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types respond to “i love you”

ENFJ: *pretends to be shook* *actually saw it coming from a mile away*

INTJ: Uhh… cool.

INFP: My heart is a radiant flower, unfurling its dewy petals upon the pronouncement of your love. 

ISFJ: Haha funny joke… wait, actually? Like, actually? I must immediately bake you some cookies!

INFJ: But love is an illusion. Do you love me, or just the external and idealized version of me? Can we ever truly hope to find a lasting and permanent connection which runs deeper than your vapid, run-of-the-mill union in today’s society? Or is it—

ENFP: Yes… good… you have fallen for my plan to make everyone and everything in the universe besotted with me. 

ISFP: *cool and composed on the outside but weeping internally* 

ESFJ: *weeping externally* 

ESFP: And I love puppies. And social gatherings. And the occasional rainbow. Wait, what was I saying? 

ESTP: *seductive eyebrow raise* *edgy backflip* What’s not to love? 

ENTP: Well, that’s one thing I won’t debate you on. 

INTP: The dopamine receptors in my brain are doing all sorts of ~funky things~ right now. 

ISTP: Besides my power tools… you’re the only thing that’s ever made me feel alive… 

ENTJ: Great! I’ll immediately prepare an itinerary on how best we can spend our time together to foster a successful romantic relationship. 

ISTJ: And I love watching Judge Judy reruns. Wait, that was the romantic response you were looking for, right? 

ESTJ: I could see you in my very successful future, which involves me being president of many organizations and laminating things. 

The Labyrinth Chapter 9

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 1534

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Neha: We’re not romantic anything. We’re just friends. Jules, I would have never said yes if before we had-

Jules: I don’t really want to hear it. You can do anything you want. You are anyway. I will also continue to do what I want. 

Neha: You’re not listening to me. Please, just listen to me. 

Jules: For you to say words to make me feel again? No thank you. I was fine before you did that. I was dealing with my confusion before you did that. Is this what you like, playing with persons emotions? Showing up to this social gathering, looking like that? 

Neha: Looking like?

Jules: Socially acceptable levels of attract- listen you should just go back to your date. . 

Neha: You think I look attractive?

Jules: Have you been listening to anything I’ve been saying?

BTS reacting to ‘Daddy’

@jiminbegin asked: How would BTS react to their s/o accidentally calling them daddy during sex?

Note: this is my opinion and I didn’t want to say they like it if I don’t honestly think so… Since, obviously, we can’t know for sure, all I can do is speculate and below you’ll read my personal opinion on how I think they would react.

Another thing: I don’t speak Korean, but from what I’ve gathered about the culture and social interactions there, I doubt that a ‘Daddy’ kink is a thing there.
For the sake of this reaction, I’m assuming they know about it (and it’s ‘Daddy’ in English, not like the Korean word for dad)


I honestly don’t think he’d be into it.
Like, I feel he just wouldn’t really understand it and wouldn’t see why you would want to call him ‘Daddy’ in bed. I feel like Jin is kind of a domestic person and it would just confuse him and make him think of children… (not the best thing to think about during sex)

In the moment I feel like he would be confused. “Daddy? What?” and you’d be able to tell he didn’t like it. If you kept saying it, I feel like he would you stop calling him that.

(edit: It could also be the opposite though, that exactly the inappropriateness of it turn him on and he’d love it, we can never be sure)


I think he would be all like ‘uhh what?’ and giggle a little in the moment, but he wouldn’t mind being called daddy at all, it was just unexpected.

I don’t think he would want you to always call him Daddy, but he’d definitely enjoy the occasional ‘Daddy roleplay’ and reeally get into it whenever you do it.


“…Come again?”
“uhh ”
“no, I mean it - say it again … I liked it”

Yoongi? I think he’d be into it. While I think he can be secretly awkward, I feel like he would definitely like being called daddy. I feel like he longs for more control and since having you submit to him in that way would give him just that it would turn him on a lot.

(However, I feel like he would have his days where he doesn’t want to be ‘Daddy’, but I think that’s understandable? If he wasn’t feeling great or just needed some sort of reassurance I think he’d rather just be yoongi to you and be more like intimate in a way?)


In all honestly, I don’t think he would be into it…

In the moment I feel like it would be more irritating to him than a turn on 
(not like he’d stop everything because of it though.)

I don’t see him being judgemental about you being into it or anything, he’d just not like being ‘Daddy’ himself?
However, being the sweetheart that he is, I think he would still occasionally play along if you really really wanted it, or on special occasions.

(Then again, especially with Hobi… we’ll never know for sure what he likes 👀)


Oh, Tae… our adventurous little pup. 

I can definitely see him be into it.
I feel like he’d just grin at the new name at first but not say anything, then when you call him by his name again he’d be like “what happened to ‘daddy’? I thought I’m daddy now!”

I think he’s just as playful in bed as is normally and therefore enjoy trying out different things and explore everything there is to explore. He’d definitely bring up ‘daddy’ mutiple times again but he’d also mess around with other things.


For some reason it was really hard for me to do Jimin’s reaction to this BUT in the end he’s another member I don’t think would be a massive fan of ‘Daddy’.

While personally I see him as generally more submissive, I do think he likes to switch it up so with him it would depend on th mood. I just don’t think he would be a huge fan of being called ‘daddy’ but as long as you praise him enough and he starts associating ‘Daddy’ with you getting turned on way more, he might change his mind about it and get into it? 👀

In the moment I think he’d be like “whaa-”, blush and giggle a little, not sure how to react to it then and there.



Honestly though, I feel like our maknae would just kinda ignore it in the moment, a bit confused, a bit Jungshook for a second, not sure what do with it.
However, I think he’d ask you about it later and then really want to try it out with you.

I feel like I said this a lot, but again I feel like he’d sometimes like it, depending on the context, but otherwise prefer his own name and keep trying out new things, finding what you both like together and integrating it all into your sex life.

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For the billboard award that bts is nominated for, will they announce the winners at the award show? Have they done that before, do you know? Basically do you think they might be invited to the billboard awards this year?

from what I gather, the winners for the the social artist award is always only done through video or something and not on stage. I guess it depends. an ARMY tweeted BBMAs to invite bangtan and Mike Mahan replied that it’s done.


Mike Mahan is the President of Dick Clark Productions, they’re the ones in-charge of producing BBMA. So well… we’re not sure if this means bangtan is really invited or going, but it’s something.

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Hey Suz, i have a more unusual request: could you do a headcanon for Jim and Pike, because i really loved their father / son dynamic. Thanks :)

I can’t ship them romantically, but here, have some father/son bonding moments:

Jim’s fingers run over his sore nose. It’s no longer bleeding, but he can still feel it. He grunts when there’s a hand on his shoulder, and Pike sits down next to him. “Why is that every time we see each other, you’re beat up one way or another?” Pike asks, and Jim huffs. "I was just trying to get a point across,“ he says. “With your fist?” Pike asks, ordering another beer for both of them. He turns to look at Jim, and he’s no doctor, but he’s fairly sure those bruises would leave him soon enough. “So, your test scores are higher than expected.” “Expected?” Jim asks, turning to look at Pike, “you expected me to fail?” “What? No. But your dad was never as great at showing up to social gatherings and studying for tests at the same time. Tell me, do you even get your eight hours of sleep a night?” Jim huffs at that question, taking a swig from his beer, and he raises his shoulders in a shrug. “A night? No. A week? Probably.” “Jesus, kid. Go home and sleep,” Pike says, “and make sure you get that nose checked out.”

The last thing Jim expects is to find Pike on a Saturday afternoon. It’s weird seeing these people on his days off, even if it’s Pike. And Pike sits crouched in front of a motor bike. It’s on a small parking lot in the city center, but he uses the space like he’s at home. “What are you doing?” Jim asks, and Pike looks up. He’s seen him out of uniform a couple times, but seeing him in baggy jeans and a dirty white t-shirt is still an odd sight. “I’m fixing my bike so I can take her for a spin,” Pike says, and Jim steps closer. “D’you need any help?” he asks. Pike looks at Jim with a small smile, then he tosses him a wrench. 

“Where’s McCoy?” Pike asks when he finds Jim by himself, “seems like you two are attached at the hip sometimes.” “You keeping an eye on me?” Jim counter-asks, and Pike smiles. Jim’s been sitting outside campus. In the park, books on his lap, and he’s trying to study. Emphasis on trying, because while he’s trying to read, he’s mostly just looking at people passing by. “McCoy’s in Georgia with his kid,” Jim says, shrugging, “and anyway, I’m trying to get close to this girl. Long, black hair. Studies Xenolinguistics?” “Oh, that’s great,” Pike says, sitting next to him, “what’s her name?” “I was wondering if you knew,” Jim replies, and Pike laughs. “Okay. No, I’m not giving out student names so you can hook up with them,” he says, “what are you doing?” “I’m studying for Tactical Analysis,” Jim replies, “is this course really necessary? I’d rather take the kobayashi maru test.” “Yeah, you do seem to like failing,” Pike says, “why don’t you read me some of your findings, and I’ll give you feedback?”

“When you called and said it was an emergency, this isn’t what I expected,” Pike admits, seeing Jim lean against a tree near a college dorm. He’s unstable on his feet, the buttons of his shirt are messily buttoned, and his hair sticks out in every possible direction. “It is an emergency,” Jim slurs out, visibly drunk, and Pike rolls his eyes. “Had a good night, then?” “No,” Jim replies, “I failed the test.” “Everyone fails that test, Jim,” Pike says, “that’s kind of the point-” “No, I’m gonna beat it,” Jim promises him and Pike laughs. He grabs Jim’s arm and slings it over his own shoulder, steadying him so he can walk this mess of a boy home. “Kid, you’re gonna be the death of me. To your dorm, then?” he asks, but Jim shakes his head. “Can’t. Roommate kicked me out for the night. Bones is out on a field trip to some hospital… drop me off at the library, I’ve slept there before.” “Me, too, when I was a student,” Pike admits, pulling Jim towards the sidewalk, “but I’ll take you to my flat. You can crash on my couch.”

After graduation, Pike buys them all the beers they can drink, and they sit together in a quiet bar away from campus. Jim listens to Pike talk. About his experiences as a captain. About being friends with Jim’s father in the Academy, And, listening to his stories - about getting in trouble with George when they tried to steal a shuttlecraft for the weekend (”seriously, Jim, don’t get any ideas. I see that twinkle in your eyes”), to introducing George to Winona, to passing that Kobayashi Maru test without winning it, and sacrificing everything for the safety of his crew. His family. 

Jim listens to Pike scold him for the events on Nibiru. He knows Pike is right, but his own ego and his current annoyance towards Spock is stopping him from seeing that. “You lied, Jim, on an official report,” Pike says, and Jim lets out an annoyed sigh. “What was I supposed to do, let Spock die?” “You shouldn’t have sent your First Officer there in the first place!” Pike says, “you broke a dozen Starfleet regulations and nearly got everybody on your ship killed. Come on, son, I expected better from you.” “Don’t ‘son’ me,” Jim says, “you’re not my father.” “Then stop acting like a child,” Pike says, “and start behaving like the goddamn captain you are. I saw a greatness in you when no one else did. I don’t regret that decision one bit, but don’t you start disappointing me now, Jim. Go back to the Academy, get yourself together, and be the Captain I know you can be.”

“I’m sorry,” Jim says quietly, and he finds himself looking down at his feet. “You said I was going to be the death of you, but I never thought you’d take it so literally.” Pike’s grave is off campus; on a clean patch of bright green grass, and surrounded by the graves of other fallen Starfleet officers. There’s fresh flowers on his grave, and a letter in a child’s handwriting. Must be family, but Jim doesn’t remember Pike ever having any kids. The fact that his grave is visited makes him happy, though. “I thought getting Khan would make this somehow easier but it’s not… not really. Anyway, I uh, bought you a beer for your birthday, but I’ll drink it myself. I can already hear you yelling at me for wasting good beer if I didn’t drink it, so. ” He hesitates, because how dumb is this? He’s literally talking to a grave. But then, it does feel nice, and Pike was always a good listener. Even if he’s not talking back, now. So Jim talks about their five year mission into space coming up, and how he feels weird about missing out on birthday drinks with Pike, but Bones has been doing a great job taking over where Pike left off. “Anyway, so… thank you,” Jim ends a little awkwardly, “I never knew what it was like to have a dad, but now I know, and I wish you’d been there a little longer.” Turning around, he walks away. And exiting the cemetery, Bones slides an arm around Jim’s waist and keeps him close. Spock, too, rests a hand on Jim’s shoulder, and the three of them head towards the Enterprise. Jim understood before what Pike meant when he talked about sacrificing himself for family, but he never quite felt it the way he does now, and it’s astonishing how Pike keeps teaching him things, even when he’s no longer there.


It was a chance encounter while ambling about the internet that brought me to Camille Jansen, who from what I can gather, is an Instagram star and social media personality from Paris. She also has a stunning voice, as can be heard on “i wrote my first song and this is it”, which is apparently her very first foray into the music scene, as hard as it is to believe. The stripped down piano ballad is simple yet powerful. It reminds me of Grace Mitchell and Florence Welch, with a little Rachel Yamagata. Despite its acoustic sparseness and classy elegance, there’s a sensual allure to Camille Jensen’s beautiful ballad. I can’t wait to hear more of Camille’s voice. Let’s hope this first song won’t be the last.

“Anti-social headphones kid”

From what we can gather, Michael probably isn’t generally anti-social. But Rich probably experienced the worried Michael. Michael sitting in the chair beside Jeremy’s bed, knees pulled to his chest, a slushie balanced in between. Headphones on. Scrolling through his phone. Looking up every so often only to find no change.
Michael probably ignored Rich, even when Rich attempted to apologize, because he gave Jeremy the Squip. And maybe it wasn’t exactly Rich’s fault. But Michael still saw him and thought about what brought Jeremy to the hospital.

Okay but think about it.

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Can you imagine the five of us sitting around in a pub together?  We’d get into the best drunk discussions and it would be a real life, out-loud version of what happened here.

These are the kinds of social gatherings I aspire to attend.

SNSD Reaction to: Blind, Mute or Deaf Girlfriend

Other Versions: mmm | rv | aoa | 4Minute | f(x)

Taeyeon (deaf gf): Apparently, Taeyeon had a beautiful singing voice. She brought you to MAMA 2016 with her, leaving you backstage to watch her performance in her dressing room (since having you in the audience would be scandalous.) She looked so beautiful, eyes falling shut as she sang her heart out, sounding most likely beautiful. You didn’t even realise that you were crying until one of the staff handed you a tissue. Being deaf had never been a problem for you before. It was all you’d ever known. But now … now you wished you weren’t, even for just a moment, to be able to hear her sing.

Jessica (blind gf): Sees you as her muse, even asking you to be a model for her brand. Not just because she loves you but bc she thinks you’re inspirational. “So many people, blind or not blind, will look up to you, I just know it. So what do you say?”

Sunny (mute gf): You being mute was no issue in this relationship. Sunny knew how to read people, could always tell what you were trying to say. She often lead the conversation in social gatherings but was quiet and reserved at home, using her actions more than words to show her love.

Tiffany (blind gf): “Mom, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.” She smiles her eye smile at you before gesturing to a gravestone, her mother’s name carved in spiral letters, not that you could see. “Y/N, this is my mom. I’m sure she would have loved you.” Although you can’t see Tiffany, you know she is crying, so you reach out to pull her into a hug. “And I’m sure I would have loved her too.”

Hyoyeon (deaf gf): Maybe you can’t hear but you can feel. She often brings you to dance practice, cranking the volume up so you can feel the beat she’s dancing to. She feels so smug, watching your reactions through the mirror, as you gape in awe at her talent.

Yuri (mute gf): Can be protective sometimes, especially in certain situations. Once, a waitress cursed you out for not thanking her when she brought you water. And Yuri ripped her a new one. She’s not afraid to stand up for you, being your voice and speaking up when you can’t.

Sooyoung (blind gf): “I know you can’t see but just know that my legs look so good in this dress.” Doesn’t see your disability as something negative. She likes to look on the positive side, feeling inspired by you. She no longer complains or thinks “Why me?” because in the grand scheme of life, she’s well off: her career is going well and she’s found the love of her life.

“Maybe I can’t see,” you tell her, “But I can sure as hell feel.”

Yoona (deaf gf): Although you can’t hear her laugh, just watching her face light up and her body shake from laughter is enough for you. You’re not a greedy person or think that you’re somehow less for not being able to hear. You have your health and the love and support of a beautiful woman, what more could you ask for?

Seohyun (blind gf): Takes charge in public places, making sure no one’s in your way or bumping into you. And if anyone even thinks of kicking you out of their restaurant for having a seeing eye dog then they better say their prayers. She’s not aggressive or anything, but she’s blunt: “You’re really going to be this ignorant to someone who’s done more in their life than you, unappreciative of the working eyes you have? How pathetic.”

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Kullara Week 2017
Day Six

The world came back to Keith slowly. It was quiet, he noted. No howling wind, no lashing rain, no rolling thunder. The storm had passed. He was aware of a weight against his shoulder. He turned his head to find Allura sleeping against him, probably seeking warmth. He allowed himself a small smile.

It was only then that he looked around the room. It was only then he noticed the small, green-skinned man silently watching him with dark, shining eyes. He jolted awake, his sudden movement enough to jostle Allura out if her slumber as well. She let out a startled gasp when she found they had unexpected company.

“Good morning, Princess.” The man bowed politely. “Paladin.” He turned to bow to Keith. “I am Kaminari, emissary of the Natsua. I apologise for all the hardships you have faced since your arrival to our world.” He bowed again. “We were unaware of the reward offered for your capture. The perpetrators have been dealt with.”

“Thank you, Kaminari.” Allura said, rising to her feet to return the bow. Keith rose to mirror her movements. Best to defer to the raised diplomat.

“We have found your craft and have already commenced repairs.” Kaminari went on. “If you will follow me, we will see to it that the remainder of your travels are more comfortable.” He bowed again, gesturing gracefully towards the door.

Parked outside was what could only be described as carriage, though it didn’t have any wheels. Instead it hovered just above the ground. It was drawn by living creatures however. A pair of eight-legged animals that superficially resembled elk in a manner that the Natsua resembled humans. They pawed at the ground, ready to be off. Kaminari ushered them onboard and nodded to the driver.

Allura and Kaminari immediately began speaking of politics and their upcoming negotiations. Keith knew he probably should have been paying attention but he was too busy taking in his surroundings. He’d always been fond of nature. It was quiet, peaceful, less…peopley.

They arrived at the Natsua capital city, if it could even be called that, without further incident. The citadel appeared to have been grown rather than built. Multiple, massive tree trunks reached high into the canopy, disappearing into the mist up above. Intricate walkways and natural buttresses arced between them, lacing them together. They truly appeared to be one with nature, more so that the Olkari, who had basically adapted to it, admitted amazingly, when forced.

“Due to your unexpected adventure we have had to combine several events.” Kaminari explained, somehow sounding apologetic and annoyed at the same time as the doors of the central structure opened before them leading to a massive atrium within the circle of trees . “We have prepared rooms for you both. Your belongings have been brought up.” He led them up a sweeping stairway. “Please take some time to freshen up.” He opened a pair of highly ornate doors. “Your Highness.” He bowed respectfully, waiting with his head down until she entered. “I will send someone to fetch you for the formal reception when the light leaves the sky.”

He closed her door before turning to Keith.

“Paladin.” He bowed again. “If you will follow me?”

He wanted to tell the man to call him Keith, but the Alteans had stressed how particular the Natsua were with their traditions and customs. It was probably why he sounded so annoyed at being forced to change their timetable of events. So to ask him to use his name rather than his title might be seen as some kind of insult. Titles were used to show respect, and from what he could gather the title of paladin ranked quite highly, only royalty seemed to be higher. So he just followed, thanked him with a bow as he entered his own room…suite…apartment…

His desert shack could fit ten times in the main room alone. A door on the right led to an equally impressive sleeping chamber. Yet another door off that led to a massive bathroom. He’d never known such luxury, even living in the Castle. His quarters there were certainly spartan in comparison. But then, he was a spartan kind of guy.


Allura sighed as she stared at the huge set of closed doors before her. She was a little surprised to find she had prepared herself more quickly than Keith. But then, she was far more accustomed to dressing for formal occasions. She’d never really seen him in anything but his armour and the clothes he’d literally had on his back when he’d arrived from his home world. Perhaps a shopping trip was in order? And maybe this time she could go along as well.

She smoothed out a non-existent crease in her midnight blue gown and absently touched the jewelled necklace at her throat. With a sigh she started to twist a perfect curl with her gloved fingers.

How long did it take a boy to put on a suit any way?

She looked at Mizore, the young Natsua Kaminari had sent to bring her to the reception. She was stepping nervously from one foot to the other. They were already behind schedule, but the Princess could not enter without her escort, and said escort was taking forever to get himself presentable!

Mizore let out a tiny noise, blinking rapidly as she looked upwards. Allura’s mouth dropped open slightly when she followed the tiny woman’s gaze.

“Oh, my.” Was all she could think to say.

He looked so…different. But it was a good different.

He had made an effort to tame his hair. Most of it had been slicked back, trapped at the base of his skull with a simple black band. His hair appeared to be as rebellious as he was, however, as several long bangs refused to comply, deciding instead to hang rakishly into his eyes.

The short-cropped white dress jacket with its high collar was actually quite similar to his usual one, but the cut was more fitted accenting the broadness of his shoulders and the narrowness of his waist. There was a thick band of cloth around his mid-section…red she noted, he just wouldn’t don the black…a bright contrast between the white jacket above and the black dress pants below.

His own assigned Natsua, she hadn’t caught his name, was bustling about him, trying to quicken his descent down the stairs but only threatening to trip him up. It was a good thing Keith was so agile. He deftly dodged the small green man as he circled him.

He caught Allura’s eye for a moment, but quickly looked away, feeling highly self-conscious, as he reached the ground floor. The Princess was giving him an odd look. He’d felt stupid as soon as he’d put the damn monkey suit on. It certainly wasn’t his style. It didn’t allow for a lot of freedom of movement. If there was a fight he wouldn’t be able to defend himself let alone protect her.

His assigned Natsua, introduced as Gouu, continued to fuss about him. He felt his left forearm pushed upwards and was about to say something when he felt Allura’s right arm hook through it. He turned to her then. She looked even more stunning than usual. Her long silvery hair was piled up on her head, not in the usual all-business bun, but in a series of delicate twists and curls. Tiny wisps of it framed her face causing a kind of halo effect. There were tiny jewelled pins set among the tresses that made it sparkle even more. She’d done something around her eyes to make them shine even more brilliantly than usual.

“You look beautiful.” He said, mentally kicking himself as soon as the words left his mouth. If her arm wasn’t resting so elegantly on his own he probably would have slapped himself in the forehead. How could he be so lame? Like she needed anyone to tell her that.

She continued to gaze at him for a moment. She’d been trying to find a word to describe how he looked. Beautiful? Yes. That would do nicely. She smiled a warm, radiant smile at him.

“I was going to say the same about you.” She admitted.

He could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. He wasn’t sure if it was from what she’d said or from the way she was looking at him. Or the warm touch of her arm on his. Or the apparent sudden rise in temperature in the room. It was getting hot in here, right?

“Ah, good. You are ready.” Kaminari appeared from somewhere, also decked out in his finest. “Come. Come. Introductions must be made.” Mizore And Gouu opened the doors as Kaminari ushered them through.


They had been separated as soon as they’d been announced and the introductions made, to, what had Keith called it, schmooze? What an odd word. Though his world seemed to be full of odd things. She was keeping a close eye on him, he was very much out of his element, after all. From what she could gather from Lance, social interacting had not been a strong point of Keith’s even back on Earth. But he appeared to be schmoozing quite well. Listening intently to those around him, responding from time to time but not really offering too much information. They had already agreed not to make mention of his…mixed heritage. He had picked up a glass of bright green liquid from somewhere though he didn’t appear to be actually drinking it.

“Your paladin…” Kaminari’s voice brought her back to her own schmoozing. “I have never encountered his kind before. What world does he hail from?”

Well, that was a loaded question. What world DID he hail from? He was a child of at least two. But there was only one he called home.

“He is from a small planet on the outer rim.” She said. “One that has not yet known the tyranny of Zarkon.”

“They are one of the lucky ones then.” Kaminari nodded. “But their luck will not hold forever.”

“Unless we do something about it.” Allura raised her glass.

“Indeed.” Kaminari smiled, raising his own to meet hers.


Keith was still nursing his first glass of…whatever it was. He had reasoned if he had a glass in his hand he wouldn’t be offered another, and it really wouldn’t be appropriate to get plastered on his first diplomatic mission. Of course, a little alcohol might take the edge off his nerves.

He took a sniff at it. It certainly smelled alcoholic. The colour reminded him a little of Midori. Shiro had introduced him to it once. He hadn’t cared for it. Though, he had downed an entire bottle of it that he’d found in Shiro’s quarters after the Kerberos mission had gone pear-shaped. That had not ended well. It had been the first of many citations that had eventually lead to his expulsion. Several citations actually. ‘Breaking and entering’…'unprofessional conduct’…'insubordination’. If he hadn’t been robbed of his coordination by the sickly sweet melon drink he probably would have added 'striking an officer’ to the list. That would have likely landed him some time in the brig on top of an instant dishonourable discharge.

“How are you holding up?” Allura had apparently materialised at his side. The Natsua had been so keen to interact with the pair of infamous outsiders that they had been given no time to talk to each other.

“I’m okay.” He said, looking out over the sea of finely dressed Natsua. “But it’s kinda weird being the tallest guy in the room.”

She wasn’t certain as to the average height of his kind, but given that Lance, Hunk and Shiro were all taller she had to guess that Keith was on the lower end of the height spectrum. His comment only reinforced that. Odd that his Galra heritage hasn’t shown through in that particular aspect. They were, on a whole, a rather lofty species. Of course, there were exceptions to every norm.

“I think you’re-”

“Ah, good. You have found each other.” Kaminari was suddenly in their midst again, cutting off whatever it was she was going to say. “Come. Come. It is time.”

“Time for what?” Keith frowned.

“For the dance, of course.” Kaminari smiled, whisking the glass from his hand and passing it off to a passing wait-staff.

“Wait.” Keith’s eyes widened. “WHAT?” He subconsciously pressed the balls of his feet against the floor, digging in his toes as if to keep him from being bodily dragged to the now emptying space in the middle of the vast room.

“It’s tradition.” Allura smiled, offering her hand.

“I…” He looked at her gloved hand, his own automatically beginning to reach to take it, but hesitated. “I…don’t…really…”

Her expression softened as she stepped closer. “You don’t know how to dance, do you?” She surmised, taking him gently by the elbows.

“It’s never really come up.” He admitted.

Her hands slid down his arms to take hold of both of his. “Just remember all your combat training and you’ll be fine.”

“Combat training?” He echoed.

Still holding his hands she led him to the dance floor. When they reached its centre she moved her left hand to place his right on her waist, leaving it there to rest her right hand on his shoulder. She raised their still joined hands up to finish the proper starting position. She could see the worry in his eyes. He didn’t want to embarrass her, or himself, or step on her dress, or trip over his feet or mess things up so badly that the Natsua decided they weren’t going to ally themselves with such an uncoordinated clod, thank you very much.

He relaxed a little when he saw the Natsua begin to pair up as well. At least he’d have something to imitate. He took a deep breath to steady himself. He was very glad his paladin dress uniform included gloves.

As the music began, soft and slow, he moved his feet in a perfect mirror of the Natsua on his left. He could feel Allura move with him but he was so busy focusing on what the Natsua was doing with his feet it was jilted and stiff.

“Don’t concentrate so hard.” Allura said into his ear. “Relax. Let the music guide you.”

It was all well and good for her to tell him to relax while she was pressed up against him, smelling so wonderful and looking the way she did.

Just remember all your combat training.’

Okay. All he had to do was think of this as a kata. He could do that. He closed his eyes. Let the music flow through him. Let his body move by instinct. His movements suddenly became more fluid, more graceful, more confident.

And with that confidence he became more daring. He spun her out like he’d seen so often in the movies, first one way and then the other, the full skirt of her gown twirling out like the petals of an opening flower. She laughed as he pulled her back to him. And with a smile he went for the other classic dancing move.

He swung her into…the dip.

The laughing stopped and his smile faded as she looked up at him with wide, startled eyes. He realised he’d done something wrong, crossed some kind of line. He swung her back up, swallowing hard as she continued to gaze at him with shining, opalescent eyes. Her hands found his shoulders as she steady herself. Part of him screamed at him to apologise. To tell her he hadn’t meant anything by it. That he’d just been caught up in the moment. But his voice was stuck in his throat, held there by the way she was looking at him.

Then she lowered her gaze for a moment, looking down slightly before returning to meet his eyes again. She tilted her head ever so slightly as her eyelids lowered, her lips parting as she moved closer. Whatever it was that had been telling him to apologise was now whispering 'forget that, do what she’s doing’. He could feel her breath against his own slightly parted lips as he leaned in towards her, almost taste it, almost feel the soft touch of…

Then the music stopped and the room erupted in rousing applause, breaking the spell, the temporary lapse in sanity, whatever it was that had momentary come over them. They sprang apart, showing their appreciation to the musicians, looking anywhere but at each other.

Social Climbers of the Zodiac

Leo, Libra, Capricorn

Leo, for their need to be the center stage and their constant need for adoration. This drives them to mold themselves into what people want for them, as Leos often treat the world around them as a stage to perform, making their life a drama. Leos tend to give people the show they want, and in doing so climb into social graces.
As a side note, Leo energy is easily noticed and a lot of people gravitate towards it, much like the galaxy revolves around the sun- this adds to their luck in the social world.
If Leo doesn’t feel adequate, they will often try their hardest until Leo finds success.

Libra is the epitome of social grace. They mirror everyone in the room, being the perfect person to entertain a party. They can sense the vibes and pick up on what people want, and deliver their needs with Grace. Libra energy is partnerships and that’s what developed Libras Excell at. Libras aim to please everyone in the room, or at the very least not create any disturbance. This gives them an amicable vibe as they mask any judgement and give the air of acceptance and tolerance, welcoming a large group of people. Libras ability to appeal to the wide mass of people is what gives them their charm to make it through any social gathering.
Side Note, being ruled by Venus gives them their appeal of pleasure and natural social skills.

Capricorn is all about success. While Capricorn isn’t naturally socially inclined like Libra, or need the constant attention like Leo, Capricorns know what they want and more importantly how to get it. If what they want is Fame and success, Capricorn can analyze what exactly needs to get done and had the will power to accomplish it. It may take a bit, capricorn working steadily, but they don’t give up or easily discouraged if they know what they want. With their capabilities, and natural leadership skills, many people look up to Capricorn if not with admiration, with envy.
Side note, with Saturn, social Climbing can take a while but with effort has the capacity to bear any success Capricorn desires. Capricorn is the mountain goat, gifted with the ability to climb the highest mountain.

political relations (political!kylo au) | chapter six

AU in which Kylo and Reader are politicians for opposing parties. When Kylo’s department threatens the livelihood of your citizens, you are caught up in a battle against the most insufferable political you have ever met. But he slowly but surely lures you in with his charm, what happens when you end up falling for the enemy?

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 4.5k

Warnings: I got a bit carried away and this is 11 MS Word pages of waffle oops - sorry! No smut this chapter, but please do let me know what you think so far. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to message me, comment or even read this!As always, I’m too much of a tired mess to double-check this right now, so hit me up if there are any errors.


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My gift to @a-whole-lasagna for the @frukgiftexchange 2017! One of your wishes was “A Victorian or Edwardian-era setting”, so I went with Victorian (and their wonderful clothes~). I hope you’ll like it and that you had fun during the Holidays! (ノ^ω^)ノ♥ ゜・。。・

Now the fanfic~

Title: Je t'aime

Pairing: FrUk

Summary: After accompanying his mother to the opera and meeting a mysterious man with the looks of an angel, Arthur could not take that smooth and melodic voice out of his head. Human AU. Victorian setting.


London, England, 14 May 1853…

It was a cold and rainy evening when Arthur Kirkland found himself standing in front of Theatre Royal. It had taken all of his mother’s patience to convince him to change into his best clothes and accompany her to the opera. As the younger brother, it was his duty to take care of the house and look after his mother while his brothers were out of town taking care of the family’s business. After his father had passed away the previous year, Arthur and his older brothers had made a vow to work hard and make their mother happy again.

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the whole point of LGBT public spaces is to have somewhere to socialize and gather with your fellows gays what am i gonna go get cofffee and sit at a coffee shop for gays by myself like i can do that anywhere. i can make some coffee at home. y’all reading too much fanfiction what do you think cafes ARE

Hearing people: Why don’t you ever say anything, you’re not that shy. I’ve seen you socialize with people before.
Me, a deaf person: You’re right, I socialize. But I probably am not saying anything because I can’t follow the conversation.
HP: But still, you should be more outgoing.
Me: How can I when I literally have no idea what they are talking about.
HP: …