what if we give it away


Dear ‘Raffe (Short for giraffe),

It’s weird. Our relationship still excites me like brand new shoes although we’ve walked so far together already. I decided yesterday, amidst leaving subtle kisses along your neck and jaw as you snored your life away, that I’m going to give you all of me.

At this point, you may be wondering what I’ve been giving you all of this time if it isn’t all of me… and I can tell you… I’ve been giving all of what I thought I could. Something about last night, in the moments that I could feel your belly rise up and down, grazing my own ribs in rhythm, that I realized, with you, I’m not scared to be more, to be anything and everything. You revive, ignite, and create parts of me I killed, put to sleep or wasn’t aware of at all.

You make me proud to carry all of my identities. I feel pretty and handsome. I feel strong lifting you in the air or being bent over by you. You speak to every part of me.

You’ll stumble on this post  in a few minutes or weeks, depending on when you feel like perusing my Tumblr. I hope you understand how you make me feel in this moment.


~ Love


Thank you to anyone who has supported our journey and our

Youtube Channel (Tae and Lou). The support has been so appreciated.

I think we could have been great. But you are too scared to settle down and I don’t have time to play games.

I keep telling myself you will see me as ‘the one that got away’ but in reality you won’t give me a second thought. And if I’m being honest with myself, you dodged a bullet.

—  To what could have been.

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47 and drarry duh

Harry curled up in a ball on the sofa, watching with an odd mix of amusement and admiration as Draco fussed with his hair and tugged at his sleeves in the mirror in the walkway. It was an endless routine. There was always a hair out of place or a wrinkle to be smoothed. Harry waited patiently to hear the unsatisfied huff that came with Draco’s surrender, followed by a once-over of his arse as he walked away from the mirror and finally announced to Harry that he was ready to leave. 

Today was not one of those days. Draco loomed near the mirror for far too long, leaning in close as if to challenge himself to a staring contest. He put his hands on his cheeks, pulled back as if to try and give himself a facelift, and sighed dejectedly before Harry finally rolled off the couch to see what was the matter.

“Babe, we’re meeting ‘Mione and Ron for dinner in five and we’re gonna be - hey, are your nails painted?” Harry grabbed Draco’s hand for closer inspection, and a blush bled from Draco’s nose, up to his forehead, and down below the collar of his shirt before he yanked his hand away.

“It’s nothing. I was just trying something, and it’s stupid and it looks dumb and-”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” 

“It was just… It was under the cabinet, I think Luna left it here when she was house-sitting, and it looked new and different so I thought I’d try it, but obviously you don’t like it, and I’m a guy and it looks-”

“Oh my god, will you shut the fuck up for five seconds?” Harry groaned. He grabbed both of Draco’s hands, despite his protests, and kissed them. Draco blushed even harder, if possible. “I think,” Harry muttered, looking up to meet Draco’s doubt-filled eyes, “that if any person can pull off bright purple nail polish with an Armani suit, it’s my boyfriend.” He dropped Draco’s hands and wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him close. Draco grinned and planted a kiss firmly on Harry’s forehead.

“Shall we go, then?” Draco murmured into Harry’s hair.

“Are you finally ready?” 

Draco chuckled and looked over at them both in the mirror. He let out a huff. It was filled with a bit more satisfaction this time. “I think so.”

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I have a TFLN request for you, if you don't mind, where the missus gets horrible comments on her insecurities from fans and Anne texts Harry about it because the missus feels too embarrassed or something? Also, I love your content, keep up the marvellous work. X

Harry. Anne.

(YN)’s okay, right? And the baby? They’re both alright?

They’re fine, sweetheart. What makes you think they aren’t?

(YN)’s not answering her phone. She won’t respond to my messages. I worried that something happened to them. I know you were and are with her today so I was just checking in with you.

She’s fine, unless she’s hiding anything from me. I promise, H. She’s giving Persephone a quick bath and then we’re going to settle with some Chinese food and a few films. Gemma’s popping over since Michal’s away so we’re spending some time as the ladies.

I’m just worried, Mum.

She usually texts me when Persephone’s eating but I got nothing at all today… Not even a good morning text.

Harry, sweetheart. She’s a new mum. She’s probably just very exhausted and tired and she can’t comprehend anything.

Are you sure she’s not hiding anything?

Not that I know of.

If she seems different tonight, then, I’ll let you know, H. I promise you.


Can you get her to call me too? I want to talk to her about coming home and taking a few months off work to stay with her and P. The baby’s only a few weeks and I should be there to help; not away for meetings.

Hey, this meeting in Los Angeles is understandable. We know. (YN) knows, as well. And Persephone will understand when she’s older.

I feel guilty. I missed her first smile, you know? Next thing you know, I’ll be missing her crawl.

Don’t be silly, sweetheart. You’ll be here for that, I know it.

You think?


I’ll let you have fun tonight. Just, get her to call me before she goes to bed.

Of course I will.

Give my love to them both.

Of course.

I love you, too.

I love you too, sweetheart. Have fun today. x



I think I know the reason.

What is it?

She hasn’t eaten anything at all tonight. She let me and Gem order a whole lot from the menu, saying she’ll pick at anything that’s there, but, she didn’t eat, Harry.

When she popped to the toilet, Gemma filled me in. People have been commenting on her weight now that she’s just had a baby. She was papped the other day, yeah?

Yeah, yeah. They took me to the airport and sat with me for a bit whilst I waited for the jet.

What are they saying?

I don’t know. I haven’t looked. And Gemma said it was too appalling to look at.

This is the last thing she needs.

She’s only just become more confident in herself. She got a little more depressed near the end of the pregnancy because she realised she was going to have stretch marks and scars but she only recently realised that it was all worth it because we had a beautiful baby as the result.

Mum… You don’t think… She’ll go into post partum?

Sweetheart, don’t think like that, okay? She’s been so happy and bonding with the baby so I don’t think it’s post partum. Me and Gem will talk to her, and, hopefully make her see that it’s completely normal for pregnant women to look full.

She isn’t, Mum.

She’s perfect.

Make sure she knows.

I do, Mum. I tell her every single day.

She’ll be okay, sweetheart. It’s not post partum.

She’s just afraid to tell you.


She doesn’t want you to see her in a different way.

I wouldn’t… Mum, I wouldn’t!

She’s going to give you a call now, okay?

I’m going to stay with Gem for the night and then come back tomorrow. I think you both need to talk about this and talk things through. x

First times; A Joeck Poem

They happen all at once
And will never happen again.
Those sweet First Times
Where your body lights up
A brief fire ignites
Leaving you with a warmth;
Crackling gently away
Waiting to be provoked again
Ready to expel a flicker
To spark and light up your soul.

It was like this with him
With Joe.
The First Time our eyes met
Our oceans of blue swirling and connecting
Lingering for longer than just friends would.
Curiously searching, Eagerly exploring
Knowing inside but keeping it hidden,
What was in our hearts
We’re both boys after all;
It will take courage to reach out.

But courage is easily found
As time spent with him shows
That nature will help and guide us
As smiles and easy laughter give us away,
Unlocking the truth in our hearts.
Now free and ready to open up
Giggling together with blushing cheeks,
Wet from tears streaming from our eyes.
The fire sparked happily
That First Time he called me “babe”

The touches quickly followed
But the First Time was the best;
Sparking an addiction
An obsession to feel the flame
To feel it’s heat
Rise inside of me; an uncomfortable kind of sweet.
That led to the First Time we kissed
Soft and unsure
Fingertips on cheeks
Eyes slowly closing; his lips greeting mine.

The First Time we made love
He called out my name
His voice breaking on his high, as he moaned out “Oh, Jack”
Although gentle and loving; the fire flickered more than ever that night.
It was as the sun was rising
That most special First Time;
Shafts of light upon his pretty face
Lighting up his eyes, gazing fondly into mine
As I whispered, “Joe, I love you”
And his reply was swift and true, “Jack, I love you more”.

Let’s Talk About ‘The Fight’

Hello, friends!

As you may know, many of us predicted that there would be some sort of falling out between Zig and MC this chapter. Boy, were we right. I even had the nerve to write a super sad fic about it so I definitely thought I was prepared, but alas I didn’t know how difficult it would be to see it play out before my eyes. It was rough.

But, because I can’t help myself, I would like to take some time to break down what happened during this fight and give a little bit of what I noticed and took away from the various moments as well as the overall scene. I’ll try not to make this the most long-winded thing ever, but you know me…

Okay, here we go!

Whew boy. The moment I saw all this I was like…it’s about to get really real outside of this venue. Yikes!

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Selamu Aleykum,Hope in life can be very annoying in some situations. What is the place of hope for Allah and Islam?

Wa Alaykum as-Salaam!

When one truly believes in Allah hope will aways be there because you will know that no matter what happens Allah controls everything.

Lets give some facts of believing in Allah and how that will give you hope:

When you worship one God, you will be saved from worshiping endless Gods such as: Worshiping people, power, your desires, fame, money, etc (We can talk about this in detail later)

When you truly believe in Allah you will find the actual REASON OF YOUR CREATION which every human being has been trying to find throughout the history:

I have not created the jinn and humankind but to (know and) worship Me (exclusively). (Holy Qur'an, adh-Dhariyat 56)

When you truly believe in Allah you will find THE way for FULFILLMENT. A sense of happiness and fulfillment that you would never find in material things:

Be aware that it is in the remembrance of, and whole-hearted devotion to, Allah that hearts find rest and contentment. (Holy Qur'an, ar-R'ad 28)

When you truly believe in Allah you will learn how to deal with DIFFICULTIES OF YOUR LIFE:

Those who, when a disaster befalls them, say, “Surely we belong to Allah (as His creatures and servants), and surely to Him we are bound to return. ” (And they act accordingly. ) (Holy Qur'an, al-Baqarah 156)

When you truly believe in Allah you will have a PERSPECTIVE that will keep you calm in any situation by trusting Allah:

No affliction occurs on the earth (such as droughts, famines, or earthquakes), or in your own persons (such as diseases, damages to your property, or the loss of loved ones), but it is recorded in a Book before We bring it into existence doing so is surely easy for Allah. So that you may not grieve for what has escaped you, nor exult because of what Allah has granted you: Allah does not love anyone proud and boastful (Holy Qur'an, al-Hadid 22-23)

When you truly believe in Allah you will know that THIS life IS NOT it. There is AFTERLIFE coming after this. And believing in this will give you THE comfort you have never imagined before:

And the present, worldly life is nothing but a play and pastime, and better is the abode of the Hereafter for those who keep from disobedience to Allah in reverence for Him and piety. Will you not, then, reason and understand? (Holy Qur'an, al-An'am 32)

I also really like this quote by Said Nursi from His Tafsir Risale-i Nur:

Belief is both light and strength. Yes, one who acquires true belief may challenge the whole universe and be saved from the pressure of events in accordance with the strength of his belief.
 (The Words / Twenty-Third Word)

Please read the whole chapter from The Words Collections (The Twenty Third Word). It will definitely give you a new perspective about your question. Send me an IM if you cant find it online and I will send you the e-book to your e-mail insha'Allah

To conclude: Life can be pretty tough sometimes BUT with imaan and tawakkul you can always have hope!

And Allah knows best

  • me: money isn't real and scarcity is almost always fabricated. we literally throw away necessities. we produce to excess and a majority of our labor could be automated.
  • them: okay but sweaty who's going to pay for that?
  • me: no one. money isn't real. scarcity is fabricated. we produce and throw away excess necessities.
  • them: but we can't afford to just give away necessities life doesn't work that way.
  • me: the goods literally already exist. you literally just put them in the hands of people who need them instead of the fucking dumpster.
  • them: but what about the money?

Newt crouches on the floor. Credence looks to him, the tiniest trace of hope dawning in his expression: Might there be a way back?





  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Logan Huntzberger stood up to his family in Season 5 because he wanted to be with Rory and they'd only been dating for a week. He stormed out of the house because they said Rory couldn't marry into their family. He then proceeded to date Rory for three years. They lived together and he proposed to her. Later, he also decided to walk away from the family business and get a career of his own. Logan was willing and able to do all of that 10 years ago. Why would he care what his family thinks about who is marrying now? He's 34 years old. And when we left him in Season 7, he had cut off all ties with his family. It doesn't follow that the man who loved Rory enough to give her anything she wanted wouldn't leave Odette to be with her because of the Huntzberger dynasty. How does that make sense? And why wouldn't Rory, who never had a problem asking Logan for what she wanted, say something? She asked him out. She told him she couldn't do casual dating anymore. She's always pushed to make their relationship what she wanted it to be, and she's somehow lost that ability at age 32? Why have both of these characters regressed so dramatically from where they were more than 10 years ago? And if it was going to be written that way, why do we have no insight into their thoughts and motivations? Why don't we know why Logan won't stand up to his family? Why don't we know why he's working for his father again? Why don't we know why Rory won't ask him to leave Odette? Did ASP forget how to write these characters? Could she really not suck it up and watch Season 7 so the characterization was consistent?

10 Abusive Men’s conversational tactics every woman should be aware of:

1. Domination of conversation - at any cost

It simply doesn’t matter what it takes - making up a story, repeating the same issue over and over again, increasing the volume of his voice, calling you out on unrelated-unreal issues, taking on a threatening pose to get your attention, getting angry if you don’t carefully listen to what he has to say, throwing a tantrum, accusing you of talking too much, beating down your words, I have even seen abusive men cause fights because they wanted to dominate a conversation with a woman. Last time I tried to talk to a woman, while abusive man was standing next to her, he actually physically dragged her away, just so she wouldn’t be able to get my attention, because I refused to give it to him instead. In their minds, this is reasonable, because they feel we owe them that much, and if we refuse to make them the center of attention, it’s aggression on our part, and any action to beat us down to submission is acceptable and “nothing else should be expected of him”.

2. “What I have to say is important at the moment - every moment.”

You were trying to tell a story? He immediately comes up with a vaguely related story that happened to someone he knew that is somehow suddenly more relevant than what you wanted to say. You were trying to prove a point? He’s going to prove a different point. You have a problem that bothers you? His much smaller problem is bothering him much more, to the point where you have to feel bad for bringing your problem up in the first place. You have an achivement you’re proud of? Wait until you hear what he has done at some point in time that right now feels more relevant to him. In his mind, what you have to say simply doesn’t matter and it’s on him to figure out how to slowly bring that down to you, so you’d finally shut up and accept that his confidence is to be worshipped, yours beaten down.

3. Personal attack

Focus will be on you only if it makes you look bad. If you dared to insist that you’re heard and given a basic bit of attention, or, heavens forbid, said something that goes against his opinions and actions, you will immediately find yourself under a personal attack. You’ll be called out on things that have nothing to do with the subject. You will be deemed unfit to even speak about issues that matter to you. Suddenly, even the issues that you have personal experience and endless statistical data and proof, are not yours to speak of because “he knows better”. You’ll be called slurs, humiliated, discredited, all your knowledge of the subject will be perceived as “silly” and “wrong”, not to mention you’re a horrible person for daring to speak your mind on the subject. The point of personal attack is to make you look bad, but you’re not supposed to notice how it makes him look way worse, you’re supposed to feel rightfully called out and humbled, and fail to notice how your basic human right of speech is being trampled on, how you’re being silenced and hurt by emotional and psychological abuse by a man who found himself threatened by truth you pointed out.

4. Double Standards

“I’m a man” is an excuse not to listen, not to sympathize, not to offer compassion, not to take responsibility for his actions, not to bother with “woman logic”, not to question the consequences of his actions, not to feel guilty for indulging in primarily male behaviour that harms women but is excusable because “all men do it”. “You’re a woman” is an excuse to hold you responsible for men’s actions, and obliged to please men, to maintain your social value and appearance up to certain standards, to fulfill all male expectations and fantasies and ideas about what you should be, otherwise what good you are for? And even if you do all that, you’ll end up reduced to a slur and disposed of whenever it pleases a man to do just that. And don’t be surprised, what did you expect? They’re men.

5. Social Truth

Logic, statistics, experiences, facts, consequences and practical knowledge all have zero value before men’s social perception of what’s going on. Men have already decided that it’s them who’s suffering the worst. They’ve already decided they’re the one who need better treatment and more privileges and liberation from oppression. Men have affirmed this with each other, they’ve agreed amongst themselves that women are oppressive, bother them too much, ask for too much, don’t give them enough, don’t do enough for them. How could women expect for their issues to be taken seriously when men don’t feel like they’ve done enough for them? Men will offer you countless examples where he was expecting something from a woman and she didn’t fulfil it, so how dare she imply she could be the one who’s oppressed? How dare any woman claim anything about her life, her body, her experiences, her problems? Men have already agreed they know better, they feel confident about it because his friends and male relatives and co-workers and bosses and acquaintances will all confirm to him he’s exactly right, he’s telling the truth, how could some miser woman now claim differently? She must be stupid. Truth commonly accepted among men will ignore all evidence, all male privilege, all objective truth, all statistics, all proof. They don’t examine it critically more than “is this going in our favour” and that’s all they need to yell it from rooftops, to violently shut down every woman’s voice claiming differently, speaking from different perspective. They have support. They have backup. Countless men will agree with them. It’s all they need. Truth doesn’t matter.

6. What they don’t consider lying

Nothing is lying. If a lie needs to be told in order for a man to get something out of a woman he otherwise wouldn’t get - it’s considered fair play, in his mind. How could you blame him? After all, if he didn’t lie, he wouldn’t get what he wanted? Isn’t this how all people do things? Isn’t it a way of life? How could you expect him to tell the truth when it wasn’t going in his favour? He won’t even feel guilty. But instead, if you don’t react to his lie the way you should have - in his mind - then you are the bad one. How could you not believe his word, give him your full trust and obedience and perfect reactions he so deeply deserves? How could you even consider that he would lie to you? You don’t know what’s real, you can’t act like he’s lying when you don’t even know if he is. He is excused in saying any lie at all, but you aren’t allowed to doubt it, otherwise how will he get what he wanted and feel completely free of guilt while doing it? You should enable that much to a man, to lie and get away with it, get all he wants, and to feel like a genius for tricking everyone in such a cunning way. Oh, and you shouldn’t feel cheated and lied to because, you know, it wasn’t personal, it was just so he could get what he wants, you weren’t a person to him in this entire scheme, just a prop, you should feel stupid for falling for it, but you know, it’s his win.

7. “I’m reasonable” voice tone

All your passion and emotions that get out of you while you speak that would normally be a proof of how important and valuable talking about this issue is to you, yet he decides to perceive as you obviously spouting nonsense from being too emotional. Does he know you’re telling the truth? Of course he does. Does he know how being invalidated and accused of being “too emotional” and “hysterical” hurts you? Of course he does. Does he care? No. All he wants from you in that moment is to adapt to perspective that benefits him, rather than the one you’re presenting - you know, the one that actually expresses what’s going on and leads to acknowledgment and resolving of your problems. He isn’t interested in you being in less pain or you speaking out the truth, or you struggling less or you bringing to light how much you’re struggling with. Be reasonable. Adapt male perspective. See yourself how men see you. Quit having your own perspective, you know that’s not reasonable. Quit showing emotions about an issue that is of a big personal value to you. Look at me. I’m reasonable. You mean nothing to me. Your struggles mean nothing to me. Be like that. Don’t mean anything to yourself. Be only a benefit to me. Then you too can pretend all your issues are made up. After all your pain means nothing in comparison to benefits we get from it. It’s easy to speak with “I’m reasonable” voice and straight, emotionless face while talking about an issue that doesn’t affect you whatsoever, and you don’t care about the one who is affected, and benefit from what they’re suffering from.

8. “How can you call me out when there’s worse men”

You should be grateful he isn’t worse. He could do worse. He knows he could. He saw other men doing much worse, and thought to himself “damn, I’m nice, this is how things are done when women don’t listen” instead of, you know, intervening and saving someone from abuse like a decent person would do. He saw how cruel men are in other parts of the world. He made sure to remember it and inform women what they could expect from worse men, to remind them to be grateful that he, a nice man, isn’t like that. Now, if you’re going to call anyone out, you should first make sure to call out every guy who is worse, otherwise how is this fair towards him? If a guy who did worse isn’t called out, but he, the “nice” guy is, that is the greatest injustice ever done to mankind, and he will feel hurt and things will be unfair for him. What about you, you ask? What about him hurting you that caused you to call him out in the first place? Oh what’s fair to you doesn’t matter, you are the one who needs to make the world fair for him, or, you know, he might get worse, and it will be entirely your fault, since you didn’t arrange the world to be absolutely and completely fair towards him.

9. “I decide how you should react/your reaction is a provocation.”

Your behaviour is decided by his rules, and every single emotion, thought and action you make should only be made in his convenience. It lies on the premise that only he gets to be a human being and show his emotions freely and react the way he wants, you unfortunately, do not get the human privileges, if you react the humane way - get upset when you’re hurt, get angry when things are unfair and infuriating, point out double standards, argue and demand that your word matters too, want to have your feeling acknowledged or even argue that you have a say in how you should be treated - you’ve overstepped, and suddenly you are all wrong and whatever he does to you in return is what you deserved by provoking him. That’s, right, you being a human being is a provocation, it’s a dangerous straying from the object you’re supposed to be - that you are in his eyes, and you have to be “shown your place”, because after all, his convenience is more important than your life, and you’re only there to obey him and make him feel good about himself. Even while he’s hurting you. Even while he’s using you. Even while you’re reduced to a less than a human being.  

10. “You haven’t considered this issue from my perspective enough”

After all, you should look at things from his perspective. But you do. There’s never been a moment you didn’t consider his perspective. Just as there’s never been a moment he has considered yours. And the mere idea of taking a moment to consider your perspective - if he’s even aware that you can have one, and that your words aren’t just there to be crushed until he gets his way - is offensive and crazy to him. Instead, you get called out for not seeing things his way enough. As if you’re the one who is inconsiderate and refusing to acknowledge that he is just a human and that you can’t expect that much from him. But you’ve never forgotten that he’s a human. And you never expected that much, just to not be continually hurt and used by him, and to be treated like a valued human being. But suddenly this is too much? Too much to expect from a fellow human being? Isn’t it a lot like he’s forgotten you’re a human being, and calling you out on something that he actually did? Cruel hypocrisy that he doesn’t even seem to notice because it’s so natural and normal to him to call you out for his own wrongdoings, and to attack you if you’re not willing to obediently take blame.

@women: If a man is talking in this fashion he will get worse, not better. Ditch him at any cost.

@men: this was a list of abusive behaviour, if you don’t do any of these, there’s no reason for you to feel called out, if you do feel called out, I have bad news for you.


“Bobby hyung purposely teases me on broadcast but he is usually friendly. He says “This is delicious so eat it!” and gives it away to me or when we’re all playing a game, he lets me do it first or when choosing delivery food, he lets me choose what I like.” - Chanwoo

Bobby’s Birthday Countdown → D-1

↳ Bobby + maknae line

  • Psychic: -reads my mind-
  • my mind:
  • JD (spoken):
  • All is forgiven baby! Come on, get dressed. You're my date to the pep rally tonight!
  • (sung)
  • You chucked me out like I was trash,
  • For that you should be dead—
  • But! But! But!
  • Then it hit me like a flash,
  • What if high school went away instead’
  • Those assholes are the key!
  • They’re keeping you away from me!
  • They made you blind, messed up your mind
  • But I can set you free!
  • You left me and I fell apart,
  • I punched the wall and cried—
  • Bam! Bam! Bam!
  • Then I found you changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside!
  • And so I built a bomb
  • Tonight our school is Vietnam!
  • Let’s guarantee they’ll never see their senior prom!
  • I was meant to be yours!
  • We were meant to be one!
  • Don’t give up on me now!
  • Finish what we’ve begun!
  • I was mean to be yours!
  • So when the high school gym goes boom with everyone inside—
  • Pchw! Pchw! Pchw!
  • In the rubble of their tomb
  • We’ll plant this note explaining why they died!
  • JD AND STUDENTS (spoken):
  • We, the students of Westerburg High
  • Will die. Our burnt bodies may finally get through
  • To you. Your society churns out slaves and blanks
  • No thanks. Signed the Students of Westerburg High
  • ‘Goodbye.’
  • JD (sung):
  • We’ll watch the smoke poor out the doors.
  • Bring marshmallows,
  • We’ll make s’mores!
  • We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars!
  • I was meant to be yours!
  • We were meant to be one!
  • I can’t make this alone!
  • Finish what we’ve begun!
  • You were meant to be mine!
  • I am all that you need!
  • You carved open my heart!
  • Can’t just leave me to bleed!
  • Open the—open the door, please’
  • Veronica, open the door.
  • Veronica, can we not fight anymore’
  • Please, can we not fight anymore’
  • Veronica, sure, you’re scared,
  • I’ve been there. I can set you free!
  • Veronica, don’t make me come in there!
  • I’m gonna count to three!
  • (spoken) One! Two! Fuck it!
  • (JD kicks open the closet door. Veronica dangles from an improvised bedsheet noose)
  • JD-
  • (spoken) Oh my God! ‘No! ‘Veronica’!
  • (sung)
  • Please don’t leave me alone’
  • You were all I could trust’
  • I can’t do this alone’
  • Still I will if I must!
  • Psychic: What the fuck
can we please talk about Phil Lester

Phil “spent all night in the hospital with Dan when they weren’t sure what was wrong” Lester

Phil “sends his friends customized gifts to congratulate them” Lester

Phil “makes others anxiety feel better by doing the thing with them” Lester

Phil “supported Dan when he decided to drop out of university and helped him through that uncertain time” Lester

Phil “I won’t pull away first when we’re hugging because I know you might need it” Lester

Phil “I lost a friend when I was young but I’m living with a smile because I know that’s what he would’ve wanted” Lester

Phil “I have nothing but love to give” Lester

The First Day of NaNoWriMo

We’re just a few hours away from NaNoWriMo, so I wanted to share some encouragement before you get started.

First of all, stay calm. It’s the first day, so try to be enthusiastic about it! This should be fun!

Here’s what to expect/how to approach your first day of NaNoWriMo:

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

You might want to hit all your word counts right away, but give yourself time to figure it all out. Getting the first chapter down is difficult and it might take time to find your groove. I usually struggle with the first words, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Write What You Can

November 1st is a Tuesday, so a lot of us have stuff to do. We might be busy with class or work, so it’s important to figure out what time works for you. If you can’t write a lot November 1st, that’s fine. If you’re loaded up with homework, that’s fine too. NaNoWriMo is all about time management, so if most of your writing time will get done on the weekends don’t stress about days with low word counts.

Adjust Your Target Goals

The 1st week will help you figure out if your goals are unrealistic. If you tried your best, but didn’t even hit half of your target word count, readjust your goals! Figure out something that makes more sense for your schedule/your writing pace. If you work better at night, try to make room before bed. This is the best time to figure out your most productive writing style!

Reward Yourself

Take care of yourself and treat yourself well during NaNoWriMo! Reward yourself. Get a good meal, watch one of your favorite movies, etc. Treating yourself well will only improve your writing and make this month fun! Punishing yourself or cutting yourself off from the outside world until you hit impossible goals will only make your miserable.

-Kris Noel


[trans] luna: don’t worry. sm isn’t not letting us have a comeback, we’re just making sure we’re preparing hard so it can be perfect

[trans] luna: all the f(x) members are doing well. i spoke with all of them today

Some translations from the Luna’s Alphabet livestream yesterday. 

It may seem hard right now, but having a negative attitude won’t do us any good except drive fans away. f(x), especially Luna and Amber, seem to be fighting to at least give us hope, so let’s do what we can! Remember what Luna said about talking about f(x) all the time, too! 

(I’m singling out Lunber, because they’re the ones publicly saying stuff. I’m sure Krytoria are fighting, too, otherwise we would’ve gotten the D-word already.)

teachmetobreath  asked:

Hi Cassie! I must admit that I love to see how you enjoy interacting with us - your fans - as much as we do with you. It's always lovely to see it!But back to my question: I'm utterly captivated by Malcom & Annabel! But since I bought "A history of notable shadowhunters and denizens of downworld", I'm kinda wondering how Annabel lost that finger and what about all the scars? I know you probably can't answer since it would give away too much, but maybe you can give us a hint or little snippet?😊

Lord of Shadows is absolutely an investigation into the story of Annabel. We know what happened to her is shrouded in some mystery — we have Malcolm’s version and we have the fairytale version, but what’s the real version? In Lord of Shadows our current Team Good seeks answers in the past, including going to Blackthorn Hall (which once belonged to the Lightwoods, and is where Will, Jem and Tessa killed a giant worm in Clockwork Princess) and to Cornwall, where Annabel and Malcolm grew up. 

Barbados Bonding (REQUEST)

“Jaxon!” I squealed, pushing my now wet hair out of my face. He laughed immensely as he watched his prank play out, but soon stopped as he saw me get to my feet, “I’m gonna get you!”

Chasing him down the beach, he screamed and hid behind the shield that was his big brother. “Let me at him, Justin,” I said, leaning around him to try and grab him. “What did you do, Jaxo?”

“P-poured sea water in her hair,” He giggled, making Justin laugh too. To his little brother’s surprise, he stepped aside and Jaxon gasped, giving me the opportunity to pick him up. We fell onto the sand, courtesy of Justin sticking his foot out and I proceeded to tickle him.

“(Y/N), ahhh! S-stop it!” He giggled, trying to push my hands away, “I’m not gonna stop till you apologiseeeeee,” I sung, never letting up.


Soon, I heard the giggles of other presence’s. I turned and saw Justin’s sister, Jazmyn and step-sister, Allie watching close by as their brother was being attacked by the tickle monster. “Don’t just stand there, come help!”

They ran over and joined in, “Us girls have gotta stick together,” I said, and they nodded in agreement, pinning Jaxon’s arms up so that I could reach his armpits.

“Alright, alr-right… s-orry!!!”

Letting him go, he stood up and shook himself off, out of breath. Allie and Jazmyn were in a fit of giggles and I smiled at them, they were adorable. Looking up, I saw Justin sat with his father, smiling at the scene before them.

I was honoured that Jeremy had invited me to spend a vacation in Barbados with the Bieber’s (OG and to-be), it made me feel like part of the family. I loved the kids, a lot. They were adorable and so full of energy.

justin’s pov

“She’s so good with the kids,”

I smiled at my dad’s observation and watched as they used her as a human jungle gym, Jaxon on her back and Allie and Jazmyn on either leg. They were all laughing and it couldn’t help but bring a grin to my face.

(Y/N) was special. Especially with children, it was like she became one but still retained a motherly instinct. She taught Allie how to build the “perfect” sandcastle, Jazzy to plait hair so that she could achieve “mermaid waves” and Jaxon to be more confident in the water. I admired her.

“I’m so glad she came,” I added, “This trip wouldn’t have been the same without her.”

Seeing her with my siblings made me even more confident that she was the woman I wanted to settle down with, she was perfect in every way. Not only my siblings, but my Dad and stepmom, too. The way she spoke with them were as if she’d been friends with them for decades. (Y/N) was such a heartwarming person, and everyone could see that.

“Justin, look what (Y/N) found!”

Jazzy ran up to me with a starfish in her grasp, “Woah… where did you find that?”

“By the water! She says we have to put it back though, because it can’t survive on the beach.”

“Which is sad, because it’s so pretty here,” Allie added.

I glanced up and saw (Y/N) waiting by the water’s edge for them, feet splashing in the water. She was a masterpiece, I got so lucky with her.

“Earth to Justin!”

I blinked repeatedly and I heard my dad laugh beside me as Jazzy waved her hand ferociously in front of my face, “I said are you coming to watch?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

I walked with them to the shoreline and smiled at (Y/N), wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her in for a kiss, “Hey beautiful.”

“Ewwww!” All three of them grimaced, making (Y/N) giggle. “One day, when you’re a little bit older, you guys will find someone who makes you really happy and kissing will be the last thing that you’ll find gross,” She spoke, making me smile.

“Now come on, we have a starfish to save.” She changed the subject before there was any protest.

Walking into the sea, we all watched as (Y/N) took the starfish from Jazzy and swam out a little way so that nobody would tread on it. We waved and she waved back before ducking under the water.

“We really like (Y/N),” Allie said and Jazzy nodded in agreement, “I like her the most! She taught me how to swim on my back.” Jaxon added.

“I’m happy that you guys like her,” I said, pulling them all close to me as we watched her swim back, “Because she’s gonna be around for a while.”