what if someone walks in

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation


marianne as the goblin queen

    • i drew this last night on a whim
    • i remember seeing a lot of awesome versions of goblin marianne, so please consider this inspired by all of them
    • EDIT: a fairy bog to go with this >:)
Her manner was curiously expressive of a wish for protection and encouragement, a kind of constant appeal which invited sympathy.
—  description of Anne Bronte by her publisher, which knocked my socks off, because it perfectly expresses how I feel among other people, but hadn’t been able to put into words yet.


If someone leaves, let them.
Don’t put up a fight.
Don’t make promises of change.
Let them go.

If you leave, expect nothing from them.
Don’t hope they’ll ask you to stay.
Don’t wait for them to change.
Keep walking.

ok I was discussing this with a friend. So it’s likely that draco malfoy spent a lot of his time in the sun playing quidditch. But what if he got freckles???? and he covered them up with a spell or something because ‘malfoys don’t get freckles’

100 Banging Kinks: Getting Caught

Pairing: readerxbuckybarnes

Word Count: 871 

Warning: Smut, being caught having sex, getting caught kink

This is in celebration of Bucky Barnes reaching 100 years old and in part with @bucky-plums-barnes​ 100 banging kinks which I am so excited to read all of them!, the list of kinks is HERE along with the guide lines HERE! Enjoy little sinners x

You gasped as Bucky slid two fingers into your wet folds; slightly nipping your bottom lip the whole situation was wrong. So wrong, that what made it so arousing.

“Bucky we can’t, someone is gonna walk in any second” you groaned as he sucked under your jaw. Steve had called a meeting early that day; you and Bucky had been the closes to the meeting room. Meaning that you were both the first to arrive, you had no idea what had gotten into your boyfriend. Maybe it was the sexual charged joke you made earlier as you jumped onto of the meeting table. Maybe it was your short skirt you had opted to wear instead of your trusty worn out jeans or maybe it was the oversized shirt of Bucky’s draped over you exposing the top of your breast. Whatever it was you now found yourself perched on the edge of the table, your skirt hitched to your waist. Your panties were discarded across the room as Bucky’s jeans were unbuttoned and pulled down below his ass. His erection stood to full attention rubbing on the inside of your thigh.

“That’s what makes it so much better doll” You tried to pull away from him but your body was betraying you as your hips ground down on his fingers.

“Admit it (Y/N), you like it. The thrill of being caught turns you on don’t it?” Bucky grinned as he curled his fingers up hitting your g-spot. You rewarded him with a low moan throwing you head back.

“Oh god, this shouldn’t be such a turn on” you wined leaning back on your elbows looking up and Bucky, your chest rising up and down as he looked at you with a predatory grin. Slipping his fingers out he moved them up to his mouth sucking on his metal index finger.

“If it helps you taste as sweet as you look right now doll, all splayed out and ready to be fucked moments before the team arrives” you watched as he poisoned himself at your entrance, with one slow push he enters you earning a high pitched sob from you.

“Oh god, Bucky. Mmm yes” you mewled as Bucky pumped in and out lazily. You fell back fully onto the table, spreading out your arms your fingers dug into the wood of the table. Bucky hitched up you knee; leaning down to kiss the inside of it he braced himself over you. His right hand came to rest above your head as he grunted, his thrust becoming more forceful.

“God you’re so tight and wet (Y/N). Such a naughty girl, you really like me fucking you in such and open space. Imagining if someone walked in on us now, catching us fucking like animals” Bucky growled above you, you looked around at the glass walls of the meeting room. He was right any second now someone would catch you and it only made your arousal even more intense.

“Yes, oh god yes” moving your hands to the back on his neck you pulled him down to kiss him firmly, the sound of wood scraping on the floor sounded around you as Bucky’s forceful thrusts moved the solid oak table.
“Oh I’m so close doll, fuck… you feel so good. Are you going to be good and cum for me?” Buck rested his forehead on yours; you bit your bottom lip and wined nodding slightly. You reached down to circle your clit, the extra stimulus made your back arch up, pushing your body into Bucky’s.

“Oh I’m gonna, I’m…oh fuck” Bucky hissed, then three things happened at the same time, you own orgasm loomed over you the familiar coil in your stomach made your legs shake. Bucky spilling his load into you biting down at your neck only made you cry out louder as a third voice cried out in shock.


You looked up to see Steve, red faced with shock and slightly anger. Clutching your underwear in his hands, you brain hardly had time to register that he was watching Bucky still thrusting into you trying to chase your orgasm to its end before it hit you immediately. There was no stopping it as you bucked underneath the ex assassin. You let out a moan that was borderline pornographic as your whole body shook with post orgasm bliss. When you finally came down from your high you felt the embarrassment was over you like a cold shower, you let out a groan as you covered your face with your hands. You could hear Natasha’s low laugh behind Steve, at least she could see the funny side of it as Bucky chuckled above you.

“Next time we’ll have to hose you two down Jesus Christ and I thought Wilson was the kinky fucker around here,” Natasha snorted a she crossed her arms. Bucky looked up at the two of them a broad smile across his mouth, you peeked up at your Captain who was still looking slightly shell shocked about what he had just witnessed.

“Lighten up Steve, at least we didn’t cum late to the meeting” You let out a mortified cry as Bucky plucked your underwear from Steve’s hand.


If Rick or Carl died, what kind of dark place would Michonne go to? (x)