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Hey so I really enjoyed the wedding day hc (and feel free to ignore this ask if you want idm) but I was wondering if I could get a little more exploration but this time just for Zen, so maybe like what kind of wedding would he like/what is the reception like? Do the others help him get ready? (I'm guessing Yoosung and Jumin would help him and Seven+Jaehee for MC.. Since seven cosplays so I'm guessing he knows how to do subtle makeup) is it easy to keep them apart till the day of the wedding?❤

no problem! thank you for sending this in, sweetie~


  • Zen is a bugger to keep away from MC, he just wants to see her in her dress but he doesn’t understand the concept of patience.
  • Also, he doesn’t really want Jumin helping him (mainly because he’s nervous about the couple of cat hairs he can spy on his suit) so Yoosung is the only one helping him.
  • Jaehee helps MC fit into her dress (gal pals) and, yes, Seven does the makeup and also the hair.
  • Honestly, neither MC or Zen expected Seven to be that good at hair and makeup, because MC looks STUNNING.
  • The wedding is kind of quiet, apart from the few fans that decided to track down where the venue is.
  • But Jumin told them that he would sue if they stayed there, so they all left.
  • It’s mainly just the RFA there, but he also invited his manager and a couple of acting friends.
  • He did send an invite to his parents and brother, just to be the good guy, but none of them could come in the end.
  • His brother called and said he wanted to, but he had “a big court case that he absolutely had to attend”, which Zen interpreted as him lying and saying that he had no interest.
  • His parents didn’t even respond.
  • But he thinks positively on his wedding day, and he is so grateful that he’s getting married in the first place.
  • The venue is a small garden, filled with loads of flowers and a simple walkway where a simple arch and red carpet is set up.
  • And the reception is under a large gazebo streamed with fairy lights.
  • I kinda think that halfway through the reception Zen would start singing “Marry You” by Bruno Mars and encourage everyone else to join in???
  • Also I feel like the first dance song would be “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Ray, and Zen would sing along to every word.
  • “I’ve seen the world, lit it up
    As my stage now
    Challenging angels in a new age now
    Hot summer days, rock n roll
    The way you play for me at your show
    And all the ways, I got to know
    Your pretty face and electric soul”

John’s hands. One on Sherlock’s nek and the other on Sherlock’s arm. Doesn’t it remind u something? It’s exactly the same way Sherlock hugged John in TLD. Coincidence? Nope. In this show coincidences don’t exist. It means, if you think about it, that Sherlock not only remember how John hugged him, but also that Sherlock thinks that it is the way John want to be hugged, I think. It is the way John makes feel someone loved and safe and it is probably the way Sherlock felt and so Sherlock did the same when John needed, he hugged him with one hand on John’s nek and the other on John’s arm. Bacause in that moment John needed love and to feel safe.

I…I don’t know if it makes sense but this hug, John’s hug, hit me and reminded me of Sherlock’s hug.
I don’t know what to think now, I need a blanket.
Also, I feel really stupid cause probably someone just noticed it ages ago soooooooo now it’s time for me to go. And hide. Bye.


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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A bride to spring, a mate to night. 

(Tumblr messed up the quality, for a change, so I had to add the borders to post the full drawing, but please also click it for hd :D)

I don’t know how to draw flower crowns or suits 

So! @ingthing‘s florist/wedding planner au is amazing and I couldn’t help myself. Ahaha I’m a sucker for Viktuuri in any universe sooo. Also her writing is amazing just like her art and everyone should go check it out because

Ok since the whole tumblr is obsessed with Yuri!!! on Ice

I decided to give some advices especially to the artists who draw russian characters to make it less cringy for myself. I’m sure somebody might have already done something like this but I still want to bring up some points.

- to all shippers out there: russians wear wedding rings on the RIGHT HAND, not on the left;

- we also don’t have a tradition of the engagement rings;

- please, please, PLEASE don’t try to write/use russian phrases unless you actually know the language or can ask someone who knows it. Non-speakers won’t get them, latin transliteration is ugly as fuck, not to mention that the translator will 99.9% get it wrong somewhere. Use english, really;

- the same goes to writing in russian: please don’t do it unless you know how to. Redrawing russian printed letters looks weird at best. Russian cursive is a bitch but at least it’s a beautiful bitch;

- russians don’t celebrate Christmas on the December 25th. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January and it’s not as global as western Christmas. It’s more of a religious tradition. But New Year celebration in Russia is HUGE. So if you want to draw a winter thematic art, new year theme would suit better;

- (also we don’t have Halloween);

- according to the rules of transliteration it’s ‘Viktor’. Not ‘Victor’;

- when drawing scenes of russian character with people they’re close to, use their short name forms. Especially with lovers. (So yeah use ‘Vitya’ and ‘Yura’ it’s really nice);

- there are more forms of russian names: some are tender, some are playful, some are cute, some even are weird. If you want to know a specific form just ask someone who’s native. But common short forms work almost always;

- there’s a difference between ‘nickname’ and 'short form of a name’. Russian names are very inclusive - all short forms of our name are also used as our name. Not in the official documents obviously but everywhere else. Like friends would never call each other by their full form names unless it’s a joke or 'their thing’;

- but things are different when it comes to a social hierarchy: for example a mentor can (and in most cases will) call their student by common short form of their name but student has to call their mentor by their full form and also add their 'otchestvo’ (father’s name, not the same as a second name), unless there is little or no age difference between them;

- this is more like a subjective opinion from me but being called by a full name by a close person (family/friend/lover) is somewhat mentally tiring for a russian. I mean it’s not like short form is an optional nickname that is used in specific situations by specific people. It’s a name that russian person hears for the most time. Being called by an 'official’ form all the time is quite exhausting. But maybe it’s just me;

- also this is totally off-topic but Yuri freaking out because there is another Yuuri with a name that is similar to his is so ridiculous. I mean russian names are common. Just while my school times I’ve met about 6 girls whose name was also 'Tatyana’. We didn’t shout at each other in the toilet.

Ok I think that’s it for now. Though I might have forgot something. Hm.
Somebody will probably disagree with me or will think that’s not important but I don’t care. It was worth a try.

Yeah, of course all of the above aren’t obligations but if you actually took them into consideration it would be really nice.

P.S. I also wrote one more piece of info.

Every death is a lesson.

I want to push back against this perception that GRRM kills off characters in ASOIAF for shock value. Or that he’s killing off characters willy-nilly to fuck with his audience.

That’s…not accurate.

We may find many of these deaths shocking, but we tend to be shocked because we’re accustomed to seeing characters live or die based on a particular moral framework, and GRRM is using a different moral framework. His moral framework isn’t cynical, or nihilistic. It’s pragmatic.

In particular, GRRM has NOT established a pattern of killing off POV characters for no good reason. Of those POV characters who are significant enough to have a presence on the show, the only ones who’ve died in the books are Ned, Cat, and Jon. That’s it. And Jon hasn’t even stayed dead. (Cat, I’m calling a real death. Everything good about Cat died at the Red Wedding and stayed dead.) Robb Stark was never a POV character. Robert Baratheon, Viserys Targaryen, Jeor Mormont, Tywin Lannister, Rodrik Cassel, Oberyn Martell? Not POV characters. 

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concept: series ends with wedding. after kiss some b-rated disney villain wreaks havoc upon the town. MAJOR eyerolls n shrugs from everyone then emma pulls a sword out from under her dress (magic?) and charges into battle. tired pirate boy just wants to enjoy some cake. camera pans overhead out to the entire group of friends and family watching/cheering/screaming as emma is still charging forward. cut to black. end.

Has anyone seen Our Family Wedding

Well, if you haven’t, it’s a super fun film that tackles the social issue of accepting interracial relationships. The movie is hilarious, sweet, and just plain awesome so I highly recommend it! 

Aaaaaand yes, I have to annoy you guys with another AU. XD 

  • David: Bitch, you cra'y!
  • David: There is no way in Arthur's hell that I am letting MY HOOK become PRINCE KILLIAN in the same spot where I watched him BLEED TO DEATH ON THE FLOOR!!!