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Diary Of a Side Nigga

I had just twisted my ankle playing ball. So I called her to let her know what just happen. These niggas decided to keep playing and go a man short. She asked me if anyone was taking me home. These niggas told me not until after the game. So I told her what they told me and she was lowkey pissed. So she takes off of work and comes to get me from the court and takes me to the emergency room. 

Nobody has ever done something like that for me before other than my moms, fam. So I am just like damn, she’s down as fuck. When we got to the emergency room she helped get into the wheelchair and everything. I really felt some type of way to be honest. Like shorty nursed me lowkey. I just sat there in silence just thinking, wow. 

We were sitting in the waiting room for what seemed like forever and she goes up to the window to see what was going on. She damn near started raising hell. Not even 10 minutes later they finally call me back then immediately take me back to get x-rays. Tell me why when I got back she already had some food waiting on a nigga. 

They put us in a room and we just sat and watched TV. The doctor came in the room and saw her sitting on the bed. She asked me if she was my girlfriend. I shook my head but she was like yeah. The doctor gave me a mean ass side eye then explains to me what’s going on with my ankle. In my head I’m like oh shit. At that point I heard nothing the doctor had told me. 

So when the doctor leaves I turn to her and I was like: oh yeah so I’m boyfriend number two? Wholetime I thought I was just a side nigga. She grabbed my bad ankle and told me to shut the fuck up. I was playing but I was deadass at the same time. So before leaving the hospital she the nurse gave me crutches and this little brace to wear on my ankle, along with some a prescription. 

She took me to Walgreen’s to get my prescription filled. While she was in the store I called my mom to tell her what happened. She asked me how I got to the hospital, so I told her. She started asking me all these question about who she is, what’s her name and such and such. I told my mom it wasn’t even like that and she has a boyfriend. 

My moms was just like, nigga I aint dumb, how long yall been fucking. I swear I started rolling. I told her to chill and l would talk to her later. Before she hung up the phone I told her I love her. As soon as I said that shorty started coming back. The window was down, so I guess she heard me. She gets in the car and was like I love you too, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this. Then she leaned over to the back seat and gave me a kiss. Nigga! I can’t even explain how I felt at that moment. Shorty got a whole ass boyfriend though, like what?!

I didn’t know what to so or what to say. On the ride back to my place I pretended to fall asleep.

She dropped me off and told me to be careful and she was going to go back to work and told me to call her before I went to bed. She said if I wanted she would come over to keep her company. 

At that point I I didn’t know if I was a side nigga or if I was boyfriend number two. She really had a nigga in his feelings. 

Seven Seconds

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Y/n is wild and reckless. She acts upon instinct, and that’s one huge problem that Bucky has to deal with.

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: angst, fluff, violence, swearing

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

To say that Y/n hated Bucky was an understatement. She despised him. He was too controlling, too bossy, and too cocky. Whenever Steve wasn’t in charge of a mission, it was Bucky. Y/n wouldn’t admit it, but she was bitter that he was second in command. She knew it was because he was Steve’s best friend, but he was too hot headed and she would prefer to report to Natasha. They were friends and worked well together. Working with Bucky was a different story. They clashed heads way too many times. She didn’t respect authority, or rather his authority, and it pissed him off into next week, especially during training.

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Shut Down (Pt. 2)

It had been days since Oliver shut down; Google had laid him on the couch after he had processed what happened. He knew he had crossed a small line with Oliver, but he hadn’t thought it would turn out like this. Oliver had shown no signs of waking up, and though he wouldn’t say it out loud, Google was concerned.

It took just ten minutes for things to go from bad to worse. There was a quick meeting between the group and Google left to check on Oliver. When he got to the living room, he was gone. He ran back to the meeting room and slammed the door open.

“Oliver’s gone.”

Shock silenced the talking, everyone looking to the door. Google felt eyes on him as he walked to the table, sitting down and covering his face with his hands. A few curious whispered floated around the room.

“What are you going to do?” The question came from Dark, an almost accusatory tone in his voice. “You’re search engines, don’t you have a gps function?”

“He turned it off. Already tried looking.” Google sighed, regretting his previous course of action. Oliver had a tendency of getting himself into sticky situations, his curiosity sometimes getting the better of him. “I don’t know where to look.”

“How about the places he usually goes to? I mean, you did freak him out to the point where he shut down. It’s the same reaction as a human passing out, but for Oliver it was voluntary.” Dr. Iplier had spoken up, looking up from a notebook. “He may just be freaked out and going somewhere familiar to him.” He did have a good point.

Google stood up, pushing his chair in. “I don’t care if you continue the meeting without me, I’m going to look for Oliver.” His brothers stood up as well, following him out.

“Wait for me!” Wilford shouted, eager for the adventure. He skipped out of the room, leaving the rest in silence.

“We should help, as well.” Bim and the Doctor walked out of the room, leaving the Host and Dark to themselves.

“What are you going to do?” The Host mused, seeing as Dark had been the one who prompted Google to search for him. “If I knew where he was it might be possible for me to get him to come back, but I have no idea.”

Dark was in between emotions. He knew it would be proper of him to go look for Oliver, but he also thought it should be up to Google. It was him who made the mistake, after all. Oliver had always been a sort of fragile when it came to things like punishments.

“The meeting is over, I might as well look. I don’t have anything better to do anyways.” Dark didn’t stand up immediately. The Host did, however, and Dark trailed after him a few moments later.

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The moment Clara enters the picture in Hell Bent is when things begin to unravel for the Doctor. Getting rid of the Time Lords was easy. Getting Clara to go along with it all would prove to be the most challenging part of his plan.

The Doctor knew that the success of his plan was contingent upon keeping Clara Oswald in the dark. The three scenes above show the Doctor’s mounting desperation in the face of Clara’s refusal to follow blindly until, finally, he snaps.

In the first instance, the Doctor attempts to placate. He gets right up close into her personal space. He’s trying to soothe her, but she refuses to be soothed. Her body language is saying, “I am angry, I want answers and I want them now, and touching me won’t shut me up, so don’t.”

Next step: evasion. He won’t meet her eyes, because this is Clara we’re talking about, who knows him better than he knows himself. One glimpse into his eyes was all it took to realise something was off about him. Who knows what kind of secrets will come tumbling out of his mouth if he allowed her another?

Finally, he gets on the offensive and attacks. We see him at his rawest here. The persona of the Doctor is all but gone, and what’s left is a man who is desperate and panicking, and who is quickly running out of options. He reframes her questioning into a personal attack against his character, hoping to guilt her into silence. But he goes too far, and the Clara we see in the next panel is backing away from him with genuine fear in her eyes. And her fear stops him - momentarily. He realises how he must look from her perspective. What sort of monster he must seem to her in that instant.

Look at you, with your eyes, and your never giving up, and your anger, and your kindness.” These are the very traits which eventually stop the Doctor in his hell-bent tracks. Clara Oswald ends up saving the universe and the Doctor once again.

Silent Night - A Christmas Song

I have written about this in many other posts before, but I find this so mindblowingly beautiful that I feel it deserves its own post: 

If you have watched The Husbands Of River Song, the next thing you need to do right now is to re-watch A Christmas Carol. Because that Christmas special is one big, beautiful metaphor for the Doctor and River’s story. Down to the last little detail. Five years before the Singing Towers and three years before Trenzalore - in his very first Christmas special ever, Moffat was outlining the entire thing for us, including River Song’s encounter with Twelve. Be prepared to be blown away (I hope).

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Girl Next Door {8}

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling, Mentions Of Mental Health

Words: 2,425

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Who is that creeper? Italics are flashbacks. Enjoy! Love You all!

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The aforementioned 200 (and more) followers fic.

[Firstly, thank you very much for the kind comments, in tags or otherwise, as regards the previous fic. I’d intended to have this ready for when I hit 200 followers but I seem to have blown right past it so I’m a bit behind. I suppose if you want to build an owlsinhoodies timeline this would come before the previous fic (and a good portion of the content of this blog).]

‘It’s still there.’


The Doctor pointed with his screwdriver – his regular one, which was still in one hand as he was bent over a project at his work table – in the general direction of Clara’s face. ‘Your face. It’s not gone anywhere.’

‘I … know that?’

‘You keep touching it.’

Clara puffed out her breath. ‘I feel like I’m running a fever.’ She touched the back of her hand to her forehead uselessly. Where was it you were meant to feel? Your stomach?

‘Here.’ The Doctor put down his tools, removed his glasses, and strode over to Clara, putting his forehead against hers unflinchingly. She blinked in surprise at the closeness, a tight smile forming on her face.

‘Hello there,’ she said, feeling slightly awkward only because he didn’t seem to.


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Don’t Let Go

Stuart Stilinski X Tessa Thomas (OC)
Takes place around season 5 finale 

Two lines. Pregnant. 

This can’t be happening. I can’t be pregnant. Not now. I’m still a teenager and with all that’s going on with the Dread Doctors, I don’t need this right now. But I don’t want to get rid of it. I want to keep it. 

“Tessa?” A knock on the bathroom stall door interrupts my thoughts. “Tessa are you ok?“ 

"Yeah… Malia. I’m fine.” Since she’s dating Stiles and I’m with Stuart, we’ve gotten closer. “No. You’re not.” I sigh. Damn you wolf senses. I open the door and pull her into the stall with me. “What’s wrong?” I hand her the stick. “Seriously?” I nod. “What are you going to do?" 

"I have to tell Stuart. But I don’t know how he’s gonna react to it. What if he doesn’t want it Malia? What am I gonna do?” She takes my hands. 

“Stuart loves you. Just talk to him. He’ll understand. He may throw some sarcasm at you because that’s what he does…” I chuckle. “But he’ll understand. Don’t worry.” We leave the stall and go back to class. After class Stuart sees me at my locker and walks over. 

“Hey beautiful.” He pecks me on the lips. 

“Hi. Can I talk to you?” He nods and I pull him into the janitor’s closet. “What’s wrong baby?” I take a deep breath. 

“I’m pregnant.” I say looking down, trying not to see his reaction. 


“We’re having a baby Stu.” Silence. “Please say something." 

"We’re having a baby? I’m gonna be a father?" 

"Yeah… What are we gonna do?” I sob. “We can’t have a baby! We’re too young! What will our parents think? And then the Dread Doctors and everything that’s going on! And I’m not even sure you want a baby! And I–“ he cuts me off with a kiss and looks deep into my eyes. 

"We’re not getting rid of it. This is our baby and we’ll figure it out. Our parents won’t be too happy about it, but they can’t do anything about it. This is our baby. As for the Dread Doctors, they’re not after you so you’ll be ok. Don’t worry.” He kisses my forehead. “We can do this.” The bell rings. “Come on. Let’s go to class." 

Stuart’s POV: 

I told my dad the day of and at first he wasn’t very happy, but he slowly came around when he realized he’s going to be a grandfather. Stiles and the rest of the gang was happy. Especially Lydia. She loves the idea of having a baby around. Tessa didn’t tell her parents yet. Not until we’re absolutely sure she’s pregnant and because she’s scared to death about how they’ll react. So right now, we’re on our way to the hospital so Melissa can do a quick ultrasound during our study hall period. 

"Are you nervous?” I ask her. 

“Very.” She says as she nods her head. 

“Are you ready?” Melissa asks. We stand up and go into a room and she lays on the counter. “The gel is cold, just to warn you.” Tessa lifts up her shirt and Melissa puts the gel on her stomach. Tessa reaches out her hand and I take it. “There it is. There’s your baby.” She points to a circle on the screen. Tessa can’t take her eyes off the screen. 

“That’s our baby Stu.” Tears well up in her eyes. I’m in awe. I can barely talk. We’re really having a baby. 

“I love you.” I tell Tessa. She turns to me. 

“I love you too.”


Malia, Stiles, my dad and I are sitting at the table eating dinner when the doorbell rings. 

“I’ll get it.” My dad says as he gets up from the table. “Stuart! It’s for you!” I get up from the table and go to the door. 

“Tessa? What are you doing here baby?”

“Hi. Stuart. Um… I uh… Yeah.”

“Tessa come inside.” My dad says.

“What’s wrong with you babe?”

“I told my parents…”

“And?” She breaks down into a sob.

“They kicked me out!” She cries. “I told them and they told me to take my b-bastard baby and get out!” I take her in my arms as she cries. 

“Shhh. It’s ok baby. You can stay here. It’s fine. We’ll be ok.” I take her to the couch and sit her down. “Did you want to eat?” I ask her after she dies down. She shakes her head.

“You have to eat something. For the baby.” Stiles says.

“Do you have any clothes?” Malia asks.

“They let me pack one bag.” Malia nods and goes back to her car. Stiles comes into the living room with a small plate of pasta. 

“Eat baby.” I say. She slowly takes bites and chews. Malia puts the bag in the living room and she, Stiles and my dad leave the room. After she eats, I take her to my room and she changes her clothes and she climbs into the bed. “How are you? Sorry. That’s a stupid question.”

“How could they do that to me? I’m their daughter and they kicked me out without even caring.” I climb into bed behind her.

“They don’t know what they’re missing. They’re missing out on their beautiful grand baby. But that’s ok. More for my dad.” She chuckles. I pull her close to me and wrap my arms around her. “You can stay with us as long as you need." 

"I don’t want to get in the way.”

“We have a were-coyote living here. You’re fine baby. Our house is open.”

“Are you sure?” I turn her towards me.

“Of course I am. I love having you here with me every night.” I kiss her cheek. “Wait. I have something for you.” I get out of the bed and go into the closet and stand in front of her.

“What’s that?” I show her a teddy bear. “It’s for you. Until the baby comes then they can have it. I was going to surprise you with it tomorrow, but I think you need it now.” I hand her the bear and she holds it close to her. 

“I love it baby. Thank you so much. I love you.”

“I love you too Tessa. I can’t wait to see our baby.”


Tessa’s POV:

“We’re going to the school. I need you to stay here at the house. If anything happens, go straight to the station and find my dad. Ok?” Stuart commands. I nod. “Stiles and I knew Theo wasn’t right and something is about to go down.” He presses a kiss to my lips. “Lock the doors, stay safe and get Stiles’ bat if you need to. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kisses me one more time and leaves the house. I’m sitting around the house, waiting for them to come home when the lights begin to flicker. “What the hell…” The lights go completely out. “No. No. No.” I go to the door but it’s blocked and I can’t get out. I start hyperventilating. I turn around and see a figure walking towards me. “Please. Please don’t hurt me. I’m begging you! I’m pregnant! Have mercy! Please don’t hurt my baby!” I try to run off but it catches me and I feel a shearing pain in my mid section and I drop to the floor.


Stuart’s POV:

“Your dad was looking for you Stiles.” Theo says. “He found me instead." 

"Where is he?” I ask.

“Did you hurt him?” Stiles asks.

“I’ll tell you where your dad is. If you promise not to help Scott.” He turns to me. “I hear your heartbeat rising Stuart. Is it about your dad? Maybe you should let Stiles worry about your dad and you should be focusing on the pretty little girlfriend of yours… Now that she’s pregnant.”

“What did you do to her?!” I growl.

“You better not have touched them!” My brother roars.

“There he is! Void Stiles. It felt good didn’t it? We won’t tell Scott. Even though we all know you never needed him. You two hate me now, but you’ll get it eventually.” He sighs. “This is the hard part. You can’t help Scott and save their lives. You’ve still got time boys. You’ve still got time.”


Tessa’s POV:

I feel my body being dropped somewhere, but I don’t have the strength to open my eyes. 

“Tessa?” A weak voice calls out.

“Sheriff?” I answer weakly.

“Are you ok?”


“I need to to stay awake for me. Ok? Here. Take my hand.” I feel around until I get his hand. “We’re gonna be ok Tessa. Stay awake for my son. And the baby. Think of the baby. What are you going to name it?”

“If it’s a boy… Steven.”

“And a girl?”

“Claudia… Sheriff…”

“Call me dad sweetie." 

"Dad… It hurts. It hurts really badly. And I’m so tired.” I start hyperventilating.

“Tessa? Tessa what’s wrong?”

“I can’t feel anything.” I cry. “My feet. I can’t feel them. I feel… cold.”

“Calm down Tess. Just calm down. You’re gonna be ok. Just keep holding onto my hand. Don’t let go. Do you hear me? Just stay awake. They’re coming.“


“Tessa?!” I open my eyes slightly and see Stuart and Stiles running towards us. “Tessa? Baby?”


“Yeah baby. I’m right here. Stay awake. The ambulance is coming. You’re going to be fine. You and the baby are going to be fine.” I try to speak, I try to tell him, but I don’t get the chance before everything goes black.


I hope this was good! I don’t know what to do for part 2 (if I make one) since this ends with the season finale… But I might think of something.

Dear Hillary: when my daughter died, I vowed to live for her, and I will be a voice for her

Dear Hillary,

Firstly, I would like to say it was an honor to vote for you. I had complete confidence that America would see your courage and goodness and choose as a country to follow your light. Instead, we have chosen darkness, and what a cloud it is and will be for years to come.

I believe we are meant to be a light in the world. We all have some darkness, some more than others, but there is a light in the deepest parts if we dive into our darkest moments and find a stillness, somehow we can notice tiny cracks of brightness and find a way to let it come through. The light and dark both live side by side. They are both a part of us. That’s what makes us human. But in order to not be the poison in the world, we have to keep that light and truth moving us forward. I’m so deeply saddened by the results of this election.

I’m not just singularly sad because we may lose our health insurance through Obamacare, or that our livelihood may be negatively affected. It is a huge concern that a bully was rewarded and sets the example for my son that not only can a bully win, but implies you must be a bully in order to win. But all of that I can work through I can take on that burden and preach against it as I raise my child to be a light in this world despite those who are ruthless and unkind in the world. That part is in my control still.

What concerns me even deeper, is the authority of men and women spreading misinformation in the pro-life evangelical church movement, justifying their discomfort and spreading fear, judgement, and cruelty in the name of a divine, while endangering the health of women. I have never met a group of people so lacking in empathy.

We need to change the rhetoric. We need to educate people. The opposite of pro-life is not pro-choice or pro-abortion, as many love to claim and accuse. We too are for life. And I would go as far as saying we are more for life than the pro-lifers. I suppose this is the reason I’m writing you.

I am but a small voice with a small audience. But, I am fiercely committed to honoring my children and fighting for them in a world that doesn’t always make sense. You have committed yourself your whole career to be a voice for mothers and children, so I ask that you will be a voice for us in this.

Here’s a bit of my story.

5 years ago I was pregnant with my first child. She was very much planned and the decision to get pregnant and start a family with my husband was well thought out. We had been married not even a year, and we were excited to bring a new life into the world, into our hearts, and we were ready to raise her to be a contributing member of society, desiring to raise a conscientious person.

About 5 months into my pregnancy we received some unusual blood work results from one of the routine check ups. My doctor said it was probably a false positive, not to worry because he had literally in all his practice never seen anything like this. But to be certain he scheduled me an appointment with a Perinatologist to follow up.

I never quite know how much of our story I should share because what we have learned is that it is privileged information only for those who can be trusted to respond with empathy. Only if you can see humanity and be human in return despite your own discomfort with death. Because that is what it comes down to. America has created a culture that dehumanizes certain citizens when it comes to facing their own emotional discomfort and reaction to death. It is not just with abortion, it is with the death penalty, gun lobbying, and terrorism. But as I see how misguided people have become through politically charged fear, I’m realizing more of us need to be sharing our stories to make them human again.

We need connection. We need authentic, heartbreaking stories to pull on heartstrings. We need to be vulnerable with one another.

My husband and I went to the specialist, still thinking all would be ok. After all, if our doctor in his 60’s had never seen or heard of such concerns, how could we be the one case?

When we arrived at the doctor’s office they took us to a room to talk with a geneticist, which in hindsight is mostly a blur because at the time I thought they were pointless numbers and statistics. I figured they were routine for all patients. It was my first pregnancy, so I had no point of comparison.

The moments that followed were the absolute worst hours of my life and of my husband’s life. (I think it’s important to mention how it affected him as well, because pro-lifers and the media dehumanize women by excluding the fathers. They dismantle the family unit in order to make their rhetoric more palpable, as if they took a beautiful steak, threw it in a blender and then say, “it’s nutritious and delicious, drink up.”)

They took us into an exam room for an ultrasound. The doctor walked in and said, “I just want to say before we get started that I am an eternal optimist, but I am afraid of what we are about to see, and I feel like I need you to know that.” They are words I’ll never forget as long as I live. I still didn’t know how concerned I should be. The mood was somber and none of us said anything at first. We watched him scan her body from head to toe waiting for him to break the silence and offer a hopeful miracle.

He was gentle and kind. “These are her hands, but her fingers are clenched in a fist, and they should be spread out wide, which tells me her brain isn’t functioning properly. This is her heart, and the valves, but the one that is supposed to carry things away is missing. And you can see right here there is a hole in her heart. Her heart is having to work extra hard right now, which is why it’s beating the way it is. You can see she isn’t moving much, that is because her limbs are freezing up, and soon she won’t be able to move at all. And her length has stopped growing, which is why your due date kept changing.”

All my husband and I could do was cry. Yet, we still thought there was hope. Maybe she would just need some surgeries. I kept waiting for him to say, “but once she is born, this is what will need to happen.” But those words couldn’t be spoken. Instead he said most pregnancies like this don’t even make it this far. Usually your body will miscarry when so much goes wrong like this, but I was one of the unlucky few in this rare category. We learned she had an entire extra set of chromosomes, a condition called triploidy. Statistically, less than 1% of all pregnancies have it, and most of them miscarry and they only really know about it because they test the tissue after the miscarriage. The unlikelihood of this happening at all was extremely high, yet here we were. And unfortunately, with this condition there are many potential harms to me as the mother.

Because she couldn’t kick me, she could die without me knowing and toxicity levels could be very harmful to me. My placenta could rupture, I could bleed out, I could list many more scenarios that were spelled out for us, but it’s pointless and personal and that’s not the part people want to hear about. I was also at high risk for other additional reasons, for which were the reason we thought we were seeing the specialist in the first place.

Our options were death or death. We were to choose which form of death we could stomach, which form of death was most humane because death was inevitably our only option. There was no other option; no other choice. This was not pro-life vs pro-choice. This was not do I carry out the pregnancy or do I not. The only thought on our minds was life. Mourning her life she wouldn’t get, mourning the life we don’t get with her. That would all be too simplistic. Wouldn’t it be so nice if only it were that simple? I get why people simplify it. I get the discomfort. We all hate death. We all want life.

Here’s the thing that simple minded pro-lifers don’t do: they judge, ridicule and offer cruelty, yet they don’t say, “hey, how can I help?” To the parents who carry out the pregnancy on hospital bed rest so the mother doesn’t die as well, they don’t offer relief for the medical bills. They don’t campaign for good therapy and child loss programs on our behalf. For parents who’s child maybe is compatible with life for limited months or years and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for in-home care they don’t say, hey if that’s what you choose to do, we will help support you and find funding for you. There’s no compassion meeting these families. No proactive movement to follow through with their said convictions. They just repeat garbage rhetoric and then say, “best of luck, glad it wasn’t me.” And some how they pat themselves on the back thinking they did something right, yet it’s so wrong, so cruel, and so very hurtful.

With the guidance of doctors, learning and educating ourselves on all involved, we took time to say our goodbyes. We planned a week of activities to do with her. Took her to all our favorite places around LA. We talked to her, told her what was happening knowing how sick she was. Tried to explain the best we could to both her and ourselves. But ultimately we didn’t want her suffering because we selfishly wanted more time with her. My body was basically acting as life support, and we knew our time with her had come to an end. That was our story together. That was our family story.

We loved our Madeleine with every fiber in us. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think or talk about her.

During our last days with her, while we were trying to create happy memories of our time with her, yet knowing it would come to an end shortly, we were attacked by an extreme religious zealot, a family friend no less, who said the most cruel things I will never forget as they surround the entirety of our daughter and her loss. We faced the worst moments of our life, tried to navigate our own loss, grief, and medical concerns, and a selfish, uneducated person came and punched us in the gut with her poisonous words, about a matter she knew nothing about.

We met with a therapist when we got the diagnosis to help guide us through the fog. She suggested letting friends and family know our daughter was sick and our time was limited in order to allow them to offer us support. Yet some took it as an opportunity to cut into us with daggers of false hope that doctors could be wrong, with cruel statements that mothers don’t let other people harm their children, and that by not saying this to me it would be a disservice.

We only acted out of deep love in all our actions. We only considered our daughter’s pain over our own. Child mortality and mother’s dying in child birth used to be quite high, and modern medicine has changed that, so I understand wanting to cling to hope. But life and death is very much a part of life. When grandparents, parents, spouses and even pets are on their death beds, we sometimes act selflessly to ease them out of unnecessary pain. We relieve them of their life support or euthanize them. It’s how we show compassion. It’s how we do what is humane. And we show it also, to our unborn children as well.

I understand if when faced with these worst moments of your life, facing impending death everyone’s reactions and needs will be different. For one, the pregnancies and risks will vary. If some people need to carry out a pregnancy selfishly or unselfishly because they need to let their brain process the grief and catch up to this new reality they face, they should take their time, by all means. The point is, we can’t force people by law to govern how they process the worst news of their life. We should meet them with kindness and understand its uncharted territory. “We need to offer the words, "I love you, I’m so sorry you are facing this. Death should come for the old, but sometimes it comes too early, and you can take whatever time you need to accept and face that. That is your personal choice.”

We are the faces and stories of the families affected when people try to simplify and categorize people, pitting them against one another as pro-life and pro-choice. We are all for life. We need to change the rhetoric. We need to ensure government does not control aspects of family grief and the health of women, mothers, and spouses who could be left widows and widowers, and children who could be left motherless because of an unsafe sibling pregnancy.

I share my story from a place of authenticity and vulnerability because we, who have been through it, have to be the voice for those who inevitably will painfully go through it after us.

We are the faces and families their votes hurt. We are the lives their votes put into danger and who they wound with their words. We have to change the conversation and painful, damaging, poisonous rhetoric.

I am only a small voice with a small audience. So I write this, asking, pleading with someone of higher authority, with a bigger voice than me, please help protect us. Please fight for humanity and goodness against the poison that is spreading in our country. Please help the church movement to learn compassion and stop simplifying families and death when it’s so much more complex than anyone on the outside could ever imagine. Please listen to the families, mothers and fathers, who have faced it first hand.

When we lost our daughter, we vowed to one another and her that because she couldn’t live her life, we have to live ours for her. Her life meant everything to us. I’m so glad we got the time we did with her despite all odds and statistics. So I will fight fiercely for her and the world that my son grows up in. I will be a voice for those who cannot.

If there is ever an opportunity to work with you on behalf of other women like me, it would be an honor to serve beside you. I don’t know how to start the change, but in my small corner I will try to do my part.


Thank you so much to all of you who have taken time to read my blog post helped me spread the word by sharing it with your own audiences. It has already been reposted and reblogged over 20 times, and I truly am so grateful to be surrounded not only by supportive communities who are humane, but who also will fight alongside me in this. I hope we can reach as many people as possible and really create change in the way Americans see death and humanity. And I feel so honored that you would help give my voice a platform. So, thank you friends and friends of friends whom I have never met for sharing this piece I wrote. Feel free to keep reposting!

Day 4 Angst Week- EITM HEADCON

Prompt: MC dies during birth

Miyabi: He was so emotional while he held his newborn boy in his arms that he failed to notice your breathing slowing down rapidly, “Look Ashley, handsome like my-” His words caught in his throat as he noticed the critical condition you were in. The castle doctors were working their hardest to try and save you as others tried to hold Miyabi back as a nearby nurse held his newborn son. The room was in chaos as Miyabi tried to get to your side. Finally escaping the grasps of the doctors and nurses he raced over and gripped your hand in your last moment. You gave it a gentle squeeze before you slipped away, your hand falling limp in his as is slipped out of his grasp and landed on the floor with a dull thud. “No, no, no Ashley!” Miyabi called out, taking your limp hand and holding it to his cheek, “Come on Ashley!” He yelled, but he didn’t know what to do, or better yet, knew whatever he did wouldn’t help. The doctors and nurses silently watched as the arrogant Miyabi was now broken, in tears, as he tried to hold onto whatever little hope there was.

Chikage: They both knew of the risks of bearing a child. How her life would be pushed to the ultimate test, and survival was slim. Yet, Ashley wanted to bear a child. After hours of labor, a newborn baby boy was born, yet Chikage’s attention was on Ashley. He was shocked at first, as she gave him a soft smile and wiped the sweat off her forehead, he thought she pushed past death. Although in seconds her eyes rolled back, her face turning pale as she laid limp in the bed. “A-Ashley?” He choked, shakily reaching out to her cheek, but to afraid to tough her. In seconds doctors and nurses were rushing to her side to check her vitals as he was pushed to the back of the crowd. Was it really going to end like this? Was he about to lose her? Was she really gone? The thought ran through his head as he shouted her name, “Ashley! Ashley! Wake up!” He yelled, pushing past the sea of medical staff to your side, gripping your cheeks and placing his lips on yours, trying to give you as much of his air as he could. He swore he felt the faintest flinch in your lips, but after hours of trying to keep her alive, he was told she was already gone after she gave birth.

Shinra: Shinra was so proud after you gave birth to twins, one a boy and one a girl. He couldn’t wait till they got older, to walk around hand in hand, to go on picnics and to eat dinner together. He imagined his perfect family, you smiling with your children as he returned from the Mononoke Village. Everything was just perfect. “She’s dying!” The words pulled him back to reality as he set his children down in a nurses arms, running to your side to see death written on your face. He feared the worse as he rushed to you, patting his hand against your cheek, “Ashley come on now wake up this isn’t funny.” He said, continuing to slap her cheek. He began to shake her shoulders, give her CPR, push on her chest. Her pulse only getting fainter and fainter after each attempt, “Ashley wake UP!” He yelled, tears blurring his vision as he gripped onto your shoulders. “I can’t lose you. Not now, not yet. We-we have so much to do together! The kids!” He chocked out. How could he, an immature man, raise two kids that were the spitting image of you? This was surely a cruel joke. 

Kyoga: He was proud as he held his baby girl in his arms. The small smile that appeared on her face reminded him so much of you. He couldn’t be happier. Although, as he went to bring your daughter to you, he noticed how lifeless you looked. Worried, he placed the little girl in a nurse’s arms and walked over to you, “Hey Ashley are you feeling ok?” He asked as went to touch your cheek. Although he stopped half way when he noticed how dead you looked. “Hey someone get a doctor in here!” Kyoga yelled as castle doctors stormed into the room. Checking her vitals and giving her oxygen, they tried their best to save you but death was inevitable as you slowly started to slip away, never once getting to hold your child. “Ashley! Ashley! Common baby girl open your eyes, your girl is right here! I’m here!” Kyoga called, but soon you slipped away, never to open your eyes.

Yukinojo: “If you have to choose which one to save who do we save?” The question sat heavy in the tense room as Ashley was about to give birth. He looked at his wife’s face, pleading with him to choose their child. Although, he couldn’t imagine a life without her as he softly muttered, “Ashley.” Your eyes went wide as you began to protest when another wave of pain washed over you, silencing your protests. After hours of labor, and a baby girl born, all eyes were on the both you and your child to see what would happen. All at once you both started to die, “Get more doctors in here!” One called as Yukinojo was paying attention to you and only you. He gripped your hand tightly and wiped your forehead, “It’s ok, your going to live Ashley.” The words struck her heart hard as she tried her hardest to form words, “If…if you let our child die…I’ll…never forgive y-you.” You muttered as your head fell limp onto the pillow. Doctors and nurses crowed around the two girls trying their best to save you both until more went to attend to the baby, ensuring it’s survival. “No!” Yukinojo called out, “Save Ashley! Ashley!” He yelled as others held him back. He watched as you slowly slipped away.

12 Months To Live - January

Summary: A diagnosis of cancer turned around your and Dean’s life. It was too late to fully cure it, so Dean decided to go after all your wishes and make your last year the best one ever.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1048

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Warnings: slight angst

A/N: This is the first part to a new series. This series will have 12 parts (maybe 13 and you’ll see why;)) and it will have fluff, smut, lots of angst in it and yeah, be prepared for heartbreak. Feedback is appreciated!
So I went against my will of writing everything first, cause I’m too impatient but yeah. I will probably post every second day, so I still might be able to be a little ahead with writing and all that. Enjoy!

Italics are flashbacks!

12 Months To Live - Masterpost

“Happy New year, sweetheart,” Dean whispered into your ear as the two of you watched the fireworks go off.

“Happy last year,” you smiled up at him while his face was filled with sadness, even though he kept his smile on for you.

“It’s okay Dean, it’s just how it is,” you assured him before capturing his lips into yours.

At first you struggled with the diagnosis of cancer and only having one year to live. Though if you said twelve months, it sounded much longer. You were broken and didn’t know what to do, should you just run away? But from what? There was no running away from death, not in your case.

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Preference: He Loses His Voice

Harry: You watch with a frown as Harry paces around the room, clearing his throat over and over again. He woke up with a sore throat and his voice was nearly gone. All that’s coming out of his mouth are dry and strangled words. He loudly groans in frustration before kicking his foot into the wall, clearly upset by this. You both know that he can’t sing like this. You’ve already tried giving him some cough medicine, but it hasn’t had much of an affect yet.  He turns to you with watery eyes and hoarsely mumbles, “It’s not working. The medicine…it isn’t working.” You nibble on your lip and drop your eyes to your lap. You’re not sure what to do. You’d hate for Harry to have to miss out on performing because of this. “What am I gonna do?” He asks in a cracked voice. He sighs and manages to say, barely above a whisper, “I can’t—I can’t let the fans down.” You raise your eyes to see him wiping at his eyes, trying his best to control his tears. “Harry,” You say, and his head snaps in your direction with a sniffle. “You’re going to get better. I promise you. We’ll call a doctor to see if there’s anything else we can do, and I’ll keep giving you medicine every few hours. I know we’ve got cough drops somewhere in this house, those might help. You will perform tonight. I won’t have it any other way.”

Liam: You wake up when you feel Liam aggressively tugging at your arm. Alarmed, you jolt upward and quickly ask, “What? What’s wrong?” His eyes are wide and his face seems to have lost all of its color. It’s obvious that something’s wrong. “Liam!” You hiss, annoyed by his silence, “What happened?” He presses his lips together and clears his throat. But when he opens his mouth to speak, only a few squeaks come out. Your shoulders fall and you can feel your heart sinking. The poor boy has lost his voice. Almost shamefully, he shakes his head and holds a finger up, as if telling you to wait a minute. You do so patiently, bundled up in the warmth of your bed until he returns with a notebook and a pen. He flips to a blank page and immediately starts scribbling words onto the page. You watch his hand move as he frantically writes before he passes the notebook to you. Your eyes scan the page, which reads, ‘It’s gone! We have a show tonight!’ As soon as the words process, you look up at him with a worried expression. “Are you serious? Tonight?!” You question, and he responds with a nod. You inhale a deep breath and mumble, “Okay, it’s okay. We’ll find a way to fix this, okay? You’ll be fine.” Though Liam isn’t fully convinced, he knows the best thing he can do is be optimistic, so he gives you a soft grin and nods his head in agreement.

Niall: “Shh,” You soothingly whisper, after gently stroking Niall’s hair. He sniffles and buries his face in your neck, wetting your skin with his tears. He clenches his eyes shut, but tears still manage to slip from them. His hands are knotted with yours and his body is draped across yours. You press your lips to his forehead and whisper, “You’ll be okay, sweetheart. Harry’s coming with some medicine for your throat. That should help you. You’ll be alright, I know you will.” He lifts his head, staring at you with watery eyes. He sniffles again before letting out a long breath. More tears race down his face, and you untangle one of your hands from his to wipe his tears away. There are very few things, if any at all, that you hate more than watching Niall cry. “Do you need anything? How about some water?” You ask, but Niall shakes his head in response. He grabs your hand again and gives it a squeeze. “Stay,” He whispers in a hoarse and broken voice. You swallow hard and nod your head, knowing that what he really needs is for you to be there with him. He would be upset to lose his voice at any time, but he’s particularly upset this time because the boys are supposed to perform at an award show later on. Though this is completely out of his control, he still feels as if he’d be letting everyone down by not being able to sing. But you have faith in him. Niall always manages to pull through, and this time won’t be any different.

Louis: You knock on your closed bedroom door before letting yourself in to see Louis sprawled across the bed with his head buried in a pillow. “What’s wrong?” You ask, with an inquisitive chirp in your voice. “Louis?” You rest your hand on his back, rubbing it a little to gain his attention. His back rises and falls as he breathes, but he doesn’t seem to acknowledge your presence. “Louis,” You try again, “Tell me what’s wrong. You know I won’t stop asking you until you tell me.” He shakes his head, shooing you away with his hand. “Hey,” You whine, “Don’t be that way. I’m trying to help you!” He raises his head and tries to say something, but you can hardly hear his tiny and strangled voice. “What?” You ask, stepping closer. He sighs and tries again, but it isn’t any better. You lean in close enough to hear him whisper, “I’ve lost my voice.” He stares at you for a second, watching the realization come to you, before he drops his head onto his pillow again. “Oh,” You say, lowering your eyes. “Well…” You start, “Just rest it for a while. You were probably too loud at your show last night.” He nods his head into his pillow, agreeing with you. You pat his back, and with a giggle, you can’t help but to say, “And in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the silence.”

Zayn: “Here, take this,” You say to Zayn as you hand him a little cup with a small amount of cough medicine for him, hoping it’ll help clear up his throat. He’s been complaining about a sore throat for days, and just now, it seems to be having serious effects on him. He can hardly speak—any use of his voice is painful and barely audible. And the worst part is that he has to perform with the rest of the boys in a few hours. Everyone knows it won’t be the same without Zayn’s high notes. He throws his head back and swallows the bitter-tasting medicine, crinkling his face at the taste. You chuckle and say, “Want some water to wash it down?” He nods his head and you disappear, only to return moments later with a glass of water in your hands. You hand the glass to him with a smile and he responds with the same smile. After taking a long sip from the glass, he wipes at his mouth and hoarsely says, “Thanks.” You nod and say, “Of course. Gotta take care of my Zayn!” He grins at you and leans up to press his lips to your forehead, grateful for all of your support.

PLL: The Rain, Dry, The Storm & “THAT NIGHT“ + Last Minute I AM A(8) FINALE Thoughts & CLUES

The rain and storms are huge clues in PLL. Something is going on with these recurring clues of rain, water, dryness, and storms.

In unbridled epsiode, ella was talking about when her and byron were teenagers & things happen & things changed etc But I find it interesting what Ella says here. Ali’s bone fracture is being brought up alot through the show. It also reminds me of the many arm injuries we see with byron grabbing peoples arms, wrist getting hurt, hands getting hurt. I since a violent abusive silence here with all these clues. We still dont know ali’s past, and from what we saw, she give’s a sense that shes used to feeling pain. Even hanna asked her when they were at the doctor, “ did you do that to yourself ali? “ she was referring to the cut on her thigh. ali remembers things differently, this could be her blocking out the pain, she gave us a story that involved abuse with cyrus but was it reall with cyrus or jsut something she was trying to block out? Something im noticing more and more with hanna & ali’s relationship is a silent understanding , i think hanna knows what ali’s been through. I’ve always thought hanna is just a nosy girl who spies, and probably  spied on stuff she wasn’t supposed to see. Alot of the times she jokes about things but really could be true, this is the nervousness of hanna , this is why hanna knows what hanna knows. The eating when getting nervous just proves this even more, that she has probably seen things she wasnt supposed to see.

Emily Being Drowning in Water like wtf o_0

Don’t know about you guys , but paige totally reminded me of the movie SINGLE WHITE FEMALE that short haircut she had going on yes that one ;p Paige was also in the episode SINGLE FRIGHT FEMALE  pll paid homage to this movie that gave us suspicion on paige and ali, but more characters can be drawn this to movie. ELLA , ASHLEY, MARION  (pll does use distractions in this show to take focus off of whats really going on who whom)

in the movie, allie finds out her soon to be husband sam has been cheating on her with his ex wife, she kicks him out breakign the engagement off (sounds a little bit like ella?), so she wants to find a roomate hedra (ella actually leaves the montgomery house and gets her own place above the brew for a while). they become friends, and hedra tells alli that she used to be a twin but her twin was a stilborn, making her feel constantly lonely. sam wins allie back eventually & want to move in together, and hedy doesnt like this at all , strange things starts happening , puppy falls out of the window, hedy takes ali to a salon to get a new haircut, ends up looking like one another, hedy starts dressing like allie it just gets weird. to make a long story short , turns out hedy had drowned her twin during childhobod. so alot of parallels to be made from this movie.

So another water clue, drowning , being suffocated, not being able to breath, much like being buried alive. Let’s not forget, hanna said it was going to storm that night of the sleep over “THAT NIGHT” Emily is connected with this water theme, even in her flashbacks with dr. sullivan its a storm a brewing. Let’s not forget the episode THE PERFECT STORM again, this is connected with emily , out in the rain , being at alis memorial center where lucas claims he trashed it. A storm is happening on THAT NIGHT , this ep THE PERFECT STORM has alot of similarities as to what took place THAT NIGHT, i think this ep is important to what happened THAT NIGHT. In this ep, byron was at ashleys house all during the school lock down trying to print out a paper hmm just saying, these 2 had their interesting moments but very little moments, so there could be more to byron & ashley. Byron also told us that he went to see Meredith and ali THAT NIGHT storm coming in, Ella knocked out from the extra glass of wine byron poured her hmm. the girls were drugged knocked out supposedly, jason boozed up also had a red cup, may be drugged. but facts suggest they all know what happened that night. just some thoughts.


Again, rain and water talk.

Jenna NEARLY DROWNS , paige suspect in this case again connected to drowning and water. Im not suggesting paige is A or anything like that, simply showing these water connections with these characters that could have more meaning to PLL equation. its all apart of the solution.: we alaso remember paige was out in the middle of the night pouring rain on a bike , had an accident , wtf was this all about? there is something with paige in all this i do not X her out.

Theres definitely more water clues but thats a few for now. Let’s look at the Opposite of WATER. Now in my previous posts i did clues on the elements in the show of fire and ice hot and cold HERE So now lets look at the “DRY clues” dry has been related to dirt, dirt in the lunges, suffocating, the little boy at the doll shop talking about dirt in her lungs, things being dry. One of my favorite to connect with this is WREN. Alot of us are keeping our eyes on wren as he is a huge part of the solution to this plll equation. he is the good doctor, and probably is responsible for handling alot of BIG A’s operations when it comes to hiding evidence at the morgue, hospital, and radley. who knows, probably change ezras dna test for aria so that maggie and malcolm would be out of arias life. I have a rough draft of this theory wtih backup to support it but will not finish it until after the finale. The perternity test ezra showed maggie was from the GOLETA BIO laboratories in CALIFORNIA,wren could very be connected to changing those lab results. After all, aria had no doubt that Malcolm looked just like ezra she said so herself. GIF NOT MINE I DONT OWN

SEASON 3 EP 3 HANNA VISITS MONA (WREN IS TREATING MONA HERE IN SEASON 3) this scene its almost as if mona is talking in riddles, her mouth is really dry. so far we have a connection with things being dry in reference to wren and mona. pills are a big deal, pills were used many times through the show. THE MOUTH, who do we always see with a huge mouth and lips on thier shirts ?Aria. pill taking , dry mouth, dry dirt, needing water to cleanse … all very interesting.

  • SEASON 3 EP 1 (SEASON 3 things to be aware of:
  • A stole the game
  • deleted scene of aria from 3x02 where she says WREN DROVE HER HOME.
  • Wren is involved at radley wtih mona
  • Ezras paternity tests could be suspect on Wren changing them.
  • Mona talking about lot about her mouth being dry. Wrens Dry sense of humor. Guess how season 3 starts off? 

SOUNDS LIKE A DRY SENSE OF HUMOR TO ME HMMM SO COULD THIS ALL BE SHOWING US A PICTURE OF A POSSIBLE FAMILY CONNECTIONS STEALING THE GAME FROM MONA LITTLE MONA WHO APPEARED TO US AS A LITTLE A (right hand man to BIGA) Could there be a extended montgomery family : mona, aria, wren, maya. ella does have her european side of the family.? i have gathered many clues and facts to backup this and many speculations if your interested in venturing into this possibility HERE

What do you guys think about these :

  • I AM A(8) = ARIA - MONA (8 letter clue?) 
  • I AM A(8) = ARIA - MAYA (8letter clue?) alot of combinations can be made here that fit with alot of clues and facts. if were to say maya is bethany , aria pulled her out of the grave (aria’s half sister) maya was mistaken for ali, and accidentally killed. this could be something that was haunting aria, in regards to killing shauna, maybe aria thought about accidentally killing maya that night when really she was trying to kill alison the one person that ruined her family from family affairs and archery award. we know aria is competitive shes good at games chess, table hockey, she was impressed by andrew and pathfinder skills maybe aria could relate to this because she was good at archery and was alisons bunkmate when aria was a tomboy. thats just a scenario, speaking out loud theres probably  holes in that.
  • aria to mona “ if A can see you, so can I (EYE)” I(EYE) ARIA - MONA A (maybe family business?
  • I (mother) AM =aria & mona  A=BIG A Byron (twisted BIG A family business who has alot of unfinished issues their dealing with in this small rosewood community, and is connected to all characters, i feel like everyone in rosewood will come connected in this whole story everybody is keeping a secret , families intertwind some not by blood , but by secrets, cant trust anybody not even family. everyone is involved even the parents, and 2 disturbed kids aria and mona are playing with dolls) 


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Welcome to my Life Part 5

Your P.O.V.

“Hey Y/N. I know we haven’t spoken in a while and you said not to contact you, but I had to see how you were..” He started to say before he was interrupted.

“Hey who’s at the door?” Jack asked, coming up from behind you.

“What are you doing here?” Jack G asked, just as surprised as you were.

“I should be asking you the same thing.” Jack J asked, staring at the two of you.

“Look Jack there is something we need to tell you..” You say, looking up at Jack G.

Jack J looked at the two of you questionably for a couple of minutes, before walking past you guys and into the house. Once inside you all made your way over to the couch and sat down. There was an awkward silence between everyone for a few minutes, until you finally spoke up.

“Before we start Jack will you call the doctors and tell them we can’t make it today?” You asked, looking over at Jack G sitting beside you.

“Of course.” Jack says while getting up and leaving the room to make the call.

“Wait doctors? What’s going on? Are you okay?” Jack J asked looking  at you concerned.

“Well yes and no.” You tell him, not meeting his eyes.

“What exactly does that mean?” Jack asks you, moving a little closer.

“You see that night I found out you cheated on me.. the night we broke up..” You stuttered out before being interrupted. 

“I am so sorry about that Y/N. I wish I could take all of that back. I was so stupid. Please forgive me.” Jack started saying, while grabbing both of your hands.

“Of course I forgive you, but you see Jack I found something else out that day to..” You say, letting the memory of you on your bathroom floor holding the pregnancy test flood your mind.

“You mean besides me cheating on you?” He asked, looking at you  confused.

“Yeah.. You see just before you came over that night… I.. I had just found out..” You start to say before you have to stop and catch your breath.

“Found out what? What was it?” Jack asked you, finally closing the distance between you guys on the couch and putting his arm around  you.

“You see that night I found out I was pregnant..” You finally finish, keeping your eyes down not wanting to see his reaction.

You felt Jack’s arm drop from your shoulders, so you had to look up. His face went from shocked to eventually understanding.

“But we never..”  He said quietly trailing off.

“No Jack we didn’t..” You quietly say, hoping he wouldn’t ask what  you knew he would.

“If no me then who..” He started to ask, but just then Jack G came walking back into the room.

“The doctor rescheduled for next week.” Jack G said, before taking his seat besides you again.

Suddenly Jack J stood up and you could tell he was angry. You knew had finally put the puzzle pieces together.

“You! How could you?!” Jack shouted at his best friend, while puling at his hair.

“How could I what? What did I do?” Jack G asked completely unaware of the conversation me and Jack J just had.

“You slept with my girlfriend! You got her pregnant!” He yells at Jack before turning to you. “And you! I trusted you  and you slept with my best friend. How could you!” Jack shouted at you, making you jump.

You had never seen Jack this angry before, and you honestly hoped you never did again. Now he was pacing the floor and breathing heavily. Just when you thought he was trying to calm himself down, he turned to you again. Before he could say anything Jack G stood up and put himself in front of you.

“What do you think your doing?” Jack J asked looking at Jack G with pure hatred.

“I’m not going to sit here and let you yell at her. It’s not good for her to be under all this stress. She’s having a baby, leave her alone.”  Jack G said, trying to reason with Jack J.

“You think I care! It’s her fault she’s in this mess not mine. Maybe if she didn’t sleep with everyone she came in contact with then she would be here.” Jack J said looking at you with disgust. 

You couldn’t believe what he had just said. Yeah you made a mistake by sleeping with Jack G, you knew that. But for him to say I sleep with  everyone, was uncalled for. You felt yourself losing it, you got up and left the room quickly.

“Y/N wait!” Jack G called after you, but you just ignored him.

“Do you see what you did? You hurt her!” Jack G yelled at Jack J, while moving closer to him.

“You think I care? She hurt me, so now we’re even!” Jack J yelled getting all in jack G ‘s face.

“You will never be even. I will be here for her whenever she needs me. As for you, I never want to see your face again. Leave!” Jack G yelled at Jack J, grabbing him by the arm and  leading him towards the door.

After Jack G threw Jack J out the door, he came running upstairs to find you laying on your bed crying. He came over and carefully sat down on the edge of the bed. As soon  as you felt him sit down, you went over and hugged him. He pulled you into his lap and slowly rocked you back and forth  trying to calm you down.

“Shh Y/N it’s okay. You need to calm down, this isn’t good for the baby.” Jack quietly whispers in your ear.

“I just can’t believe that he would say that about me.” You say letting out another sob.

“You know it’s not true. He was just angry, that’s all.” Jack says,  rubbing small circles on your back.

“Yeah maybe. I just thought he cared about me more than that. I was stupid.” You say feeling more tears coming.

“Y/N your not stupid. So what if he doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t deserve you anyways. Your a queen and deserve to be treated like one.” Jack said pulling your face up to make you look at him.

“Sure like I’m ever going to find someone like that. Who cares anyways, I’m just going to focus on being a good mom to this baby.” You say looking down at your stomach  and giving it a little rub.

“Your going to be a great mom, I have no doubt about that. Just like I’m going to be a great dad and an ever better boyfriend.”  Jack says, while giving you that breath taking smile.

“Oh.. Who’s the lucky girl?” You ask, as you feel your face fall. 

Of course Jack would have a girlfriend, who could say no to him. What if this meant that he was no longer going to be here to help you? What were you going to do without him. You started to feel your heart break at the thought of him leaving. Before you know it you were crying again.

“Y/N what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Jack asked, looking at you all over trying to see where the pain was.

“It’s nothing.” You say, trying to keep from letting loose your emotions.

“Come on Y/N you can tell me anything.” He tells you, lifting your face again so he can look at you.

“Its just I can’t imagine you leaving..” You tell him feeling a few tears leave your eyes.

“Leaving? Who said I was leaving? I’m not going anywhere.” Jack says while taking him thumb and wiping away your tears.

“What about your girlfriend?” You asked him confused.

“Well you see she’s not my girlfriend yet, but I hope she will be.” He says laughing nervously.

“ I don’t. If she says yes then you will leave me.” You say quietly looking down again.

“Y/N you don’t understand. I’m not leaving you at all. I told you I would be here for you. We are in this together for the long run. You don’t believe that someone will treat you like the queen you are, well I’m going to show you different. I’m glad you cheated  on Jack with me, cause if you didn’t I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be having a baby with the most beautiful girl in the world, but most importantly I wouldn’t be with you. I’m in love with you Y/N and I plan on being here for ever.” Jack says, while looking straight at you.

“Jack I…” You tried to say, but stopped. You weren’t sure what to say.

anonymous asked:

ok so if river's development is backwards right- explain why she goes from sternly chastising eleven about being a warrior who inspires fear "You make them so afraid. [...] The man who can turn an army around at the mention of his name." to fangirling over 'the proper doctor' this exact same act in the library episodes "Now my Doctor, I've seen whole armies turn and run away." surely that shows regression?

Ah, that is an interesting question (even if phrased a bit antagonistically).

We of course know that when River was introduced, her story was far from planned out - she was just a side character in a two-parter and to me knowledge Alex Kingston was not asked at this point whether she would consider coming back to she show. Steven Moffat might have had some ideas at this point, but they were probably far from set in stone. So overall, we can’t really expect the consistency from series 4-6 which series 6 offers with regards to River’s storyline. It is just not humanly possible.

That being said, the contradiction here is far from inexplicable, because there is a lovely little thing called context. And these two statements are made in two very different contexts. Moreover, I’ll prove that the line you take offense with actually fits very well with River as we get to know her later. No, it isn’t a moment of growth for her, but it represents a fairly constant aspect of her character, not a regression.

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Say it Ain't So, Part 6

Hey everyone, sorry it took so long to get part 6 out. It’s just a bunch of rambling to me. Please forgive the typos. Let me know what you think. The other parts are here 

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I think I’m missing some people on this tag. I’m sorry. 

Say it Ain’t So, Part 6

The gang ended up at the basement and continued their celebration of Izzy and Chop new addition. Even though it was a bit early for celebrating, they both seemed so excited and everyone couldn’t help but join in their joy. Everyone except for Izzy of course were pretty pissed by two in the morning. Finn and Rae started to head to Finn’s house when they turned and noticed the gang was shuffling behind them.

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