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Dear Darkles Words of wisdom? (In need of your dark wisdom rn) -secret admirer

Dear Secret Admirer,

*clears throat*

-Know what you want. Always. Name something. Whether it be true love (no i’m not crying) or a slice of pie. Knowing what you want will keep you from being weak.

-Don’t be ashamed. Eat that cake. It’s good cake. Enjoy yourself. I didn’t live this long on herring and rye.

-Let go of people who let go of you. It can be difficult. Sometimes people, or their words or their memories, can haunt us. Please, admirer, do not waste your time and energy on people who will not respect you.

-Throw your shoulders back. Hold your head high. Whatever your enemies may try to take from you, let them never take your dignity. That Lantsov Puppy and Alina’s pet tracker may have fun as they mock me, but in the end who is it whose name sends a shiver down your spine?

-Do not ever, ever relent on your dreams. People will say what they will. Listen to your instincts, your own intuition, not the criticisms of those around you. You are as capable as you allow yourself to be. My mother never believed I would achieve my ambitions. Now whose name is written in Grisha history, who haunts the worlds even now?

Signed, the Wiseling

the next animatic im doing is ‘Say No to This’ and doing it out of spite cause I’m pretty tired of seeing bad comments about Maria Reynolds on my youtube channel and I’m gonna make her sympathetic as fuck 

Maria was abused, physically and sexually, was protecting her child from her father, forced to be apart of James’ plot to blackmail Hamilton and found solace in someone who felt some of her pains 

Hamilton couldn’t keep his dick in his pants 

who really fucked up Hamilton/Eliza’s marriage??? 

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"Whizzle wazzle, you make my heart fuckin' dazzle" fanfic starter

“The fuck this this even mean?” I ask, holding the paper up to the light like that will give me more answers.

“I have no idea,” Baz says. “I found it in my notebook after class.”

“What, like a love letter?”

He shrugs. “Why, are you jealous?”

leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five


all the times he surprised her and the one time he didn’t…


oink oink oink !

I love thinking about them having a pet pig or them running a farm they found and having farm animals as pets! or something along those lines…

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

Has anyone told Carlos that his university came looking for him, like, 23 episodes ago?

Okay, but the real hero of A Series of Unfortunate Events was the editor.

And everyone’s got their cool theories, like how the editor is Moxie or Ellington or maybe the Duchess of Winnipeg.  Those are good theories.  I love those theories.

But I’m imagining some poor person at Harper Collins who had to break into cars, shell out countless amounts of money on everything to useless train tickets to subpar milk, lose one of their nicer suits and try to decipher increasingly illegible handwriting to get to get these books printed.


Ljuba Prenner (1906-1977) was a Slovenian writer and lawyer. He* was baptised as Amalija Marija Uršula but started calling himself Ljuba early in childhood. In high school, he got a short men’s haircut and started wearing men’s clothes. Because of his gender (presentation) he had to work a lot harder than his peers to pass and had to transfer high schools several times all while supporting himself, but he persisted and moved to Ljubljana to study law after graduating high school in Belgrade. He got his PhD in law in 1941, and started working with the National Liberation Front, saving Slovenian prisoners from Italian prisons and concentration camps based on a fake law he made up, until Germans caught him. He fought for justice his whole career and was very passionate about saving people from death sentence and staged trials. His progressive political views often clashed with authorities and he was banned from practising law for seven years, expelled from Slovenian Writers’ Society, banned from writing, and sentenced to a working camp for two years.

Despite the problems he encountered as a writer, he published a lot of short stories, children’s stories, and had two theater plays and an opera libretto staged. He also went down in history as the author of the first proper Slovenian detective novel (allegedly written on a bet). He also wrote first person (using masculine grammatical gender) love poetry for his lover. He loved art and was friends with many important artists of the time.

Little is known about his romantic life. He lived with maths professor Slavica Rems, who also kept a lot of his unpublished manuscripts, and was later close with teacher Štefka Vrhnjak. They wanted to grow old together, but Štefka died of cancer which broke Ljuba’s heart. He met Štefka’s niece Marija Mrzel Krenker and her family at the funeral and started spending a lot of time with them, eventually moving in and living with them as a family member. Jerca Mrzel, one of the daughters, says that the kids saw Ljuba as a father figure and referred to him as “striček” (uncle).

He was known for facing prejudice with a good sense of humor. His legal assistant recounted a story of him entering the office on the first day of work in a new legal firm with a batch of kremna rezina cakes, saying, “I’m Dr. Ljuba Prenner, not a man nor a woman and I brought you cakes so that you can treat yourselves.” (“Jaz sem dr. Ljuba Prenner, ne moški ne ženska, tukaj imate torte in se posladkajte.”) There is only one known written account of him talking about his gender presentation in a letter, saying, “Wearing trousers makes living easier for me, I suffer in skirts, and God only knows why that is. I was afraid of being myself for years, but I am myself now, and people have finally stopped paying it any mind.” He also famously responded to rumours and slander saying, “Anyone who talks behind my back is talking to my ass.” (“Kdor za mojim hrbtom govori, se z mojo ritjo pogovarja.”)

He died of cancer aged 71, nursed through his final months by the Mrzel family.


*I use he/him pronouns for Ljuba, because one of his step daughters confirmed that he referred to himself in masculine grammatical gender among friends, and allegedly also in letters to them (but those have not been published yet). It is also possible that his chosen name was Ljubo (masculine) and not Ljuba (feminine) but since all sources that I have found insist on calling him Ljuba (and most a woman) it’s hard to tell.