what if ren doesn't like it

RWBY characters rated by how much they probably swear
  • Ruby Rose: thinks it's really bad to say hell 1/10
  • Weiss Schnee: wants to be a "lady" but also likes calling her brother Shitley 2/10
  • Blake Belladonna: her favorite word is fuck but she doesn't ever swear around adults 8/10
  • Yang Xiao Long: swears at her dad 9/10
  • Jaune Arc: said shit a couple of times 2/10
  • Nora Valkyrie: only swears during combat 4/10
  • Pyrrah Nikos: never learned the art of swearing 0/10
  • Lie Ren: doesn't swear a lot, but when he does, he goes hard 7/10
  • Penny Polendina: has mistakenly repeated swear words when she didn't know what they meant 1/10
  • Taiyang Xiao Long: tried to stop swearing when he had kids but couldn't do it 6/10
  • Qrow Branwen: every other goddamn motherfucking word bitch 14/10
  • anxiety before The Force Awakens: I really hope this new Star Wars movie doesn't suck like the prequels.
  • anxiety before The Last Jedi: What if Finn gets completely sidelined in the movie? What if Stormpilot is just another queerbait? They said they were doing all these reshoots and they said a LGBT character was gonna be in the new films...what if it's all bullshit? What if all the characters and storyline fall back into these regressive, stereotypical tropes? Is Luke going to die and leave Leia all alone with her shitty kid? How is Leia's storyline going to finish after Carrie Fisher's death? I'm genuinely scared of what Kylo Ren is going to do. Is Rey gonna get her hand chopped off? She better not get her hand chopped off.

Hurhur…Happy Valentine’s day from me to you! (Have some punny cards with your favorite first order guys ;v;!)

A big thank you to @white-rainbowff for helping me writing all those wonderful puns :D! (I couldn’t have done it with you ;3;!!)

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Doesn't it seem ridiculously significant, all the time they spend NOT talking about Kylo Ren? This is the main villain (for now), the son of two legacy characters, and the last of the Skywalker line (for now). And yet there's no talking about where his character is at post-TFA or what the dynamic between he and Rey will look like, even though it is obviously to be significant. No one even asks? It makes me think ALL this encouragement of the 'who is Rey?' obsession is a purposeful distraction...

Yes, it’s very significant indeed. I also found it significant that they carefully edited out the ‘What’s the deal with Reylo?’ question when showing the Judi Dench clip at the start of the panel. They didn’t want that elephant in the room for the panel, and I think they’re simply not ready to broach the subject of Kylo Ren yet, since that character and the dialogue surrounding him is so loaded and difficult to discuss honestly without giving the entire game away.

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I can't tell what I like the least; people making Kylo too competent or too ineffectual. Like, there's a lot of Reylo stuff that makes Rey head and shoulders stronger than him in the Force, but Kylo deadass stopped a blaster bolt, which is fucking huge. And the mind invading thing he does needed three Jedi working together in the Clone Wars. Boy is strong, he's just incredibly self-sabotaging. He doesn't do things in his own best interest, which balances how absurdly powerful he is.



kylo ren is so strong but he can be dumber than a bag of hammers because he thinks with his heart, cheesy as that may sound, and not with his brain. he gives in to his overwhelming emotions and does shit like kill a guy he was trying to interrogate for info because he brought up his fam and made him mad, bridal carried a chick during a battle because he interested her, played around with an opponent during a lightsaber fight because it was FUN. and ofc his iconic trashing stuff w/ his lightsaber is the most illogical bullshit ever but he’s venting his anger


to quote Snoke in the novelization–and i can’t believe i’m agreeing with this slimeball, but–“It isn’t her strength that’s making you fail, it’s YOUR weakness”

  • simon: You look like CRAP
  • simon in Iron Sisters: *closes eyes for an almost kiss, completely confused when it doesn't happen*
  • [...]
  • raphael to elaine: simon is safe with me
  • simon: You threatened my mother
  • raphael: YEA WELL
  • [...]
  • also simon: can you fix my mom 'cause she saw some bad shit
  • elaine: can you fix my simon
  • also raphael: [internal monologue: what the fucking fuck] it'll have consequences but yes

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If we are right about the scene where both Rey and Kylo fight the Praetorian guards, here's some food for thought. Logically, all of Rey's weapons would probably be taken away from her, (unless Snoke keeps her saber for some reason). So, if she doesn't have her saber, what will she fight with other than Kylo's? Rey fighting with Kylo Ren's saber. That is all.


BUT SERIOUSLY, considering that cute little video that showed at the end some cartoon box that had Rey with a red lightsaber?? I mean it could just be them messing around (why would merch spoil something like that), but WHAT. IF. she is using his lightsaber in a scene like that, maybe he’s using the Force against them, or holding off Snoke, and she uses the lightsaber to fight while it’s happening.

Oh god now I need it. You’re evil.

  • Jaune: What's your first name?
  • Ren: Lie
  • Jaune: Wait a second... are you asian?
  • Ren: Does it matter?
  • Jaune: No, I'm just curious.
  • Ren: If it doesn't matter then why are you curious?
  • Jaune: I dunno; I just feel like that's something I should've picked up on after all this time.
  • Ren: You know what else you should've picked up on? My first fucking name!

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When Adam plays Kylo does he alter his voice a bit, I think it may be not quite as deep as it normally is to go along with the whole making Kylo appear younger thing they had going on in TFA. I've see others ask if he does a slight accent but I think thats just Adam's normal way of speaking, he draws out his vowels when he talks, I don't think he was doing what Carrie did with the temporary English accent in ANH

I’ve always found Kylo sans mask quite regal sounding and princely, which makes a lot of sense. He mostly sounds like Adam, but I think he uses an affectation to sound more aloof and sensual. Then you really get to see the contrast when his voice cracks as he starts to cry before his father.

If Kylo is to have a redemption and if we are to see an even more sympathetic portrayal of him in TLJ, then doesn’t it just make sense that Rey be part of that story ? Rey and Kylo have been set up as distinct pairs and I dare say protagonists on the more mystical force-side of the story (Finn in contrast is the protagonist of the space espionage segment). 

Having Kylo’s character exist in a vacuum where he redeems himself without interaction or reconciliation from other characters doesn’t work for the story. Whether people like it or not, Kylo and Rey can’t just remain hating each other throughout this trilogy.

Team RNJR IKEA scenario
  • Ren: Jaune, the instructions look much different than that.
  • Jaune: Look man, I can do this. Just gimme a minute, okay?
  • Ren: Okay, it's just that...
  • Jaune: What?
  • Nora: It looks like a penis!
  • Jaune: It's supposed to be a new dresser!
  • Ruby: Yeah, but it doesn't look like one. It looks like a penis!
  • Ren: A penis shaped one.
  • Jaune: Fuck it! We're using plastic bags from now on!
Hey JNPR who do you reckon would win in a fight? Ruby or Yang? (Asked by revengehunter01)
  • Jaune, ponders for a moment: Hmm...that's pretty difficult. Cause Ruby can speed around and whittle her down, but if Yang can even clip Ruby with the smallest of hits it's an endgame.
  • Nora, nodding: Yang. Definitely. Doesn't matter how fast Ruby is. One hit from Yang would take her down.
  • Pyrrha, with a light chuckle: Ah...well...what a good question...not sure honestly!
  • Ren, clears his throat, plopping a giant book onto a desk: I've written out every possible outcome for such a battle. Where would you like me to begin?

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Vulnerable (One Shot - Fluff)

A/N: This isn’t what I was planning on posting for fluff but I hit a wall with one of my new fics… It’s just not coming out the way I want it to and I’m super frustrated. Anyways, I wrote this to hopefully cure my writer’s block. I’m not used to writing fluff, but I tried REALLY REALLY HARD. Shoot, this took me nearly three and a half hours and it’s not even that much. :/ I hope it’s okay.

You skimmed line after line of text. So far, nothing alerted you. You couldn’t find anything even remotely suspicious; however, Hux was positive that there was someone working for the Resistance. It was your job to find out who the hell it was.

Thankfully, you could do this in the comfort of your own quarters, in your pajamas, on your couch, with your favorite warm drink.

None of the words on your handheld were indicative of a spy on the inside.

You stopped staring at the screen. And yet, you couldn’t help like you were being spied on. Someone was definitely staring at you. The feeling forced you to glance up and away from your handheld.

Kylo Ren.

He was the only one that could access your quarters without knocking. It was just easier that way; after all, Kylo was almost always working. The exhaustion was reflected on his face. There was always a perpetual state of tiredness etched into his pale skin. If that wasn’t enough of an indicator of his fatigue, you could have just looked at the dark bags that hung under his eyes or at his messy flop of black hair on his head.

He always looked like that, though: as if he was a walking disaster. However, at the same time, something appeared different about his appearance.

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  • Me: I saw some people on Tumblr saying that white guys love Kylo Ren because he's the only new character they can relate to in The Force Awakens, what's your take on that?
  • Husband: I am literally the only white guy I know who loves Kylo Ren.