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Pete Dunne is your best friend what would he do if he saw your boyfriend hit you?


- Pete is a lot of things
- an asshole, opportunist, bully, bit of a sadist
- but he’s deeply protective of people he considers his, be it family, friends, or lovers
- your boyfriend better square the fuck up real quick because Pete’s comin’ to bash his fuckin’ face in
- that’s not a euphemism either
- Pete would genuinely be trying to cave his skull in with his fists
- there is a reason he’s called the bruiserweight
- you think you even saw Pete try to take off one of your boyfriend’s fingers with his teeth
- you’d have to pull Pete off of your boyfriend, giving that little shit time to run away
- Pete would wrap you up in a big hug, but he wouldn’t know how else to help
-poor boy has the emotional fortitude of a tablespoon 


Kelly: Well, I manage my department, and I’ve been doing that for several years now, and God, I’ve learned a lot of life lessons along the way.

Jim: Your department’s just you, right?

Kelly: Yes, Jim, but I am not easy to manage.

‘Search Committee’ The Office, 7x25/26

Okay so a couple thoughts:

1. I love it. Fucking hell. I wasn’t worried at all bc I’m still kinda in that honeymoon phase where they can literally do no wrong in my eyes but I actually LOVED it is was awesome


3. Hahaaaaa I knew what to expect bc I saw the interview and Pete kinda spoiled everything EXCEPT THE END THAT UH. THAT WASN’T OKAY FAM




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Peter Maximoff x reader

Warnings: none?

It was the last day of the school year and that day was probably the most fun you have had at the school yet. You have been hanging out with your best friends (Jean, Ororo, and Jubilee) almost all day long. You have been swimming, talking, and saying goodbye to friends that were leaving the school. It was sad at some parts for example when you had to say goodbye to your friend Jubilee, whose parents picked her up early.

It was around 2:00 in the afternoon when most parents started to show up, but unfortunately your parents didn’t approve of your ability so you would be staying there for most of the summer with a few other students.

The professor ordered everyone to come to the main corridor before the parents came so that he could hand out the yearbooks for this year. Right as you got your yearbook and ran around the room asking people if they would sigh your until the page was full of signatures. You walked out of the room and smiled as you looked through the pages of the book.

“Hey (y/n)!” You jumped and almost dropped your yearbook on the ground. You turned around and saw a very happy Peter staring at you, you blushed as you saw peters smiling face.

“Hey Pete, what do you want? More Twinkies I suppose?” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well actually I was going to ask if you want to go go out sometime after school today,” he asked as he grabbed your yearbook from your hands and wrote in his silver pen “Peter Maximoff (and his phone number)”.

Your jaw dropped once you heard what he asked you,”Wait you want to go out with me?”

“Well yeah I would, do you want to?” He suddenly seeming nervous.

“YES! I mean yeah that would be great,” Peter smiled.

“That’s awesome, I’ll see you at… 4:00 then,” he asked.

“Sound cool, i’ll meet you there,” you gave a wave and ran over toward Jean.


All of the student in the school have left beside a few now and the time was ticking till Peter would pick you up. You were in the lounge reading a book when you finally heard the bell ring which meant it was four and the door creaked open. The professor walked in you sighed and sat back down on the couch.

“Good afternoon (y/n), I hope I am not disturbing anything?” The Professor asked as he wheeled himself over next to you.

“Oh you’re not disturbing anything, I am just waiting for-” suddenly peter sped into the room. “Peter,” you got up from your seat on the couch and walked toward him.

The Professor smiled,” Well remember you still need to get back at to the mansion by 9:30.”

“No promises,” Peter said and sped off before the professor could argue.


That night the two of you constantly talked throughout the time you spent together. Once Your date started he brought you to the mall where you both shared a pizza. After the pizza was finished both of you ran to the nearest store and got three full boxes of twinkies which both of you ate throughout the rest of the night. Finally after you and Peter talked and ate almost all of the twinkies in the box Peter dragged you to the movie theater where you watched a new movie.

It was around 9:45 when the both of you finished the movie and you started to get tired of the long tiring  but Peter was the opposite, he almost never gets tired until midnight. Peter ran you home from the theater quickly and ran you up toward your room.

Your hand clenched your head in pain, “does it hurt every time,” you groaned as you backed up toward the wall behind you for support.

“You get used to it,” he said as he grabbed your shoulder. You looked up into his eyes and he leaned down from his height and kissed you sweetly on your lips. He grabbed your face and he kissed you again. You kissed him back until you broke from the kiss held his hands.

“I had a lot of fun tonight Pete,” you said with a smile on your lips.

“Me t-,” suddenly you heard the professor’s voice enter both of your heads saying “go to your own rooms or I will call your mom Peter.” Peter smiled and he kissed you one last time on your temple before speeding into his own room. You smiled again at the thought of Peter kissing you and flopped onto your freshly made bed awaiting sleep.

I haven’t posted a picture of myself in forEVER so I figured now would be a good time lol

After 10 years of waiting, I finally fulfilled my dreams of hugging Patrick Stump on Sunday (and I didn’t cry!!) and it was honestly one of the best days of my life.

I froze up pretty bad. As soon as I turned the corner and Joe was standing there, I was just so in shock that I totally shut down. I was wearing my Majora’s Mask shirt, and Joe and Patrick kinda looked at it weird before Joe went “Oh that’s Zelda!”

I managed to say “Yeah I’m kind of a Zelda nerd” and they were like “That’s cool.” At this point I was dying because I just told Fall Out Boy that I’m a Zelda nerd and they told me that was cool and I just kinda stood there totally overwhelmed. I must’ve looked like a deer in headlights because after a while Patrick was like “So do you wanna take a picture with us?” To which I replied with “Yeah, absolutely!”

So I stood between Patrick and Pete, and Patrick put his arm around me and I said “Actually, can I be hugging you in the picture?” And Patrick, that sweet, kind-hearted man, exclaimed “Of course!” and pulled me into what was probably the best hug of my life. I saw Pete hug Andy out of the corner of my eye, but I didn’t know that he was posing like that haha. I also didn’t know that Joe was posing like that until I saw the picture the next day…poor Joe.

After the picture was taken, Patrick put his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes and thanked me for coming and his eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL like holy crap. But that thank you was so genuine and made me feel so happy inside UGH

By this point I was being ushered out by security, so I said a quick thank-you to Pete and Andy and was sent on my way.

I’m a bit sad that they won’t be touring again in the United States until they put out new music, but I am so so so grateful for the experience I had on March 13th. It’s certainly a day that I will never forget.

Part Eight

I wanted to get this up, because I probably won’t have a lot of time the rest of the day. So forgive any minor mistakes. (Or don’t forgive them, I guess I can’t really control that. But I thought I’d give some context to them at least).

Where the hell was Owen? Claire thought to herself, reaching and grabbing Karen’s hand and giving it a squeeze. She adopted her most intimidating pose, narrowing her eyes at Pete.

I’m not afraid of you, she told herself. You’re just a bully. I’ve faced worse than you before.

“Excuse me,” Claire said, her voice all steel and sharp edges. “I don’t believe I was speaking to you.” She heard the pounding of feet on stairs, as Owen burst breathlessly into the room, his eyes darting from Pete to his wife, unsure of what to do next. She could see him approach like he used to approach the paddock, calm, cautious.

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