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@espersona​​ week, Day 2: Awakening

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“Love me a bit of Pussycat Dolls.”

“Ok, you know what? I’m going to take that all as a ‘yes Cole, we can hear you.’“

h EY so um y’all should check out my mystic messenger fic where i made all four mcs separate people, took every route and dunked em all in a blender to make this mess.

big props to my bro @buckettkun who has not written the majority of it but has been an extremely helpful editor/soundboard/shitposter and mood board keeper THX DUDE

i did this piece a while ago for a friend’s first solo-curated gallery so i think it’s okay to post :O!!! it’s a big one. the theme was “quiet moments” and i wanted to depict the wonder you feel as a child when it comes to exploration and the unknown at one of the quietest times of day (5 am)