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If you ever feel the need to send me long winded unsolicited anons telling me all the explicit details of your tragic past that have led you to dislike characters and media i openly express a positive interest in and imply that your personal experiences should for some reason dictate how i choose to enjoy entertainment, consider:


Times like these we need Star Trek more than ever. It’s not just a show. It’s a collection of ideals, and the most central of these ideals is simply “we are better than this. Humanity is better than this. And someday we’ll act like it.”

I’m so desperate for that hope right now.

I was super inspired by two certain friends to have my go at this with LuNyx! (My two homies over at @wolfric and @lvnafreya!!!)
God—-I love ships I can feel feels lol They’re great!~  

Draw Your OTP like this Challenge!

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

Poly relationship with Namjoon, Jin and J-hope.


“Why you always try and give minho talents he aint got?”

Someone reblogged this post of mine and put this in the tags.


I’ll show you what his talents are, hun.


Just because someone isn’t given the most singing parts doesn’t mean he can’t sing. Want some proof? Watch this so that you can be educated.

  • Minho singing Kyuhyun’s song. Btw, he is also a host here just so you know.
  • SHINee - Something That I Love Cover (with Minho’s high note)
  • Selene 6.23 MINHO focus
  • (Sleepless Night/無法離開) MINHO ver.


SHINee’s main rapper is Choi Minho. He is also the person in your tags. Here are some instances where he slayed.

  • dynamite 민호 minho ver. (he’s also doing some body rolls for the dance talent fyi)
  • Minho raps Beautiful
  • Breaking News in Tokyo Dome (Skip to 2:36)
  • [MR Removed] 150618 SHINee - Odd Eye


He’s very good in memorizing dance steps and is an expert in body rolls.

  • SHINee Comeback Showcase _ 상사병
  • Married To The Music (He just recovered from a foot injury but you can’t even notice it in his performane)
  • Picasso
  • SHINee World in Mexico



Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choi_Min-ho_(singer)#Lyric_writing




(Music Core presenters with dates)


Choi Minho is a very talented individual. He still has talents that he’s not showing us and he always want to improve himself to be better. He didn’t work his butt off since 2006 just for people to accuse him of having no talent. I don’t know how you ended up with that conclusion but I have something to tell you. Before you bad mouth someone, make sure of your facts because those insults might just backfire on you.

If Choi Minho is “talentless”, you don’t really know what talent means.

@tuuzmorado Wanna add something?

hey folks just a PSA that when someone makes a personal post, it’s not there for you to reblog. the person that made the post just needs to vent or maybe have someone reach out to them, but it’s not there for you to showcase on your own blog, especially if it has nothing to do with you. it’s a personal post for a reason. 

just give it a simple like, maybe send them a nice message, and be on your way. thank you.

the world may be pretty fucked up but at least dan met phil

attention tumblr users: are you suffering from
mental illness? has My Chemical Romance drastically improved your mental health just for you to tear it back down? are you sick from a sinus infection? do you feel hopeless and want to have hope again? has the song “Hold On Til May” by Pierce The Veil ever made you weep mascara and eyeliner filled tears? are you a writer? do you sing? does music get you through each and every day? if so, this song is for you!

…anyways, i don’t think anyone remembers who i am anymore, but i used to be shapinguptobeprettycondomz, aka, kate. i did all those covers and wrote those songs and i was in that band new violet that Pete Wentz almost (lmfao this was never going to actually happen we were all idiots) signed. OKAY WELL ANYWAYS BACK TO THE POINT OF THIS. i am writing a song each month for the year of 2017 to create an album of 12 songs. i wrote and recorded January’s already, and i will release it eventually.

i had a bad night. let’s be honest, it’s been a bad 10 years. i have bpd, and as many of u know, it fucking sucks. so, i started writing february’s song. i don’t have hope during winter months, but i long for the spring. i just wanted to share this bit with you.