what is a sketch again

//In this week’s contribution to the blog: I spend most of the day on and off quickly scribbling Yi at different life stages, taking into account the new design post Immortal Journey Yi being semi canon.

In order we have

Smol Boi Yi

Less Smol and More Mischievous Yi

Growing More Anxious About His Pigmentation Issues Yi

‘Great I Made Myself a Master and My Disciples are DUMB CHILDREN’ Yi

Turned Back the Vast Tides of Noxian Infantry Yi

The Yi Wukong Thought was Stable Enough to Teach Him How to Fight… Yi

IDK. Content! Refs! Woo!

Okay what the fuck???

A friend of mine just found a drawing of a showering Madara on Pinterest which was tHIS:

And like, they didn’t even bother to ask permission to repost this. Yes, I updated my bio so that you guys should know and it’s because of this. I mean, it’s common fucking sense that you don’t just repost art of someone else without credit and permission. I fucking hate this, because I don’t see any credit and I wasn’t asked for permission so to whoever reposted this, PLEASE DELETE THIS AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REPOST MY ART EVER AGAIN

And if your ass is all about

“bUT We liVE iN a fRee cOunTrY”


Your country would have legalized every crime by now, because saying “living in free country” and do this shit is basically saying “living in a country full of crime and discrimination” and you’re depicting the concept of freedom in a bad way. So do me a favor and delete this quick. I’m new in Tumblr so I don’t wanna get a bad impression of this app

more klance in skirts bc!! it’s!! important!!


I feel bad for spamming you all with My Problems when you’re here for the engaging Sans discourse, so have some Human Sans doodles that I’ve been accumulating over the past month and a half.

Tbh, you should be surprised it took me this long. :V


I’m nearly sure someone somewhere in my inbox was asking about the kids, so…


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧


some pencil sketches from earlier!


Ok, this was beyond fun, thank you, Anon!

Dim 40 watt Light son goes full 120 LED flood light.


The ocean is a jerk😭

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hadn’t drawn these two in a while, had I

it’s 11:30-ish pm, i just barely posted this on time to still celebrate the 30th anniversary of ducktales!! in this comic, fenton and gyro.. reminisce about their 1980s counterparts

(i stole the accountant pun from my own old post lol)

- mod fenton


it’s 2017 and I’m still crying about Gaara   

(screencap redraw from blessed shippuden 497)

Hansome Undererasure Han by @undererasure-au@elleap

anonymous asked:

I love your drawings but some of your characters aren't very accurate. Especially with Lin you should pay more attention to his features.

oh no i cant believe ive been subjecting you all to low quality lins this entire time 

from now on my blog will be only the most accurate high quality lins dont you worry