what if phillip

Hamilton as things people in my math tutoring class have said

Hamilton : i may have fucked up but thats just how i roll. 

Eliza : is there a target sign on my heart or something? honestly i feel so walmarted

Angelica : Girls just want to destroy the patriarchy and kill all men. 

Peggy : Sometimes people don’t tag me on instagram and I wonder if I even exist. 

Laurens : once my best friend asked me if i was gay and i kind of just ran away

Hercules : i am hardcore and a badass! *panting as they reach the top of the two steps of stairs*

Lafayette : yeah i speak french. baguette baguette bitch 

Jefferson : bitch I’m fabulous and my weave rock harder then dwayne johnson *wearing orange peels on head*

Madison : today i was going to wear a sweater, yeah. but i didnt. 

Washington : I may not be your father but you damn well better know that I- ooh are those grapes? 

Maria : what boyfriend? *laughs nervously*

Phillip : daddy im dead. pow pow. 

Burr : maybe if i just stare at the paper and not reveal my true intentions- the answer will appear. 

listen sometimes ur brain just comes up with ridiculous AU ideas & you can either ignore them or roll with it long enough to share it with the world

that being said

Elle Woods as Captain America. 

  • What she says : I'm okay
  • What she means : Phillip michael leStER wins an award bY HIMSElf, indIVIduallY, ALONE, foR once in his GOD DAmn life, he finalLy gets thE reCOgnition he desERVEs then he goes up ON The BLooDy STAGE and callS daN up WiTh hiM, EVEN THOUgh the aWard is MeAnt for him AlOne, jusT becauSe he BElieVes Dan DeServes it toO this was PHIls chAnCe to be in the SPotlight and he deCides TO SHARe it wiTh DaN HowEll becAuse he LovEs him

Dan and Phil have now both called each other family and I don’t think my heart can take that

  • <p> <b>Philip:</b> I really like this girl, Jennifer. Does that make me a lesbian?<p/><b>Hamilton:</b> You don't have to worry about labels, buddy. Just like who you like.<p/><b>Philip:</b> Good. 'Cause I also like this kid named Brad from my old school.<p/><b>Hamilton:</b> Sweet. Keep your options open.<p/></p>

My parents considered a prank to be waking us up early for school, getting us dressed, and then driving half-way there before surprising us with a trip to Disney.

Jesus, they were doing it all wrong. You’re supposed to put them up for adoption, beat them, destroy their X-box, curse at them, and get their older siblings to destroy their rooms. Now, that’s a prank!

Seriously, though, I hope CPS gets those kids out of there- especially little Cody and Emma- and get them into a loving family.


shameless characters + name meanings ( insp )


wait a second guy guys when burr said ‘no one else was in the room where it happens’ in we know its because he had wanted to be part of a compromise that people would know about and be kinda famous and then he finally was and thats why he was saying that bc he realized it hoLY SHIT