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Nct reaction to nips being pierced?! 👀👀👅

A/N: Finding these gifs slayed my ass, why are they so fcking good looking- what on god’s greeen earth are these beings, they’re unreal


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He’d be a bit flustered. He’d be curious about them, but keep his questions to himself [probably Googling them later by himself].


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*not-so-discreet glances at your chest*
He wouldn’t really give much of a reaction after his surprise fades. Similarly to Taeil, he wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of them since you didn’t see it as a big deal…


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He’d be cute, smiling to himself as you told him. He’d really be into though and use excuses to see them walking in on you in the shower later bc he ‘forgot’ his socks.
“Just don’t show them to anyone but me.”


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We all know Johnny would be sly as hell.
He’d play innocent and curious though, really just using it as an excuse to 1. have sex, or 2. fondle your breasts.
“Can I see them?”


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*slightly shook*
He probably wouldn’t believe you at first. It’d probably be the most exciting part of his day to be honest. He’d ask a million questions, wanting to see them.
“If we have kids together could you still breastfeed them?”


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Introducing shy Doyoung
The information would probably take him off guard and he may become a bit bashful.
He’d be kind of reserved about voicing his thoughts, but he’d definitely be curious to see them.


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gtg dig my grave

His astonishment would quickly fade and I think he’d giggle a bit [possibly from finding out such an intimate detail so casually].
He may tease you a bit.
“So do I.”
He’d actually be very curious beneath the surface about the reason why you decided to do it, if it hurt, etc…


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“What are ‘nips’?”
He’s pure, let him live, he couldn’t handle the truth.

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What terms of endearment/pet names do you think Remus and Tonks would use for each other? I see a lot of fics where they're all 'darling' and 'sweetheart' and I never feel like it fits for them. To me, at least, they're more of a 'babe' and 'love' kind of couple. 'Do you want a cuppa, babe?', 'Have you finished with the paper, love?' and stuff like that seem to fit much better imo, what do you think?

Oh, no, you’ve discovered my secret headcanon that Remus is a “love” man. “Morning, love.” “How are you, love?” “What on earth are you doing, love?” “Put the wand down, love.”

Tonks, though, I think might fluxuate a bit. She’s a little more, shall we say, punk rock at heart. She’s younger, she’s a little hipper. She might be the one to say “babe,” as in, “You want anything at the store, babe?” But I think she’s a little sappy meatball like the rest of us, and would switch to “love” in some more intimate or soft moments. “Do you need help, love?” “How are you feeling, love?” “Are you aright by yourself, love?”

And of course, being them, let’s not forget the other terms of endearment (see if you can guess who is who):

“You’re going to pay for that, you absolute bean.”

“You complete tosser.”

“I’m sorry, did you think you could tickle me and get away with it? Did you forget who I am, you crumpet-eating goblin’s mother?”

“You’re as darling as a troll’s toe.”

They’re adorable.

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"Could you explain what hating half the earth's population does?" "LOL THAT MALE ENTITLEMENT THO"

Never been an answer of mine. My answer is always that hating men keeps me suspicious and suspicion keeps me safe. I value my safety over your feels, sorry not sorry.

Supergirl rant incoming

I try to keep my blog cheerful but sometimes this show does something so dumb I have to let out some steam. It hurts me to see Kara’s character diminished to fit this hellplot and nightmare karahell relationship. Kara has been trying so hard to tell everyone why they aren’t a good fit and why the things Mon-Ehh has done have hurt her and keep hurting her and the all the people around her are just pushing them together or not taking the things she says seriously and the show makes fun of some of the stuff which just leave me thinking did the show really just do that.

Karahell getting together (and now back together) has been one of the most baffling things about a show that has aliens, all kinds of superpowers and multiverse in it. What on Earth are the writers thinking when writing this stuff or whoever that decides this stuff… like stop and think for a moment what you’re doing to your main character. I also hate that they’ve made Alex a vessel for pushing them together, I hate it so much… Everybody acts ouf character. The “love” story is so bad that I almost want to say it’s one of the worst and most immature “love” stories I’ve ever seen. At this point I just want to see a single Kara if it means we’ll get back some of the magic the first season had or at least concentrate on the plot for a minute and not rush through everything.

I don’t understand why they would make Mon-ehh so unlikable and there really hasn’t been any real character growth there, eg. it would have been interesting to see how he deals with the loss of his entire culture, planet and people but they haven’t shown it affecting him in any real way. It’s painful to watch the Mon-Ehh centered episodes and the series doesn’t need any other hero’s journey than the one Kara is on… or if they insist to have another, they could have done it with someone else, preferably a woman because this is a show about a woman superhero and the arrowverse already has multiple male centered shows.

Rant over.

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what was your fave show as a kid?

water. earth. fire. air.

long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. then everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

only the avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. but when the world needed him most, he vanished.

a hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new avatar, an airbender named aang, and although his airbending skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone.

but I believe aang can save the world.

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καλησπέρα φίλε μου. είσαι μια γλύκα να το ξέρεις !

what on earth my dude

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Sorry Donnie really really dumb idea I am mean come on clown puns arggggghhhh what was I thinking 😔 so what is your favorite part of the moon cycle- May

Well, we all know that the moon affects the tides on earth because of the gravitational pull between the earth and moon.

But you know what fascinates me? Scientists are looking into if the moon also affects the Earth’s crust-as in could the moon actually play a part in earthquakes?

Not a lot of studies are done on that yet, but there has been reports that during certain phases of the moon, if the conditions are just right, certain lunar phases have been present at the onset of an earthquake. The most earthquake phase thus far?  Quarter moon with 14 earthquakes in the year 2000. 

What are your positive/negative associations with earth/fire/air/water?

I like to try to think of things being balanced so that the positives/negatives are complimentary.

Like for example i think of earth as steady, grounding, reliable but that it can also be limiting, stagnant, slow. Fire is powerfull, passionate, bright but can also be destructive, single minded, blinding. Air is free but it lacks any grounding.

That sort of thing.

I have such difficulty doing this excercise with water though. Water is generally the element i feel the least connection with so i guess it makes sense i would struggle to understand it but still any input is welcome.

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Hi, Donnie. :-) How are you & your brothers doing? Anything new going on? :-) If you don't mind me asking, what are your thoughts about Mona Lisa & Sal Commander coming to Earth one of these days? Just curious. I hope I didn't ask you that before, if I did, I'm sorry. Repeating stuff is part of my disabilities that I can't control of.

I like Mona Lisa and Sal Commander and I hope someday they will come visit. Hopefully for a good extended period. I can tell Raph misses Mona.

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At first, shipping SuperCorp was just out of sheer gayness but not anymore. It stopped being about wishing SuperCorp was canon and it became wanting Kara to be in a good and healthy relationship: out of solidarity for this female character who was growing in the past season. I'm still a big SuperCorp fan because obvi, they'd be so good together, but I'd be ready to take a random character as her love interest if it meant she would be in a happy and healthy relationship. I'm so disappointed...

Like I said in a post before, I really miss that feminist girl in season 1. For me, Supergirl doesn’t need a love interest. Supergirl know what she is doing on Earth, but Kara don’t, not yet at least, she is still finding herself. And all the healthy relationships she have, are lost in this season. She lost Cat, we barely see James and Winn, if is not for a “heroe thing”, Alex doesn’t spend so much time with Kara anymore, and sister’s night? None. I think Kara feels alone, and that’s why she is with Manoel, not for a true love..
I love Supercorp, It would be a dream that they would become Canon! There’s something there, and maybe we don’t need a big sign sayin “THEY’RE IN LOVE”, but we know that there is love..
Like you said, at this time, we only want to see Kara happy, like she was before. In a relationship or not, she deserves to be happy. 

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Grow + natural :)

Grow: If you were incarnated into a plant, what would you be?

For small plants: A spider plant! Or maybe an ivy of some sort. No particular reason, I just love them. Otherwise if I get to choose a tree, either a willow tree or an evergreen!

Natural: What element do you feel you best represent?

Water & earth, I suppose!

  • barefoot
  • short
  • belligerent
  • covered in dirt
  • cant swim
  • cant really read either
  • sharp tongued
  • not patient
  • great hair
  • doesn’t care what people think
  • in touch with the earth
  • fiercely independent
  • ran away from home once
  • will kick your butt. will kick your dog’s butt. will kick her own butt.
  • traveling the world with a band of misfits
  • had to learn out how to get along with other people in the group
  • won a fighting tournament despite being the smallest and most unlikely competitor
  • had a rivalry-turned-some-kind-of-mutual-understanding with a meathead from that competition
  • wanted by the authorities at some point
  • doesn’t like libraries
  • has a crush on the cute guy with a sword
  • eventually becomes a prominent leading figure in a major city
  • probably an ISTP
  • am i talking about Jasmine of the Forests or Toph Beifong

when you think about bts and your heart does the whoopity whoop but you think about bts all the time so your heart is constantly spinning meaning your heart is to bts what the earth is to the sun