup! :3

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thanks so much to everyone who submitted a prompt–i had a fantastic time working on them! <3 <3 <3

At breakfast in the Great Hall--
  • Hermione: Harry, could you pass the butter if you're done mentally undressing Malfoy?
  • Harry: *staring unblinkingly across the Hall*
  • Ron: *laughing weakly* Mentally... undressing... Er, mate?
  • Harry: Is it me or is Malfoy's hair extra shiny today?
  • Ron: What
  • Harry: He has good bone structure, doesn't he...That's a thing right, bone structure?
  • Ron: Hermione, make him stop
  • Harry: Oh shit, he's so pretty when he smiles
  • Ron: LOL okay brb gotta go throw up

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RFA+ Minor trio reacting to Mc being really good with makeup? both special effects and "normal" makeup, and always looking like a goddess because of it?^-^

I know next to nothing about makeup and I don’t wear any irl, but oh my god does that stuff take talent

-He has never seen somebody with such perfect makeup
-The only way he can describe you is a God(dess)
-Your special effects makeup would be great for cosplaying, if you’d ever be up for that
-Whenever Zen sends a selfie in chat and  brags about his looks, Yoosung will send a selfie of you
-Zen would shut up because god damn your eyeliner could not be more on point
-Yoosung does get jealous if there is too much attention on your selfie though
-How precious

-The first time he sees you he freezes
-You’re so beautiful, more beautiful than he is!
-Perfect eyeliner, perfect eyebrows, perfect highlight
-Your makeup is actually flawless
-His heart is going 100mph
-He can just tell that you do better work than the professional makeup artists he’s worked with
-Zen would ask you to be his makeup artist
-He could put in a good word about you with his manager and even see about getting you into doing it as a career if you’re interested
-He would love to be able to see you at work, and see the amazing special effect makeup you can do

-Just wow
-She’s never seen makeup that flawless
-And this girl keeps up with celebrities, none of their looks come close to yours
-(I headcanon that Jaehee is super into beauty channels on YouTube so)
-Even the most popular beauty channels can’t pull off the work you can do
-Once you guys begin getting close and begin dating, she’d ask if you’d be okay with giving her a makeover
-You happily oblige
-She loves the heck out of it and can barely recognize herself in the mirror afterwards

-Okay, he has seen a lot of faces because he’s a businessman and all
-But holy shit
-Even the people he’s seen that have had professionals do their makeup look like middle schoolers compared to you
-He has no idea how someone could be so good at doing makeup
-It’s such an underrated talent
-He could be able to afford the really good makeup palettes and beauty products for you as gifts
-He could help you launch a career out of it if you wanted to

-When he first checks out the CCTV
-There is a literal angel in Rika’s apartment
-He can see your bomb ass highlight from the CCTV camera alone
-And these are not the nicest cameras ever
-Then he finds your social media accounts
-Holy mother of god
-He sees all the makeup you’ve done on yourself, and on other people, and he is speechless
-He thought he was good at changing his appearance, but you can literally make somebody into a mythical creature if you wanted to
-He’d be completely up for teaming up with you to use your amazing makeup abilities to prank Yoosung

-Forget taking photos of nature let me photograph your contour like damn
-He calls you nicknames like God(dess) or angel
-He takes millions and millions of photos of you
-He’ll also take photos of your special effects makeup or any other projects you do on other people
-So amazed by how you can use all these powders and liquids to make something so gorgeous

-He knows nothing about makeup and he doesn’t see the big deal about it
-So he doesn’t think too much about your daily makeup and never pays attention because you look fine with or without it
-He doesn’t at all care what you look like
-But when he sees you do special effects makeup on other people
-He’s so impressed
-Like you can change a human being into a monster
-Or you can give somebody completely new bone structure
-What kind of sorcery
-He’s curious as to how you manage to create different looks like that
-If you offered to let him watch you do somebody’s makeup or even your own, he would like to
-He’s too nervous to ask though

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Do you think you could make a part 2 or mini series to that Jason Todd soulmate au you wrote? It was really really good♥️

thank you!! sorry this has taken so long, but I’ve finally got some down time this week so here it is! this is still kinda angsty because it is jason, but there’s also bed sharing and first kisses and other cute cliche stuff, so don’t tell me I never do anything nice for you guys. ;)

read part one here! 

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The Tie

A/N: This is just a little attempt at a tickle fic because @always-an-evans-addict is feeling down and I want to make her feel better. I’m sorry it’s so short, but I hope it makes you happy! I also have a small bit of Chris tickling the reader along with a whole lot of fluff in another fic that I’ll link HERE 

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“What is this?” I stare into the bag disgustingly, pulling out a tie like it has the plague.

“My tie for the premiere” he looks up at me from across the counter.

“You’re not wearing this.”

“I am”

“You’re not. Chris this is the ugliest tie I’ve seen in my entire life”

“But it matches your dress”

“This does not look anything like my dress!”

“It’s the same color!”

“My dress is maroon, literally just solid maroon. It doesn’t have anything like this disgusting pattern! You’re not wearing this”

“Babe, it’ll look fine”

“No one can make this look good”

“Um, have you seen me?” he gestures to himself and raises his eyebrow.

“Yes, and even you can’t make this look good. I couldn’t even make this look good and have you seen me?” I imitate his gesture and quirk my eyebrow back at him.

“I can make it look good” he assures me and walks away towards the bedroom. I follow quickly behind him, the tie still in my hand. I quickly tie it around my forehead like a bandana and start strutting around in front of him.

“Oh, I’m Chris Evans. I can wear whatever I want because everything looks good on me. I have perfect bone structure so no one cares what my tie looks like. I’m going to wear this ugly ass tie even though my girlfriend thinks it’s ugly because I like it and that’s all that matters” I try to deepen my voice to sound like him.

“You think I have perfect bone structure? Aw babe” he wraps his arms around my waist after pulling the tie of my head and throwing it to the side.

“That’s not the point!” I hit his chest in frustration.

“I’m wearing the tie” he beams at me. I glare at him for a moment while I think of a new plan of attack. My arms are still by my sides and I realize the perfect way to make him change his mind. I run my fingers up his sides to his armpits. He tries to jump away from me but I’m expecting it and quickly follow him. He backs up until he hits the bed, I continue to pursue him and he falls on the bed unable to get out of my reach as a straddle his hips. He’s giggling and gasping for breath as he begs me to stop.

“You know what you have to say to get me to stop, Chris” I remind him as I dig my fingers into his sides a little deeper.

“Fine, fine.” I lighten up enough for him to catch his breath, but don’t let him go completely. He takes a deep breath before continuing “I won’t wear the tie”

“Good” I smile widely. My smile doesn’t last long as he suddenly flips us so I’m stuck underneath him. His kisses my neck a few times, making me think that this is going to go how I want it to. That only lasts a few moments before his fingers are digging into my sides, making me squeal at the attack.

“You really shouldn’t test me like that, sweetheart” He smirks at me while I writhe under his touch.

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stressed (hercules mulligan x lafayette)

request : @actual-dorito-steve-rogers asked: Psst do you ship mullette bc I would die for some modern!AU mullette fluff tbh if not don’t worry just any kind of fluff would be amazing ^_^

summary : law school stress and a wonderful boyfriend 

warnings : fluffy and a bit of cussin 

a/n : I’m slowly falling in love with oak y'all don’t even knowwwww

lafayette groaned, rubbing his forehead in vain to try and dull the throbbing in his head. he was working for mrs. keating’s latest case and was assigned the job of going through all of the witnesses records to discredit them. all of it. that meant twenty five years of a meticioulsy kept blog and financial records. he was getting close to the end, unable to find anything, when suddenly he felt a kiss on his neck,. he turned around and saw his boyfriend, in all his adorableness, standing before him. 

“babe are you ok?” herc asks, laughing at Lafayette’s groan in response. 

“does it look like i am? this guy is clean as a whistle. he’s the most credible source to our clients life secrets they could have chosen. I’m almost done with the blog and less than halfway through with the financial records! his school files are just so spotless, a straight A student, never got a detention or anything like that in his life and i can’t come empty handed I just-” Laf’s ranting was cut off by Herc’s lips. 

“hey baby, take a moment and look at the bigger picture. look at this. what does this guy look like?” hercules murmed against his boyfriends lips. 

“hes perfect- he’s-” realization struck Laf’s face. “he’s too perfect” hercules nodded and opened up the financial records. 

“now take a look here- see this- this means that he recently got a new credit card. to anyone else with no information they would have assumed it was his first. give me a peek at the blog. if what i think is right…” hercules scrolled all the way down to the first post. it was three days after the credit card was created. he looked at the school records- exactly a month before the credit card- he started high school from being home schooled. they were all within a certain time frame. 

“so i have a theory- i think your witness is in witsec.” hercules concludes. 

lafayette just looks at him. “you should be a lawyer. quit the major this year babe- you’re so good” he laughs. 

“i love fashion too much, honey” hercules adds, with a stereotypical gay voice to make laf, well, laugh. his laugh was adorable. truly, honestly, it was the highlight of his day. he looked at the way lafs head was tilted back, the smile carved upon that beautiful bone structure, and just didnt stop staring. 

“what?” laf asked, confused, after a few minutes of seeing herc just smile and stare at him. 

“you’re just so goddamn beautiful” 

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I'm so glad I found you, I cry tears of joy every time I see stuff about lovely vanderwood they make my life. So if it's not too much trouble could I get some of your headxanons for the RRA and our lovely minor trio having a makeup artist/stylist MC who's constantly fussing over their S/O looks as well as their own war paint and armour when they're feeling down


  • ok babe
  • *cracks knuckles*
  • you are getting out of that hoodie and into something nice. (◕‿◕✿)
  • The first day Yoosung goes to school after letting you work your magic on him, he turns heads. like. literal transformation. everyone is stunned. people at school think a model has come onto the campus. Yoosung sends a selfie to the chatroom and they’re like
  • what
  • what happened.
  • did the glow of love bestow upon you a heavenly complexion and cheek-bone structure or what
  • Yoosung doesn’t know what to do about the attention, because he can’t even think of looking away from you.
  • Sometimes you do Yoosung’s makeup even when all he intends to do is stay inside and play games. He notices that the number of guild-members who want to video-chat with him skyrockets.


  • like, zen already had a makeup artist but you are dedicated, and you go beyond just the normal stuff too
  • One day, you give Zen a deer nose and fawny speckles on his face. Another, you transform him into a fairy. On a third day, you paint scales on him, and oh god jaehee is dying
  • this woman is ur new best friend ok
  • You take photos of your work and your make up + Zen’s face takes off in popularity
  • Seven probably helped admittedly, but the two of you become basically an overnight sensation, and you start dressing Zen up in fun outfits, too.
  • He ends up landing a part as a satyr in a musical, with you doing the costuming. Your creative spirits feed into each other… and it’s both inspiring and terrifying for everyone around you.


  • you’re going to make Jaehee look fierce all day, every day.
  • Whenever you’re in public, the two of you just have a… a look that you share that means, ‘we’re going to the bathroom to freshen up’. 
  • freshening up both means ‘make out a little’ and ‘touch up your makeup’ because it always makes you feel happier and more in control when the both of you are on point.
  • they should put the two of you on magazine covers because d a m n are you the finest ladies in the room.


  • His… appearence? But he pays people for that. He’s fine, isn’t he?
  • jumin. sweetie. no. you look great but ur gonna make him look even better, ok?
  • ok.
  • TBH he, like Jaehee, also gets away from everyone else to redo his makeup and make out with you, but he is far less subtle about it.
  • Sometimes he’ll even purposefully smudge something or spill a drop of something on himself to get you to take care of it in private.
  • Once, when it’s just you and Jumin at home alone, you give him perfect winged eyeliner, and Jumin sends a blurry selfie of himself to the chat with the captain of, ‘Meow’.


  • do you understand what sort of monster you have released.
  • you definitely help Seven with his crossdressing hobby. tbh, you probably crossdress yourself, and the both of you are just the most fabulous pair on the block.
  • Seven loves having you do his make-up because it’s so… intimate and nice. You’re close and touching his face, and he just idly rests his hands on your waist while you do your magic.
  • You go shopping together, try on clothes… Basically just have a total blast.
  • Seven gets really into glittery and shiny eyeshadow. He says it matches his eyes~
  • (you’re smoothing out his lipstick with your finger one day and he just kinda… bites your finger like woah dude omg//////)


  • He doesn’t really……. get it, but he indulges you because you know doing it curbs your anxiety.
  • It feels weird feeling you apply it at first, but it starts becoming a comforting routine. Every morning you style his hair and do his makeup, and you’ll ask him what sort of look you should go for yourself that day.
  • Sometimes he just gives you plain, reasonable answers, but occasionally he’ll spice it up by saying things like, well - why not try electric blue lipstick? Or, something that reminds me of a tiger.
  • It makes you happy to know that V had a hand in influencing your appearance. Whenever you look in the mirror, you think of him and smile.


  • wtf no get those brushes away from his face
  • back off u - …oh you’re just… fixing that stuff he puts under his eye to make him look edgy?
  • well. okay.
  • look, this boy has trash fashion sense, okay? you teach him how to wear leather properly and do the collar thing right. Also, if he wants lashes, he’s going to do it properly.
  • Saeran kind of sulks and grumbles about it - always telling you to make him look cool and tough, not like his dumb brother… but he lets you have your fun.
  • Eventually, though… he starts to kind of melt under your touch, becoming way more calm, complacent, and just… gentle.


  • they are actually hella down for being your canvas.
  • They compliment you on your own appearance one day, and you take them by surprise when you ask if you can make them look nice.
  • they’re not used to… like……….. they’re just….. they’ve never had someone who cared, aside from Seven, but they don’t really trust Seven to not fuck with them.
  • You hum as you apply foundation and put a gloss on their lips, and it’s actually pretty hypnotizing. 
  • When you’re finished, you show them their face in the mirror and they’re like -
  • woah. damn. that’s - that’s me? that’s.
  • holy shit.
  • i look hot.
  • you’re just beaming and bubbling and tell them you’re~ going to do their hair next~ and they’re just like
  • hell yeah whatever you want darling.
  • Seriously, they’ve never been one to state at themselves in a mirror but they can’t help it now. Every store window they pass? Definitely admiring your work (and you beside them lmao)

My addition to Instagram’s “my thigh gap is bigger than yours” ‘competition’.

Seriously though, I have never seen so many people standing in the most awkward and unnatural of positions. We can all push our bums and hips backwards, creating an illusion of ‘thinness’ and use camera angles to highlight certain area of an image, but seriously, what is the point? Thigh gaps are down to BONE STRUCTURE and it is all completely ED fuelled to post these kinds of photos in a ‘recovery’ community. It not just fuels the person’s eating disorder who is posting the photo but can be triggering for others seeing them. I know the world is not trigger free and people have a right to post what they like, but I seriously don’t see how it is helping them other than an attempt at some sick “validation”. Thank lord I only dipped my toe in that ‘community’ for a short period of time. Rant out.