what is a nightshade

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One last question and I leave you alone, I swear 🙇!! What kind of relationship have NightShade and StarLight? Do they fight frequently or they like each other?

When Nightshade is in his normal form he always…

tries his best to avoid him ( but he secretly likes him as a brother )


Every time Nightshade is in his Shadow Form he always got the urge to Fight StarLight & kill him… so Star don’t have a choice he had to fight~~ ^^

sorry i answered this so late

  • *Jason and Piper stargazing*
  • Jason: the stars look beautiful tonight...
  • Jason: But do you know what's even more beautiful?
  • Piper: *blushes* ...What?
  • Jason: Solangelo.
  • Piper, calling Zoe Nightshade: You know that offer you were telling me about, yeah, I think I'm gonna take that...

What should our Grass-type Starter line be!? (POLL)

Yup! Time for our second poll! We’ve got lots of suggestions on what the Grass-type starter should be, and they’re all just as great! But now, it’s up to YOU GUYS to decide- who will be the Oltura Region’s signature Grass Pokemon?

  1. Oooh! What about a grass/dark Cheshire cat-style Tasmanian tiger based off of nightshade? It’s got the huge fangs, but also a big… “friendly” grin, and disappears into its stripes.
  2. An ancient redwood Andrewsarchus that acts like in a beast from a mystical forest
  3. Personally, I’ve always wanted to see a Grass starter based on a prehistoric mammal, like a sabertooth tiger or woolly mammoth. Possibly a Cheshire Cat Sabretooth Tiger?

So, what do you folks choose? Tell us what your heart desires, and we’ll make it happen! (Also, a lot of cheshire cat suggestions…I’m detecting a theme here-)

What’s your choice?         

“Lady Artemis made it for one of lieutenants that died”
“What was her name?”
“Zoë Nightshade. We went on a mission together a long time ago. She was a good huntress. A good person.

i-am-the-myrmidon said: If your still looking for something to draw, how about Thalia and Reyna cuddling after a long day of hunting and leading respectively? They could be stargazing and Thalia could be telling Reyna about Zoe’s Constellation.

@advancedspyandassassin “Huh…so I managed to take control of the b**ch again….” This dormant side was called nightshade,napsta actually had two souls in his body,but kept it secret,one was evil,one was good,the good side is what we knew and loved napsta for “I’m just gonna tell you my name and get over with it,Names nightshade,I share this body with whom you call ‘Napstaton’…” Napstatons voice broke through,weak but still audible “N-no…don’t hurt her…please…” **Nightshade took control again and said* “Shut up napstaton I do what I want” Nightshade looked at Luna,enjoying her crying “Yes,Cry some more! Look at what has become of your ‘freind’! He’s two sided…Well…I’ve been in an asleep like state until now,I’ve awoken…and it feels…great…it’s been a while since I last took over” Nightshade then took his hand and swung at luna,and napstas voice rung out and yelled “Run luna! Dont let him get you!”

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"Uh... what're you doin' here Snow?" Nayeli was taking the clips out of her hair. It would show she had shoulder length hair that she liked to keep out of the way. "I'm not exactly sure what brought ya all the way up here though..." -deadly-purple-nightshade

“I came to see you Nay ” she smiled running her hand through her own hair “I know who you are and what you can do”

What a good way to start off 2015 right, with a little bit of death? Well that’s how I’m feeling it. ((Jason’s helmet cracked, and due to being in space: the depressurization in space caused his jugulars to rupture, and blood filled his helmet. Oh well, at least he respawns. Right?))


After the odd few offered what they had seen the pairing called, I looked up the one that had caught my eye. Sunberries are also called Wonderberries and part of the nightshade family. From what images I could find, they have lovely star shaped flowers with some having leaves with a blueish tinge around the edges and dark purple berries. 

I’ll be tagging the pairing under Sunberry on my blog from now on for easy sorting, thanks @the-pupcake and all who kindly replied. ^^