what is a man but the sum of his memories


Chikako, Junko, Hisa (the Fujita sisters)
ft. Bartholomew the sphynx and a silhouette of Hiro. 

A collection of Black Fox AU drawings I’ve been working on. I got a bigger project I’m working on for this AU. The whole story I guess.

To sum it up so you can understand these images better:
Tadashi was saved from the fire by the Fujitas and brought him back to their hideout. Tadashi has no memory of who he was or his name, other than ‘Dashi’, so that’s what the girls call him.
As a way to repay them, and to keep an eye on his new sisters, Dashi wears a mask and follows them when they go out causing trouble/robbing and helps them get out of tight situations.
Of course, Big Hero 6 hears news of a new masked man in the city and find out he’s with the Fujitas. A bunch of fights and confusion happen and also there’s an adorable lazy hairless kitty named Bartholomew, “Barty” for short.

This AU was created by me and hxneylemon with her Tadashi and my version of the Fujitas.