what is a satchel

Lance: Keith’s so dumb, he’d probably bring his knife to a gun fight

Keith, pulling out a pistol from his side satchels: Jokes on you i’d also bring a gun with my knife. Welcome to Texas

Quick headcanon that Varric has a battered leather satchel that goes with him most everywhere.  It contains, among other more transitory things,

  • a dog-eared notebook
  • loose paper
  • a seal and wax that he avoids using if at all possible
  • a fountain pen and refill kit
  • a backup pencil when the pen is being ornery
  • a broken fountain pen he can’t get rid of because of sentiment
  • several unread notes from the Merchant’s Guild crumpled up in the bottom unopened
  • a little packet of horehound candies for scratchy throats
  • in a hidden inner pocket, several letters, the creases worn thin by re-reading.
Regis’ Satchel

This bothers me, since I’ve first seen Regis in Blood&Wine. We know, that he’s a medic and those need to carry their equipment everywhere - but he never really uses it in the game! except for that vial he gives to the bootblack.

Well,I was bored (and silly) today and so I drew, what I think is in this, seriously awesome, satchel.

Please let me know, what you guys think is in there!

Feather-set’s Protection Satchel to Ward Off Ex-Lovers

This satchel idea was brought to me from a friend’s friend who went through a painful, abusive relationship. They left their harmful partner and wanted to find a way to protect themselves so that they can keep the ex-partner away. 

What it does: this satchel will help protect you from an ex-lover or abusive partner that you’ve decided to break contact with. This helps protect you from toxic people who might otherwise take advantage of or hurt you. 

Before making this satchel: make sure that you’re not going to allow your harmful ex back into your life. Don’t call them, text them, stop them on the street to say hello, etc. Do not allow them to puncture your space by any means. And if they do manage to come up to you, leave as soon as you can. 

What you’ll need:

  • A black satchel 
  • Rose stems with thorns 
  • Sea salt
  • Hematite, onyx, iron, or some black stones
  • Sage, rosemary, bay leaves (or two of these, or all three for maximum protection)
  • An item to represent you (charm, hair, clipped nails, personal trinket, etc)

Casting: You are free to cast the spell however you wish, though I would recommend burning a black candle while you put the items into the satchel, saying the intent of the pouch as you fill it. Chant something like 

This bag is my shield and these items keep it strong
All these things protect me from (name)’s wrongs

Everyone’s casting styles are different, so you are free to do your own version of whatever spell you want to accompany this. 

Meditate on the purpose of the satchel. Feel the powers of the herbs and stones protecting and holding the items that represents you; in turn, imagine your psychic shield wrapping around you, protecting you from the harmful person’s presence. 

Wear the satchel on you when you’re out or feel uncomfortable, until you feel safe and secure knowing they will no longer bother you ever again. 

Why I chose these items: I’m very fond of plant/herb magick and crystals, so there’s one. Salt is a very protective mineral that is very commonly used to ward off negative presences. Rosemary, sage, and bay leaves are also protective. Rose thorns are the shield that roses, the symbol of love and frailty. Hematite, onyx, and other dark crystals are protective, especially hematite. Black is a strong colour, and is very defiant and protective. 


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Bree & her twin brother Alex

This is an idea I had recently. What if Bree wasn’t the only child born? What if she was a twin? This AU tells the story of what would have happened if Bree and her twin brother Alex found out about their biological father from a resentful Frank, and they travel back in time to meet Jamie. Let me know what you think and if you would like me to write more!

“Pick your feet up Alex, before Mama finds our letter and comes after us,” Bree demanded of her twin brother. It was only last week they found out about their true parentage, but they had unanimously decided they needed to know who their real father was after what they overheard Frank saying the night before.

“Says the girl..who’s only carrying..a bottle of water,” Alex huffed as he lugged their satchels over his broad shoulders.

“If what Mama said is true, tonight is the perfect night for the travel. Do you think it’ll be hard to find him?”

“I’m not sure..depends on how accurate Dad’s information is,” Alex managed as his breathing became more even as the landscape leveled out.

“Do not call him that. He’s not our dad anymore.”

“Umm, Bree – ”

“No Alex. He lied to us. For our entire lives! He knew our real dad was alive and he hid it from us!”

“Bree - ”

“And what he did to Mama?! He forced her to keep our dad a secret! And he never even told her he was alive!! What kind of human being does that?!”

“BREE - ”

“If I hadn’t found that letter he wrote to Reverend Wakefield, we would have never found out the truth! He’s a piece of shit Alex and I never want to see him ever again! And you’re a piece of shit too if you don’t think the same!”

Alex stopped in his tracks. Refusing to make eye contact with her brother, Bree stopped as well, crossing her arms. The silence between them lasted a few very long and palpable seconds.

“I wasn’t going to defend him Bree. What he did was seriously messed up. I was going to say, we’re here.”

Bree looked up and saw the stones less than a 100 yards away.


“Would you like to apologize to me now or after we get up to the stones?”

Bree, being as stubborn as her mother, knew she had crossed the line. Turning to face her brother, “I’m sorry Alex. I’m just…I just can’t believe all this is happening. How could we ever explain this to anyone? Hello, my name is Bree. My mother touched a stone and traveled 200 years into the past where she fell in love and married my father, but then he forced her to travel back to the present so she could safely have me because he thought he was about to die, but then he didn’t die so my brother and I are going to travel back in time to meet him. We’d be locked up for sure if we told anybody! IT’S COMPLETE AND UTTER MADNESS!

Alex walked over to his sister, who was obviously close to having a mental breakdown, and wrapped his arms around her. She was nearly as tall as him, only and inch or so different, but she still curled into his protective embrace.

“I know. But, Mama will understand. Maybe not right away, but she will. And we’re getting the opportunity to do something magical. Something that is written about in fairy tales. We’re going to travel in time to see our father. It’s all going to be okay.”

Bree stifled the tears that were near the edge of her eyelids, gave her brother one last squeeze, and then took a step back.

“You’re right,” she stated as she stood up taller, pretending the moment of vulnerability never happened. Turning back towards the stones and breaking into stride, she declared with a new level of determination, “let’s go meet our father.”

an-inky-host  asked:

A new guest has arrived. A being in a rabbit mask. They say nothing as they stare up at the angry guy, sliding a hand into their satchel. And what does he do? FLING MINI CHOCOLATE-FILLED CROISSANTS UP AT THE GUARDIAN'S FACE. Of course, the spontaneous action is followed by the being hightailing it out of there. Enjoy your soft delights.


Fights: Draco Malfoy

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Can you write an imagine where Draco and the reader are dating and they have a huge fight then Harry comforts the reader and tells about his crush on her but then Draco finds out and they fight? Tysm!! :) (requested)

“Sometimes I wonder why I even bother!” I shout, hot tears spilling down my cheeks and clumsy hands fumbling to grab my parchments and quills.

“Go on. Leave, it’s what you’re best at!” Draco shouted back, watching me as I packed up my things and stuffed them into my satchel.

“You know what Draco. You can go to the highest tower and take a jump,” wiping away my tears I turned on my heel and stormed my way from out of the Slytherin common room.

Tears were blurring my vision and my mind was so clouded with rage that I didn’t even take note of where I was going so when I bumped into someone I immediately lost balance and began tipping backwards. I readied myself for my body hitting the ground but instead I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist and pull me up against their chest.

“(Y/N), you okay?” I knew that voice, it was soft and going through the awkward stages of puberty. I gave Harry a small smile and wiped my tears, they just seemed to be coming, before pulling away from Harry and straightening out my uniform then looking up into his baby blue eyes.

“Thank you Harry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” I mumble softly, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear and walking with him the rest of the way.

“Is it Malfoy?” It wasn’t a secret that me and Draco had been having relationship problems. Ever since we returned from our fifth year Summer and started our sixth he has been distant and would blow off our dates. When I finally did get to corner him it would always end in a nasty argument between the two of us. He’d usually send me chocolate scented roses and flying love notes to make up for how he acted.

“I try and be a good girlfriend but it feels like he doesn’t love me anymore. Is there something wrong with me Harry?” I question and I could feel tears pricking my eyes once again and my heart pounding furiously in my chest.

“Of course not. I would be happy to have a girlfriend like you. You’re smart, funny, nice and beautiful. It’s no wonder that so many boys at Hogwarts have a crush on you, especially me. Malfoy is just a stupid git who doesn’t understand how lucky he is,” I stood there awestruck. Harry, the boy who lived, had a crush on a Hufflepuff which was me. I thought going out with Draco would be the weirdest moment at Hogwarts for me but this was coming a close second.

“Harry. I’m flattered but I can’t, I still have feelings for Draco and I don’t want to ruin what we already have between us. Let’s just stay friends,” I say, giving him a quick hug I pulled away and then headed off to the Hufflepuff common room, less upset and sadder about the whole situation.


I could feel his eyes on me as I ate breakfast at my house table but I refused to look at him. The girls’ dorm was currently filled with all of the gifts that he had sent over the last two weeks but I haven’t sent him a letter back yet. It was easy to ignore him, we only had one class together and even then he wouldn’t dare speak to me in fear of Snape calling him out or getting a month’s detention.

“I’ll see you guys later,” I said to my group of friends and swung my satchel over my shoulder before grabbing my big textbooks and heading to class early. As I passed between the Gryffindor and Slytherin table I could feel a cold set of steel gray eyes on me and another pair a warm green. I was royally fucked.


“I heard that Potter confessed his feelings for you,” Draco said, I was heading to the room of requirements for some quite study time when he cornered me and yanked me into a spare classroom. I had made sure to put a generous amount of space between us but I wouldn’t be surprised if he could still hear my fast beating heart. I had missed him so much, his peppermint and expensive cologne was still embedded into my blankets even after washing them, he was everywhere and someone always found a way to bring him up. Now here we were, standing across from each other and I had a feeling that this was about to turn into another big fight.

“Yeah. It was really cute and sweet b- “Before I could say anything he had pinned me to a wall, hands pressed against the cool concrete and my body pressed firmly against his.

“Draco what are you doing?” I squeaked out, he had never been aggressive with me. Our relationship was all about soft kisses and delicate feather touching. Now he was so close to me that I could smell his fresh breath and see all the colors of grays that made up the beautiful eyes I fell in love with.

“I just want you to know that I’m sorry. I don’t want you to dump me for Potter,” He mumbled, burying his face in my neck he began to suck on my skin harshly and gripped my hips tightly.

“I-mhm, Draco!”

“…oh my gods…”

Ethan took a step forward and faltered, staring at the smouldering remains of what had, until recently, been the Carter house. He couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing. They’d only been gone a month! There’d been no fires left burning, no coals in any of the fireplaces or in the kitchen!


He turned in a rough circle, staggering a bit, and found himself staring at a wreck that was nearly identical to the one behind him. The barn

“…what the f-”

Ethan’s satchel struck the ground and he nearly stumbled when he took a step towards what was left of the barn. He faltered. Turned again. Looked at what remained of the house and felt bile rising in his throat. 


It was more than simply seeing a once-beautiful home in ruins. More, even, than seeing the house that had been willed to him now a smouldering wreck. It was the desecration of something that had been so very loved, so very prized, and by whom? For what inconceivable reason?

He couldn’t believe that it was accidental. There was no way that both the house and the barn, separated by yards of well-kept earthen drive, could have ignited to the point of complete destruction by accident. 

Something twisted in his chest as Nathan saw the blackened remains of the saplings that he’d helped Slate plant after the birth of his sons. Unaware that he was snarling, Ethan walked across the scorched ground, stumbled over lumps of withered grass, and broke off one of the hanging branches, thin and grey. 

There was nothing he could think to say. He wasn’t a farmer, although Slate had been teaching him. He wasn’t a carpenter. He hadn’t the slightest idea how to even start rebuilding. 

…and he didn’t have the first idea as to where to start looking for Slate Carter to even ask. 


I did a thing!! No idea if this will go anywhere, but here we go 😂 Izaya amd Shizuo might be a bit OOC though :/ This is a Izaya/OC/Shizuo mini fic, btw. Whats-her-face Suzume belongs to me 💩💩 ————–

Suzume wordlessly reached into her bag and dropped a bag of cookies into Shizuo’s lap. She slid down the wall next to him, breathing out a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Shizuo eyed the several other bags stored in her satchel, and immediately zoned in on the dark circles under her eyes. The exhausted slump of her shoulders and the tired downturn of her lips made him frown.

Suzume curled her arms around her legs and rested her head on her knees. She stared intently at a piece of gum rotting away on the ground.

“…nothing.” She said.

“Bullshit.” He replied.

Knowing each other for as long as they had, the two knew each other’s mannerisms and habits intimately. During a time without pestering fleas and incessant fights, whenever Shizuo got mad about something, he would rampage like a girl with killer PMS. There were few things that could calm him down, and one of those were sweets. Whenever this happened, Suzume would whip out the baking supplies in record time and present him with baked goods before he punched a hole in the wall.

While this still happened, Shizuo was beginning to notice the correlation between the mass production of cookies and the number of heavy sighs that came out of Suzume’s mouth.

What had started as an attempt to pacify him in hopes of preventing another crack in their dining table, had somehow developed into a way of relieving stress for her.

At that point in time, Shizuo was not about to flip his shit and punch his way to the other side of the globe.

Therefore, he concluded, Suzume must be stressed.

Shizuo liked to think that he could recognise the signs by now, whether that be the furrow in her brow or a dozen cookies in a zip lock bag.

He felt a trickle of guilt for being the reason she formed this habit in the first place, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t still enjoy the sweets.

Suzume glanced at his probing stare, but quickly looked away and fidgeted with her fingers.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Her voice trailed off weakly.

“Am I gonna have to force it outta you again?”

With any other person, he would’ve waited for them to tell him in their own time what was on their mind, or he might’ve not even cared at all. But he’d learned that with Suzume, you either had to get her drunk enough to tell you, or you had to force it out of her. Otherwise, she’d bottle it up and let that seed fester and grow until she burst.

Suzume’s head whipped up, her eyes wide.

"Don’t you dare.”

Shizuo wriggled his fingers, a terrifying glint in his eye. It looked entirely unnatural on his normally stoic face.

In that moment, Suzume wished she had never left the comfort of her bed that morning.


Izaya could only raise a brow when he heard a sudden explosion of teary laughter and shrieks.


He fingered his switch blade idly as Shizuo tickled the poor girl to the brink of insanity.

He had no interest in watching the protozoan interact with her, and yet he stayed.

As Suzume’s tortured laughter permeated the air, a foreign emotion tickled the back of his throat.

But then he coughed and it was gone.

“You know I won’t stop until you tell me.” Shizuo chuckled a low guttural sound and it grated on Izaya’s ears.

Suzume writhed in Shizuo’s lap, desperately trying to escape his relentless fingers. She was walking the thin line between crying and laughing, barely able to squeeze a word in.

With all that wriggling around, her flailing limbs slapped Shizuo in the face, chest, shoulder, and what came next was inevitable.

Her knee came into direct contact into his groin.

The effect was immediate and it left Shizuo clutching his crown jewels, wheezing.

“Oh god, Shizuo!” Suzume struggled to sit up from tumbling off his lap, halfway between mortified and bursting into laughter all over again.

Izaya had no problem with that, launching himself into delighted cackles.

“My my, even a protozoan like you has his weak spots, huh, Shizu-chan?” Hysterical chortles shook his voice as he made himself known.

There was a loud crack when Shizuo’s head snapped in his direction, the expression of agony wiped clean off his face when his narrowed eyes settled on Izaya. Shizuo’s face contorted into a look of white hot rage that was solely reserved for scum like Izaya.


“That was hilarious! Did you see his face, Suzume-chan?” Izaya wiped the corners of his eyes and smiled a broad grin.

“Izaya-san.” Suzume glanced over to Shizuo, but he was already in the process of uprooting a nearby bench.

“Why can’t you just stay the hell away from me, you fuckin’ flea?!” He bellowed, and his muscles tensed, getting ready to fling it off the face of the Earth, Izaya with it.

“W-wait, Shizuo-”

“Ahhh, see you later, Suzume-chaaan!”

With a set of thundering footfalls and a frightening roar, Suzume was left behind.


Eventually, she got up and went back to class, something that both Shizuo and Izaya rarely attended nowadays.

A zip lock bag full of cookies was left abandoned on the side.

Later that day, when Shizuo got home, he realised that he never did get an answer from Suzume.

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What’s In My Satchel? 

I’ve had a few people ask me to create a post on all the essentials I have with me in my bag for study sessions or lectures, so here goes:

Being at Girton College, the furthest from the city centre, I have to make sure I don’t forget anything when I want to spend the day studying in town, so organisation is key, and I definitely have a few go-to items that I know I will always want to have with me. First things first: notebooks and pens. 

Anyone who knows me will know that I love the Moleskine notebooks with squared pages; handwriting looks neater in them, they’re great for to-do lists, you can draw timetables…the list is endless - I just love them. As they offer, presentation-wise, that bit more organisation, I only really use moleskins for my rough notes or initial thoughts. Its easier for me to read my rough notes when I use a Moleskine for some reason. I usually then copy up my notes onto lined paper to be filed away neatly in folders, and I like to use Oxford paper, as it feels beautiful, rips easily from the pad, and the ink never bleeds through to the other side - if you try this paper you will be converted instantly. And when it comes to pens I always like to have a few highlighters, fine liners and thick-brushed pens in different colours to brighten things up! 

Next on the list is my iPad and my black Moleskine everyday planner/bullet journal/sorting-out-my-life notebook. I don’t have much to say other than my iPad is really useful for when I’m taking notes from library books and need to reference for a bibliography. I’m also currently looking into apps which will mean that I can begin using my iPad more productively, so I will update on that (any suggestions please tell me!). 

The next items are a little more personal, but when preparing for a long library day its easy to forget the items that make you feel more human. As much as I love old, dusty books from the library, they can make my hands feel really dirty and dry, so to prevent myself constantly running off to the bathroom to wash my hands I always carry some hand gel. I usually have my favourite perfume with me, because I like to have some kind of fragrance at hand, and I always have my favourite lip balm too, because having dry lips is the worst. I do wear makeup pretty much every day, but personally carrying around lots of makeup takes up too much space in a bag; I tried it at school and ended up never even using it, so now I just leave the makeup at home and have faith in the idea that my face doesn’t look that bad… although if I’m feeling red lipstick, I’ll bring some for top-ups. 

I don’t have pictures here of other items I bring with me, such as any textbooks/set texts that I need for the day, and most importantly a bottle of water, but these are also on my list! I hope this shows that heavy bags filled with every single item of stationary you own are not essential to effectively studying, and instead will probably do a bit of physical damage. I’d say that a notebook and pen is all you really need, but I bring a few added extras for my own benefit. So there we have it - you now know the secrets of my satchel…

-Sarah xoxo


☠ —Satchel to Rid of an Addiction/Problem— ☠

(Works best to reduce libido, overcome depression, and/or eliminate powerful negative energies)

What’s used in satchel:

  • Rock, mostly white with a bit of black (used as a symbol of good over bad, can be substituted with just about any white rock or a mixed rock on a gray-scale)
  • Large quantity of small shells (to protect even from the smallest of the issue: may be substituted by small black and white anythings, any small form of )
  • One Large Shell (to protect against the main issue: may be substituted by anything that resembles protection that is larger than the former, second, item on this list.)
  • An eye pendant (to show your “eye” on the situation, to keep control of what’s at hand, and psyche: may be substituted by any form of an eye (not a real eye…), any form of a brain (not a real brain…), or anything that represents your own control over the situation.)
  • A witch charm (completely optional: anything that reminds you of magick)
  • A penny (or any other coin? I think a penny would work best, especially when it comes to a symbol of good luck.)
  • A token of some sort charmed with Strength (I used a birthday token :P)
  • A Rune of Thurisaz (Strength and Resistance: if you don’t want to use one of your runes in this, you can use a small piece of paper with the rune drawn on it)
  • Amethyst (to connect and expand your psychic abilities)
  • Labradorite (to create transformation)
  • Any charm to Represent Wise-Guiden Strength (maybe try a rune of Kenaz? I’ll probably be adding that to my satchel, but for this particular list item, I’m referring to my apple charm.
  • A Stone you feel Strong Energies/Connection from/to (Optional: to add a bit of personal connections to this, use anything you can fit that you connect positively to.)

Use under your pillow when you’re sleeping for the comfortable amount of time.