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What made the MP5. So special

It is light, controllable, accurate, and extremely reliable. The sum of all its qualities made it an excellent sub gun, especially in the 60s and 70s when it began to get the world’s attention.
Plus, it was available in many different configurations that fit the needs of any particular application.

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Congratz on your new blog! Finally someone else in the kpop fandom likes chubby things! I saw on your list that you like BAP soooooo... is there any way I could request BAP reacting to their s/o noticing they've gotten a bit softer and cuddling/playing with their new chub?

Awww, thank you Anon! Thank you for being my first ask! ^^ Sure thing, I love B.A.P. and that actually sounds hella adorable oh my gosh. >w<

Also note: Yongguk’s is also shorter, but I felt his was appropriate and didn’t need as much added on. ^^

Anywho, I hope this is okay~!

B.A.P Reacting to their S/O noticing they’ve gained weight and cuddling/playing with their new chub:


 "…Jagiya, what are you doing down there..?“ His voice was soft and curious, ending with a light chuckle as he tilted his head down to look at you. 

 "Nothing.. I see you’ve been eating well.” You mused, a knowing smirk on your own lips- You two had been cuddling on the couch, and you couldn’t help as you had been poking and patting you’re boyfriend’s now softer, more prominent tummy out of curiosity. Considering how lanky he had always seemed since the two of you had been together, this was an interesting (though certainly not unwelcome- development.) You witnessed a heated blush dust your boyfriend’s cheeks.

“Um.. y-yeah.. American food was very good.” He said simply, quietly, grin growing brighter despite his reddening expression. 

“I’m glad, I was worried about you taking care of yourself being so far away.. you look very healthy, Gukkie..” he looked at you, probably studying to tell if you were joking or serious. Regardless of that, you cuddled closer to him to which he readily complied, pulling you closer into his arms. You nuzzled closer to him, giving his softer frame a squeeze. “Plus you’re even better to cuddle now..” This was certainly the truth; he felt warmer and softer in your returned embrace, all the more to cuddle close to and reside within his arms. 

    He said nothing more, but he chuckled before he turned his face into your hair, feeling his grin grow even wider before he pressed his lips to your soft locks. “I’m glad you think so.. maybe I’ll keep it for you.”

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     “Y/N-ah.. stop playing with my fat, I already know I need to lose weight.”  You two had been on a flight in a jet home together, alone where you had leaned close into his seat, holding a glass of champagne as you had found yourself cuddling him, subconsciously rubbing his rounder belly with your free hand in the process. He had gently pushed you away, turning away now, looking hurt to face the window.

     “Chanie…  I wasn’t doing that to remind you to lose weight. I was doing it because I like to- I like it when you’re soft..” you said just as gently, still in your seat beside him. He gave an unconvinced look and sighs. “You’re saying you like me when I look like a pig?”

     “You don’t look like a pig. You look handsome, just like you’ve always looked.” You said in a serious tone, taking his face in hand and turning him to look at you, a gentle hand cupping his chubbier cheek. “Please don’t be this way. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I think.. I think you look lovely, I’m not worrying anymore about you not eating and over-exerting yourself. Aren’t I allowed to love you regardless of your size?” you argued, before reaching down once more and patting his belly again. “Besides, I like this. I really do like you like this.” He gave you an unsure look for a few moments, before he nodded slowly, trying to hide a smile. 

“You’re so kind Jagiya, that’s why I love you so.” 

     “That’s better.” You smiled brightly in return getting close once more and raising your glass again, holding it up to toast.”Now, let’s toast.. to my Himchan, for being a handsome man regardless of his size.”

      He smiled brightly and held his up in return- “To my Jagiya and her beautiful heart, for loving me without restriction.”   

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   “Jagiya, what are you doing? That feels good..” your boyfriend smiled at you as the two of you had been out at lunch together for a little while now. You curiously had been squeezing and rubbing his tummy experimentally, not used to the soft, squishy abdomen your boyfriend was now sporting. Even if it was now a little more taut than usual from the meal.

   “Careful, the other members will say that your eating is catching up with you..” you teased with a wide grin, leaning over to place a kiss on his nose. 

   “So what? I like to eat, and I don’t see a problem with it.. I enjoy eating with you too much to worry too harshly.” he said before his face fell slightly. “Unless.. do you not like it? I can always start working out more again if you don’t.. If you liked my body better before I wish you would have said something..” his face seemed to be forming into a worried expression now, which you immediately tried to ease. 

    “No, that’s not it, not at all! I actually do like it, I really like it- I promise. I like seeing you happy and eating well, Dae.” you assured him, taking his free hand that wasn’t holding his chopsticks and giving it a reassuring squeeze. His face soon lost its worry and his relaxed smile was present once more. 

    “You… really like it?” he seemed almost confused for a small moment before his look changed from worried to mischievous. “Don’t sound too excited Jagiya. I may just have to eat more if you like it that much…” he teased, holding a piece of food out in front of you with his chopsticks accusingly before quickly popping it into his mouth with an amused expression. 

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     “Y/N. Don’t.” was all he said, pulling out of your grasp. You stared at your boyfriend lost; all you had done was walked up behind him and given him a hug around his waist, squeezing his tummy. You had noticed as you two had gone out to eat more often, he had started to soften, but of course you didn’t mind this. 

“Jae, what’s wrong?” you asked, voice thick with concern. He said nothing, but he did toss his phone towards you, flopping onto the bed before it could touch you. You glanced down at the phone, open was a photo the two of you had taken the other day, then you noticed the comments below it. 

“Oppa you look so big lately… what have you been eating?”

“Youngjae should get under control before Y/N leaves him.” 

You stared at the phone in shock, face twisting at the pure ridiculousness of such callous words. 

“Jae.. please don’t take those comments seriously.. I love you just as you are, I like soft men.” you said to him, straight and earnestly. He still didn’t look convinced, searching your face for any doubt or joking. You paused for a moment, before adding- “Besides, don’t you think if I didn’t like it I would’ve told you?”

   You didn’t give the boy a chance to answer- as you were too busy letting your hands duck down, and your fingers tickle his plush, newly soft sides. Youngjae couldn’t help but fall backwards onto the shared bed, laughing heartily and trying to pin your hands down to save himself from such a fest. Once he had finally caught your hands, pinning them to each side of him as you loomed over him, both breathing heavily and still giggling with gasps of air, he finally smiled and leaned up to kiss your nose. 

   “I- I’m still not sure how to feel about it. But if you really like it.. and if you’re here to make me feel this nice all the time despite those comments.. I think I could get used to it. Promise me you’ll always be here to cheer me up?”

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     You had tried for a while to hide the fact that you really liked how your boyfriend Jongup was looking nowadays. His body was getting softer, rounder, and honestly you were doing everything you could to keep your hands off of it, just so you wouldn’t embarrass him or make him feel weird in any way. He hadn’t really outwardly acknowledged this change in his appearance, so you assumed he didn’t want it brought up. That doesn’t mean however, you didn’t get to touch at all. 

   You had found ways to sneak a few touches and grasps here and there; wrapping your hands around his waist when you passed him, snuggling up and spooning him in bed after he was asleep. This had been one of those times, where you had assumed he had drifted off by now, so you decided to go in and wrap an arm over his torso, resting it gently on his belly, fingers grazing the fabric of the shirt he was wearing ever so slightly. You had expected him perhaps to shift a little in his sleep, or make a soft noise. What you didn’t expect, was to hear right amidst the silence and darkness of the bedroom-

“Y/N, how come you only hold me like this when I’m asleep?” 

You froze, wondering and hoping to the heavens he was simply just talking in his sleep.. and that it just happened to be very accurate to what was happening. However, the light was switched on and your boyfriend now sat up in bed, propped up on his arms staring at you, clearly waiting for an answer. 

“I.. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable..” you said, feeling your cheeks heat up. 

   “Why? Because I’ve gained weight? I thought at first it might make you uncomfortable too.. until I felt how much more you touched me after it had happened. Why is that? Do you like it?” he asked teasingly, leaning an arm forward and resting his head on his fingers with a knowing smirk.

   He let out a chuckle when your response was a roll of your eyes and tossed pillow in his face.  

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The two of you had been spending a lazy day together, sitting on the floor as you had been flipping through a scrapbook. The book had been given to Zelo as a gift from you, including all of the photos of you two, him and his hyungs over the years the two of you had been together. You currently sat as he had resided behind you, longer legs wrapped around yours as your head and back lay comfortable in the space of his softer chest, his head resting on top of your own. Your hand traversed up his side and gave his plush side a squeeze, him initially pulling back a little.

“Are you alright?” you asked him, worried you had pinched him or hurt him somehow. 

“Look at me, Y/N. That photo there- I should still look like that.. everyone sees it. I’ve gotten fat.. why haven’t you left me yet?” his voice sounded suddenly hurt, and you were confused he could even ask such a thing to you over something so small. Immediately, you turned to face him.

    “No. Zelo, you look at me.” You took his face into your hands, squishing his cheeks slightly. “Believe me when I say, you look fine. Sure, you may have a six pack anymore but do you really think I’ve been here this whole time with you because of that? I love you for you, not for abs or fame or whatever else. I think you look just as fine now as you did then.”

 “.. Are you sure? Please be honest with me, Jagi. Do you really not mind it?” he asked, giving his body a wary glance before meeting your eyes again, eyes wide and vulnerable, almost like a puppy who knew it was going to be in trouble after doing something wrong.

     “It’s more than alright with me, it’s cute. I think you’re really cute, as if you weren’t cute enough already before.” you teased, nudging him playfully. Your precious maknae of a boyfriend couldn’t help but smile after that.  

     “Well.. if you really think it’s cute.. then maybe I can make use of it.” his voice perked up significantly, leaning his head to one side and feigning an innocent looking expression, though his smile revealed it was anything but pure. Perhaps you had made a mistake giving him the power of knowing just how much you enjoyed his new look. 

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“I can’t let you sacrifice yourself for me, I can’t sit still and watch as you die, not you too!”

“I’m dead anyway. Go undo that, or I’ll stay dead forever, you know?”

*exhales* “…Alright.”

“I’ll see you on the other side, lethallin.” 

AU of an AU? @numin-lavellan I’m so sorry. 

Azgeda's Undead King

The one thing King Roan finds that he can’t do and the one thing that Raven finds she doesn’t mind so much turn out to be the same. 

There is very little that King Roan of Azgeda cannot do well. Raven learns that annoying fact within the first few weeks of their meeting. So she tends to latch on to the few small things he fails at with the utmost zeal. One of those things, it turns out, is dying. Or perhaps more accurately, staying dead. 

She notices it for the first time after joining Clarke and the others in Polis. Ontari’s body lies sprawled on the floor from where it had unwittingly helped to bring an end to the destruction ALIE had been crafting. Clarke clings to Bellamy’s arm, her eyes still hazy and the breath still rasping out in spurts as she tries to comprehend what she’d just been shown in the not-so-accurately named City of Light. Raven hoists her leg over the casualties of the incident, both those who are actually dead and those who are struggling to face the real world now that they have become so accustomed to a ‘perfect’ one.

 And then out of the metaphorical ashes of each of their lives steps Roan. Well, more like staggers. Even the Ice King isn’t immune to bullets and his handsome face twitches slightly with each movement, further jostling his side where it is still lodged. She thinks to leave him there, sweat dripping into those fierce eyes and rough hand clutched around his broad side. She thinks to leave him, she swears it. But somehow leaving him turns into an exasperated scoff and her hand wrapped around his bicep, tugging him to sit down on some scrap metal while she lays strips of cloth at the ready and prepares to dig out the bullet. 

“Prepare yourself your highness, I’m more accustomed to breaking bones than fixing them and I’m no Wanheda.” She jostles his arm more roughly than she means to and he grunts a little before gritting his teeth. She tries not to let it affect her; the pain of this man whose people have caused her own so much suffering. Let the great King Roan of Azgeda walk in her shoes for a day, weakened and vulnerable and in pain. 

 “Not quite sure the Commander of death is what I need right now,” he grits out, “I’ll just have to settle for you.” He’s closer now, deep voice low right beside her ear and slight smirk gracing his royal face. And yeah he may be joking and hot as hell, but Raven doesn’t play second to anyone and she lets him know it when she yanks the bullet out without preamble, dropping it in his lap as she walks away without a backward glance. 

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For some reason I really want an Australian Aborigine to be an assassin. I mean imagine it. It would be in the time line of when all the children were taken from their families and put in orphanages, pretty much after England founded Australia. I can just imagine one child that manages to escape and find his mentor that teaches him the ways of the creed. I just always thought that it would be cool if this assassin had a boomerang, like he used all the weapons that his ancestors used.

I guess I just believe that after all that happened back then is forgotten, and having it as a historical game (if they get it accurate) will bring it to light what the white people did to the Aboriginals was totally wrong. They basically stole the generations from native tribes.

me when shading anything


Due to my iPhone having multiple inabilities, I’m unable to personally take a photograph of the Orion Nebula for you all.

I did however locate an image that’s fairly accurate to what you’re eyes would see, I.E. the visible light spectrum of the nebula. Certainly even this is a bit more colorful (perhaps less violet is detected by our eyes) although even that may be due to simple light pollution.

So yes. Here’s an accurate image. Enjoy!

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Jack, if I may offer some advice to you, you can't really just say "not to take things personally" Even if it isn't directed toward anyone in any way, comments like that will still sting and hurt. For example, I am a pansexual and when I was in school I would hear people in my classes and sometimes even friends talk about how they felt about gay people (usually bad things) and toss "faggot" around like it was nothing. I was not open but hearing that every day made me feel so unsafe and unwelcome

That’s when people are purposefully trying to belittle others, when they have a hatred towards them or don’t like them. Whatever I said (I still don’t know what it actually was cos no one has clarified) was probably meant as an obvious joke or just said in passing. It wasn’t meant to offend or belittle anyone or make them feel bad, taking something like that personally isn’t fair on me because people take them out of context.

Like when I always make fun of Irish people for pots of gold and potatoes and that kind of stuff, it’s a light hearted joke that doesn’t accurately represent what I actually think about the people in reference to. 

I am very sorry if I ever turn people off or whatever but I’ve learned in this day and age of the internet people are just waiting for an excuse to complain, once you give them that reason to go to town on you just because they can.

If people find what I say offensive or against what they know and like I’d advise them to reconsider me as a youtuber to watch. I’m not going to change who I am to please others the same way others are saying they shouldn’t have to change to be liked by others either. I’m a pretty damn nice guy all the time and never mean ill will against anyone.