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Im not pissed at the dress cause it's "historically inaccurate" because lets be honest, no one watches a Disney movie for accuracy. What im just irked about is the fact thay EW said belle wouldn't wear a corset because its anti-feminist and restricting. Like, she's had a great education and by no means is an idiot, but emma honestly wtf? Also like the dress would have looked gorgeous is it were gold. It should have been a lot more golden, just saying.

I don’t really care about historical accuracy. I hated the dress because it was limp and lifeless. It looked unfinished. I actually felt embarrassed and betrayed (before Tiana, Belle had my favorite princess dress)watching it. The animated film gave you more weight and grace with moving lines than actual fabric.


so some dudes have been reblogging my axolotl people and tagging them with “dnd”, and it’s got me feeling inspired! I’m going to draw some of these guys as a few different dnd classes, because the thought is actually pretty cute.

First up, here’s a little axolotl ranger! Like real axolotls, her people don’t have very good eyesight, but what she lacks in accuracy she makes up for in enthusiasm.

(see more pictures in this series in my axolotl tag!)


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

komaru in 1e for @kimmysfandomblog !!

could someone let me know whether or not it looks… very green?? it looks fine on my laptop but the colours are completely different on a different monitor, so i’m kind of worried that the colours are way off on a lot of my art ;;;;

How To Remember Aspects

You’ll often see aspects in charts and have to read indepth descriptions of what they mean, when it’s honestly very quick and easy to understand and remember. Here’s your guide.

You’ll have to remember what each planet represents, what each aspect means, and for perfect accuracy what each sign deals with. (But the last isn’t necessary).
Now, when you look at aspects, it’s always [Planet] [aspect] [Planet], which looks oddly like an equation. So lets treat it as one.
Let’s go with Sun opposition Mercury, which when treated as an equation, is Sun minus Mercury. Now, when you think back to what each planet means, you’ll find the Sun = Ego, Pride, and the displayed self, while Mercury = Intellect, Communication and Learning. If you’re subtracting intelligence from the ego, you’ll find insecurities in intelligence, and further more you may be more shy than your peers.

Now, let’s say that this person’s Mercury happened to be in something like… Leo. A very proud and boisterous sign, and very talkative in Mercury. So, rather than the shy bit of this equation being applied, it’d be that they feel they aren’t smart enough, or they feel insecure about how intelligent they really are, whether it be too much or not enough or whatever. But, they’d still be very talkative, despite the Sun Oppo Mercury.
Different Kind of Friendship (K-2SO)

word count: 531

request: Hi. Can you write one with K-2? I know he’s not human but I can’t get over his sassynes. Please? I just love him <3

requested by: @lulura

a/n: I don’t even know. K-2 was one of my favs and this was really fun to write. Hopefully, this is what you wanted or at least like it, @lulura

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How dare people use historical accuracy. What awful human beings.However, no, people of colour largely didn’t exist in places like Britain in say the 1100′s. So if I’m making a game based on England in the 1100′s, there isn’t going to be any black people. It’s not racism, it’s just fact. (Note I said largely. Some people can’t read I swear)

“̹̫̙̞̯̱̬Y̪̺e̗̰̲̹͕̠s̖̙͔̲͙.̭̪̠̩.̠͍.̹̘̬̣̙̙ ͔̩̩̜̮̫̞̰̟B̦̞͔̼ṛ̜̰͎̼e͕͎͎̠̙̘a̳̞k͈͓̪͓̬̮̲ͅ ̗̘͔h͈̦̘̻̼̮̝ͅe̥̫͍͖͈̰͔̰r̠̖͓̠̲̮͙͕ͅ ̺̺̖̺͙̯̗͈̼a̬͈̩̲͚̦̺̫ ̝͍͈ͅs̗̤͖u͙͚̝̟ͅṇ̖̩̤ͅḏ͈̦̣͙̤e̯̩̦͍͓͈r̻̳̲̲̺̹,̦̮̠͍ ̝̰̗̠̝l̺i̤̯͉̦̥͙t̖̙t̻l̘̦͓̹̭e͖̳̙̖̳ͅ ̗͚̥̺̲̪̣d̯͖e͓͖m̟̝o̪̬̦̲̙̘̥̠ͅn̼͕̬̫̭̞̤̦̳.̺̻.̫̭̥͕̖.̰̼̲͎̱̮”̖͚̰̝͙̱̬ 

In Kim’s words, Jiutou is so lit right now.

In other words Jiutou is just downright badass.

I went a bit overboard with the lighting so you can’t really catch all the details (I.E. the blood on Jiutou’s arm, the ruby, etc), but I’ve also made another version of this piece without the flames for a better look! Check it out under the cut!

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Of course, they were going to use the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ thing to try and pin something on Jughead. I knew this from the moment he started investigating Jason’s murder.

Fred put himself into a lot of trouble creating an alibi for Jughead, which I know is legally wrong, but since I certainly don’t agree with why Sheriff Keller brought him in for questioning

There was no concrete reason for him to question Jughead, yes his fingerprints here on the car, I’m sure he and Betty admitted to it when they brought him to the car.

Bringing up a crime he comitted as a child, which he had done time for and then bringing up that Jughead had been bullied and presuming that the football team were involved and stretching it to Jason. 

I am turning a blind eye to what Fred did because of how Jughead had been treated in that interview and I am so proud that he asked for a lawyer because the moment he did, Sheriff Keller wasn’t allowed ask him questions or make those accusations.

Just three questions; why was Betty allowed into the interview room? Why didn’t they source a lawyer for Jughead? Wh was Sheriff Keller allowed question a minor without a lawyer or parent present?



When things start to go very wrong for the Musketeers in the field, Treville sends in the best spy he can think of to sort things out. Things get much worse before they get better, and the fate of France may hinge on whether Athos and Milady can learn to trust one another again. [ Canon divergence after S2. ]

As statements go, failing to meet her at the crossroads had not carried the same finality as having her hanged, but even so: It was hardly ambiguous.

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u know when someone is friendly but not normal friendly??? like gives off a weird vibe friendly?? the kind of person who wants to kno everything abt u…….. stop asking me personal questions we’ve known each other for like a week mind ur own business???