what is a sport

Straight White Boy Problem #998

me: *leaving the house to see friends*

Dad: where are you going?

Me: just hanging with Zach and Miles what’s up

Dad: oh…its…nothing…*pulls up iphone to look at his stocks*

Me: ….what’s up

Dad: I just thought…ya know we could go play some soccer…

Me: *knowing my soccer days are well behind me* yeah..I’ll try…I gotta go dad…Miles and Zach are waiting on me

*As I exit the garage, I slowly realize that my dad invested a huge amount of his ego into me as a sports dad and even though I haven’t played sports in a while, he still remembers games and talks about them, even if I don’t remember. Was I such a big part of his ego that he couldn’t disassociate himself from my success in sports? Will I become a pushy sports dad and tell my children to relish the feelings of competitive sports? Is this what my future is like?*

Even though I work at a sporting goods store, I don’t watch or participate in any sports. You literally don’t need to though because most people know what they want and it’s function, they just need to know where it is on the floor. And since I’ve been here for 6 years, if a customer can tell me the function, brand, material, or cut, I can usually find whatever people want. What trips me up is the people who refuse to describe what they want and just repeat the item name.

So this woman comes in with her daughter, and they need basketball sweats. I showed her what I thought basketball sweats were, and I was wrong, but no big deal, just tell me what basketball sweats are.
“You know, they wear them when they’re on the bench during games.”
“Uh, I don’t really watch sports. What are they made out of?”
“They’re basketball sweats.”
“So like cotton material?” as I show her other sweatpants.
“No, they’re lighter. Like basketball sweats.”

And everything I showed her was wrong. Eventually I showed her every pair of pants we had, and none was a basketball sweat, so I told her I was sorry, but I didn’t think we had what she was looking for.

“The guy said you had them!”
“Um, what guy?”
“The guy at the door! He said you had them, and someone in the department would help me find them!”

She asked the first person she saw when she walked in, who happened to be a hunting and fishing associate with no knowledge of what was or wasn’t sold in the apparel department. He heard she was looking for pants so he told her apparel. I had to track the guy down and have him tell her he didn’t know what he was talking about because he didn’t work in the department, and she still wanted to talk to a manager, who also told her that I’ve worked here forever so if I couldn’t find it, no one could.

I googled basketball sweats later, and they just look like sweatpants to me, idk what she wanted.


The High Lords of Prythian: Seasonal Courts (Solar Courts)

The High Lord of Summer had gone still, too—and it was pain, real pain, and fear that shone in those stunning blue eyes.

Eris would bring us to Beron, and the High Lord would either kill us for sport, or hold us indefinitely. And after what they had done to Lucien’s lover, what they’d done to Mor…

“Kallias,” Rhys said to the white-haired one, whose skin was so pale it looked frozen. Even his crushing blue eyes seemed like chips hewn from a glacier as he studied Rhys’s wings and seemed to instantly dismiss them.

Tamlin’s still-masked face twisted into something truly lupine as he raised his eyes to the queen and snarled. Fangs lengthened. Amarantha backed away—away from my corpse. She only whispered “Please” before golden light exploded.

Heads up!

Listen, when you take on Pittsburgh, you really do take on the whole city. Every one of us rustbelt fuckers bleeds black and gold - love it or hate it, you can’t deny the cultural catalyst that is Pittsburgh sports in the City of Champions.

what I’m saying is that, despite being mainly Pirates trash, I’m gonna be stanning the Penguins through the rest of the championship. You can expect me to be as civil as I always am about baseball; however, I recognize that hockey rivalries on here are WAY more heated and this might represent a potential dealbreaker for some of my mutuals.

So, that’s fine. Unfollow me if you need to - it’s your dash. I sincerely hope you’ll come back after the postseason is over and Pittsburgh becomes back-to-back champs, but if not, I love you anyway

Hugs and Kessels,


sooner or later i’m gonna bring up tracy chapman, or liza minnelli, or stevie nicks, or tori amos, or whitney houston–at least she sang at a sports game once, but what game was it, was it football or table tennis, or greyhound racing, is that even legal, I hold a beer with two hands. hi steve wanna hear about all the cool spots where I binge eat vegan donuts in my car

What she means: Kinda annoying how people keep saying the DCEU is a flop compared to Marvel. Especially when the the first 5 MCU movies only generated an okay response upon release and only really gained huge mainstream excitement when the 1st Avengers was released. The DCEU’s only has 3 movies released (as of just now) and they have been influenced by from Marvel’s missed opportunities with female led movies and poc characters taking centre stage. It’s been more daring in its risks and sure some have been misfires, but it’s still in its infancy and true fans of superheroes should be willing for both companies to succeed as that way we all get to enjoy better movies, instead of just trivialising it down to a dumb “DC vs Marvel” sports mentality.

What she says: I’m fine :)