what im doing with my life d:


No dad I am not going to go back to college to become a teacher. The goal is to make money, not go into debt and end up right back where I am now.
He thinks all you need is a bachelors and BOOM your a teacher.

Also ive never expressed an interest in teaching???? So I’d be in debt for a job I hate??? Just because im good at something doesnt mean I want to do it for a living

He thought this was somehow more logical and doable then me going out and getting a ‘normal’ job.

after that his next most logical idea what that I should start a patreon and start vlogging. My life is not interesting enough to vlog about. And a patreon I could maybe do, but im not set up in a way that I would be running in the way I want yet.

exo legitimately transcends human expectation with their accomplishments like can you imagine how GOOD they must feel?? how proud they are?? no one will be able to predict what they do next because they keep pushing what should be a glass ceiling higher and higher…theyre going to be written down in history and cemented in the asian music industry and literally nothing anyone says or does can take away the magnitude of their career thus far, everything they touch turns to gold im here for kings

Okay let’s do here some polish talk

Wchodzę tu z wymówką “pouczę się do matury”
Jeśli czytam po angielsku to się przecież liczy, prawda?
Gramatyka? Składnia? Fleksja? Porządek zdań? Nie, nie na moją imprezę ich nie zapraszałam.
Szczęśliwa, że na pytanie mamy czy uczyłam się coś do matury odpowiem “Tak! I to jak” zobaczyłam ten uroczy hashtag: speak your language day
No jak mu mogłam odmówić.
Także jestem tu, oto ja, nie umiem pisać rozprawki za i przeciw.

All right so my whole statement is basically why I’m not revising for polish equivalent of english A Levels which are tomorrow. Yay
Wish me luck guys, I’ve got two english exams in 10 hours

that rugrats scene about chocolate pudding but luffy is angelica
  • sanji, walking into the kitchen of the sunny: ...trafalgar, what are you doing?
  • law, completely deadpan: making chocolate pudding.
  • sanji: ...it's four o'clock in the morning. why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?
  • law: because i've lost control of my life.
"rare pairs" and what i first thought of them
  • taejin: the first "real ship" that was placed in the archives
  • jinkook: oh look, bicker 1 and bicker 2
  • 2seok: these are 2 moms that met in a tea convention
  • yoonjin: what is this and how do i make my whole life about it
  • jinmin: pastel, yep.
  • taegi: lets pretend that it isnt a cliche that the quiet ones and loudest ones always get together 2.0
  • sugakookie: photography brats
  • sugamon: its like talking to 2 smart people at once therefore making me feel dumber than i already am wow
  • namseok: dance monsters
  • junghope: the golden duo and 🐴🐰
  • minjoon: smol and tol
  • namkook: i really thought this was a son to dad thing
My fnaf SL AU

Baby: the boss who gets angry easily and loves ice cream and feels so bad for the child she murdered

Ballora: the meme queen who doesn’t really mind about killing children

Funtime Freddy: the one who just wants to make children happy but he killed one and he really regrets it so he is a psycho outside and is a cinnamon roll inside

BonBon: the one who tries to help their psycho friend

Funtime Foxy: the rebel who doesn’t give a single fuck about anything

Chichi (ft. Foxy’s handpuppet): the optimistic one who ships anything

Bidybabs: the ones who are brave and rebel only if their boss isn’t watching

Minireenas: the ones who can scare the shit outta you and the mommy’s princesses

Ennard: the forever alone who is very annoying but with the meme queen they can be the prank masters

Exotic butters: the god one

Update: My FNAF SL AU isn’t like this anymore, so I’ll probably make a version 2.0 of this.