what in hades is the name of my otp!

Reading a super fluff fanfiction

Can be either super fluff you cringe or super fluff you died.


Adamantine and Unyielding [alpha Will/omega Hannibal; underage; explicit]

The boy laughs, and pulls another strip of meat from a bag at his side. He wraps it around a cloth ball, then throws it as far as he can into the woods, the Cerberus bounding after it.

A human playing fetch with the great dog. Curious, indeed.

“He likes you,” Will says, calling out from the trees. The boy doesn’t startle, merely turns his head, and oh, how Will wants. High cheekbones; a prominent jaw; eyes that rival Midas’ gold. “What is your name, boy?”

“Perhaps I am Faust,” he replies, a small smile playing across his face, sharp fangs within his mouth. “Assuming you are Mephistopheles, that is.”

Will has acted as Hades for hundreds of years, but never once has he claimed a Persephone of his own. Hannibal, however, may prove to be a fruit impossible not to taste.

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Head canon!

So I got this random head canon last night about my favourite couple, Solangelo!!

Like. They’re best friends and all but they don’t have feelings for each other. Will’s openly bi and Nico comes out a year later or something. And they’re really close friends, finding boys (and girls in Will’s matter) for each other, teasing each other in front of crushes and generally making fools of themselves.

Will’s probably 15 at the end of BOO and he starts dating Mitchell when he’s 16 and he goes to Nico for relationship advice and Nico sucks at it and he just bursts out into laughter every time Will goes to him. When Nico has nightmares about Tartarus, Will’s always there to comfort him and hug him and talk to him and that make Mitchell really jealous sometimes but Will always tries to assure him like “Babe, di Angelo’s my bro. You’ve got nothing to worry about! He’s not my type anyways. You are!” But then Mitchell breaks up with Will because We’re better of as friends, Will and a heart broken Will goes to Nico for comfort.

Around 2 years after the Giant War, Nico starts dating a son of Apollo. And Will’s confused because like “Shit my best friend is dating my half brother?! WTF!” And it gets really awkward when they act all lovey-dovey around him because “Geez di Angelo! That’s my brother you’re kissing you nerd! I can’t look at you the same way ever again, Justin!” “Aww shut up, Sunshine.”

At the same time, Will starts dating a daughter of Iris and Nico teases him endlessly about sunshine and rainbows. And they’re both happy but never go on double dates because “Nico. I do not need to see my brother getting comfy with you for a long span of time. Just no.”

But then at some point of time, they both realise that things aren’t working out and they break up with their partners and are both heart broken about it but then they’re always there for each other. Will helps Will through medical school by making sure he eats and drinks enough water and sleeps enough. And Will helps Nico through his literature courses (though he’s dyslexic) and proof reads Nico’s essays for him.

One day when Will is 19 and Nico’s 18, they’re both visiting CHB for the spring break or something and they’re in the infirmary because “Will, you’re siblings have been taking care of the infirmary for the past 2 years and you don’t need to be here! And jeez Solace you look tired! Go to sleep, idiota! HOLY HADES, STOP TICKLING ME!” And then they both fall on a bed and Will has an evil grin on his face while he tickles Nico’s ribs and Nico’s just flailing around laughing and shrieking. And when they finally stop Will’s straddling Nico and Nico’s lying breathless underneath him and Will unconsciously leans forward and gives Nico a short kiss. And Nico freezes.

“Did you just-?”

“Shit. Ohmygod I’m so sorry!”



And then suddenly they kiss again. And again. And again. Until they’re both giggling like 12 year olds. And then when they tell everyone they’re dating, no one is surprised. Lou Ellen and Cecil had actually been betting on it for the past year.

So they date, get married in a few years, have lots of sex, argue and fight a lot, have 2 kids named Maria and Michael and finally when they’re like 80 and old and withered, they die together and then live together forever in Elysium.

“For Hades’ sake, William! What do you mean you didn’t think you’d get into Elysium!”