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Speaking of the Devil (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt: Draco’s girlfriend getting comforted by Draco himself in a really special way. ;)

Requested: Yes. (4 times)
Word Count: 1,695.
Warning(s): SMUT, fluff.
Note: That was so intense for me to write holy crap.

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You were bored out of your mind, staring out of the window in Potions while Slughorn was talking about some other, stupid potion. Every time you looked at the clock, it’s been seconds since the previous time when you looked at it. Everything was going so slow at school. It felt like you’ve never got some spare time, and oh man, boyfriend Draco knew everything about it. Your relationship wasn’t going so well since you’ve been very busy with school lately and you guys didn’t do things as much as before. And when you were together, it was always you complaining about no freedom and him comforting you.

“Miss Y/N Y/L/N, please head to the headmaster’s office,” you heard and immediately you looked up from the window. What? Where was that voice coming from? Neither from the speakers nor from someone who would be standing at the door.

Your classmates looked at you and even the teacher looked pretty pissed about the interruption.

“Eh…” you said nervous and started to pack your things. You slung the backpack on your back and without saying anything else, you left the classroom, heading to the office

“What the hell did I do?” you groaned at yourself and just when you wanted to walk along a corridor, two strong arms grabbed you by your hips and then one hand clapped in front of your mouth.

You screamed and kicked the person behind you and when you hit his crotch, you heard him hiss and he let go of you. It was obviously a male because of the amazing strength in the arms. Reminded you of your boyfriend.

Speaking of the devil.

“Y/N! What the hell!” he laughed and when you turned around, you saw Draco, standing up because you kicked him to the ground.

“Oh my god sorry Draco, I-I didn’t…”

He shook his head and laughed. “Babe, doesn’t matter,” he said and he wrapped his arms around you.

“What are you doing here? Was it you, who I heard in class?” you asked, knowing the answer already.

“Yeah,” he said, making you furrow your eyebrows, “I took some potion I got from the Weasley twins. Otherwise you would recognize my voice.”

You gasped and hit him in the chest playfully. “You are such a dork, oh my god.”

“But I am your dork,” he grinned as he rubbed your back. You smiled and backed away, but not that much so you were still in his arms.

“What are you doing by the way?” you asked him and you two started walk towards the Slytherin common room.

“Surprising you, thought you could use that,” he said as he placed his lips on yours without waiting for a respond. You reacted immediately and he started to make it rougher by squeezing your bum. You gasped and he slipped his tongue inside your mouth. You couldn’t help but smile and hummed by how smooth Draco was.

He let go of you and smirked. “Let’s continue this, shall we?” he asked and you nodded with a smile, before you were heading to the common room.

“What’d you mean by continuing exactly?” you asked, looking oblivious on purpose. Draco smirked and acted like he was thinking. “I don’t know, how about a dinner in Hogsmeade,” he teased, you knowing he definitely didn’t mean it. But to tease along, you smiled and hugged him.

“Great idea, Draco,” you whispered as you pecked his lips. Confusing flashed across his face, but seeing you getting “excited” changed his mind to a real dinner. Eventually he groaned and murmured: “God dammit,” before arriving at his dorm to have a cuddle session with you.


You started getting ready kind of early just so you’d be able to take your time and relax a little bit too. After your shower, you put on a pair of cute lace undies and a bralette and sat down on the floor in front of your big mirror, starting to brush your hair.

While your hair was still drying, Draco came into your room and saw you there, half naked, as he said: “Oh my god, babe, you’re so hot.” You kind of brushed it off as just a compliment and not really thought anything of it, until he came up to you, pushed your wet hair to the side and started kissing your neck.

“Draco, I’m trying to curl my eyelashes, can’t you wait until after dinner?” you said and he groaned and walked away because you rarely ever said no to any kind of sex with him but when you said “later” you meant it and he wouldn’t try and push it. So he went into your bathroom and took a shower like it was his own, damn bathroom.

When he came back into your bedroom, he only wore a towel and you saw very clearly that he had a hard on so you laughed as he rolled his eyes and went to get dressed. You started drying your hair with one hand and scrolled through Instagram with the other so you weren’t really paying any attention to him. 

After a couple of minutes your hair was finally dry, so you turned off the hair dryer and the first thing you heard, was Draco moaning. Immediately you looked up and saw him watching you in the mirror with one hand in his boxers, slow movements visible. 

“Oh my god, Draco,” you laughed at the effect you had on him. Getting up from your place on the floor, you climbed on the bed and straddled him. “Y/N, I need you so bad,” he said quietly. “You look so hot when you’re pleasuring yourself, how could I say no to you?” you mumbled against his neck as you started kissing your way down his body. 

The kisses were sloppy and slow and just as you were about to unwrap the towel from his body, he said: ‘No, Y/N, please, can we skip the teasing?’

You raised one eyebrow, palming him through his towel before lifting yourself up again and earning a groan from him.

‘Alright baby boy, let me show what you got,’ you whispered in his ear as you felt his heart pounding in his chest like crazy. You thought you heard him whimpering, but as soon as you wanted to do something else, he flipped you around as a surprised sound left your mouth.

When you looked up to his eyes, they were dark and full of lust, ready to drill you into the mattress and fuck you senseless until you were unable to walk to next couple of days. And god, if that didn’t work on you, then what would?

Yeah, nothing.

He slowly took off your freshly new panties as you slowly unwrapped the towel around his waist. Moment later you two were totally naked, your bralette was being thrown across the room. Not before Draco complimented you about how smoking hot you looked in it of course, but he didn’t feel a little bit sorry about ripping them of your chest.

The tip of his dick was touching your entrance, his head dipped in the crook of you shoulder, leaving hickeys all over the place. In one, swift move he entered you, groans and muffled profanities leaving your mouths as he started to pick up the pace.

‘Draco, oh- oh my god,’ you moaned his name, which made him go harder like you were encouraging him. You dug your nails in his back and left scratches every time he pumped in to you. The pain made him moan even more as he rested his forehead on your forehead, looking at your eyes so lustfully, finally getting what he wanted.

His pumps started to slow down, him not entering you fully anymore, so you took this opportunity to toss him on his back so you could ride him.

‘Y/N, oh,’ he moaned as he grabbed your hips while you were bouncing up and down his cock, the end hitting your g-spot every time you hit his hips. Your hand searched for one of his as you entangled your fingers with his, before you started to circle around him, Draco pushing his head into the mattress because of the different move you made.

When you started to slow down, Draco sat up a bit, leaning on his elbows as he pumped with your movements, skin slapping against each other. ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ you started to chant in moans when he hit the right angle, him going even faster as you couldn’t keep up with the pace anymore, tired of bouncing.

‘I’m… almost… there,’ you groaned and then again, Draco flipped you two over.

‘Me too babe, me too,’ he whispered in a husky voice as his thumb made circles on your clit, wanting to let you finish first like the real gentleman he was.

You screamed and tried to muffle it with screaming into his chest, but it didn’t really work. Seconds after your orgasm, Draco pulled out of you and came on your stomach, exhaling a deep, throaty moan. 

After some while, he collapsed next to you on your bed as you tried to catch your breath again, because bloody hell, that was probably the best sex you guys have ever had. And there was nothing to complain about, it was amazing.

Draco grabbed your hand again, this time tenderly and soft, like it was made out of glass, as he pulled you close, pulling the sheets over your two, sweaty naked bodies. ‘That was so great, Y/N,’ he breathed out as he started to play with your hair, your eyelids starting to get heavy even though it was only 7 pm.

'No diner I guess?’ you whispered as you felt Draco chuckling heavily. 

'This was your desert.’ You giggled before nuzzling in his chest more, letting your eyes close as you were very tired all of the sudden. 

'Goodnight baby,’ he whispered as you responded with a sound that was supposed to sound like a yes, but after a couple of seconds you drifted off to sleep, Draco following minutes later with his arms secure around your body.


This was so intense, my hands are sweaty, I feel so weird about this but it’s so hot… I JUST WROTE THAT WOAH.

Draco Malfoy doesn’t need a condom, he’s a damn wizard alright.

I listened to Frozen songs while writing this, it was so weird I’m laUGHING.

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