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Retreat (Voltron Fic)

“Keith, retreat!” Shiro yelled as he dodged the oncoming army, he was clearing a way to Pidge’s lion.

“They have Lance!” Keith grunted and surged forward, trying to get through the swarms of bots but to no avail, there was just too many of them. 

“W-who has Lance?” Hunk’s worried voice comes from over the comms, he was outside the ship with yellow, helping the castle take down ships.

“I’m not sure! I can see him now but he’s unconscious and they’re taking him somewhere,” Keith yelled as he slashed his way through the army. “I can’t get to him.”

He was getting desperate now, swinging wildly as he ran in Lance’s direction. 

“Keith!” Shiro yelled but Keith didn’t stop to listen, he was close to Lance. The only problem was that the Galra carrying Lance was a few feet taller than Keith and he was already standing through the doorway. 

“Lance!!” Keith bellowed and lunged forward, trying to get to him before the door shut. A button was pushed and the door shut with a hiss. Keith banged into the wall with a loud thud, he yelled desperately while banging on the door.

“Keith, we have to go” Shiro yelled as he got to Keith’s side and protected him from being hit by the army that was closing in quickly. “now!”

“No!” Keith yelled and sliced at an incoming Galra, “Lance is still here,”

“If we don’t go now Lance won’t be the only one captured,” Shiro said and started making his way through the attacking army, Keith stayed next to the door and attacked it with his activated bayard. The door didn’t budge. 

“Pidge do you know where Lance is?” Keith yelled over the Comms and cleared some of the many enemy while he waited desperately for a reply. There was a moment of silence before Pidge answered.

“No, my signal’s being scrambled, we need to go back to the ship,” Pidge cursed and thudding was heard on the line, “We need to go, now, they’ve found me.”

A scuffle and Pidge’s quiet whoop was heard faintly by Keith before her line disconnected. Keith wanted to cry, they were going to have to leave Lance here. He cursed loudly and swung at a few bots before running through the crowd -slicing as he went- and making it to the Lion where Shiro and Pidge were, all puffed out.

The Galran army were closing in quick, even with how much they took down there was still hundreds left. They piled into the lion and Pidge quickly took off, taking a few of the enemies out in the process. 

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EXO’s reaction to being dragged to the nail salon and get their nails done

rachelllo said: I tried to think of a funny request since you asked for some. Could you do an EXO reaction to you (the gf) dragging them to the nail salon with you to get your nails done and them getting their nails done too? Hope you don’t stay too bored today!

Wow, thank you so much for the sweet message :) It really made me very happy! I will try my best c:


Baekhyun: If you made HIM come and get his nails done, the rest of the EXO boys had to too for sure, cause if not, they would make fun of him. “Come on! It’s gonna be fun! Hurry!” he would tell them without knowing what they’re in for.

Chanyeol: *freezes completely* …..

Him: “get my nails done?” 

You: “Yes, you can look real pretty!”

Him: …… “Fine.” *smirk*

Chen: *deep breath* okay, okay you can do it chen. It’s just a nail salon.

“okay I’m ready.”

D.O: He agreed to go with you and also get his nails done.

Him: “What is that?” *gives death stare to the dotting tool*

You: “It’s just a dotting thingy Oppa, you don’t have to worry!”

….. *starts laughing because he’s uncomfortable*

Kai: *haven’t said a thing since you entered the salon*

You: “Kai are you okay?”

Him: *no answer, just keeps eating the free candy from the bowl*

Kris: Has also agreed to go with you, but hides when it’s his turn.

“Hushhh, I’m not here.” he says to a random lady walking past him and his hiding spot.

Lay: “Oh look at my pretty nails!” *is actually excited*

Luhan: *When you beg for him to come with you*

*eyes widen*

“ooohh, haha you- okay- uuhhhhhhh” ……..

Sehun: “It better be a good salon then, I’m not gonna pay for a saggy grandma to paint my nails, clear?” *SassyBrat mode ON*

Suho: When being asked: *GIF*

In the car: *GIF*

Getting his nails painted: *GIF*

On the way home: *GIF*


The salon lady: “Done!”

*bitch I’m fabulous*

Xiumin: *after the nails are done*

Him: “Is it just me or did it get really hot in here suddenly?” *awkward chuckle*

-secretly loves it-

If anyone wants to know a quick and cheap way to make the Immortan’s brand from Mad Max Fury Road - this is how I’m doing mine!

What you need:

Liquid latex
A dotting tool
A picture of the brand, mine is 7cm tall by 6cm wide
A piece of plastic/acetate (something laminated will work great!)
A sponge you don’t care about
A brush and powder
A hairdryer

How to do:
Lay your piece of plastic/acetate over the image and swipe a thin layer of latex over the image using the sponge - make sure it’s a bit wider than the image itself so you can stick it down later
You want to them hairdryer this latex dry and repeat for three or 4 layers to make sure it’s thick enough but not too thick
Then you take your dotting tool, dip it in the latex and draw over the brand itself (I printed mine black so you can see it better)
Then dry and repeat the same process as above for about 5-6 layers so it’s nice and defined but not too much
Then powder all over, and gently peel up the edges and powder as you go - take your time with this and holy v8 you have your brand
Stick it down with liquid latex/prosaid and gently blend out the edges and colour!

You might have to get a friend to help you apply it for obvious reasons aha

I hope this helps someone! ❤️