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On the other hand, if we are intentional about what we think, what we fill our minds with, where we let our thoughts go, and we intentionally fill them with things of God, we will naturally live a life that goes far beyond what we experience here on earth and will impact not only our eternity, but others as well.
—  A Transformed Mind

One of the things I love about Judaism is its close ties with known secular history and actual geography, as well as its history of interaction with other cultures even within the narrative of the scriptures.

It’s also one of the most frustrating things for me as a fantasy roleplayer, world builder, and rpg player. I want to include Judaism in the world I build for my next dnd campaign, preferably intact and post-Temple. But the events that lead to the destruction of both the first and second temples, as well as the establishment of Rabbinic Judaism, are inextricably tied with the interactions the Jewish community had with their neighboring nations.

The only alternative I can see to get what I want to make is to make an Alternate Earth with low magic and make it so Christianity never happened.

I know I’ve got some Jewish tabletop gaming mutuals, and probably some followers. Any advice?

Island Mix
Stayed up all night making this awesome mixtape

I made a mixtape for the upcoming Adventure Time Islands miniseries! Feel the HYPE


1. The Ghost Piper/The Mermaid’s Tears/Farewell - David Garrett
2. Where Is My Mind? - Yoav & Emily Browning
3. Ocean Size Love - Leigh Nash
4. Swimming Home - Evanescence
5. Harbor - Vienna Teng
6. Come Sail Away - Styx
7. Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) - Enya
8. Grown Ocean - Fleet Foxes
9. How I Became the Sea - Owl City
10. Song of the Sea - Lisa Hannigan
11. The Greatest Show on Earth - Nightwish
12. Paradise (What About Us?) - Within Temptation ft. Tarja
13. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
14. Two Worlds - Phil Collins
15. Strangers Like Me - Phil Collins
16. The Islander - Nightwish
17. Edge of the World - Within Temptation
18. Into the West - Annie Lennox
19. Island Song - Ashley Eriksson

I’m still planning on avoiding fandom bullshit, but I just want to take a moment to make some corrections to this totally inaccurate nonsense I found on tv tropes:

“After Cisco goes back to 1951 and saves the captured Dominator from torture and death, he’s informed by the same Dominator in 2016 that its escape resulted in the confirmation of the existence of metahumans on Earth. Cisco recognizes he altered the timeline for what he thought was a good reason and thus he bears some responsibility for why the Dominators came back to Earth in 2016 to wipe out Barry and all metahumans.”

I swear to god I must have been watching an alternate universe version of the episode or something because the alien’s escape resulting in the confirming of metahumans on Earth is not a thing that happened.

What actually happened:

Amaya, Mick and Nate get captured by the government along with the alien and this conversation between them and the alien ensues:

“NATE: Look, we just want to know why you attacked our planet.
I mean, we’re just down here minding our own business, then you guys just drop from the sky and attack us. Why? 

ALIEN: There has been a recent emergence of meta-humans on your planet.
AMAYA: Wait. He’s talking about the JSA.
ALIEN: We are here to determine if your kind are a threat.”

Before Cisco, Mick, Nate, Amaya, and Felicity showed up, the Dominators already knew there were metahumans on Earth. So, no. I’m calling bullshit. Cisco’s actions (and the actions of Nate, Mick, Amaya, and Felicity because they were a team and could have refused his idea so I don’t know why all the blame is on him even if there’s not really anything to blame) are not to blame for the Dominators knowing about metahumans.

Then there’s this lovely nugget of nonsense:

“Cisco decides to rescue a Dominator that got captured by the Men in Black. Unfortunately, this is what leads to the invasion happening in the present. ”

No. Just no. Cisco saving the alien did not lead to the invasion. It is said multiple fucking times in the episode that the reason for the invasion is that Barry broke the truce the government held with the Dominators about metahumans (which they already knew about before Cisco and the others) when he created Flashpoint. That is what the Dominators saw as a threat.

 "AGENT SMITH: You threatened the entire universe when you used your powers to upset the normal course of time.
BARRY: You’re talking about Flashpoint? How do you even know about

AGENT SMITH: They told us. 

BARRY: I made a mistake. Okay? I’m not gonna let it happen again.
 AGENT SMITH: For the past 60 years, we have enjoyed a truce with your so-called Dominators. You broke the truce.“

I swear to…do facts mean anything to anyone anymore?? What the actual hell.


Wk 18 - Wed - Yr 4

Haha! This tourist just started rabbiting away about something to Sammie and he just stood there nodding politely, then turned to me as if to say ‘What is she going on about?’ LOL!!!

Earlier on though, when Tanner was buying a drink, this message popped up…

:O  I wonder what on earth Tanner was trying to buy! The mind boggles lol!

a short extension to HanniHolidays #4 Snowball

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Murder Husbands vs. Team Sassy Science are go! (kind of) ❄ ⛄ ❄

[part one]

Jack checked his watch for what felt like the millionth time. Not only Graham was late, but also Beverly, Price, and Zeller were nowhere to be found. Truth be told, he’d give anything to speak to Dr Lecter at least – but of course, that man wasn’t anywhere near his office either.

There was a case he required Will Graham’s expertise for, and he wasn’t even answering his damn phone! What on earth was going on that day that everyone was missing, not only the serial killer they were looking for?

Jack decided to act. If they won’t go to him, he’ll go find them himself. He quickly put on his coat and strolled out of his office.

“Mrs Higgins, have you seen Professor Graham anywhere? Or special agent Katz?” he asked one of his colleagues as he met her in the doorway. He didn’t want to go to the cold outside unless really necessary. It was below zero.

“No, sorry, I didn’t, Jack.” The woman continued on her way, but then she paused and turned her head to Jack in realisation, “Actually, have you seen Malicki and Jenkins? I can’t find them anywhere either.”

“Those are the recruits, right? No, I’m afraid. …Do you think Graham and company have something to do with it?” He had a hunch something he wasn’t going to like was behind the odd absence of his team.

Mrs Higgins shrugged and followed Jack outside. “Well, we better find out.”

It took walking fewer than twenty metres from the entrance to see the reason. A real war was going on.

Or rather, a snowball fight between a team of Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, and the two aforementioned recruits and a team of Beverly Katz, Brian Zeller, and Jimmy Price. It looked intense.

Price got a snowball directly in his face and yelled, “That’s not fair, Dr Lecter! I wasn’t looking!”

“Ha! You missed!” shouted Will as Brian’s ball flew past him and hit a tree.

Amanda Jenkins threw two snowballs, and they both hit Beverly, who was gathering snow to make an extra-large snowball to attack Hannibal with. “Now that wasn’t fair, girl!”

Jack couldn’t watch it any longer. Did a bunch of adult FBI personnel really have to behave as small children and start a snowball fight as soon as there was more than one centimetre of the white substance laying on the ground? And did more than twenty people stand round them and watched the fight with utter fascination and clapped their hands every time someone got it?

He approached the group (careful to avoid flying snow) apace, with a frown on his face. Mrs Higgins gladly stayed out of it.

Although, he couldn’t very well near them unnoticed. Brian caught sight of him and shouted (mostly at Bev), “Good you’re here, sir, we’re kinda outnumbered and really could use a reinforcement!”

He couldn’t be serious! Jack whistled loudly. “What the hell you lot think you’re doing? Stop acting childish and get back to work RIGHT NOW!”

Everyone suddenly ceased to move. They hung their hands, dropped the snowballs on the ground, and bowed their heads in silence.

They had to admit they let themselves be carried away and their little game went overboard.

Jack walked to them. The group faced the ground guiltily, not daring to look Jack Crawford in the eye. He gave all of them a withering look, an especially long one to Hannibal – who dusted off his coat absently.

“Well, I thought at least some of you were responsible and mature enough to stay out of this foolishness,” he pointed out, gazing at the latter. “Dr Lecter.”

He perhaps did not expect Hannibal’s involvement – but what he expected less was getting hit by a snowball as well.

“Beverly!” he shouted at the smirking person responsible for it. “Now quit the shit and go inside. You can have a rematch after your working hours are over.”

I’m Not Leaving You

Vinny woke up next to a window, or he though it was a window but it didn’t really make sense that it was a window. Why would there be a window looking into another room. Inside that other room was Habit looking in Vinnie’s direction and grinning widely. Vinny sat up and scrambled back but Habit interrupted him.

“The door’s locked and the glass is bullet proof, you’re not going anywhere.” Habit said and Vinny noticed Habit wasn’t directly looking at him, it was like Habit couldn’t actually see him. “It’s a one way mirror.” Habit confirmed going over to knock on it. When he got closer Vinny saw that there was blood on him. “So you can’t do anything but watch the show. Enjoy.”

Vinny didn’t say anything because what on earth could he say? What show was Habit talking about? It couldn’t be good. Habit retreated to the center of the room and then collapsed to the floor suddenly.

When he sat up again his movements were very different, slow and hesitant. It didn’t take Vinny long to realize it was Evan and he stared in disbelief as Evan sat up slowly with a low groan. He looked around the room and then slowly curled up in a ball and Vinny remembered Evan couldn’t see him.

Vinny scrambled to his feet and rushed over to the floor length mirror accidentally tripping over his own feet and falling into it. The sound made Evan flinch away with a strangled sound of terror. Vinny slid down against the mirror and pressed his hands against it staring at Evan as if he could melt his way through it and get to Evan. He hadn’t even looked up at the noise, just curled up tighter and covered his head as if he was sure whatever it was he would see was something he didn’t want to.

“Evan.” Vinny chocked out and Evan did lift his head a little glancing around the room. His gaze shied away from the mirror and of course he couldn’t see Vinny. He curled up again with a small sob starting to count to five repeatedly clutching his head. “Evan I’m here! I’m on the other side of the mirror, please…” Vinny said hitting the glass with his palms again..

“No, no please I don’t want to hear him.” Evan pleaded so softly Vinny barely heard to no one. Vinny could see Evan shaking from where he was and he could feel his heart breaking. “He’s not real just leave me alone.”

“No Evan I’m here.” Vinny said his tone pleading with Evan to believe it. “I can’t get to you, he’s locked me in here but I’m here I’m just on the other side of the mirror, I’m right here.” Evan shook his head and curled up even tighter, he looked so impossibly small. “I’m here, I’m here.” Vinny kept repeating it as he slowly broke down into tears, resting his forehead against the glass that separated him from Evan.

Slowly Evan started to uncurl from his little ball and he glanced towards the mirror again. Keeping his eyes on the floor so he wouldn’t have to see himself he crawled closer to the mirror, closer to Vinny. He got closer and glances up again and flinches back.

“There’s blood on me.” He said sounding horrified and Vinny pressed his hands hard on the glass with a little choked sob.

“It isn’t your fault Ev, it isn’t your fault.” He promised. Evan moved closer to the mirror again and closed his eyes and leaned against it. Vinny took a shaky breath and reached up reaching to touch Evan’s face only to feel the cold glass.

“I don’t care if you’re a hallucination I just want you to be here so badly Vin I guess I’ll believe it either way.” Evan said softly and Vinny sobbed leaning against the other side of the glass, pressing as close to Evan as he could get.

“I’m real Evan I promise. I wish I was in there with you so I could prove in to you. Habit did this on purpose.” Vinny said, this close he could see how tired Evan was how beaten down. When he opened his eyes they looked dead already. Vinny was sure he didn’t look much better though.

“He probably did.” Evan chuckled humorlessly turning his face so his forehead was pressed against the mirror Vinny kissed the glass over his skin and then leaned his face against the glass too. “I miss you so much Vin.”

“I miss you too Ev.” Vinny sobbed and Evan frowned ever so slightly.

“Don’t cry.” He said softly and Vinny gave a little hiccupping laugh.

“I can’t stop.”

“I can’t start.”

“What do you mean.”

“To much has happened, it seems to have numbed my ability to feel.” Evan intoned robotically and Vinny wasn’t sure how more his heart could break.

“I’m sorry so much has happened to you Ev.” He whispered and he wanted so badly to wrap his arms around Evan and just hold him until both their broken hearts healed but he couldn’t touch Evan and Evan couldn’t even see him. Vinny didn’t know what to say. “You still have me.”

“I love you so much brother. Even if you aren’t real I need you so much.”

“I love you too Ev, I’m not leaving.”

Thank you! Everything in me says
“Thank you!”
Angels listen as I sing my thanks.
I kneel in worship facing your holy temple
and say it again: “Thank you!”
Thank you for your love,
thank you for your faithfulness;
Most holy is your name,
most holy is your Word.
The moment I called out, you stepped in;
you made my life large with strength.

When they hear what you have to say, God,
all earth’s kings will say “Thank you.”
They’ll sing of what you’ve done:
“How great the glory of God!”
And here’s why: God, high above, sees far below;
no matter the distance, he knows everything about us.

When I walk into the thick of trouble,
keep me alive in the angry turmoil.
With one hand
strike my foes,
With your other hand
save me.
Finish what you started in me, God.
Your love is eternal — don’t quit on me now.

—  psalm 138 msg
Greek heroes sometimes asked for visible signs of divine support; signs which cannot be willed by human effort to show up at the desired time, but which might nevertheless happen by happy coincidence. In the Iliad there are gods behind every event, what happens between humans down on earth appears to be planned and brought forth by gods on a higher, exalted level. But when the gods present themselves to aristocrats to deliver their wishes, they do so in a way that does not reduce them to a state of fright and feebleness. The gods speak as if they were speaking to peers, “with chivalrous courtesy,” offering their advice, telling them it is better to follow the gods, if they wish, while the heroes communicate and react to the gods without losing their freedom and honour.
—  Ricardo Duchesne, The Uniqueness of Western Civilisation