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you guys always talk about how math is awful and stupid and kills your dreams but let me tell you, i love math, okay?

you know what the fibonacci spiral, the golden ratio, the DIVINE PROPORTION is? It’s everywhere! it’s at the cores of flowers, the shells of sea snails, the arrangements and veins of leaves! the geometry of crystals! there are numbers so perfect that nature takes them and puts them EVERYWHERE! do you know how astounding that is???

math is truth in it’s rawest form! math is being given a statement in obscurity and DISCOVERING THE PURE TRUTH OF IT.  it’s beauty and completeness! you can’t escape math!!! it’s everywhere! it’s a part of you! it’s in the design of your face and the dimensions of your body! it’s what makes the earth turn and the tides move! it’s the core of everything!

to begin to understand math is to begin to understand the workings of the universe

I know! Study after study shows that they really don’t, not about how it affects the other people they fuck, potential kids, whatever. They don’t care!

But then ppl on this hell site will SCREAM that it’s rape to not disclose sti status to a client who wants to fuck wo a condom as if they aren’t the ones spreading infection smdh

What on earth would it take to get cis men to care?

I think some combo of being able to get pregnant plus higher rates of transmission from orifice to penis rather than vice versa, as it is now

I drank a lot of cold medicine and now air is giving me anxiety

Like air is a solid thing that we just kinda swim through. There’s not nothing between you and everything else, there’s air. People just see it as nothing because we can’t see it and it’s our environment. Like what if air had color? We’re basically fish and earth is a huge fish bowl. I feel so suffocated by air right now and I’m 30% sure that I’m dying

Fic: The Gift

“Happy Birthday, Jemma!” There was an air of excited anticipation in Fitz’s manner as he proudly presented his gift, an odd-shaped bundle of paper festooned with various sizes of shiny purple ‘18s’.

“Oooh!” Jemma cooed, clapping her hands excitedly. “Is this the present you told me I would absolutely love?”

“It is,” Fitz replied with a grin that suggested he was very pleased with himself. Jemma reached out to take it from him, emitting a squeak of surprise at the unexpected weight of the thing, which almost caused her to drop it. Fitz pounced forward to help, placing his hands over hers for added support as she lifted it back up. “Oops,” he said sheepishly. “My fault. I should have warned you it was going to be heavy.”

“What on earth is it?” Jemma asked, curious as she weighed it in her hands and groped along the paper to try and ascertain its nature.

Fitz gave her a knowing smirk, as he stood back to observe her unwrapping, prompting her with his hands. “Open it and see.”

Jemma’s initial attempts to carefully unpick the criss-cross layers of cellotape that were holding the package together ultimately proved futile, and uncharacteristic impatience got the better of her as she tore into the the paper like a child. She supposed that 18 was very old to be receiving one’s first proper birthday present from a best friend, but then Jemma had never had a best friend before. Not until she met Fitz. And she had already been excited about finally having someone her own age to celebrate her birthday with. When he told her he’d bought her a really great present, something very beautiful that he couldn’t wait for her to see, she could barely contain herself. She had been dropping hints about a particular text on molecular biology she wanted, and she had supposed that the hardback edition could be considered beautiful, but this parcel was definitely not book-shaped. It was also heavy and solid, and her curiosity was piqued to the point where she rather ungraciously ripped through Fitz’s painstaking attempts to effectively wrap…a bird statue??

A carved grey stone bird, a water fowl of some sort by the looks of things, although the exact genus or species was unclear, the design being quite naive in style. It was about six or seven inches in length, standing on a little stone plinth, and it was alright in its way, she supposed, as ornaments went, but it really wasn’t her aesthetic at all, and definitely not something she would ever have picked for herself. It was too…cold. The solid grey stone seemed to rob the bird of all its delicate vitality. What on earth would possess Fitz to think that she would loved this? She was appalled at the childish disappointment she felt as she stared at the sculpture, her throat closing over whilst tears hung precariously at the corner of her eyes. Don’t be ridiculous, Jemma, she scolded herself furiously, you are far too old to cry because you don’t like a birthday present. But this present was special, an insistent voice whined inside her. This was my first ever present from my best friend whom I have spent pretty much every waking moment of this year with. My first present from the one person in the world I thought understood me. The one person I finally feel at home with. Realisation dawned that what was so crushingly disappointing about this gift was that it made her feel like Fitz didn’t actually know her at all. And that was the loneliest feeling in the world.

Becoming aware that she had not spoken for what seemed like much too long, Jemma panicked that she was being terribly ungracious. She glanced Fitz’s face and saw the excitement in his eyes gradually being replaced by uncertainty, his forehead starting to crease in alarm. Immediately she felt terrible. She was being so childish and ungrateful. The last thing she wanted to do was to hurt his feelings. He loved this thing when he saw it, she thought, he thought it was beautiful and he bought it for me. That was an incredibly sweet thing to do, it does show how much I mean to him, so I should be very grateful for this. She knew that she was a terrible liar, so she opened her mouth in a momentary display of feigned disbelief - like she had been unable to speak, so overcome was she by the beauty of this weird bird statue.

The relief that passed across Fitz’s face was obvious, and Jemma was thrilled that she had managed to sell it. “Do you like it?” Fitz asked excitedly.

“Fitz!” she replied in somewhat over-the-top astonishment. “I can’t believe it! It is…incredible!” She held the bird out as if to admire it, and then hugged it to her chest as if to further emphasise her affection for the thing.

“I knew you’d like it!” Fitz crowed in delight.

“I love it!” she cried, as she moved across the living room of their shared apartment to the windowsill and sat the bird in the middle of it. She whirled round and rushed towards him, throwing her arms around his neck. “Thank you so much!”

“Aw, you’re welcome, Jemma,” he murmured in embarrassed pleasure. 'I’m just glad you like it!“

The bird sat on the windowsill of their apartment for the next 5 years, while she and Fitz went to and from their lab at Sci-Ops and Jemma barely noticed it anymore. Then they packed up all their stuff to go back to the Academy when they took up research positions there, and the bird came with them. Jemma placed it on a shelf in her room, and after a while she barely noticed it there either. Then they were transferred to Coulson’s team on the Bus, and Jemma decided that a heavy stone statue was probably not a good thing to keep on a shelf above one’s bed on a plane - especially when Agent May was flying it. Still, she’d had it so long, and it was still Fitz’s first present to her, so she couldn’t bring herself to part with it. She boxed it up and kept it under the bed in her bunk. After both Fitz and Skye had left the Playground, Jemma found herself sleeping on the Bus on her own. It was strangely eerie to be the only one left, even if Fitz hadn’t been speaking to her for weeks before she helped him smuggle Fury’s toolbox out, and Skye had been sleeping in the interrogation room since her Terrigenesis. So Jemma packed up all her stuff and moved into a room on the base. At that stage, with so much else going on, she just dumped all her stuff in her new room without unpacking it. She still hadn’t unpacked when she was sucked into the Monolith. That had all been done for her when Fitz brought her back from Maveth. He and Bobbi had put away her clothes and possessions and decorated her room with chrome and glass containers and framed botanic pictures they had bought from a home decor store the day they brought her back. So she forgot all about the bird, until…


“What is it, Fitz? I’m busy trying to hang curtains at the moment.”

“What’s this box here?” he called.

Jemma rolled her eyes and sighed. “Ugh, Fitz! I’m in another room, how can I possibly see what box you’re talking about? We’ve just moved in, the house is full of boxes!”

“This little one that came with all the stuff from your room. It’s bloody heavy!”

“I have no idea, Fitz,” she said, getting down off the chair and walking into the living room where he was surrounded by cardboard boxes. “Open it and see.”

Fitz sliced the tape with a box-cutter and reached into the mysterious box. “Oh, for god’s sake!” he exclaimed. “It’s that bloody bird thing I got you for your 18th birthday!” He groaned and covered his face with his hand. “Look at it! What was I thinking??”

“Oh, Fitz,” Jemma laughed as she moved towards the box and extracted the bird. “It was lovely!”

“No,” said Fitz as he grimaced at it, “it was a terrible present, Jemma. I am so sorry. I really don’t know what I…I remember thinking it was the most beautiful thing when I first saw it, and now I don’t even like it?” He screwed his face up in distaste as he regarded it.

“Well, tastes change over time,” Jemma said as she turned it in her hands, examining it. “Do you know, I quite like it now!”

“You hated it at the time, didn’t you?” Fitz said miserably.

“I did, babe, yes,” Jemma said happily. “But you were so excited about it, I couldn’t let on.” She reached across and kissed him on the lips, before getting to her feet.

“I suspected you did, you know,” Fitz said gloomily, standing up. “You always were a terrible liar. But I let myself believe I was wrong and you did love it, because…well, I wanted you to like it so much.” He sighed heavily. “You changed my life, Jemma. You were the first friend I’d ever had and that year at the Academy was the happiest I had ever been, because of you, and I wanted to get you something that expressed that in some way - and for some reason I thought this would do the trick?” He held out his hand towards the bird, his face creased in a expression of bemused disbelief.

Jemma giggled. “And that’s why I love it,” she said, clasping one hand behind his neck, and stroking his face with her thumb, “why I kept it all these years even though it wasn’t to my taste. Because you changed my life too, and not only was it my first gift from you, the most important person in my life, but you saw something you thought was so beautiful, and you thought of me. It was an incredibly special present because it was from the heart.” She kissed him again, deeper and longer this time, and he responded in kind. She broke away reluctantly and moved towards their fireplace, setting the bird right in the middle of it.

“Oh, sweetheart, you don’t have to keep it,” he said. “Honestly - and I’d rather not look at it?”

“Hush,” Jemma said with a laugh as she straightened the bird slightly. “This bird is a very important piece of our history and we are keeping it. It shall have pride of place here in our living room.”

Fitz came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder. “Well, in that case, I’ll be sure to get you much better birthday presents from now on,” he sighed.

“Oh, you’ll never outdo this year’s present,” she said as she gently twisted the ring on her left ring finger, before stretching her hand out to admire the diamond set in the middle of a gold rose. “This is the best present I’ve ever gotten.”

“I’m glad,” Fitz whispered in her ear, before kissing her temple. Jemma twisted around in his arms to face him, wrapping her arms around her fiance’s neck.

“But if you need any ideas for Christmas, I have a list of suggestions for you,” she whispered in his ear.

Does it bother anyone else that we still know so little about Lapis’ backstory? Sure we found out how she got stuck in the mirror, but we know literally nothing else about her past. What was her role in gem society? Why did she come to Earth? She said she was only meant to be there for a short time, but why? What was she supposed to do?

And then there’s her connection to Blue Diamond. We all saw her silhouette at BD’s court in The Answer, and she wears a blue diamond shape on her clothes. Was she important to BD? Did she witness Rose and Pearl’s attack and Garnet’s birth from Ruby and Sapphire’s first fusion? What was her reaction to all that?

My point is that Lapis didn’t tell Steven everything about her past. She’s still keeping a lot of information hidden, and we have no idea what it is.

Just who exactly IS Lapis Lazuli?

“Tlaloc” by @jesusvbarraza

Originally created in 2011 with new editions in 2016.
“Water is life, defend your life. It is so simple, we are connected to the land we live on, if the land gets sick so will we. Water is one of the primary things needed for life to exist, if we poison the water or we experience drought caused by climate change we will cease to exist. I ran across an article about hydrofracking, where a person talks about the earth being poisoned for thousands of years because of these types of process. It is sad to see how those in charge and the corporations that influence those people are stubborn to change the way energy is harnessed form the earth. The free market is suppose to regulate itself, but that never works, the free market wants to maximize profits, lower costs, in the end what’s better for the bottom line is never good for the earth or for humanity.

There needs to be a serious change in the way decisions are made that will take into consideration the future of mother earth and of humanity. Where the financial bottom line is not the deciding factor, but how will an action we take today effect our world 25 or 100 years from now. I wonder how long it will be before the U.S. will stop being so arrogant and accept that the actions of those in power have made have thrown the environment off in such a way that the earth will not be healed for thousands of years and that we are at a crisis point where changes are needed right away.”

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block-of-writers replied to your photo “This game is fucking bananas”

What on earth is that game and how do I play it

it’s called little alchemy and you can get it for free from whatever app store you use

the game starts you off with four basic elements–air, earth, fire, water–and you drag them to that space to the left and stick them together until you make stuff

…there’s a lot of stuff to make

one of my earliest creations was ‘atomic bomb’ and i was just like

Uhhh excuse me but what on earth is Chaeyeon doing on HTS????????? I’ve heard of the other DIA member who is a good dancer but Chaeyeon????? I’m not too familiar with DIA but in IOI, she’s obviously one of the weaker dancers though??? She got a lot of praises for her Full Moon dance stage but lbr, those are meant for her expressions and visuals, nothing about her actual dancing skills. If the other DIA member was the main contestant, then she should have actually brought another member who’s good in dancing/well known as a dancer as well?? (Ie, Momo ft. Mina)

Black Tie

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2dsbyvd

by anri

Lance crashed a black tie event and ran into Keith and has had to rather awkwardly try and explain what on earth he’s doing at an engagement party of two people he’s never met.

Words: 338, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2dsbyvd
Meiko is my daughter and I will protect her :)

It feels weird being one of those few people who actually like and adore Meiko. Whenever people talk about her, they are just complaining. I am not saying you can’t because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So if an any body else likes Meiko and would like to talk, I am here. See her cry and go through confusion made me very emotional. I wonder what she will do alone on earth because all her friends are in the digiworld. Anyway have a nice day everyone!

thunderoustablethighs replied to your post “Thor learning about periods would include”

Ok I can see him being freaked out by the tampons cuz they are scary as fuck they are literally sponges attached to string doused in all kinds of chemicals and other fibers that you can go into toxic shock from if you have them in for too long too frequently so yeah tampons are scary. Some of this like him wanting to take care of the s/o is cute and stuff but he’s a god of fertility and he’d know.

See, this is exactly the thing, I am totally here for a fantasy of Thor being extra nice and cuddly and supportive, and I definitely love the idea of Thor being horrified at some of the things that humans do to their bodies and to the planet, whether it be unsafe items or pollution of the enviroment etc., bcs Asgard is much more evolved than Earth, but him literally not knowing what a period is… still boggled.

commanderultramango  asked:

Smokescreen, this is Ultra Magnus, I have an important question...what is this earth term "Dress up" and what does it have to do with us?

… Dress up? I know they have Dress up games. You try to make yourself in them! Maybe that’s what they’re talking about? I even found one that’s apparently for Optimus! But…