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So @whatisthisnonsense and I were talking a little while ago about what the BATIM gang might’ve looked like in the 70s.

The top two images are my guesses at what they might’ve looked like if that’s when they were initially conceived.  The colors on Boris and Alice are screwing me over, still.

(Bonus Henry included, with his terrible mint green shirt.)

Bottom image contains my thoughts on how they might’ve looked if redesigned in the 70s, like if Joey Drew Studios was still producing cartoons then and just meant to update their designs a tad.  I wound up crossing a bit of Mickey Mouse’s evolution with the fact that Fleischer characters really didn’t change all that much as time went on, and wound up with something that I actually rather like. :V

w̵͍̞̜̙̤̟̳̑̓̔̅ͧ̇͒h̝͈̮͍̝̜͙̉ͦͭͭ̔͗̕a̰̓̏̀t͊̊̐̂͗ͨ̉͏̺ͅc͖͕͔̙͉̽̔̓͛̿ͫͪh̩̳̦̟̠̗̙̽̀aͪ͛ͥ ̸̓̀͋t̢̏ͤ̆ḧ́̓̍҉i̸͛n͂͗̍͑̈́̈͑k̓ͮͣ̀į͆̆ñ̿ ͛̔̀̄̿̾͢aͪ̏͂̑̀b̈́̅ͪ̽o̡͋u͛̽́ţ̿̆̈̈̾͑ ͩͬͦh̶̎̎eñ̇ͫ̽̐͑r̷͛͛ͩ̃ȳ̨̐

Inktober #6


another couple of sketch I want to add, always inspired by @shinyzango short comics about some event after the studio, wehere eventually they will have a peaceful future, yes, the poor creature deserves the best.

for the first one.. well it’s not still sure about that, but I’ve imagined Henry carrying a very tired Bendy into his car, after they managed to escape the hellhole of a studio, and they instantly fell both asleep in the car-
Henry will ride them both at home the following day ;)

the second is set months after:
the dancing demon have finally a peaceful life (through being mischievous and making some pranks), and Henry even promised him that in future he will meet Boris again (dunno how still buuut… who knows)
Henry needs a walking stick to walk, because of the bad injury left by the monster “bendy”
Bendy wants to carry on, but certains scars can’t be forgotten…
and yes, Henry arranged a bed by a laundry basket -planning to purchase a children one for him-

BUT IT’S ALL SUPPOSITIONS! see what the good Zango will make out *swagging my non-existent tail*


Why is this so funny to me….

Okay I think I may need to explain myself a little. Back in college, I had to take a class where we had to learn some of the basics in the Unity engine (software that lets you render and program games). The default player model was this little pill-looking thing that would hover above the ground a little; and  if I had to guess, the default looked this way just in case the students were making a game in the first person view with no intention of creating a model for the playable character. 

So far we have no idea what Henry looks like, nor does he appear to have a shadow that would give off any hints to what he could look like. Even though there are hypothetical designs for Henry that I really like, my brain keeps coming back to Henry looking like this in-game because of the fact we’ve never seen what his character model looks like yet. XD