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[10:01:26 AM] Yuki: what if the entire series was just black org people and our heroes playing a pen and paper campaign
[10:01:41 AM] Detective Ran: Also I support that
[10:01:47 AM | Edited 10:02:00 AM] Melkior: “Vodka and I go to tropical land and nobody FUCKS IT UP.”
[10:02:01 AM] Yuki: dm rolls
dm: things get fucked up
[10:02:06 AM] Melkior: “Because they are all dead”
[10:02:24 AM] Yuki: Shinichi writes in a trait of “attract murder cases”
[10:02:34 AM] Detective Ran: Yes
[10:02:50 AM] Yuki: Gin gets revenge on Shinichi for ruining his and Vodka’s date by turning him into a little kid
[10:02:53 AM] Yuki: this fixes nothing
[10:03:10 AM] Melkior: THIS FIXES NOTHING
[10:04:04 AM] Yuki: Vermouth is probably the GM
[10:04:18 AM] Yuki: adds in her own character with an unlockable tragic backstory
[10:04:26 AM] Yuki: starts fucking around with everyone when NO ONE CARES ABOUT IT
[10:04:45 AM] Detective Ran: Good
[10:05:00 AM] Detective Ran: Dcmk tabletop RPG au
[10:05:23 AM] Yuki: yes
[10:05:38 AM] Detective Ran: I accept this
[10:07:35 AM] Yuki: Shinichi accuses Ran of using OOC knowledge about his character being Conan. Ran argues that he’s TOO FUCKIN’ OBVIOUS YOU DORK but throws up her hands and goes along with him
[10:07:52 AM] Detective Ran: Pffft
[10:10:11 AM] Detective Ran: Perfect
[10:10:59 AM] Yuki: Kaito’s that guy who has real life obligations and only pops in every session or so just to fuck with everyone
[10:12:28 AM] Yuki: he always rolls nat 20s too. somehow
[10:14:35 AM] Yuki: except for that time Sera got a nat 20 to flying sidekick him in the face. he failed his dodge roll
[10:15:09 AM] Melkior: Dmck tabletop omfg if Vermouth is DM she is a TROLL
[10:15:20 AM] Yuki: she is yes
[10:15:41 AM] Yuki: SO FUCK EVERYONE
[10:17:16 AM] Melkior:  So lET THE WORLD BURN
[10:18:17 AM] Yuki: Shinichi keeps wanting to do detective stuff instead of the plot and Gin keeps bugging her asking her when he can show up and do stuff
[10:19:06 AM] Yuki: Akai comes in just so Gin can have a plotline and Shinichi fucks it all up
[10:20:40 AM] Yuki: Akai dies and Vermouth tells him to make a new character. Akai just erases the name and writes a new one. Vermouth just gives him a look before going “you know…fuck it, I’ll allow it”
[10:20:50 AM] Melkior: Gin just wants to play too but gin playing means gin tries to kill the other players because game = kill right?
[10:21:03 AM] Melkior: OMFG
[10:23:44 AM] Detective Ran: I’m imagining the SIZE of the fucking room they’d need
[10:24:03 AM] Detective Ran: -rents out a convention center once a month-
[10:24:06 AM] Yuki: it started out small in someone’s basement and people kept wanting to join so they had to move somewhere else
[10:24:08 AM] Yuki: ahahaha
[10:25:50 AM] Yuki: Akai levels up and instead of raising his stats or anything, he just puts everything into Cooking
[10:26:45 AM] Detective Ran: Actually DC being a tabletop would explain why the plot moves at the pace of not at all
[10:27:01 AM] Detective Ran: Nobody gives a fuck about it
[10:27:03 AM] Yuki: yes
[10:27:05 AM] Yuki: ahaha
[10:28:05 AM] Yuki: it started out serious but Things happened
[10:28:18 AM] Detective Ran: And now cooking and memes
[10:29:42 AM] Detective Ran: Yuki - Today 1:28 PM
> it started out serious but Things happened
Every group activity ever designed
[10:29:52 AM] Yuki: srsly
[10:30:49 AM] Detective Ran: And if it’s meant to be silly it either gets worse or becomes serious
[10:35:27 AM] Yuki: Shinichi keeps putting levels into his “Murder Magnet” trait
[10:35:33 AM] Yuki: Vermouth: WHY
[10:35:40 AM] Yuki: Shinichi: because I’m a detective
[10:35:44 AM] Melkior: Oh no
[10:35:47 AM] Yuki: and so nothing got done
[10:36:42 AM] Melkior: But Omg Fucking it because DETECTIVE
[10:37:20 AM] Yuki: Vermouth keeps failing Will and Spot checks for the npcs too so no one spots the obvious Conan or the obvious SLEEPING Kogoro


Onslaught, the latest video from Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, has been making the rounds recently. 

The premise is simple - demonstrate in 2 minutes what an average girl sees during her adolescence. 

Just Friends

Jensen x Reader

42: “Why is this so hard?”

45: “you love him/her don’t you?”

Requested by Anon

***Please note that this is for fictional purposes. I mean no harm to Danneel or their family.*****

I watched her walk into the make up trailer, her hair in a messy bun, she was wearing her favourite sweatpants and her oversized Always Keep Fighting sweater that Jared had gave her for the campaign. She looked beautiful no matter what she wore. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

I wasn’t supposed to feel this way towards her, I was married for fuck sakes. I shouldn’t have these thoughts towards her, but I do and I can’t help it. At first I thought it was just because of our characters chemistry together, because of Dean and her characters relationship, but when I kissed her for the first time, it was game over. I knew I was in trouble.

“Jensen?” her voice broke me from my thoughts.


“I asked how your weekend was? You know, finally seeing your daughter and Danneel,” she said, furrowing her brows at me. “Is everything okay with you?”

“Yeah sorry. I’m just trying to get into the right head space for todays scene,” I told her.

“Jens, you know I’m always here if you wanna talk, right?” She assured me. Her make up was done and she made her way over to my chair, a sympathetic expression on her face. She knew me, almost better than Danneel did. 

“Yeah, I know. Thanks Y/N.” She pressed a kiss to my forehead as Jared entered the trailer. She smiled at him as she left to go get changed for the scene. Jared glanced over at me and my head dropped.

Why is this so hard?

“I think it’s because you spend so much time together, and because you and her character are involved. It’s nothing, J. She’s your best friend,” Jared said to me.

“It doesn’t feel like that, Jared. It feels like something more,” I paused. “Its not like anything could happen. I have a family and she has a boyfriend that she loves.”

You love her don’t you?

“I think I’m in love with her.”

anonymous asked:

Nobody will hire Gwen as she gets hired for all these corporate gigs and making cheddar and let's not forget her 3 seasons on the Voice and how she's the face of an international beauty campaign. What's your fave up to anon? PS don't forget to watch Gwen on July 9th on HBO in The Defiant Ones. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right?? Thank you!


People saying no one will hire Gwen make me laugh so hard. Gwen has already won at her music and fashion careers. Before she was ever on the Voice or had a 3rd solo album debut at #1 on BB, she had already won. She never needs to be hired again.

Grammy winning, diamond certified artist with 40 mil albums sold, who has graced upteen thousand (Blake math) magazine covers, movie gigs, is the face of Revlon, and has a fashion empire pulling in 90 mil annually (and apparently struggling for work?!?) 🤔

And… everyone who works with her (or meets her for that matter) loves her and says how sweet, down to earth and professional she is. Sorry for the mini-rant. Tired of the Gwen bashing. - B


Recently, I saw this campaign and it really hit close to home. All my life growing up i HATED my curly hair. Dry, wet, up or down it was my least favorite part of looking in the mirror. I used to cry when my mom would blow dry my hair and it came out as a poofy lions mane. But years passed and products ran out and eventually I learned how to tame it. 

Once I entered my senior year of high school I decided enough was enough, my curly hair is here to stay…for LIFE. So slowly but surely I became fond of my hair, it turned into my favorite feature. I now know how to care for it and how to style it with products I can get for less than $7 at a drugstore. My curly hair is beautiful up, down, wet, or dry.

Dove is trying to pass along what took me 18 years to realize…curly hair is beautiful. This #loveyourcurls campaign was started due to the fact that only 10% of women love their curls…thats awful INSANE. This video is beautiful and the message should be spread all around the globe. We have to show these young girls that they too are beautiful and the curls on their head are nothing short of that.

Watch this video, get inspired, and pass it along.

:-* much love curly beauties.


Hello everyone, I am Aliyah Leshae and I am inviting all of you to participate in an uplifiting campaign called, “What Makes You Beautiful,” I want everyone to submit a picture of yourself to be featured on my blog and in the caption write your story or what MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL! This campaign is to put an end to society’s judgmental and outrageous standards of beauty. 


The hashtag for this will be #WMYBeautiful 

Back when my face was naked, for the selfridges, “Hello Beautiful” campaign Jesus christ I was cold!! What do we think??

Photography/Retouch:  Norbert Schoerner
Model: dickiesmithmodel
Plugs: ukcustomplugs

**Please do NOT remove credits**

Messages about Women's Empowerment in Advertisements are Not Progress

The Pantene sorry ad, the Verizon ad about women and girls in science, Dove’s Real Beauty campaign.

What do all of these things have in common? 

They are using women’s empowerment to sell a product, often times a product that is directly linked to women’s oppression. This is not progressive. This is not progress. This is capitalism selling us a product using our own words, ideas, and movements. 

Notice that known of these “empowering” advertisements are the least bit controversial. They say things like “All women are beautiful” not “Beauty is a social construct created to oppress women”. “Stop apologizing for who you are” instead of “Society teaches women to apologize because it makes them more submissive to men”. 

Advertisements are not progressive. Capitalism is not progressive. 

Now if I see one more gif set or video about women’s empowerment that comes from an ad, I might explode.