what is art we just don't know


Monster kids, they’re the best!

(Started this around the beginning of October when the Monster AU ideas were flowing and it was going to be longer and better, but I ended up losing motivation and switching to SAI so it started gathering dust. Didn’t want what I already had to go to waste so-)


we still don’t know a lot about keith actually… how did he meet shiro? how did he become an orphan?? how was his childhood? it’s a bit au-ish since we’ll probably know it soon… it’s canon divergence i guess? well any excuse is okay to make a keith centered comic

also their relationship is NOT romantic. this is just a story about a kid trying to find himself or smth. i would love to draw what happens next but i’m not sure if i have the skills nor the patience


For the lovely radadusta, who was so wonderful and drew my version of larents. Thank you sooooo much, I know this doesn’t even begin to compare, but I hope you like it xx

(I will be adding a Louis cuddle into this later, but you finished your part so fast ;; I didn’t want to make you wait!)


And here we go, a quick screencap redraw with the picture of the cuttest yugi suggested by @kudalyn

you can definitely tell just how lazy i got, i guess i wasn’t really in the mood to put much effort into it and neither was my tablet

The Larents, part 5. Bedtime Stories.

more larents

People think that book lovers are quiet, shy, little adorable humans who are innocent and kind.
But they don’t know about WHAT we read.
They don’t know the shows we watch.
They don’t know about the fan art.
They don’t know about the fan fiction.
They don’t know about the Smut.


(found somewhere on FB- idk original source)

A summary of my friend group in middle school

Me: A hot mess
Me actually: A Panromantic Graysexual Demigirl
My best friend: Bi
My best guy friend: he’s gay af
My other friend: she gay af
My girlfriend: Bi af
My OTHER girlfriend:Gay af
My best art friend: pan, and currently dating a girl.
My other friend: he just came out as gay and now him and my “best guy friend” are dating.

And y'all say we don’t flock together.
Bitch bye 👋🏻


So like, I haven’t been on consecutively since like Aug/Sept 2015 because college took over my life & then it broke me down so much. I came back & like,, I’ve missed so damn much.
@sweetmchao you were seriously like the sweetest and nicest friend I’ve made on this site so I was all like, you know what I’m gonna draw this patoot cuz she’s so damn nice and her cat cuz cats FRIKEN rule. But yeah, I don’t know, why not draw again and see how I’ve improved I guess. I’m definitely better at drawing cats not too :3