what is a man but the sum of his memories

assassin’s creed sentence starters part 1.

  • Ladies and gentlemen! 
  • And as of this moment, you all work, for us!
  • Who’s a good horse? You are.
  • Ah, the gentle sound of opportunity passing us by.
  • Yes, let’s. Onward to London!
  • You have honoured us with your loyalty and courage.
  • I understand and respect your position, bound as you are by your Creed. You will indulge me one final time and receive these gifts.
  • I thought that meant we were free to do as we would.
  • Maybe you will be the one to make all this suffering worth something in the end.
  • What is a man but the sum of his memories, we are the stories we live, the tales we tell ourselves.
  • Even those men you sought to save have turned their backs on you. Yet you fight, you resist, why?
  • In your haste to save the world, boy, take care you don’t destroy it.
  • I pray we one day rise above it.
  • While you pray, I’ll act.
  • Life’s hardest choices are the ones that force you to question your own moral code.

Chikako, Junko, Hisa (the Fujita sisters)
ft. Bartholomew the sphynx and a silhouette of Hiro. 

A collection of Black Fox AU drawings I’ve been working on. I got a bigger project I’m working on for this AU. The whole story I guess.

To sum it up so you can understand these images better:
Tadashi was saved from the fire by the Fujitas and brought him back to their hideout. Tadashi has no memory of who he was or his name, other than ‘Dashi’, so that’s what the girls call him.
As a way to repay them, and to keep an eye on his new sisters, Dashi wears a mask and follows them when they go out causing trouble/robbing and helps them get out of tight situations.
Of course, Big Hero 6 hears news of a new masked man in the city and find out he’s with the Fujitas. A bunch of fights and confusion happen and also there’s an adorable lazy hairless kitty named Bartholomew, “Barty” for short.

This AU was created by me and hxneylemon with her Tadashi and my version of the Fujitas.

“What is a man but the sum of his memories? We are the stories we live, the tales we tell ourselves!”

I once read a quote from someone saying that at the time of his death, Clay Kaczmarek was the most knowledgeable person on earth. And I couldn’t agree more. Clay is probably the most sacred character to me in Assassin’s Creed because I feel I relate to him more than anyone else. His story, to me, is the most captivating in the series and I feel that a lot of its awe and mystery goes unnoticed in the fandom. So here I will attempt to rectify that a bit.

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life is a glitch | listen  subject 16“what is a man but the sum of his memories? we are the stories we live! the tales we tell ourselves!" 

01 | life’s a glitch - celldweller 

02 | president - iamx

"they pull our strings, the animals; they blind, they breed the hate; under their wing we’re scientists, we swallow what they fake; for all you lonely boys I will be president, in all you sons of men I can be accident.

03 | the logical song - mindless self indulgence

“when I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical. then they showed me a world where I could be so dependable, oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical. I know it sounds absurd but please tell me who I am.”

04 | anonymous - yoav

“woke up in a strange room wearing a face you didn’t know. staring up at the ceiling dreaming of escape; a welcome welcome home. letters light up the neon.”

05 | who left me out - the bravery

“everyone knows what to do but nobody told me; looking at me like I knew, but nobody told me. everyone knows what to say but nobody told me. everyone around with a smile on their face looking at me like I knew something no one told me. but I wanna know who left me out, I wanna know who let me down.

06 | stalkers (slit my wrists) - mindless self indulgence

“you’ll never have me, it’s a sad day in your own mind, let me go. I’m not a real man, I’m a figment of your imagination, whoa just let me go. with every single kiss I’m going to slit my wrist. with every single cry I’m going to say goodbye.”

07 | the world you live in - son of rust

“once again in a world of my own with nothing left to do. everything looks different now. reality is seeping through, there are those who want to tear me down, to turn me into them. i’ve tried so hard but it’s been so long, it’s happening again.”

08 | my little universe - depeche mode

“my little universe is expanding… slowly. beautiful emptiness surrounds me, here I am king, I decide everything, I let no one in.”

09 | telling ghosts - puscifer

“echoes and specters and ghosts of none the wiser. apparitions each, bad decisions brush on by envious in the ever after. electric fuzzy haze of regrets and dreams denied. the more you take, the more you need. the more you suck, the more you bleed. the dead know better, so listen to the letter.”

10 | i am where it takes me - black light burns

“it’s all I see, It’s all I see. please take it away. it’s holding me, it’s holding me. please take it away. it’s more than me, it’s more than me. please take it away. it’s killing me, it’s killing me. please take it away.”

what went wrong with series seven? (part three)

(part one) and (part two)

It’s annoying – no, frustrating - to watch and rewatch the Time of the Doctor. On the first go it’s an upsetting but unsurprising let down, too fast and too crammed with ideas. The Time of the Doctor was stuffed with CGI and a rollcall of monsters, both from Moffat’s era and further back – I say Moffat’s era, because the Time of the Doctor didn’t end up as Eleven’s swansong. It’s a celebration of Steven Moffat and how he throws his scripts together. A triumph of CGI setpieces on a BBC budget and a varied set of monsters that would rival Supernatural season 1 – which Eleven-era finale am I describing?

But the issues with the Time of the Doctor aren’t limited just to the Time of the Doctor; it merely is the worst of a sorry bunch of episodes that make up series seven of New Who. It exemplifies the weaknesses with both Steven Moffat’s individual scripts and his work as a showrunner. It embodies what went wrong throughout series seven, shallow or non-extant characterization, lack of connecting themes and abandoning continuity in favour of the wow factor. However, it also suffers from the rest of series seven finding characterization, themes and continuity in short supply. It doesn’t work as a climax to a character’s tenure when that character has not developed in recent series. So what went wrong with the final episode of series seven of Doctor Who?


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