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[su dream]

 so it started out as a cute episode where the crystal gems were trying to find out how exactly old they are while steven’s away by checking records and photo books because they lost track of their age and i guess they wanted to know for whenever steven wants to give them an accurate gem birthday party the next time? 

then the episode went to Lapis who was hanging out  and THEN there was JASPER, sitting across from her. and im pretty sure i shrieked. then it to cut a typical CN commercial card showing many previews of new su episodes starring lapis and jasper, mending their relationship? I saw a scene where they’re at a cruise party in one piece swimsuits, lapis is sidling up to her looking like she wants to apologize and feels sorry for what she did in past, they’re dancing together, just hanging out, they looked so happy [there was also a brief scene of jasper in her cape riding one of those quartz dogs like one of those commercial scene change cards]

and throughout the time im still screaming with giddy delight, pratically crying. THEN it announces its a one week special event starting RIGHT NOW TONIGHT and Jasper just dives on screen after and im just YES YESSSS 

 then i fucking wake up

  1. Anonymous said: About that last LGBTQ+ post you made, I really feel you. As a young asexual biromantic girl, I was so happy to go to my first gay parade, and it turned out to be an almost traumatic experience. Drunk men and women both were hitting on me, making body contact with very few clothing items and when I said if they can stop, as I have a boyfriend and I am ace, they were like “Why do you say you are part of our community if you are straight, then? You are not welcome”. -continues-
  2. Anonymous said: I know I’m not gay, but I am not straight either! I’m a biromantic ace girl and the fact I have a boyfriend doesn’t make me straight! I was also told my LGBTQ+ local community I’m homophobic for not wanting to go to a pride again, since it was awful for me. But apparently I’m homophobic. Idk, it’s sad because it seems that the same way white feminists don’t understand the oppression black girls face, gays don’t understand the oppression other queers face. - continues -
  3. Anonymous said: Gay parades are apparently only for gay people (and sometimes trans), and, people in general, be it gays, white women, or else only understand the oppression they themselves face. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I think it applies to most people. Idk it just makes me angry I’m not welcome neither in straight places, neither in queer places and that even oppressed people only care about themselves. Sorry for the rant.

Can I first just say how sorry I am that your pride event experience was ruined by those people? I mean, the one space, the one event where you’re supposed to feel safe and welcome, and they completly trashed it with their bullsh*t. I’m especially disgusted by the outright disrespect for not only your sexuality, but the blatant disregard for your personal space and comfort. Furthermore, ignoring your requests for them to stop? Un-f*cking-believable . 

And the thing is, I see/hear about this a lot. Especially from, as you’ve noted, certain white gay folks who act like anyone not them can’t be included. My god do I see this a Loooooot. I also hear the whole: ‘What? You don’t participate in such-a-such event or speak out at rallys or speak for the whole community? WELL YOU’RE HOMOPHOBIC!’ Which is just utter and complete nonsense to begin with, but is also completly ignores anyone with a disability, social anxiety, fear for their life due to dangerous environment, children, people with PTSD, people with traumatic experiences, etc etc etc. 

The whole concept that one can ‘own’ and control the entire LGBTQIA community, and therefore commands who can stay and who can go, needs to be thrown in the trash. People need to stop this. 

I’m sorry, again, anon. I hope any future endeavors are safer and more welcoming to you. I know it’ll probably take time, or some pointy elbows and a pissed-off-cockroach attitude, but I really do hope things improve. 

And, even as only one member of this vast community, I absolutely welcome you with all my heart.