what if they run the place

Coffee Run

Description: Day after day, Sam Wilson is in line in front of you with a ridiculous drink order.  What happens when he gets stuck behind you?

Word Count: 1455

Warnings:  None, just fluff.  My first time writing for Sam.  I’d love feedback if you have any. 

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Fashion Week Scare

Y/N hummed to herself as she swiped her hotel room key, tired after a long day. She was in Paris for Fashion week, and had been out all day running from location to location. Now she was happy to be back in her room, where she could FaceTime with Joe. She was missing him, hating that he was elsewhere on tour instead of here with him.

Letting the door fall close behind her, Y/N moved farther into the dark room, tossing her purse onto the bed while kicking her shoes off. It was when she was reaching for the light switch to illuminate the room that she felt the cold metal placed against her temple.

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.” A rough voice spoke into her ear, and Y/N felt a shiver run up her spine as a calloused hand brushed her hair away from her neck. “And try to resist from screaming, because you don’t want to know what will happen if you do.”

“Wh-what do you want?” Her voice shook as fear turned her blood to ice.

“Hm,” An unfamiliar body moved in close against her’s and Y/N did her best to not shudder at the feeling. “I had one plan when I came in here, but you’re so pretty, it may be a waste…”

Suddenly the body moved away, and the room lit up in a warm glow as a lamp was turned on. Her eyes met the end of the barrel of a gun, and she remained frozen where she was standing.

The man standing in front of her had scraggly black hair that hung over his face, not that there was much to see, since he had a mask covering it. All that could be seen was his eyes, the brown so deep it was almost black. They scanned up and down her body, and Y/N desperately wished she was not dressed for fashion week, because she felt very exposed and vulnerable suddenly.

His eyes met hers and she was sure there was a creepy grin hiding behind that mask.

“Sad there’s not more time…but how about I take that sparkly little thing on your hand.”

Y/N moved her hand close to her chest, cradling her hand to hide the engagement ring.

“Please, it’s not worth that much.” She lied, blinking back tears. “I don’t have anything of value.” She flinched at the sound of the gun clicking, knowing it was prepped and ready to go.

“Don’t try anything. Just give it to me. Now.” His eyes shifted over to the door and window before back on her, almost nervously, but his gaze was still hard when it fell back on her.

Letting the tears fall, Y/N’s hand shook as she slipped the ring off of her finger, jumping as his free hand suddenly reached out and snatched it from her hand.

“Gods, you are beautiful…” He stepped forward, dragging the cold gun down along her face. “I do wish we had more time.” His face moved in close, and he hovered near her lips, she could feel his breath on them, but he remained there, just breathing for a moment before he pulled back. “What a shame.”

With that, he turned and walked out of the door. As it clicked shut, Y/N collapsed to the ground, sobs wracking her body.

Dragging herself off the floor and up onto the bed, she reached with a shaking hand for the hotel room. Calling down to reception, she stammered out a few words about what happened. After being reassured that security was scanning the building and police were on the way, she hung up and reached blindly for her purse.

Pulling it onto her lap, she found her phone and fumbled with it, attempting to call Joe. Stopping for a moment, she took in a deep, but shaky, breath, steadying her hand she managed to pull up his name and hit the call button.

Wrapping her arm around herself, Y/N listened to it ring, hoping that Joe will answer.

“Hey babe!” His voice came through, washing over her.

“Joe…hi…” Her voice broke over those two simple words, and she moved her hand over her mouth to smother more sobs.

“Y/N,” Joe’s tone changed. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…I didn’t want to let it go, but he had a gun, and I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do, I’m so sorry, Joe.” Y/N spoke quickly, stumbling over her own words.

“Y/N, stop, calm down, I don’t understand what you’re saying!”

“There was a man…I’m so sorry!” Y/N let out a small scream as there was a knocking on the door.

“Y/N?!” She lowered the phone but didn’t hang up as she inched towards the door.

“Miss, it’s the police!” The voices carried through, and Y/N let out the breath she had been holding.

“Police…what the fuck is going on? Y/N!” Joe’s voice floated up to her from the phone. She lifted it back to her ear as she swung open the door, allowing them to walk in.

“There was a man here, before…with a gun.” She talked to both the police and Joe, talking through the entire event.

“And all he took was the ring, miss?” The officer asked once she had finished. She nodded in response as Joe cursed on the other side of the phone. “Do you need us to call someone for you, I don’t think you should be alone.”

“Tell them I’m already on my way. I don’t know how I’m getting there, but I’ll get to you, love. I promise. Don’t worry, Y/N.” Joe told her.

“I’ll be fine. Thank you.” She told the officers who nodded. After explaining what would happen and leaving a card with a number to call with updates, they left. Y/N locked the door before crawling back into bed.

“I’m sorry, Joe.”

“Stop apologizing, Y/N. You did nothing wrong.”

“But the ring..”

“Fuck the ring. As long as you are okay, that’s all that matters, love.”

“I love you, Joe.”

“I love you too, Y/N. I promise I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Don’t hang up, please.”

“I won’t.”


高海千歌 🍊 takami chika

dear honoka,

i love μ’s. when i saw μ’s, all these normal girls shining so bright, i kept wondering how could i be like that, and if i could be a leader like you. i finally understand, i’m fine the way i am. i can look at my friends and all the things around me, and run on straight ahead. that’s what μ’s is. that’s what it means to shine. i’m not going to follow you. i’m going to run forward in search of my own place with everyone… and someday…

she wasn’t happy

More and more often now she had the tendency to want to run
run from people, run from this place
just walk out the front door
and disappear into the sad excuse of a forest they have here
she knew what she needed
she needed her dog
she needed a rainy highway and some country songs,
she needed a long  hike and a summit view
she needed a campfire and not a soul to be heard
she needed a sunset and a sunrise
she needed a breath of fresh air and the drive home to wonder why she ever left this place in the first place.

[she’s coming back, and she’s sure as hell going to stay this time]  

On My Way

Written: May 5th, 2016

How many people are willing to stay?
How many people are willing to stay?
When I’ve already moved on my way
Please don’t lie
There isn’t time
I need a brand new place that doesn’t follow me
I need a brand new face standing in front of me

There’s someone who will figure out
What I’m really talking about
Something leaves me without a doubt

What will come of those who would rather stay?
What will come of those who would rather stay?
They’ll remain the same as if it were always today

And I tell you once more, get me out of this place
And I tell you again, get me out of this place
And I tell you, at last, get me out of this place

doglover502  asked:

Ok. What kind of headcanons you got?

Okay, so this’ll be basic overhaul of the timeline for teen KND, ‘cause why not. (this is post KND and pre-GKND, by the way)

-Rachel goes MIA not long after Nigel leaves, taking Patton with her. Abby takes her place as Supreme Leader.

-Under her rule, the KND and TND merge, and there’s an uneasy peace formed between kids and teens. They still run widely varied organizations (kids work more on their rights, whereas teens feel they’ve fought that fight already and deserve to work on more personal values) but they’re willing to come together under certain circumstances.

-Not everyone is happy about this. Honestly, most of the KND hates it. Operatives like Fanny hate it the most, but she pushes it aside for the sake of the KND, because her loyalty is to the Supreme Leader.

-A re-commissioning squad is formed, and under Abby’s command brings back certain high-ranking teen members. What they choose to do with their memory is up to them. (They never re-commission anyone important enough to do them damage- just skilled foot soldiers and medics) (Yes, Fanny hates this idea even more, but she respects the idiots who run it for their skill.)

-This leads to a huge divide in opinions. Sure, teens can stay, whatever, but can they LEAD? The general consensus is no. That they’ll feel divided between two lives.

-Which means that high-ranking operatives like Fanny (who is allowed to stay on; not every kid has that right. It’s a choice-based system, where kids who want to are interviewed and tested on loyalty without their knowing it) can no longer be Global Tactical Officers and/or Head of Decommissioning(s), and are delegated back to simple foot soldiers for their particular calling, albeit more elite branches thereof. Fanny takes this about as well as one can imagine. One can only honor her persistence for sticking on this long.

-(Abby brings forth the idea of her being taken off as Supreme Leader, but the people who feel this is a trainwreck waiting to happen feel she should be at the helm when it does crash, so Sectuh V is still working in the Moon Base)

-Fanny, at fourteen, is a gaming guru for female operatives who want to learn the craft or hone their skills. She has 10x the free time she had as Head, but feels unsatisfied with her duties. Not to mention that the main reason she was allowed to stay on past thirteen is because the rumor is that, if anybody is in contact with Rachel, it’s her, and that knowledge can be vital. Fanny neither feeds nor discredits the rumor, but she hates the idea that her loyalty and determination are nothing in the face of her girlfriend’s record. She’s never once considered herself more powerful or more mature than Rachel, but she never wanted to rely on her this way, either. This leads her to do some Reckless Things.

-Abby and Hoagie are dating; they started early on (by which I mean early teens) because they wanted to have as much time together as possible before being zapped. Abby leads, while Hoagie toils in the basement (metaphorically speaking), creating new 2X4 weapons.

-Wally is her second in command who doubles as Drill Sargent. There’s a bunch of issues between him and Abby in terms of how to lead a chain of command. 

-Kuki is head of med unit. She generally keeps up the positive attitude around the Moon Base and keeps her boyfriend from causing too much havoc. Is known to go off in different languages when mad, typically Japanese- as it’s her first language- but a handful of others depending on who all is there; when it’s just the teens she curses like a sailor.

-Rachel drops by to visit Fanny once in awhile. She doesn’t see any harm in doing so, as those chasing her (whoever they are, only Rachel and Patton seem to know) won’t consider searching the most obvious place unless she makes a nuisance of herself. 

-Even less is known about Patton. They say no one but Rachel has seen his face since he left the KND, secluding himself in whatever ice cave they’ve made a home in. Whispers say he might’ve been badly injured/scarred, and keeps away from cameras because they’re so distinct the enemy would spot it a mile away. Rachel is far more inconspicuous.

(I’ve actually started writing a ‘fic about Fanny; here’s the link.)

English club routine:

- “Dude that’s gay”
- “Has it been 3 minutes ?” “Ask Lucie”
- Running in the 90s
- “It’s always gay if you’re genderfluid”
- “Don’t you have class” “No i don’t time is an illusion”
- Memes
- “We could have gone home after class but it’s more fun here so now it’s 7pm and we’re still at the club”
- Dick jokes
- “So the play has been chosen it’s about murder” “Can i play the corpse”
- Over 9000 references
- Cards against humanity
- “I can’t believe we’re all adults”

Resurgence [ Part 2 ]

People involved:









Word count: 664


As smoke rose into the grey skies of the blazing city, a small group stood above a ditch. Their eyes watched as, what once was, their hometown burned to the ground. The younger girls of group began to shiver, grasping on to each other. A soft breeze was picking up and the sun was slowly disappearing below the horizon.  

“Head inside,” Megan muttered to Jade and Hannah, watching the girls run quickly inside of the brick building which they’d established as their home. It wasn’t hidden in the city like most gang bases. Instead, The Silencers had settled themselves outside of the city limits. Nobody ever really saw what was on the other side of the wall that surrounded the city so the group had decided it would be the best place to avoid any major infiltration.

Aleks turned around and began to walk towards the building, another member of the group following behind. Aleks had known Karren ever since they were little kids, the only game they remember playing was soldiers. But now, that game was all too real.  

The two of them had met the other three after an incident with an explosion, causing Aleks to lose her arm. They’d try to be a two man gang and it clearly didn’t work but they’d stumbled upon Megan when she was injured and return her to her two friends, Milan and Georgia. On that day, the five of them decided to work together to end this madness.  

And that was how The Silencers came to be. However, they now had two more temporary members.  

“Hey, Aleks. I was thinking that maybe we should take your arm off for a little?” Karren said as they stepped into the building, Aleks glancing down at the mechanical arm. She hadn’t even noticed it had been cutting into her skin and causing irritations. Plus some areas looked like they were starting to rust. Aleks just gave Karren a small nod and slumped into a rickety, wooden chair.  

With a sigh, Karren took a screwdriver that had been left on a table and began to disassemble the arm. The other three girls walked into the building, Megan shutting the heavy, metal door after herself and making sure it was locked. It was easy to tell from the bags under their eyes that everyone was tired. Silence filled the room, a few sounds as Milan placed down her guns before gathering a few extra blankets and throwing them towards Jade and Hannah. The girls barely had any clothes on, being stuck wearing a simple white hospital like dress.  

“I’ll keep watch tonight,” Milan said as she threw the blankets on top of the younger girls. They were curled up together on one mattress, a few others being scattered around the room. The others didn’t bother protesting against Milan’s words, Georgia’s eyes already starting to droop as she sat herself on to the old, broken couch pushed against one of the walls.  

Milan seated herself near the door, a gun in her hand, and about half an hour later the girls could tell that the younger ones had fallen asleep. Georgia had moved herself over to Milan and began a card game to keep herself awake. Meanwhile Megan, Karren and Aleks were seated around a table having a quiet conversation. Karren was busy trying to adjust the mechanics of the arm whilst Megan added a few extra upgrades to her crossbow.

“Was there any need to let those kids come along with us?” Megan asked, Aleks raising an eyebrow at her words and glancing over to the mattress.

“We couldn’t let them die. I mean, Karren and I could’ve easily left you to die. But we didn’t. We’re trying to help this world. Not kill everyone off and start a new one.”

He was nearing the house now. His body felt great, and the run had definitely improved his mood.  He knew that he needed to talk with each of the ladies in private. He wondered if the heaviness of actually being married to him had escaped them like it had him, until this morning.

As he approached the house his cell phone vibrated in his pocket.  He had somewhat expected a call from Gavin this morning.

Gavin let him know that his father, like always, had been properly prepared. Things were in place for ‘taking care of the details’, and Anwyl hadn’t need to worry about it.  “Finish what you have going on.” he advised. “This isn’t going anywhere, it will be waiting for you when you’re done.”

Halloween Lootbox Giveaway

Since I hit 1,600 followers and the Halloween event is finally underway, I figured it was time for a giveaway! And what better prize is there right now but loot boxes!

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so I will stand by your side and we will face whatever is coming for you together

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life

No one died. All 7 of them are alive. I Need U showed the happy moments amongst the tragic ones. RUN showed the tragic moments within the happy ones. That is youth. They portrayed the epitome of youth. The maze in Young Forever symbolises them transitioning from the sublime youth and into adulthood. Although scattered and all over the place, their youth is their Most Beautiful Moment In Life because they are able to move past the struggles that they are susceptible to during that time of youth. They’re telling us that by remaining attached and connected with those moments - no matter how tragic or how joyous, that is how we can stay ‘young forever’.

There are no mind games. No complicated theories. As they have said a countless number of times, they have delved into the depths of their youth to produce something that can capture these beautiful moments. Like their music, they have matured as artists and as people.

One day it might all end. No more concerts. Empty seats. No more new music. But they want to hold on to what they have now, forever. They want to hold onto their youth and the achievements and satisfactions that have come along with it. They want to hold onto us forever.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s not as complicated as we make it seem to be.

Going/staying vegan in college.

(update to this post, it’s three years old after all..)

Think about investing in some things that help in the long run - like a rice cooker, slow cooker and/or a blender (all under $50)

Eating vegan cheap.

(Rice and beans! hummus veggie wraps/sandwiches! pb sandwiches! Buy staples in bulk. Make larger batches (think chili, rice and beans, veggie burger mix, pasta, soup, stirfrys) = Leftovers for the week. Freeze what you can. Shop deals. Know when to buy fresh/frozen. Avoid vegan replacement items.)

This is the house that built me
and I’m gonna burn it down.

This is the river I crawled from
and I refuse to drown here.

And bless the strippers
but fuck the men.

And bless the berries
but fuck the farm.

And bless the daughter
but fuck the family.

What is a home
if not the first place you learn to run from?

You’ve got to bite the hand
that starves you, and in doing so

Praise the place that birthed you.

Birthed you fucked up.
Birthed you ugly, and interesting,

and ready to scream.

‘What are you afraid of?’

A question that is often asked as a light question.
People expect an answer like snakes or heights, something simple, something unimportant actually. But the truth is I’m not afraid of spiders and I have absolutely no problem taking the elevator.

I’m afraid of time, how everything goes by way too soon, how I might run out of time before I even start living.

I’m afraid of making mistakes, being at the wrong place at the wrong time and completely messing up my happiness.

I’m afraid of choosing the wrong person to build a life with, not knowing what love really is, not knowing there is more.

But those are subjects far too heavy for small-talk and I’ll just get weird looks from the people who asked me. So I’ll be polite, I’ll say I’m afraid of sharks, ducks, or big dogs.

But our real fears, are those unspoken.

—  rk