what if nobody answers this

They did it. The battle is won.

The war is over, once and for all.

Mahiru turns around, exhausted but smiling, turns around to beam up at his Servamp, relieved and victorious. “Kuro!” he shouts. “Kuro, we did it!”

Kuro opens his mouth to reply, but Mahiru can’t hear his voice. His vision flickers. Then everything goes black.

Mahiru opens his eyes and finds a familiar ceiling.

He looks around. He’s in his room; how he got here he doesn’t remember. He’s not tired anymore. His injuries are gone without a trace.

What happened? What is he doing here?

“Kuro?” he calls, sitting up and pacing through the room. He walks into the corridor, the kitchen, the living room, his uncle’s bedroom. “Kuro, where are you? What happened?”

But nobody answers, no black cat padding out of a dark corner, no vampire boy complaining about his loud voice so early in the morning. The apartment is empty except for Mahiru.

There are no potato chip bags either. No ramen cups, no video games. The house is untouched.

Little by little the realization dawns on Mahiru. It was a dream. None of this was real. Kuro, the vampires, everything… a dream.

He knows that. But every time he goes out in the street, he still keeps his eyes open for a lanky blue-haired boy or a fluffy black kitten with red eyes.

DianAkko Drabble

I like to imagine this to happen in the last or pre-last episode:

Akko is preparing to fight the evil monster that is destroying everything around Luna Nova - which is protected by a barrier and serves as shelter for all the witches and nearby townspeople - and an incredible danger for the whole world. As she had finished preparing and wanted to fly off with the Shooting Star and the Shiny Rod at her side, injured Diana came to see her off.

“You really want to do this?”

“Yeah… The longer I wait, the more dangerous it gets”, she answers.

“Nobody would force you to, what if… you died?”

“If I die, then only when I managed to kill this monster. I will try my best to come back to you all - alive and not in a coffin.”

Diana sheds a tear. “Can’t I come with you? I want to fight by your side!”

“No no no”, she denies without consideration. “You’re still hurt due to the poison, you could lose your life in this battle.”

“But if I’d fight with you, then I’m confident we would make it - together.”

Akko sighs and walks to her by now dear friend and Shiny Chariot fan: “Hey, you’re too precious to die on the battlefield I, however, am just a dork that nobody would really miss…”

“Don’t say that! After all this time you have got so much stronger, you are able to control the Shooting Star, you can use the Shiny Rod, you are the very first witch from a non-magical age line that gave me a new way of thinking!”

“You may be right with all that… But I still believe it’s better for me to fight…!”

“Please reconsider to withdraw, I really don’t want to lose you…”

Akko chuckles provocatively: “So you really have loved me after all?”

Diana doesn’t blush, but smiles instead to counter her friend’s provocation attempt: “Well, maybe the love-bee still had its effect on me?”

Akko smiles too and snatches a little kiss from the other’s lips: “Maybe I’ve got stung as well?”

“Then, will you come back for me?”, she looks at her crush with a slightly flustered expression on her face.

“I will”, she turns around and walks a few steps forward. “Because I want to taste these lips of yours again.”

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From Fire Emblem to the Flarrowverse, your rarepairs give me life. And also I just wanna say that I am so glad you're branching out into a ton of fandoms; you can do it! Also also, I saw something about SmoakingSuperCanaryCorp which...I mean. I would be so sold. But also seeing is believing, right? I don't wanna push you, but do you have anything ready or is this gonna be one of those things that gets put on the shelf forever? (love you btw, hope I don't sound pushy!)

Oh my darling anon.
Oh my darling anon.

Ask and you shall receive (apologies mobile users)

Have the first 500(ish) words of a (yet untitled) college AU thing I’m working on.

The four of them will deny it later (much later), but everything starts with Sara Lance sliding into a café booth across from her best friend and whispering, in a tone belying more than just simple curiosity, “What do you know about a girl named Felicity Smoak?”

In response to that, Lena Luthor closes her laptop and lifts one impeccably-shaped eyebrow, considering Sara with one of her tricky little minx-smiles as she asks, “Why are you suddenly asking about my roommate, Sar?”

Now, normally Sara isn’t one for dramatics (or okay, fine, maybe not all the time), but this feels like the revelation of the year. She’d always sort of just gone off the assumption that Lena didn’t have a roommate, which…well, she’d never actually been to Lena’s room so there was no way she could have proven herself right or wrong. “Shit, Le, she’s your roommate and you didn’t tell me? Here I am, trying to make it for you and Kara—who, as we both know, is the one roommate I’ve had who I would totally wanna bang but haven’t because you like her—and you don’t tell me that you’re living with the literal girl of my dreams? That’s a betrayal!”

“I believe I did mention Felicity to you, actually, and months ago, at that, but somebody told me that she “didn’t need no help gettin’ laid, Luthor”, if I remember correctly.” Lena laughs, the sound teasing. Comforting. “And hey, what about Nyssa? I would have thought she was still the “literal girl of your dreams”. Hasn’t been that long, you know.”

Sara sighs, lying her cheek down on the cool wood of the café table. “Oh, come on, Le. You can’t hold the shit drunk-me says against me! And hey, we agreed not to talk about Nyssa, remember?” Lena doesn’t say anything, only lifting her eyebrow again, so Sara sits up, looking her friend dead in the eyes. “Seriously. You know how I felt about Nyssa. It just…you also know what happened. And anyway, she’s happy with my sister now, and they’re living together and it’s cool. It’s fine. Just…” she trails off. It’s sort of an awkward situation, really, but Sara and her sister, much as they love each other, have had a weirdly intertwined dating history; at least Nyssa had talked to them, not gone behind their backs like a certain other person with whom Sara (and Laurel) is surprisingly still good friends.

Lena’s expression goes soft, and her lips quirk into an affectionate smile. “Yes, I remember. I’m sorry.” Sara is grateful when her friend’s eyes drop to the table before looking back into hers. “So, you’re really into Felicity, huh? I understand the attraction, she’s adorable, but how do you even know her?”

Sara is about to make something up about one of her electives, but she remembers that not only does Lena know her schedule, but she most likely knows Felicity’s. She sighs. Here it comes. In hindsight, she probably should have mentioned this to Lena earlier. Like, when it all started.

No word on when this will go up, but I’m a woman of my word, anon. When I say I’m working on something, I’m working on it <3

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Hey girl!! I hope you're doing so very well! I would love for you to continue the Fight and The Fall series as would many I'm sure! Take care and have an amazing day because you're awesome and so talented and you deserve happiness!!!! <3 xx

Thank you, honey—having an amazing day is probably not going to happen at this point, but I thank you. *laughs weakly*

As for continuing those…well…like I’ve told people: if they want me to, I’ll consider it, but I’ve not seen enough support from both to really take it into consideration. That was why I stopped The Fall cold turkey—the notes on it got super bad as I continued and The Fight only has 80 notes; hardly something I want to devote my time to if people don’t want to support the work, and I express little desire to continue it.

I know someone will scream ‘fuck the notes’ at me, but the thing is, my dears: I need to see the support before I think a continuation is worth my time. If it isn’t getting notes, comments (on here or AO3), ect then I don’t bother, because I have other things I’d rather be writing/ drawing/ doing. All of The Fall, after the original story, were urges to continue and requests to do so. I stopped after the last chapter, because the notes were pitiful. (Compare 52 notes to the 300 The Fall’s first chapter has right now).

If people want to support it:



The Fight:


There are the links.

Thanks for your sweet words and kind support, honey. You’re very kind.

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The bitty is just going to clamber into Lexaeus's lap. He doesn't think he's supposed to; the other Organization members look at him strangely when he does it. But even though Aeleus isn't Aeleus anymore, Zexion still feels a possessive claim over the man. And he can reserve that claim from his spot on Lexaeus's lap, glaring at anyone who gets too close.

Anyone else who dared take a liberty like that would find themselves smashed into a wall like a bug, and yet Zexion is indulged every time and anyone who would dare comment quickly finds that the Schemer isn’t the only one glaring, and not even the most vicious about it either. The Stalwart’s seems to double as a challenge, or perhaps a simple promise of violence if anyone dares to touch Zexion or question the arrangement.

With teeth bared, he would be a rather imperious guard dog for the smaller Nobody.

He lifts a hand simply to steady Zexion on his way up, letting the Schemer use his foot and calf almost like steps so that he can settle himself with ease. Sitting together in such a way, they seem to be two parts of a single creature, and it is eerie to see them so in sync. 

How to Make a New Thread in a Friendly Writing Forum...

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*leaves it for another half a day*


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*finally gives in and makes new thread, proof-reading it three times*


What if nobody answers?

Wait - what if somebody answers???

*resign self to the fact that interneting is hard and humiliation is lurking everywhere*

“You treat me like I’m invisible and get mad when I feel replaceable. So tell me, who is it that’s taking up all your time and why are you keeping me around to watch you slip away from me?”

I watched his shoulders tighten, his hands squeezing the arm of the chair, his veins bulging against his knuckles. He took a deep breath, clearly sick of this conversation and trying to calm himself down. “Nobody.” But that wasn’t the truth. I had seen the credit card bill, the call log. I watched the pictures over the weeks, and saw how his arm slowly moved from around the girl’s shoulder to her waist. I watched how his smile diminished in our photographs, and shone brighter in hers. The way he was looking at me now, as if I was just that. Nobody - what an answer. 

“Yeah, I was a ‘nobody’ at first, too.” I murmured. “We start as nobodies, and end as nobodies. I’m not going to wait around for my end, and her beginning.

—  i won’t fight for your attention.

We all remember this scene, right? Zim suddenly going all sassy to a customer? ‘So, I said, ‘’You want some of this?’’ and SHE SAYS, she says RIGHT BACK AT ME, she says..’ (From ‘The frycook what came from all that space’)

Apart from being hilarious and incredibly random, this tiny scene always intrigued me somehow. 

What the hell was he talking about? Who is ’she’? Did this happen during his training years? Was Zim challenging her or, dare I say, flirting with her?! DID ZIM FLIRT WITH FEMALE IRKENS DURING HIS TRAINING?! DOES THIS PROVE HIM BEING HETEROSEXUAL, OR DID HE FLIRT WITH GUYS AS WELL?! DID ZIM USED TO HAVE GIRLFRIENDS !?!!?!???!?!?!  OR DID HE TRY TO GET GIRLFRIENDS, BUT NOBODY WAS INTERESTED!!?!?!?? WHAT DID SHE SAY, WHAT WAS HER ANSWER !?!?!??! JHONEN WHAT THE HELL TELL US

Western philosopher: what is the meaning of life? 

Moses: obey the law. serve God by serving your community. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Western philosopher: what IS the meaning of life?

Isaiah: Undo the bonds of oppression, let all the imprisoned free. Then your light shall break forth as the dawn.

Western philosopher: what is the MEANING of life?

Jesus: Whatever you do for the least among you, you did for me.

Western philosopher: what is the meaning of LIFE?

Talmud: To repair the world

Western philosopher: WHAT is the meaning of life?

Calvinist: suffering is inescapable because it is certain that God abhors you.

Western philosopher: *gingerly puts Calvinist book aside*

Victor Hugo: Have a care of the manner in which you turn towards the dead. Think not of that which perishes. Gaze steadily. You will perceive the living light of your well-beloved dead in the depths of heaven

Western philosopher: what is THE meaning of life? nobody knows! there’s no answer! nobody has figured out the problem of evil! We are all Hamlet! Macbeth was right!

Frederick Douglass: The silver trump of freedom had roused my soul to eternal wakefulness.

Helen Keller: Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. My optimism, then, does not rest on the absence of evil, but on a glad belief in the preponderance of good

JFK: The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it–and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

James Cone: Where there are two or three together, there is hope, possibility. That’s why I keep teaching.

Western philosopher: what is the meaning OF life? 

Carl Sagan: Every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there - on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.

Western philosopher: but, WHAT IS, the meaning of life? ,

Douglas Adams: lmao if you think you’ll get a straight answer

Western philosopher: but, the meaning of life! ? what could it BE?

Social Darwinist: Life is defined by a warlike brutal struggle for survival.

Western philosopher: *sits up suddenly* Wowza! But is there more?

Neoliberal: Individual participation in market competition through entrepreneurship will maximize wealth and bring ultimate personal career fulfillment.

Western philosopher: This is it! This is it! It’s real !

Western philosopher:

Western philosopher:

Western philosopher:

Western philosopher: Why does life still seem dreary and meaningless?

Asshole filmmaker: I’ve got like two dozen art films under my belt that deal with angsty old men who fail to answer this very question, all at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, and I will keep making them until that last one hundredth critic stops calling me “a shallow turd puddle”

Western philosopher: holy shit

quick doodled the answer to a question nobody asked: what does his outfit look like without the shoulders/gloves/vest

the answer is apparently “very sleazy”