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sherlock writes john a rainy day song, to be played when it is raining or when it would feel better if it were raining. and when john gets the black thunderclouds in his mind, he can always say to sherlock, play the rainy day one, and it’s perfect, because it gives john a way to communicate his state of mind without having to be vulnerable right away, and it gives sherlock a way to comfort all in one go.

and eventually john records it and loads it onto his phone, and then he can play it for sherlock, too. and they can fold up onto the sofa together and listen to the rain and the violin and, when they’re ready finally to talk, they listen to each other, too.

Hey, uh. Don’t demand stuff from me. Especially from my own au’s. Thanks.

when donghyun smiles the right side of his mouth goes up higher than the left and if that isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen like what is 


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sorry anon but cas while brave (and that seems to be the deciding factor here hm) is not a gryffindor material. cas is a slytherin, he's pragmatic, calculating, intelliget, waging the greater outcome against any personal leanings he may have? slytherin doesn't mean bad or unfeeling, slytherin means strategic ans clear-thinking and yeah you maye think rebelling was an act of bravery but really? it was an act of picking a side more likely to win and it's freaking glorious

Bless you.

Blind // Yoo Kihyun - 03

Blind Chapter Two/ Three

The next evening had arrived much too quickly for Kihyun.

His heart was pounding in his throat as they drove up the mountain as they did normally, except this time he knew it was for him and not somebody else. He’d always listen to Jooheon chirp about the revered mountain, notorious for leaving no survivors. Wonho said he was giving Kihyun a chance, but that was overthought most of the night.

Minhyuk parked the truck in the same spot he always did, only he was incredibly confused as to why they were even here.  The two boys got out from the truck, the others filing from the trailer. Kihyun looked off into the distance, to the sunset, his right hand fiddling his knife—he had to put up some type of a fight or they’d bust Wonho for telling him.  

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I feel like I am the only Jonsa shipper that does not believe they are going to happen. 

I am sure not looking forward to the J*nerys shippers’ gloating though. 

still scrolling through various publishing houses’ submission guidelines for ideas/research and

what’s an ‘alpha hero’? because lbr all that’s coming to mind is ‘knotting’

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hey hey, so, you're from Texas and I'm not even north American but I'm researching of schools in there but all I hear about Texas is the stereotypical shit and I wanted to hear (read tho) an inside opinion from a queer fella about the place.

hello! i don’t know if you wanted my opinion as a lesbian because i’m basically a baby gay who’s slowly being shoved into the community by her therapist but i 100% am not qualified to give much of an opinion on that lmao i can tell u that austin is probably the most accepting city here and dallas is as well i don’t really know about houston or san antonio but definitely avoid small towns which is probably obvious :p

idk really where to begin without knowing what stereotypes you’ve heard so i might have googled “texas stereotypes” whoops sorry if this gets long i’m going from the list i found an also from things i remember from convos with my friends from other countries

  1. texas is not a desert! well parts of texas are but we actually have 4 separate biomes and the part i live in is prairieland! (well it was until people developed the living fuck out of it)
  2. we have a lot of typical country towns but it’s also pretty urban like omg man houston is huuuuge like i thought dallas was big but omg man houston
  3. some of the stereotypes are true x.x texas loves itself very much we even have our own flag and pledge for that flag isn’t america great :)) you will also see the flag and the lonestar EVERYWHERE 
  4. texas likes guns texas doesn’t like to hide it’s guns there are signs in restaurants and schools and stores that tell not to bring those guns in there we can also open-carry which is pretty scary cuz sometimes you walk into the doctors office and a dude has a handgun on his hip and for a good 15 seconds ur convinced ur about to die
  5. not everyone wears cowboy boots/hats! except those douchey dallas boys who think their from the country but they suck and should never count for anything ever (for the most part you’ll see people wearing them for work)
  6. the darker ur jeans the more formal they are 
  7. we do not actually do around saying “don’t mess with texas” it’s an anti-littering campaign
  8. i have never heard anyone say “the higher the hair the closer to jesus” unironically
  9. i do say “everything’s bigger in texas” when i see large things
  10. texas is big. like really big. i feel like this is obvious but bruh it’s so big
  11. don’t be a vegetarian here it’s really hard trust me i know
  12. there are 20 churches within 5 miles of my house so yes all of those stereotypes are tru
  13. google megachurches. just do it.
  14. religion plays a big big part in society so much that half the time u don’t really notice? idk i’ve lived here 12 years i probs have stockholm syndrome
  15. austin is a nice place to live but if u move there everyone will hate u
  16. seriously it’s so overcrowded
  17. nice place to be a vegetarian tho
  18. football is a big deal, especially high school football seriously it’s like a religion
  19. yaint is a thing
  20. if it can be fried we will fry it and serve it at the state fair
  21. even if it can’t be fried we will fry it and serve it at the state fair
  22. texas barbeque is different than regular barbeque even i, a vegetarian for 15 years, know this
  23. tex-mex was invented by us
  24. also the frozen margarita y’all’re welcome
  25. texas is actually pretty diverse! especially in the dfw area
  26. seriously my city has three official languages (english, spanish, and vietnamese)
  27. separation of church and state? what’s that??
  28. “bless your heart” is the best drag omg
  29. everyone will assume u go to church
  30. so we don’t ride horses everywhere except one time i went to jamba juice and a girl was just chilling outside with her house it was a very texas experience
  31. not everyone drives a pick up
  32. y’all is more pleasing to the ear than you guyses and i will fight anyone who says otherwise
  33. we don’t all love country music and not everyone is in the oil business
  34. or ranching
  35. but people do like to keep animals on undeveloped land cuz then they can pay less taxes on it
  36. everything is super far apart
  37. have i mentioned it’s big?
  38. i’m from connecticut and the area i live in right now is bigger than the whole state
  39. we are very very very red
  40. no matter how hot it is someone will always tell u they’ve been in hotter weather
  41. we cannot drive on snow or ice and thems the facts
  42. despite what our former governor used to say we cannot and never have been able to legally secede
  43. we do however have our own power grid and isolated economy so if we did leave the us for some reason we’d be okay
  44. probably
  45. people will fight you over whether or not beans belong in chili

i can’t think of anything else and omg i’m sorry this got so long ahaha if you have more questions my askbox is always open as i don’t really have much experience with schools here except by proxy but we do have pretty good schools!