what if the whole world went vegan

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um, so lets say that letting loose a whole bunch of animals onto the planet wasn't a problem. the pesticides, fertilizers, and poisons that agricultural farmers set/spray would be detrimental to water supplies, and would pollute groundwater, so really, being vegan would be just as bad as being a meateater if the whole world were to participate.

…I’m sorry what? Why exactly are we letting loose a whole bunch of animals and increasing our pesticide use? Those are some pretty massive assumptions right off the bat. First of all, if the world went vegan it’d happen over time, we wouldn’t suddenly have 60 billion farmed animals roaming the streets. As demand goes down, so does the number of animals being bred to fulfill that demand, which is basic economics. The ones who do remain can comfortable live out their lives in sanctuaries, as the lucky few already do.

As for pesticides, I think you must be assuming that if we all went vegan we’d need more vegetables to feed the population, but you’re very wrong about that. If we look at cows, for example, it takes 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef. That’s 94% more land, and 94% more pesticides than just eating that grain directly. All told, livestock consume 70% of all the grain we produce, 98% of all soy, and a fifth of all water consumed globally. Farmed animals take in far more calories in crop feed than they will ever give out in meat, meaning that they are literally detracting from the global food supply. If the world went vegan, we would add an addition 70% to the world’s global food supply.

All of this is also assuming that we would still be using pesticides and animal fertilizers, but by your own hypothetical the whole world is vegan, so why exactly would we be using products which harm animals? Plant ferifilisers are very effective and veganic farming already exists. It is not the case that crops can’t be grown without harming animals or people. I think if you’re really honest with yourself, the reason you aren’t vegan isn’t because “all the animals would be released and we’d use loads of pesticides if everyone went vegan", it’s because you like eating animals. I’d honestly prefer you just admit that instead of inventing these nonsensical straw man hypotheticals which waste everyone’s time.

I have always had a bad relationship with my body. To the people who have met me just recently, the picture on the left is what I looked like not too long ago. The picture itself is 3 years old, but up to 1,5 years ago I still looked like that. I don’t think that I’ve ever felt as miserable about my body than I did back then. I binged on food, and I blamed my weight on other things. “It’s my birth control” “I have always been heavy” “My metabolism is just slow” but looking back on it, I can’t believe how in denial I was. At some point I even started believing that I was never meant to have a fit body. So I decided to just accept being “fat”. So I decided to read into all that fat acceptance crap, that it’s okay to be gluttonous and unhealthy. But in reality, it’s not okay to have such a bad relationship with food, binging whenever you can, and hating what you see in the mirror. I know many people won’t consider my “before” picture to be fat at all, but I was. I was out of breath after walking up the stairs, I dislocated both my knees at least once and twisted my ankles so many times I’ve lost count.

Then around April 2014 I decided to change. I went out running, and ate better and less, and the weight came off. Gained it all back around the summer that same year, and didn’t really keep track of it anymore. In September 2014 I decided to change for good. I quit all of my bad binging habits, I just hated what I was doing to my body. The weightloss process went fairly quick, I lost a lot of fat and as soon as I hit 85 kg I started doing home workouts and picked up running again. Peter helped me all along the way, he helped me make healthy choices and made sure I didn’t miss a workout. I’ve never believed in dieting, I don’t believe in starving yourself just to get that perfect body. I found out that those home workouts weren’t really my thing. And then I found yoga and veganism. A whole new world opened up. Yoga taught me to love my body, because even though it might not be perfect, it can do so many amazing things. A year ago I would never have dreamt that I could balance my entire body weight on just my arms, or that I could just slide into a split. Due to an ankle injury I got back in May I had to give up running for a good while, and funnily enough because of my breathing practices and vinyasa I am in better shape now than I was before my ankle injury. The veganism slipped in around the same time I discovered yoga. I’ve always had a huge love for animals and nature, so that is the ethical part of why I stopped buying and consuming animal products. But it’s also because of my health. Around the spring of this year I noticed I got very bad stomach aches after consuming meat. So slowly I started cutting that out from my diet and went vegetarian for a little while. Then I started watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and Earthlings, and realized what impact it has on our bodies, the people and the environment. I’ve not consumed anything but plantbased products ever since. And that too has had a huge impact on my journey to a healthy body. My skin cleared up, I’m never bloated and I feel so energized.

Looking back to my old pictures, I noticed how unhappy I looked and how I always wore loose fitting clothes just to cover myself up, because I didn’t like myself. That’s not self love. Fat acceptance isn’t going to help, but body positivity is. That’s what we should all aim for. To have a healthy body and a happy mind. And I still have a long way to go as well. I occasionally look at myself in the mirror and absolutely loathe my loose skin, but you can’t all of a sudden love yourself 100% after having hated your body for as long as you can remember. As long as you keep on trying, then you’re on the right track. 💪🏾👍🏾

When I was 18, I read an article about factory farms.  It opened my eyes, and I did a lot of research to see if factory farming is real. 

I went pescetarian that night, and worked my way to veganism. 

My thoughts back then: “People don’t know about this stuff, do they?  If they did, they’d give up meat just like I did.  All I have to do is simply tell people what happens on factory farms, and I can change the whole world!"  

I miss believing that people are essentially good, but misguided.  I really do miss that. 

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So you support abortion but are began? I am 100% for veganism so don't take this the wrong way but animals can't talk either. Why is killing a fetus okay but killing an animal to get food not okay? It's kinda hypocritical

no, it’s not hypocritical at all. i’m guessing you’re messaging me about abortion right now because of the post i reblogged about how the cells that get taken out of your body when you get an abortion are not fetuses with thoughts or feelings. that’s not even the reason why i’m pro-choice, though. my pro-choice beliefs go hand in hand with my veganism because they are both in support of LIFE. i value the life of a living person more than i value the life of an unformed fetus that could exist because of something horrible like rape or incest. but i support abortion in literally any circumstance. every single person deserves to be able to have control over their own body. and it’s not hypocritical just cause i’m a vegan. and honestly, it’s impossible to even compare murdering animals with aborting some cells. most animals are killed in slaughterhouses after being raised on farms where they were bred by artificial insemination. those animals NEVER SHOULD HAVE EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. if the whole world went vegan, those animals (that consume so many resources and whose life purpose is to die for people to eat them) would never have existed. how is this situation even comparable to someone whose life may be ruined because of some fetus growing inside of them? nope, i’m not a hypocrite, and everyone deserves to have equal right to choose what happens to their body and their life.

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What happens to all the animals (cows pigs chickens turkey) if the whole world went vegan???

Humans would stop breeding them, and therefore they wouldn’t exist anymore… well, wild cows, pigs and chickens would, but not the man-made selectively bred kinds e.g. chickens who grow so fast over the course of a few weeks that their legs aren’t able to hold their body weight. This is a good thing though, because it means these animals no longer have to suffer :)