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Dean was way too young to remember their first meeting, but Cas - who was almost ten back then - remembers it perfectly. 
It was the first time when he saw a baby that was not a wolf- such tiny, warm, sweet smelling creature that smiled at everything, including Cas.
Castiel’s father put his hand on the shoulder and told him that leading a pack  means not only taking care of the wolves living in it.
And then Mrs. Winchester let him hold little Dean for a while, and Cas was fascinated with his curiosity and complete lack of fear.

He never thought he will meet Dean almost 22 years later, though. 

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Hey, if you're still taking Malec prompts: Human!AU where Alec delivers the pizza to Magnus' birthday party and the guy is so hammered he is 110% certain that tall, dark and dreamy is a stripper his friends have hired for him.

Alec gets off his bike, grabs the pizza box and adjusts one of his earphones that came loose. It’s his last delivery for the night and he’s glad he can finally get home, grab a cold drink and read a few pages of his textbook for next week’s uni lecture.

He’s been in this area before, but never this apartment. He can hear music through his earphones, through the walls, probably some party. He hopes they’ll even hear the door over the noise. He’s lucky and led in and pulls his earphones out as he climbs the last few steps and arrives before an open door, with no one waiting for him.

The music is almost deafening now and he takes a step into the apartment. Neon lights, a spinning party sphere and a dozen more people than should fit into the apartment come into his view. Everyone’s chatting, dancing and drinking, not sparing a look his way.

He sighs inwardly, braces himself and steps inside, “Hey, hello! Pizza delivery!” 

He talks to the first person in his way, a blond petite woman with a ponytail and blue eyes that are watching him in a daze, and she smiles but shrugs and goes back to dance with her partner. Alec frowns, lifts the pizza box higher and carefully pushes through half a dozen dancing people, again trying to shout over the noise, hoping whoever ordered the pizza will hear or see him.

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mina has literally the most inconsistent characterization but i don’t even care because i lowkey love her

in a reality in which my white lion theory is true… 

the more i think about it, the more i realize how perfect the white lion would be for allura. 

the mural reminds us that voltron is seen as a beacon of hope to so many people, manifested as a ray of light. a combination of every color of light creates white. allura is attached to the quintessence of all of the lions. 

having the white lion separate from voltron would allow for allura to switch between the role of lion pilot and castle pilot as needed.

perhaps most importantly, this would allow allura the opportunity to be personally chosen by a lion whose quintessence most closely matches her own. 


picture this: the white lion does exist. allura feels drawn towards it. when it lets down her barrier, allura steps inside. she is greeted by the very last piece of her father in the form of a hologram. he tells her what traits a white paladin should have and that she fits them perfectly and that he’s very proud of her and that he’s so sorry he never had the chance to see her fly it. 

anyways i’m probably going to mildly disappear off of here for a couple of weeks or so cause i haven’t been feeling very well lately & i need to start feeling better before school starts …so yeah…just going away for a bit, but not forever….

kay but i wanna know what everyone’s fav animal is its important it’ll make me happy