what if they get mad

Evidence that @eldertwelvecupsofcoffee might be my literal parent.

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Hello! Does Schneeplestein speak any German?

i think his German comes out whenever he is angry and has outbursts just like chase brody has a stronger irish accent when he gets mad (thats just what I’ve heard about chase going around in the fandom)


friendly reminder that you are allowed to get mad at jeremy for what happened during upgrade and what happened before michael in the bathroom! but you have to remember that jeremy went through a lot of torture that was a lot worse than what michael had gone through and you shouldn’t hate jeremy for what he’s done! but also you are allowed to hate jeremy! just remember what hes gone through and that even though his squip wasn’t technically in control, he was still controlling jeremy! and you shouldn’t make it seem that michael is the only victim in be more chill! thank you and have a good day


I saw a pic with Mishima in his full gym clothes and he was so cute this monster happened

anyway I feel like someone as tiny as Mishima playing sports would be so cute to watch? I like to think he’s pretty decent at it since he was in a sports club (I assume to stand out, but well things didn’t work out.… .)

i also like to think of Ryuji as the Tired Best Friend who knows Akira has a crush on Mishima but has to watch Mishima unknowingly side-step all the damn time (gdi ryuji, blocking me at the school fest too)

Last pic is kinda a sad thought :’)


//wakes up in the middle of the night// WE WERE ROBBED!!!

At first, the people thought him gentle and kind. Powerful. The most powerful. But soon, they learned not to be wary of his magic, but of his silver tongue and the madness therein. The Mad King slipped into existence as the sun sunk below the horizon. 

Well. Two years in the making, and finally my King’s project has come to a close. Quite a ride! I enjoyed it a lot. I had thoughts to add Jeremy, so I’ll throw him up on the list in case I get an itch some day… but for now! It’s all done :) Thank you everyone!

King Michael | King Ray | King Geoff | King Gavin | King Jack | King Ryan | King Jeremy

Reminder that Voltron is not a romance

The writers do not have a requirement to put in any of your ships in their show.
Don’t get mad at writers for not including romance in a sci-fi kids show.


me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members

Stealing a few minutes away from the ship and crew.

So here’s a page of my son and his boyfriend

My tablet died but I still have sketches I can color using the trackpad l o l