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How would bendy be with an s/o who worked /a lot/? Like they do a lot of overtime and constantly gets called in to cover shifts

Bendy the Dancing Demon (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

“What the FUCK.” Get back here and pay attention to him.

He resents your boss a little- he was forced to work a lot with Joey, barely having time to rest after a while, and he (secretly) gets afraid your boss is making you work too much.

Bendy does his best to cheer you up/make you laugh after a long day. He hates seeing you so tired after work.

The minute you get home, though, get ready for against-your-will cuddling. He’ll go into his Big Form if he needs to, to get you on the couch.

anyway i’m sorry for all these text posts i’m just having a hard time w/ feelings today for some reason and i’m coping with some pretty serious post concert depression and there’s uh… other shit going on in my life and i just wanna yell into this void bc y’all don’t know me and i don’t know y’all and y’all just kinda do the thing like the gif with the person petting the other person with a broom like there there by liking these posts and jeez i’m sorry to get personal on what’s supposed to be a fan blog i just?? don’t know what the ol’ brain machine is doin today