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I just completed my piece for the @ml-disaster-relief-zine

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to upload my final piece until the zine is out so in the mean time, here is a preview of my piece! :)

Check out the zine as there are many talented artist, writers, and cosplayers participating in it too! Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing in this zine because everyone is so good and I am no where near their standard. @_@ To get a copy of the zine, all you have to do is donate to the charities listed. Remember, every cent counts when it comes to helping those in need.  ❤

sweetpeamomote  asked:

what do you mean when you say "apply only for the digital zine"? is the zine going to be just digital or will there be a "phisical" zine too?


Yes! There will be a physical and digital zine. If you select “yes” it only means that, in the case you are not selected for the physical zine, you’d be willing to be considered for the digital zine. The digital zine will include extended stories and extra art, so it’s basically like a special edition of the zine!

Thank you so much for applying!!


This picture was originally meant for a fanzine but from what I know the zine sort of fell through in the end so I’ve decided to just post it :) There was a ton more that I wanted to add but after 444 layers my computer gave out on me and wouldn’t let me add the other details I was hoping to get in. Looking back there is a fair amount I would change and fix but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out 😊


[[ REPOST– sorry tech stuff was messing up ]]

I can finally show you guys!

My contribution to the @mcgenjizine​ “ Faster than a Bullet”!

I’m so happy to have been part of such a fun project and with a good cause, I hope that people who ordered a copy also enjoyed the fine work that was feautered by so many wonderful artists <333

I know I did~

anonymous asked:

"Are you interested in being promoted from our official zine tumblr, twitter, and/or instagram accounts?" I don't understand that question

Hey anon!

The Lancito! team has official tumblr, twitter, and instagram accounts. We want to promote our artists and writers as best we can, help spread their art or writing to different platforms, so our followers can see what kind of quality they can expect in our zine, and also just as an extra perk to our contributors. 

Hope this helps!



Raising My Legson: The Origin Story

(Single Dad Legmon doesn’t know the answer to that question either :’-((( @1lsan )

31 days of Mental Health Month have come and just about gone. Tumblr, thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for reading the stories of your peers. Without you—all of you—Post it Forward would not be the beautiful, caring community it is today.

Though we reblogged a lot of the art that was created this month, we wanted to end on a particular high note and highlight just a few more pieces in a special post.

There was no shortage of inspo:

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Some of it was simple, but just as helpful and nice to look at:

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We’re proud to showcase some valid as heck pets:

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One person, Fatin (@nfzsketchbook), even made a zine about what it’s like to focus on self-care while battling a mental illness:

Originally posted by nfzsketchbook

You can check out her full post—and more pages from her zine—here.

Mental Health Month may have been limited to, well, May, but it doesn’t mean our efforts stop in June. Post it Forward is always here as your hub for sharing stories and finding a support system with others who might be going through the same things you are.  So keep sharing if you can, keep reading, and keep up all of the amazing work we’ve seen so far.  And please always remember, there are resources out there if things ever get too hard. <3

Take care of yourself, Tumblr. You deserve it.

What is it?

Lancito! is a fan-made Lance-centric zine that focuses on our favorite Blue Paladin. All proceeds will be going directly to Cuba & Puerto Rico hurricane relief.

Who’s Involved?

Right now, we have two official mods, and we’re looking for one more! If you’d like to be a mod, submit a form here! Mods will have their content posted in the zine, if they so choose. After that, we are looking for 8 talented writers, and 16 wonderful artists to contribute to the zine!

When Is This Happening?

Applications Open: 18 October 2017
Check out our calendar for future updates!

How Can I Get Involved?

  • spread the word! reblog this post and talk about it with your friends!
  • follow us on tumblr and twitter for the latest zine updates!
  • check out our FAQ!
  • ask us questions!