what is asia anyways


Happy 70th birthday, Steve Howe!

“The thing that matters most to me is musicality. I don’t think prog is all about technical playing. Much more important are your musical ideas. What choices and decisions are you making in the music? If that’s still an intelligent force within the music, then I like being considered a part of prog.”

[!!!] Seventeen will have their first world tour <2017 SEVENTEEN FIRST WORLD TOUR ‘DIAMOND EDGE’> starting July 2017. 

The boys will tour 13 cities including Seoul, New York, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. More details will be released soon.

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NorCal Gothic

Cowritten with coloredink

  • You wake up to the sound of rain.  Excellent, you think.  You roll over and go back to sleep with the sound of water pattering against the window echoing in your ears.  In the morning, you step outside to sunny blue skies.  The pavement is dry.  Did you dream it?  Did it happen? 
  • You walk past an apartment with a FOR RENT sign advertising $1800 a month.  When you walk past it going the other direction, 20 minutes later, the sign reads $2000.  When you go back the next day, it’s gone.
  • You pass a vacant lot with a sign advertising a high-rise, mixed office use and luxury condos.  You can’t remember what used to be there before.  If anything used to be there before.
  • “I thought I was visiting California,” says the tourist, shivering, his pink knees exposed to the wind.  "I didn’t think I’d need a jacket.“  You pity him.  He doesn’t know about the fog.  He doesn’t know to stay away from the fog.  What lies in it.
  • Their speech is patterned with strange words.  Everything is "hella chill.”  You think that might be the case when hell freezes over.  Then, one day, you start saying it too.
  • The bus announcements are in a language you don’t understand.  To clarify meaning, the bus repeats its announcements in several more languages you don’t understand. 
  • The bulk bins are all filled with quinoa.  Pearl quinoa, black quinoa, red quinoa, tri-color quinoa.  "I love quinoa,“ says the glassy-eyed white woman in the aisle beside you.  "It’s so good for you.”  She scoops herself two pounds.  Everything in your shopping basket has turned into quinoa. 
  • Diversity Day is held at the local high school.  Every act is from Asia.  You are not sure what diversity means.  You clap anyway. 
  • You are waiting for the bus.  Google arrives.  Google leaves.  You are still waiting for your bus. 
  • Apple makes an announcement: they are selling the iThing.  Your coworker makes an announcement: they are selling their stock options. 
  • BART is, in fact, not a person. 
  • You are circling.  You are looking for parking.  You are circling.  You are looking for parking.  You are circling. 
  • “We’re just coming up on the Maze here,” the news helicopter says.  "It looks like there’s been an accident over on the right shoulder.” You don’t know where to look.  There are so many shoulders.
  • You buy pesto from Trader Giotto’s and ma po tofu sauce from Trader Ming’s and frozen tamales from Trader Jose’s.  Boy, that Trader Joe guy sure gets around.  You wonder where he’ll go next.
  • The Prius in front of you slams on its brakes, and you slam on yours.  The Prius behind you barely stops in time.  A Prius rolls up on your right.  A Prius rolls up on your left.  Their windows are all tinted.  They all have COEXIST stickers.  You hold your breath and wait for the light to change.
  • You go to the supermarket.  The fish stare at you.  You stare back.  In the background, you hear the sound of heavy knives chopping.
  • The Giants are victorious.  There is a parade.  Tall people do not feature in abundance.  The city goes up in flames that night.
  • “I don’t know how I ended up here,” he says.  He clutches his $4.50 fair trade organic artisan coffee.  "I swore I’d never live in the Mission.  But now my jeans are skinny, I own a collection of vintage records, and I’m hosting a bread-baking party next Saturday.“  He leans forward.  His eyes are desperate, and his beard is magnificent.  "You have to help me.”
  • The tea contains mostly milk, sugar, honey, and little round brown things.  You are assured that the little round things are boba, not something else.


Happy Birthday, @kimbk!

i remember talking to this one dude in my class like way back when about drawing and stuff and this was during everyone’s awkward phase and he was like ‘blah blah if you cant draw manga styled art ur not a real artist’ or SOMETHING along those lines (it was like 7 years ago or some shit) and then i looked up manga tutorials out of sheer spite and partial social anxiety and thats p much how i incorporate major eyeliner into my drawings now on each and every characters and i jsut wanna say conrad if ur out there what the fuck u unknowingly gave me like my trademark when it comes to drawing ppl idk whether to say thank you or fuck you

Chapter 36

Tyler P.O.V

1 Month Later.

“Come on, sing for me baby.” I said as I focused the camera on him.

“I swear Tyler if you don’t start gettin ready, imma fuck you up ” he said as he put on his socks. The only thing he had on were his jeans.

“I will as soon as you sing for me. Com’on, you really gone make me beg on my birthday.” I said, pouting behind the camera.

I sighed then looked at me, i sent him a warm smile. He cleared his throat.

“ Step one I could be your man.

You can call me daddy when we’re fuckin’ in the sand

Step two Let’s go for a ride, baby

Better hold still, I’ll drive baby

Step three I’ll be in these streets

Throwing up the west side chucking up the b’s

And they can’t take away my pride They just can’t take away my pride

Till they bury me

Look into my eyes, and see what I see

You’re a mind reader, it’s just you and me

I’m ready to go to war for you

I’m a be a warrior,

I’m a make sure you’re safe with me

I be smoking that cali

And baby me and you can fly

Think it over one more time

Yeah, just one more time” he finished. I stopped recording and put the camera down.

"Whatchu think?” He asked, somewhat smirking.

“Baaaabyyy!! I yelled as I jumped into his arms. He caught me as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"That was beautiful! You would go to war for me?” I asked.

“In a heart beat.” He said, making me smile even wider.

I repeatedly pecked his lips as he held me up. “Imma put it on YouTube.” I said, about to get down but he wouldn’t let me.

“Tyler you seriously askin for me to fuck you up.” He said.

Ion care what he said. Imma still do it later on.

“Shutup.” I said leaning in again and kissing him.

The kiss got heated quickly as he carried me over to the bed. He layed me down with out breaking it. He gently tugged at my boy shorts.

“Take this off.” He mumbled into my lips

I broke the kiss. “Noo, i just took a shower and plus you said I got to get ready sooo.” I said trying to crawl away but he held on to my ankles.

“Chris you was just fussin about me gettin dress, now you holdin me up!” I said, trying to get out of his grip.

“Naa Tyler you got a nigga horny. Come fuck me real quick.” He said making me bust out laughing.

“Why you say it like that?” I asked through my giggles.

He chuckled. “Like what?” He asked.

“You sounded desperate. Like you don’t get know play.” I said then laughed.

He gave me a straight face. “Now you should be the last one talkin. You always beggin for me to fuck you.” He said.

I gasped. “What? I am a lady. I do not beg. Shit I don’t have to beg. Daddy gives it to me when ever I want.” I said making him bite down on his bottom lip.

“Damn girl.” He said causing me to laugh. I knew he wanted it, but he was gone have to wait. Its my birthday and we are supposed to be going out for breakfast as a family. But this nigga holdin shit up.

“Chris let go so I can get dress. And can you please go get your princess ready.” I said.

I swear that little girl is such a daddy’s girl. It don’t help the he give her anything she wants.

“Aight but tonight, its goin down baby girl.” He said then winked at me, walking out the room.

I shook my head then walked over to our closet. Yes I said ‘our’. I moved in with him not to long ago and its been good so far.

After getting dressed in the closet I grabbed my Louis and walked out only to see Chris and Asia watching cartoons. She was dressed but he still only had only had on pants and socks.

“Mamaa.” Asia screamed out.

A smile instanlty grew on my face as I seen her.

“Baby!” I said with as much excitement.

I sat down on the bed and she crawled over into my lap. I stood her up abd tackled her face with kisses. Her sweet giggles filled the room.

“Alright im ready.” Chris said behind me. I looked at his outfit then at Asia’s. He did that shit on purpose.

“So you was just gone leave me out the group” I said. He looked confused.

“Watchu mean?” He asked, spraying a little cologne.

“Nigga what i mean is yall are matchin! Even down to the shoes.” I said looking at there Bred’s.

“Well I mean you wearin your louis so i mean we kinda matchin.” He said, tryna make it better.

“Shutup and hand me a brush and that gel” I said, focusing back on Asia and her wild curly hair. Chris swear up and down that he can do her hair, yet she look like a black lion right now.

He walked over to me and handed me a both. “Watchu say girl.” He said playfully griping my arm.

I looked up at him and laughed.”lea mama alone.” Asia said, pushing him with her tiny hands.

Chris pretended to be hurt. “You supposed to be on my side princess.” He said as he fake cried.

“I sowwy dada.” She said as she reached up for him.

Aint this some bull.

He gladly picked her up. “You sowwy?” He asked her in his baby voice. She nodded her head, sending her curls everywhere.

“Aight give daddy kiss.” He said then poked out his lips. She gave him a little peck.

I swear this had to be the most sweetest moment ever. Alot of people don’t get to see this side of Chris. The father side. People usually see Breezy.

He sat her back down in between my legs so I could do her hair. “Aight now sit still so mommy can do your hair. She claim she better at it.” Chris said as he bent down to her level.

“You da bes dada.” Asia exclaimed.

Chris looked at me with a smirk. “Told you baby.” He said then pecked my lips.

I chuckled. “Shutup.”


After breakfast at Ihop Chris decided to take us shopping. I don’t see why though, me nor Asia need anymore clothes.

We walked hand and hand down the strip of L.A. while he carried Asia in his arms. He said he didn’t feel like lugging her stroller around so he’s the one that’s going to be carrying her around.

The whole time we were walking Chris was getting the usual attention he does every time we go out. Some times I hate the fact that he’s so known, especially with the bitches.

“Waddup Breezy.” Some random nigga said.

“Wasgud nigga.” He said giving the guy dap.

“This you man?” The dud asked pointing to me and Asia.

“Yea bruh this the fam” Chris said, looking down at Asia who was about have sleep in his arms.

“Damn nigga, never thought I would see the day Breezy actually got tied down.” The dude said.

“Well you never know until you find the right one.” Chris said as he looked down, making me look away smiling.

“Yea well it looks like you got a good one if she keepin yo ass on lock.” The dude said making us laugh.

“Yea she straight” Chris said.

“Thats good man, well ill hit you up later.”

“Aight coo’ nigga.” Chris said then we started to walk away.

“Ooo baby can we go in here so I can get some chains and watches.” Chris said .

“Oh my God really Chris.” I said as he pulled me into the familiar jewelry store. I couldn’t plant my feet on the floor because I was wearing heels.

When we walked into the store the little alarm went off, letting the workers know that someone was entering.

“Here hold her.” He said placing a now awoken Asia in my arms then walking off to the nearest jewelry. He woke my baby up.

“Com’on lets go look at the necklaces.” I said. She nodded her head as she wiped her tired eyes.

We walked over towards the back of the store, admiring all over the shinny gold and silver.

“See anything you like.” A lady behind the counter said. As soon as I looked up and seen her face every thing started to match up. Know wonder this store seemed so familiar.

Just as I was about to speak Chris came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I could tell the memory of us from that day flooded her mind as the bright smile appeared on her face.

“And who is this little cutie.” She said, referring to Asia who was hiding her face in my neck.

“This is Asia, Asia say hi.”

“Hi.” She said shyly.

We all chuckled. Ion know why she puttin up this shy act knowing good and damn well she aint.

“Did you find every thing okay.” She asked us.

“Uh yea, the other lady is just getting it out the back for me.” Chris said.

She nodded her head and walked away, leaving me and Chris to talk.

I turned around in his arms.”Did you want anything?” He asked me.

I shook my head no. “What did you get anyways?” I asked, adjusting Asia as she played with my necklace.

“Nun just a few watches and a pair of earrings… Oh and a chain for lil mama.” He said.

“Gold or Silver?” I asked.


“Chrisss.” I complained.

“Baby im sorry, I couldn’t help it.” He tried to explain.

“Chris I alre-”

“I thought that was you.” A familiar female voice said, cutting me off.

Chris P.O.V

I turned around  only to meet a pair of smooth tan, shinny legs. Looking further up the delicate legs I was met with Shae’s face. To say that she looked damn fine was a complete understatement.

“Long time no see Breezy.” She said with a slight smile.

I could barely get the words out of my mouth until i felt Tyler hit me.

“Yea, damn you look….”

“Really!” Tyler shouted, breaking me out of my trans.

I looked back only to be met with and angry face from Tyler. I heard Shae chuckle.

“I though you and her were done?” She asked

Tyler stepped to the side so she could get a good view of her. As soon as Shae saw Asia in her arms her face dropped.

“Well you heard or thought wrong. We’re together, happy, and have a beautiful baby girl. But thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it.” Tyler said.

I chuckled as I looked at Shae who looked like she had lost her bestfriend. I coulda sworn I saw a tear but I could be mistaken.

“You let her have your child?” Shae finally said after about a minute of silence.

Just as I was about to speak Tyler interjected again.“he didn’t "let” me have anything. It was a mutual decision.“ She said. I looked back at Tyler giving her that "shut the hell up” look. She just rolled her eyes.

“B-but I was pregnant with your child twice and you never wanted to keep. As a matter of fact you said you didn’t want kids.” She semi yelled, drawing a few eyes in the store.

“Shae, really not here and not now.” I said sternly.

“Mhm fine.” She said then stormed out the store.

I looked back at her only to have her turn away, facing the jewelry. She sat Asia on the counter and fixed her hair a little.

I wrapped my hands and put my head in the crook of her neck, pecking it a few times. She moved a little.

“No leave me alone.” She said.

“You mad?” I asked. I got my answer when she didn’t answer my question but tend to Asia. I sucked my teeth.

How she gone be mad on her own birthday? And just when i thought shit was going good between us.


“Aight good night baby.” I said then kissed her on her forehead.

“Night dada.” She said.

I made sure to take a baby monitor with me just in case. She sometimes still cries in the middle of the night. I slightly left the door cracked and walked back down to my room.

When I walked in Tyler was sitting in the bed and had just finished putting up her hair in a bun. She rolled her eyes and then got under the covers. 

I sucked my teeth as I placed the monitor down on the dresser. I stripped out of my shirt and changed into some basketball shorts. After throwing them in the dirty clothes hamper I walked over to my side of the bad in got in. I turned of the lights on the night stand then rested my head on my pillow. When I reached out for Tyler’s body she immediately moved away.

I huffed. “You really still mad?” I asked, over her salty ass attitude. She been like this ever since we left the store.

“I saw the way you looked at her.” She said.

“Baby that look was nothing. I can’t look at people now?” I said smartly.

“Not like that no.”

I sighed. “Com’re Ty.” I said, tugging on her bare stomach. She had lost the baby weight pretty quickly.

“Noo” She mumbled, trying to move my hand away. But that didn’t last very long.

“Baby stop” I said. She sighed and and finally gave in.

I pulled her directly in to my chest. I felt her ass brush against my dick making it somewhat jump, but now wasn’t the time.

“You know I love you right?” I spoke into her ear. She nodded her head.

“Alright then stop trippin. Just because I look at her don’t mean shit cause at the end of the day you still my baby and you always gone look better then all them other bitches.” I said making her chuckle.

“I love you too.” She said as I sucked on her neck, making sure to leave my mark. A slight moan came form her lips.

All I know is that shit better be right when it comes to her birthday dinner on Saturday. I already go on her bad sad once, don’t need to go there again. But for now it was time for some make up/ birthday sex.