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Your Greed gif is so cool!!! (I kinda wish it was slower so I could get a better look at your kickass drawing and animation tho(: ) congrats on being awesome!!!

Thanks so much!! and thanks for the feedback, I was wondering if it was going too fast to tell what was happening, I’m hoping it’ll fit w the music but here’s a slow version so u can see all the frames :)  

this is only like a tenth of what’ll hopefully b a finished thing so I hope I finish lol

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Don't defend racist people. She should not have been asking WHY Marinette is biracial. It is not a translation problem if she felt she had to ask in the first place.

She was probably a curious fan who wanted to know why Thomas had made the decision to have her be biracial and it came out VERY wrong. Honestly, you people attack others and assume they’re the worst people in the world without giving a thought about how they might be having miscommunication errors along with cultural differences. 

Even if she is racist, the way she worded the question was MOST DEFINITELY a language barrier. Everyone was ripping her up over THAT without even glancing at her username which was obviously not english. 

I’m not saying she’s not racist, maybe she definitely was!!! I certainly felt what she asked was MEGA weird and inappropriate, but I was alarmed by how many people were attacking her over something that was most definitely something brought on by a language barrier. 

A lot of people are scared to talk online because English is not their first language, they’re afraid of messing up like that. The less toxic and the more kind and correcting we make our responses, the better it will be for everyone. Often these people making these less than PC questions are younger than we know and have a lot to learn, so treating them like sick racist psychos is only going to make them shut down and defensive. 

And if you are confused about this post it is because I replied to a post on my dash earlier today before work rather than reblog it because I choose not to put anything negative or super fandom drama related on this blog, and I’m sorry you guys had to see this too.

With anything, all I can do is what feels right, what feels good and what feels genuine - and hope that you’re up for the ride.
—  Darren Criss in a letter to fans


listen, y’all can fight me on this but i firmly believe Johzenji would demolish everyone if there was a beach volleyball game between the teams