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so i was watching dance videos on youtube, as one does on a hoppin friday night, and this was one of the recommended videos

thanks youtube robots for bringing into my life this video of kuroo tetsurou dancing to jason derulo’s seminal masterpiece ‘wiggle’ in 6-inch heels

Idol Trouble - Kang Dongho Requested Scenario


Summary: you are an idol with a guest appearance on Produce 101 while dating Dongho, Daniel starts hitting on you, Dongho gets jealous

Genre: jealous! Dongho ft. Daniel

Message?: pls support Dongho he is literally a big marshmallow fluff

“Now, because I am looking out for you guys,” BoA said from the stage, “I have brought a dear friend of mine who had been in this career for much leas time than me but probably has created more success. Y/N!”

I laughed, walking on stage and hugging BoA before introducing myself to the now 35 boys left in the competition.

They all cheered as I scanned the crowd. Quickly my eyes found Dongho, an ex-idol and my boyfriend of 6 years. I shot him an awkward smile.

“So for this week Y/N is going to be with you, watching you guys rehearse, helping you guys,” BoA explained.

“I will not be training you or critiquing you unless you want me to,” I said, “I’m simply here to guide you.”

BoA nodded, “so from tomorrow please be nice to our new guest, yeah?”

“Yes!” the boys all shouted, clapping as BoA and I waved and walked off the stage.

“Dongho looked happy today,” BoA laughed, “he usually looks so stern.”

Oh yeah and no one knows about me and Dongho. No one can know.

“Oh! He’s the one from Nu'est isn’t he?” I said, acting clueless, “the boys from Nu'est are probably only just warming up.”

She nodded as people took off our mics and rushed us through doors, “it must be such a shame for them though. They were idols, had been for years.”

I nodded sadly, “it’s the same with Hotshot though. Both are extremely talented bands just not with enough recognition.”

“Yeah,” BoA said sadly, “well, I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N.”

We hugged again, climbing into different cars. I didn’t know how this was going to go but I was expecting the worst.

When the morning came I arrived at the training studio and walked in to be greeting by 35 boys.

“Hello!” I said, “first things first good luck all of you with your training today. I think I want to spend a bit of time with dance first, is that okay?”

“Yes!” all the boys shouted.

“Is there anyone in dance who will show me the way?” I asked.

Loads of boys threw their hands up making me laugh.

“How about you,” I said, pointing at the boy with pink hair, “Daniel right?”

Daniel smiled widely and nodded.

“Right! Let’s get on!” I exclaimed, following Daniel.

I walked past Dongho and he brushed our hand together whispering, “be careful.”

I looked back at him and shook my head, continuing with Daniel to the dance studios.

“I don’t actually know how the other teams are getting on because I’ve been so busy as leader,” Daniel said, “I’d like it if you stayed with my team though.”

I giggled, “Daniel!”

He just smiled, looking proud as he walked away so I followed him.

“So what song are you guys doing?” I asked.

“Get Ugly by Jason Derulo,” Samuel said.

Fuck. Samuel.

“Wait,” he said slowly, “Noona?! I swear you’re not the same as…”

All the other members of his team looked at him confused as I widened my eyes.

“So Daniel!” I said, changing the subject although Samuel still looked at me suspiciously, “your the team leader?”

“Yep!” He nodded, biting his nails.

“How is he as a leader guys?” I asked, smiling as I turned round to the rest of them.

“Terrible. 0/10, never again,” Seongwoo exclaimed, pulling a disgusted face.

I laughed and he smiled back at me saying, “no, he’s really good. But I did the choreography.”

I laughed once again, “so can I see Seongwoo’s amazing choreography?”

They all nodded, getting into position as I sat against the mirror.

The music started and they all started, looking amazing. I squealed when they pulled up their tops and just looked on in awe for the rest of it.

When they’d finished, I clapped quickly, standing up.

“Guys! That was amazing!” I exclaimed.

“You looked like you enjoyed the bits with our tops up,” Daniel smirked.

I shrugged, “I’m a girl, how can I not?”

They all laughed and I waved them goodbye, walking to another team.

While in the middle of seeing the dance of the last team, Dongho appeared at the door, making three teams freeze and the team I was watching slow down.

“He’s not that scary guys!” I laughed.

Everyone looked towards me and relaxed.

“Y/N-ah!” Dongho exclaimed, “time for vocal!”

I nodded, pointing to the team in front of me as Dongho raised his eyebrows but waited outside the door.

The team finished and I clapped but told them I had to go.

I bowed, leaving the dance room before following Dongho.

“That was close,” I said, sighing.

“What was?” Dongho asked.

“Samuel recognised me,” I chuckled, “and I panicked.”

Dongho laughed, then straitened his face, “also. I don’t want you to go with Daniel anymore.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Even as you were with the other team,” Dongho said, “he was staring at you!”

“Aww,” I laughed, “is Dongho jealous?”

“No!” he exclaimed, “no I’m not!”

I nodded in disbelief.

“I’m not!” he said.

I smirked, walking ahead.

“Oh seriously,” Dongho sighed, “Y/N! I’m not!”

Summer Jams
  • Aries: The Cure // Lady Gaga
  • Taurus: Stay // Zedd ft. Alessia Cara
  • Gemini: Strip That Down // Liam Payne
  • Cancer: Body Like a Backroad // Sam Hunt
  • Leo: It Ain't Me // Kygo and Selena Gomez
  • Virgo: Crying in the Club // Camila Cabello
  • Libra: That's What I Like // Bruno Mars
  • Scorpio: Swalla // Jason Derulo ft. Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj
  • Sagittarius: Life's About to Get Good // Shania Twain
  • Capricorn: Shape of You // Ed Sheeran
  • Aquarius: Swish, Swish // Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj
  • Pisces: The Fighter // Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood

this is the most VAGUE and UNHELPFUL shot in the dark, but I’m trying to remember a song and I have NO IDEA what it was called or who it was by but I just remember hearing it

  • male artist
  • came out no later than 2011 (most likely 2009–2011)
  • I thought it had a Taio Cruz or a Jason Derulo kind of vibe but it doesn’t seem like it’s any of their songs
  • for some reason, the letter F is sticking out in my memory somehow, but I could be wrong about that
  • I feel like it was like … ~I love you, we’re gonna fall off a waterfall, or some other kind of “there are obsctacles, the sky is falling, I still love you babe” themes
  • is NOT Down by Jay Sean
  • I feel like I’m getting CLOSE with Down by Jay Sean, only I remember it being slightly angstier, inasmuch as pop music is ever… angsty.
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Dream Trip: South Korea, Japan mit ma bby @j3tpackblues

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Nationality: Jordanien 

Favorite Song Right Now: the cover Blackpink did of Miguel’s sure things is amazing, also Save yourself by kaleo, again thanks to ma bby 

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anonymous asked:

I believe Jenna gave him an ultimatum to stop the bs and he didn't go for it. She had no choice at that point but to walk away. That Mormon kid was being used to make Val jealous which backfired. If it works out for them now, fine, but the maneuvering they have both done in the past doesn't bode well for them. I also believe that Jason Derulo thing was a set up to taunt Val into coming out about her and it pissed him off. That was the beginning of the end.

I have no idea what the Jason Derulo thing is and maybe I don’t want to know. Perhaps my 2016 break on shipping/SM overload was a good thing!

Larry: Secret Love Song
  • Harry: Hey babe, is Jason Derulo your secret pseudonym?
  • Louis: What are you on about?
  • Harry: That song by little mix. Secret love song. Written by Jason Derulo AKA Louis Tomlinson.
  • Louis: You KNOW Jason Derulo you knob. I didn’t write that song. I’m sorry love.
  • Harry: Sure. And you’re 5’9, a vagina enthusiast and hate it when I grab your bum.
  • Louis: Bastard ! And I’m sorry babe but I looked it up, it’s about Derulo and some girl he was seeing who was taken.
  • Harry: No baby. It’s about our little closet.
  • Louis: Harold-
  • Louis: Babe-
  • Louis: Harry, if you don’t lower your voice right now-
  • Harry: I wish that we could be like that. Why can’t we be like that? Cause I’m yooooours.
Mash Up For What
Dj Earworm
Mash Up For What

Dj Earworm - Mash Up For What (x)

DJ Snake feat. Lil John - Turn Down for What
Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty to Me
Pharrell Williams - Happy
Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX - Fancy
Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea - Problem