what if the x men were black

Newt Scamander//The Unknown (Part I)

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

Keeping what you were a secret was hard, especially when you were happy. You are a shapeshifter. Not many are still alive since your type is being hunted. Being a shapeshifter also meant you were being hunted and that’s who you’re running from.  

“HEY!! Stop that woman!” One of the men yelled.

There was a crowd in front of a bank and casually pushing your way through the men and women you saw an animal that was small and black. Perfect. You can hide with it for a while. Now making your way towards it without startling it you looked at it then looked at your surroundings to make sure no one was looking at you. Feeling the weird but familiar tingling sensation in your body you looked at the small animal that looked like a platypus but not as big. You remember seeing this animal in one of your Magical beasts book when you at Hogwarts. It was a Niffler!

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The mutant Stark (Chapter 1/?)

A/N Please message me what you think about it I really want to know what you all think:)

You were stood next to Professor Xavier. There had been a major battle where both the avengers and the X-men were involved. You were one of the most powerful X-men, you power to control the elements combined with you skill in hand to hand combat was outstanding, but for now your attention was turned towards the Avengers standing in front of you. One in particular.

Stark. The father that had left you off to Xavier’s when you were young. This was the first time you remembered seeing him in the flesh. He looked at you with a mixture of shock and sadness etched on his face. He was kept well aware of your education. He was well aware that you favoured the British style of University. You were Dr (y/n) Stark. You had a degree and a masters in mechanical engineering from Cambridge University as well as a degree, masters and a PhD in Geography, specialising Hydrology also from Cambridge. He had no idea you were a mutant.

One other Avenger had their eyes on you. They saw you fight, it was beyond impressive. Seeing you up close now well the fierceness they saw only an hour earlier was gone. There was a beautiful neutral look on your face, you were clam and didn’t show the signs of fatigue that your team mates were showing. The dirt and the scratches that were scattered across your face and body, oddly, seemed to suit you. It startled her that she was thinking like this. The Black Widow was trained to not feel attraction.

Professor Xavier hid his smirk slightly as he read the thoughts going through Natasha’s mind. A plan formed in his. “We get in each other’s way quite frequently Director Fury” The Professor said, drawing the silence to a close. “That we do, what do you suggest?” Fury said, eyeing the man cautiously. “I suggest a liaison” the professor said keeping his sentence short, and using his power to sense the reaction it the room. “None of the Avengers or my agents are available” Fury said quickly. “There is one of my teachers who is a perfect fit for the Avengers” The Professor said, you knew immediately what was on his mind. “(y/n) controls the elements, is highly skilled at hand to hand combat, skilled hacker, highly competent engineer and a veteran of countless battles.” He paused slightly looking at Stark, “And she’s Mr Stark’s daughter.”

There was a stunned silence in the room as everyone looked between you and Tony. “Just what we need another Stark, as if one wasn’t trouble enough” you heard one of the Agents behind the Avengers whisper. “You have something to say bub” you heard Logan say. You closed your eyes and sighed, “Leave it Logan”. “(y/n)…” He started to say but he was cut off. “From what I understand, (y/n) has my intelligence but that’s about it” Tony said as he turned to the Agent.

There was silence again. You looked towards Director Fury, “Maybe we should take some time to consider are options and get some rest” you suggested. Hoping to remove yourself from the room as quickly as possible. “That’s the best suggestion I’ve heard all day, everyone be back in 2 hours”.

You turned and left the room. Walking along the corridors of the hellicarrier until you got to the landing bay where you headed to the x-men jet. Once aboard you went to your locker and grabbed your spared out fit and your go bag (which contained spare clothes, toiletries and a laptop). You wondered around the hellicarrier until you found the showers and entered. They were empty. You quickly peeled off the torn uniform you were wearing and hopped in the shower. You could feel your muscles relax as the warm water pours over your skin. You gently cleared the dirt from your skin.

You had just stepped out and using your powers dried your hair and pulled on the fresh uniform. You were tying your shoe laces when the door opened, “So this is where you’ve been?” said Natasha as she leaned against the doorway. “Yep, someone looking for me?” you asked praying to whatever deity would listen that it wasn’t Tony. “Me and Wanda wanted to talk to you, figured we could get food as well” Natasha responded as she watched you pick up your bag. “Sure” you said as you shrugged your shoulders and followed the red head out of the room. You were quite, as the two of you walked, “I’ve was talking to Xavier and he said you were a teacher.” Natasha said trying to start a conversation, she immediately saw the difference between you and the other Stark. You were quiet, more reserved and, by how Professor Xavier described you, gentler. She was surprised to see your face light up with a smile, “Best part of being in the X-men” you said. “So what do you teach” Natasha asked, feeling genuinely interested at what you did. “A little bit of everything really, science, geography, sociology, technology and then the power controlling and self-defence, it’s a fun job.” The smile on your face dimming slightly as the realisation that you might join the Avengers, meaning no more teaching.

The two of you stepped into the canteen and were immediately waved over by Wanda. “I had to get you guys this stuff otherwise all of the warm food would be gone” she said as she placed plates down in front of you and Natasha. You both thanked her before tucking into the food in front of you. “So you said earlier that the two of you wanted to speak to me” you said as you looked from Natasha to Wanda. They looked between each other before Wanda went still. “Would a mutant display their powers from birth?” Wanda asked slowly putting her cutlery on the plate. You sighed and lent back in your chair, “It would depend on the individual, Professor X shown his from a young child, Raven and Storm and myself from Birth but most of my pupils didn’t demonstrate any abilities until adolescence.” Wanda looked down at her plate, “Dr Banner is not entirely sure that my abilities were produced by experimentation so we thought…” she trailed off. “That a genetic mutation could be the cause” you said quietly. Wanda nodded in return. “Wanda, if you don’t mind me asking, did either of you parents display any abilities” you said as you looked at the woman in front of you. “I grew up with my mother and my step father, my mother didn’t and all I know of my biological father he could control metal.”

Your mouth fell open. She couldn’t possibly be Magneto’s daughter, could she?

Furious Lady

(Jon x Reader)

Request:  The reader is Brienne’s sister and Jon and her falls for each other, but Brienne is against the relationship.


Sneaking around Castle Black wasn’t as hard as you had anticipated when you first arrived here. There were guards on the walls and some on the entrance but all eyes were focused on what was going on beyond the wall not inside.

You passed some half asleep men without being noticed and slipped into the Lord Commanders chamber.

„I was wondering if someone had finally caught you.“ Jon says and turns around with a smile to greet you. That smile that made you fall so hard for him. Some time had passed since the first day you had arrived here together with your sister and Sansa.

„You were waiting? Didn’t you tell me to stop coming here because it was too dangerous?“

„I know you wouldn’t listen.“

You slowly walk over, standing on the tip of your toes to reach up to him and press a kiss to his lips.  Jon grabs you by the waist and throws you over his shoulder with ease to carry you over to the bed. You laugh and wiggle around, almost falling over a few times until he lets you flop down onto the bed.

„Does that mean you’re not sending me back to my own room?“ You say and bat your eyelashes at him with a grin.

„How could I? You’re making it very hard for me to be mad.“

You snuggle into the warm furs and wait for Jon to get into bed as well. He pulls you into his chest, wrapping his strong arms around you protectively while he strokes your hair, making you fall asleep quickly.

You were rudely pulled out of your sleep the next morning when someone came storming in without knocking. Both of you sat up straight in bed, shocked at the sudden intrusion. The thought of hiding crossed your mind but by then it was already too late. You saw your sister standing in the door, her face changing from anger to shock and then quickly back to anger once she realized what was going on.

„I can explain.“ You say in a vain attempt to calm her down.

„My little sister? Really Jon?“ She storms towards him, completely ignoring you and your protest to leave him alone. It wasn’t like he had done anything wrong, well besides breaking his oath but he certainly had done that a few times before.

Jon puts up his hands in front of him, „It’s not how it looks. I mean…yes it is but what I’m trying to say is that I really care for your sister.“

She stops in front of him with an unreadable expression, „That’s great.“ She says before punching him square in the face so hard he hits the ground, „Don’t hurt her then. I can tell you I’m not happy about this if I see you doing anything immoral to her you’re in trouble.“

With this she storms out and you hurry over, kneeling down besides Jon on the ground, „Are you okay? I’m so sorry that is my fault I shouldn’t have come.“

„No…no I’m fine.“ He says and starts to laugh, „I like your sister.“

You help Jon up, both of you getting dressed before you slip out of the room, making sure no one else saw you. Brienne was one thing but if some of Jons men caught you that wouldn’t be good.

„What happened to you?“ Tormund asks, looking at Jons face at dinner.

„I was punched by a very furious Lady.“ He answers without any further explanation.

I might be a little off my game but hopefully this is what you were looking for. I rather enjoyed writing the dialogue for this so I hope it suits the characters. This was requested by thegirlwiththeimpala so enjoy! I hope there was enough fluff for you - I decided to shake it up and not write a kissing scene. I think it would have been too out of place at this stage in their relationship but let me know your honest opinion, I appreciate the feedback.

Prompt: Can you do a oneshot were Steve and you are watching a movie together and fall asleep on the couch and the avengers (Tony and Nat!?) find you in the morning (cuddled up) and think it´s really sweet and taking a picture. When you and Steve see the photo you admit you like each other. Really fluffy. <3

“The Photograph” (Part 1)

“Well that film absolutely sucked.” Steve snorted as the credits began to roll. Kicking the blanket away with your feet, you heaved your legs off of his lap. The minute you did so, your calves missed the gentle touch of his hands which he had been resting atop the blanket.

“It wasn’t that bad, was it?” You giggled as you approached the DVD player.
“Yes, (y/n), it was. Frankly, the plot was predictable and the relationship between Reed and Susan was stale.” You rolled your eyes as the device spit the DVD tray back out, almost as if it was rejecting your “The Fantastic Four” DVD. You still didn’t understand why it was so disliked – you thought it was quite an enjoyable film.
“Oh, what would you know about love and all that jazz?” You laughed. You didn’t notice the way his eyes stared longingly at you in silent response to your question. Eventually, he was forced to say something else.
“Don’t even get me started on the actor who played the fire guy – what was his name? Johnny Storm? He was awful.”

“Well alright then, you can pick the next DVD if you like.” You replied. Having returned the disc to its case, you gestured to the small selection of films you had extracted from your ever-growing collection.
“(Y/n), it’s nearly midnight.” Steve pointed out with a smile that suggested he didn’t really care.
“I didn’t say we’d watch all of it… Even if we fall asleep here, I’m not letting up until you have watched a film you don’t complain after.”
Steve’s eyes pored over the films you had piled up on the coffee table in front of him – nothing really jumped out.
“Oh, I don’t know, why don’t you just choose?” He asked rhetorically.
“Because every time I do, I get a bloody monologue afterwards telling me why it’s such a crap film. Now pick something so I can’t be held responsible.” You demanded. Steve smirked at the authority that you were showing.
“Fine. That one.” He said, jutting out his index finger at a box halfway down the pile. Following the direction in which he was pointing, you saw the faces of Gary Sinise and John Malkovich looking back at you.

Of Mice and Men.

“Good choice.” You said before dealing with the disc. As the DVD whirred into action, you picked up the remote and returned to your position on the sofa, draping the thick blanket over your legs. Steve turned to you.
“What are you doing?”
“Well, when people place their asses on a surface and stay there it’s usually referred to as ‘sitting down’. Didn’t realise that was such a novelty in the 40s.” You muttered whilst adjusting the blanket. After playfully hitting you as punishment for your sarcasm, Steve explained.
“No shit Sherlock. I meant that you’ve moved further away.” He sighed. Without realising, you had indeed sat next on the seat next to him as opposed to how you’d initially sat – with your legs across his lap which he fondly stroked. He held up his arm so that you could crawl next to him and you obliged.

“I’ve read the book and I know how this ends – if it’s as sad as I remember then I’m going to need you here to comfort me.” He smiled wistfully.
“This coming from the man who fought Nazis-OW!” You yelped. Steve had pinched you in the rib to stop you being sarcastic.
“Bravery has nothing to do with sentimentality…” He chuckled. With your arms wrapped around his torso and your head on his chest, it was difficult for you to look up at him though it didn’t stop you from trying.
“Wow, that’s actually, surprisingly deep, Steve.” You giggled.
“I do have a brain, you know.”
“Really? Well, let me know if you ever fancy using it.”


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Taken away

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Taken away

Kurt Wagner x reader

Prompt: “Hello can you do a Kurt Wagner x human reader where their dating and she gets taken by apocalypse and he tortures her to get what he wants thanks if ya can and if it makes sense 😊😘💚👋”

warnings: none? 

You were walking around the school that your boyfriend Kurt was visiting. Mystique had just saved you and Kurt from a cage fight from your home land of Germany.

A young mutant girl with dark black hair and a bright yellow jacket was giving you and Kurt a tour of the school. While you were at the school you also had the time to visit the Professor who had told you and Kurt that he needed to take care of some business far way from the mansion but he would love to talk to Kurt and you later.

“This is a really nice place Kurt,” you told your boyfriend as you walked down the halls toward the lobby.

“It iz (y/n), but its only a school for mutants and I could not bear not seeing you,” Kurt explained as he sat down on a bench in the lobby.

“I know Kurt but I think it would be the best for you and I will probably just go down to the school down to the street.” You said with a small smile on your tinted lips.

“I don’t zknow, buts let’s talk about zthis later.” He said as he grabbed your hand.

“Ok Kurt.” and you gave him a peck on his blue cheek,”I going to go to the restroom I’ll be back in a second.”

You got up from your seat and walked down the wooden halls toward the restroom but when you were walking someone grabbed your arm and pulled you out of the hall and into some sort purple portal. You yelled a slight scream as you fell through the portal and onto a cement floor. You looked around the room and saw four other teenagers you have seen from the school. Suddenly you saw another older teenager being dragged into the portal by a tall black haired woman wearing a purple outfit.

“Where are we?!” a boy about your age asked nervously.

“You don’t need to know that,” she told the boy calmly and dragged the boy to a chair and stuck a needle into his arm so that he would not use his mutant powers. She quickly brought each of you to the chairs. Suddenly a large man appeared wearing heavy armor and he started to walk over to all of you.

“You all know some information about where the professor is going this afternoon and we need to know that information. We will ask you and if you do not respond we will use an uncomfortable method to get that information out of you.” The women told you in a strict tone.

“Who are you?” an older girl asked the woman and the man in the room.

“You do not need to know that information, now tell us where the professor is going?” The girl said strictly. Nobody responded. You knew that the professor was going to do something to somehow get rid of these maniacs.

“Ok, then we will do this the hard way then,” You and the group of people suddenly started to feel pain in your arms. They were electrocuting parts of your body.


The past few days have been extremely painful, you had been tortured to get the information but only two people had fessed up and it was not very helpful to them. All you could think of was where was Kurt and if you would ever see him again.

After another long day of unanswered question and fury coming from the two people, the group was eventually left alone in the cement room. It has been another day and you have still not seen the woman and the man. The area was filled with groaning and moaning from the pain and hunger that the group has been going through.

Suddenly you heard a large clash of metal from a room far away. You started to breathe heavily getting scared that they would come back again for another day of agonizing pain. Closing your eyes a single tear went down your cheek, all you could think is that they were going to kill each of you now.

You heard a voice of an unfamiliar girl and everybody’s head went up. “We are down here!” A mutant  boy yelled from his chair. You heard running footsteps splashing in the water on the ground and you saw a girl with long red hair pop her head out from the corner of the hallway.

“They’re down here!” The girl yelled as she walked closer to the group of teenage children.

“I’m Jean grey we are here to bring you back. to recuse you guys from Apocalypse and his horsemen.” She undid the bands around our wrists and took out the needle from everyone’s arms.

You tumbled out of your chair and rubbed your eyes to see if it would help clear your vision at all. Quickly you heard someone call out your name, it was Kurt. He teleported in front of you and automatically hugged you.

“I thought you were dead (y/n) .” He kissed your head as a few other people appeared helping the others outside. Your heart was filled with emotions of joy and happiness you could not explain and quickly hugged Kurt back.

“I love you so much (y/n),” Kurt said while a tear was dripping down his blue cheek.

“I love you too Kurt,” You said while cried into his chest. He looked at you (e/c) eyes and kissed your head as he picked you up and carried you out of the room and from any danger.

Lifeguarding and Tattoos

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Lifeguarding and Tattoos

Alex Summers X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Could you do an Alex Summers imagine similar to the Girl with the Angel Tattoo? Like not exactly though, but like an Alex Summers soulmate one?

Notes: Soulmate AU for Alex Summers comin right up dearie! <3

Warning(s): None.

The tattoos were odd. Not bad, per say, but they were of something that Alex didn’t know how to decipher. For years he’d theorized what his soulmate’s gift was, what the orbs of white and black meant, but he’d never come up with a satisfying solution. Said odd tattoo of light and darkness went up Alex’s arm  from his wrist and onto his back. In the middle of his shoulder blade sat a sun and a moon. Despite its mysteriousness, it was kinda cool looking.

Every morning Alex looked at it in the mirror before he got dressed. This tattoo, whatever it meant, symbolized his soulmate. And everyday was a day closer to finding them, seeing them, holding them in his arms for the first time.

Alex put on his shirt and jeans and decided it was about time to go meet society for the day.


(y/n), even after years of thinking, still couldn’t decipher the rings of red that marked their body. It was almost as if they were on fire. Everything about just…made them think of havoc. But despite that, (y/n) really liked them. The rings were comforting to look at, and the way they circled their body made it feel like their soulmate was potentially hugging them. It was relaxing, in a way.

Being able to control light and darkness was cool and all, but even after so many years (y/n)’s parents had decided that going to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters would do them well. Even though (y/n) had graduated already their parents were sure that Professor Xavier would help them get a better grip on their powers.

Basically, that would explain why (y/n) stood in the foyer of Xavier’s mansion. Professor Charles Xavier himself greeted them, all smiles and happy thoughts. He gave them a tour of the mansion and campus before leading them to the pool. It was a really hot day, and Charles thought it would be a good idea to show them the pool right away.

“Here we have the pool. It’s rather big, as you can see, but that’s what makes it great for hot days like today. I hear it’s supposed to get into the upper nineties today, so if you would like to swim and make some new friends that’d be great.”

“Heh, thanks, Professor. I’ll have to keep that in mind.” (y/n) laughed as a few younger students cannonballed into the cool water.

“Come now, (y/n), I’d like to show you the cafeteria and then we can see about getting you to your room.” Charles concluded as he wheeled away and into the air conditioned mansion. (y/n) followed eagerly, ready to be rid of the heat.


“Your turn.” Raven said as she dropped the keys to the pool gates next to Alex. It was lunchtime and the pool was closed to everyone could eat. It was Alex’s turn to be lifeguard once the gates opened again. With it being the weekend there had to be at least one person on guard at all times.

“Thanks Raven. Did you ask Peter if he could help guard with me?” Alex asked in between bites.

“Yeah, I did. He said yes, so you won’t be alone. He just asked that you should open it and he’ll be there a little late. He and Erik are heading out to get ingredients and food for dinner tonight.” Raven replied. Alex nodded and continued to eat.

This is when Charles decided to roll by. He tapped Alex on the shoulder and gave him a pearly white grin, “Hello Alex. Thank you for taking up life guard duty this afternoon.”

“No problem, Professor. Anything to help out on campus.”

“Haha, thank you. Anyways, we got a new student today, (y/n) (l/n). They’re around your age, but if you see them around can you chat with them a bit? They don’t know anybody and I don’t want them to be alone on their first day.”

“Hm? Yeah Professor, no problem.” Alex grinned. Charles thanked him again and again before wheeling off. Raven just rolled her eyes.


Peter arrived a little late, just like Raven said he would. The Speedster gave him a grin and took up duty on the other side of the pool, careful not to go too fast on the slippery tiles as he watched. Alex stayed to his side, watching and shouting at Scott occasionally to stop splashing water. Said younger brother huffed but stopped reluctantly.

Charles was right about (y/n). They did end up coming down to the pool. Alex immediately spotted the unfamiliar face. If he was drinking anything, though, the mutant would have spit it out at the sight that he saw.

Their tattoos. They looked exactly like his plasma rings. Alex couldn’t stop staring. Even when Scott splashed at him he couldn’t stop. Peter had to walk over and smack him to get his attention back.

“Dude you’re staring.”

“Yeah, dude, I know. But- damn- I’m pretty sure that’s my soulmate.” Alex pointed. Peter whistled as he looked over, “Yup. I’m sure they’re yours dude. Oh, shit, they’re staring at you! Good luck man!” And Peter slapped him on the shoulder where Alex’s sunburn was developing before racing back off to his side of the pool. Alex winced and continued to make eye contact with (y/n) as they hesitantly walked towards him.


“Hey. Uh….My name’s (y/n).” Alex grinned. There was this feeling of complete rightness as he stood before (y/n). They could feel it too, just how familiar yet new the feeling was to be in Alex’s company.

“My name’s Alex. I’m…I’m 100% sure that I’m your soulmate.” He laughed. “Not too many people have tattoos of plasma rings looped around their torso.”

(y/n) laughed, “Yeah? Well not too many people have a tattoo of light particles going up their arm.”

“There’s a sun and moon on my shoulder.” Alex added. (y/n)’s eyes lit up, “Really? Cool! I can make light turn to darkness and vice versa.” Alex grinned and wrapped his left arm around (y/n), talking and life guarding. Scott wished he could unsee the kiss he watched them share.

By the end of the day they had kissed various times and cuddled in the living room after dinner. Alex decided that Charles could scold him in the morning for sleeping in (y/n)’s bedroom that night.

Prelude: Discussion of storm (2006) mini series. 
I really love this cover, the positioning of ororo and T’challa’s faces so powerful and eye catching. Ororo’s eye brows on fleek while T’challa looks like he’s on the hunt. Ha, but most important it gives you this adorable scene of what appears to be “kid panther and kid storm” before they were who they are. It brings out the romantic in you. The tree forms a half heart and the background seems to be a Kenyan Savannah, Africa where it all started for those two. 

Side note: Eric Jerome Dickey is a black writer so my hopes are set high, i predict good portrayals. Props to @discipleofbastet for giving me the heads up.