what is art quality anyway

extremely late (and messy) but here’s some of your fave witches at the women’s march!

i’m all for the lapis/left knee ruby fandom

autistic-luffy  asked:

man I sure do hope tashigi is having a A+ birthday with tons of hugs (and kisses from u know who) a solid birthday where she's appreciated for being the strongest swordsman ever (terribly strong she deserves a "I flexed and sleeves fell off shirt)

she deserves only The Best!!! i love u captain tashigi lastname u are the light of my life, happy bday,


scruffy William stuff  -because it suddenly hit me that William would be 13 and i’m pretty sure I’ve never drawn him past age 8


they might jointly rule a kingdom but it doesn’t mean they don’t blush like idiots when laurent gives his intense brand of flirting a go (click for hq!)