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Could you tell us more about DID, or perhaps provide some links to information? Most information I've tried to find about it is often media portrayed which I've been informed isn't very accurate and I'd like to properly educate myself but I am struggling to find reliable resources!

Sure thing! There’s a lot to share in general about DID so I don’t really know where to start, but I’m open to answering specific questions if you think of any. :) I do have lots of resources, though! I’m glad you’re on the search for accurate and not sensationalized stuff. 

Good general article on DID
One of my fav blogs about dispelling DID myths!
Common DID terms used
DID tag on The Mighty (lots of personal stories)
Great post on DID basics and what syscourse is!
Deep science stuff about DID (research paper)

I hope these give you a place to start! As always, I’m totally willing to answer other questions about my experiences and knowledge with dissociative identity disorder. :)

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Oh god dont ship stelars steven is 14 and lars is definitely much older oh god pls

Hello there kind anon. Well, I personally see Lars as 17 at the time of death and Steven being close to 15 I guess, so their age difference at least for me is 2 years, 2 and a half tops.
Given that Lars has no official age stated other than late teens and a highschool slacker I figure it’s up to each person to roll with it however they want to. Ofc that’s gonna mean that the viewpoints are gonna differ from person to person and it’s very understandable where you’re coming from.
I admit I probably should’ve stated my viewpoints on their ages somewhere before I started posting art of them smooching haha oops. But yeah, very irresponsible of me to not do so and I do apologize for that.
If it’s any consolation, if I saw Lars as an adult I would not ship him with Steven either.
But yeah, as it is I’m not gonna stop. I do try to tag properly so it can be blacklisted at least. #larven is what I use, but might aswell start using #stelars aswell in the future for extra blacklist protection and stuff. Hopefully that helps idk.
Thanks for the message, have a lovely day <3

Writer Interview Tag

Tagged by the lovely @universalfanfic , who in tagging me in things is single handedly guilting me into getting to my next update!

1) What made you start writing for the first time?

The ‘What If’. My imagination and my memory have always worked well together, so the earliest writing I’ve found of mine (proper little kid stuff) is always an amalgamation of things I will have read or heard and then some wacky what if twist the kooky part of my brain came up with. When I was younger that meant a lot of stories that only tenuously fitted the class writing prompt, and some properly weird side stuff that even I don’t know the inspiration from. Nowadays, and back when writing went from an occasional to full time side passion of mine in my early teens, the What If comes about from watching or reading things, and then letting the wondering take over for a while. 

2) If you could only write about the ocean, the forest, or the desert for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

The forest for certain! I don’t do well with heat and I am scared of boats so even if I were to write about the other two, it would likely be a trainwreck of unresearched prose.

Forests however are my thing, second only to moorland as being my favourite kind of place.

3) Would you ever write a memoir?

I would yes! I collect weird events ( sounds odd, but I will occasionally do something a little out there, or pay special attention if something interesting is happening, so I can remember it and add it to my ‘collection’ of cool events in my life. It would be neat to one day write them down along with some other fun things I’ve done, but I don’t think anyone would ever read it! Might just be a thing for me!

4) Do you like writing by hand, or writing with a computer?

Computer for sure! It is so much quicker and flows faster from my mind to the ‘page’. Handwriting is so much slower and in my case hard to decipher afterwards!

5) Would you rather be popular among many readers, or unpopular, but loved by critics?

Popular among readers! Growing up with fandom I can’t imagine ever feeling like I’d gotten somewhere with writing if no one liked it in that way. Critics are all well and good for finances but often critics choices don’t have the adventure, the emotions and the general plot that I’d want to write. Maybe if I ever write a 50,000 word examination of the human soul through the perspective of a butterfly then I will rely on critic popularity, but for actual good plots, I’d much prefer readers liked my stuff!

6) Do you listen to music while you write? What is the best writing music?

Sometimes yes. If I am deep in the writing vibes then usually I can work in silence, but for gathering ideas or getting in the mood music is a must. 

I really liked the instrumental ‘trailer’ type music, as well as the epic pop genre I’ve found recently.

7) Do people you’ve met find their way into your writing?

Not singular people no, not since a particually bad Nanowrimo fanfiction way back in 2012! I think the notions of people do end up in my work though. Male antagonist characters with positions of power tend to crop up, I think because I have had my fair share of run ins with those like that so they are always easy to write. Mostly though if a real life character pops up it will be in ways I thought they might react - so for example I’m writing something at the moment in which a character reacts very badly to the protag telling them something personal, which was something I was afraid would happen with someone I knew, though thankfully wasn’t as bad as I wrote it. So people’s actions are projected in my work, but not them in their entirety. Hopefully that made sense.Thank you so much for the tagging! I always natter away in these things so hopefully the collective timeline of people who follow me don’t mind so much!

I will tag @dirajunara, @scarlettsoldier , @eufeme and @jarvis-is-my-copilot  Hopefully no one minds but if you do please let me know!

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hey i was wondering if you had tips for ppl who want to start writing fics and get requests and asks and stuff? like how did you go about getting that and whats your advice? thx b xxx

Writing fics:

Getting requests:

Just keep posting your stuff!! If people see that you’re a writer, they’ll generally just start dropping prompts and requests in your inbox. You can make posts specifically asking for them, if you’d like, but you’ve got to build up an audience first, and to do that you need good timing, luck and perseverance. Just make sure you tag everything properly and extensively, and don’t be afraid to re-post your stuff across timezones. 

Also, start talking to other writers and people in the fandom - off anon!! If you build a rapport with them, and become friends, then they’ll check out your writing and reblog it for you, which will reach a wider audience. Plus you’ll meet awesome people and have more fun :)


so, as i’ve been following people back, i’ve been seeing a lot of “how do i get started”? kind of posts or people just losing heart and leaving the blog before they even really do anything and i thought… i would… throw in my two cents… since this is not the first time i’ve rp’d a character who is popular to rp.

i’m not the best at being able to word what i want to say properly, but i will try, SO OK LET’S START!


Definitely make a promo post. It doesn’t have to be amazing or beautiful or anything, just as long as you have one it really helps gain you some exposure! but, REMEMBER, if your blog is new your posts won’t show up in the tags like #undetale rp and stuff bc apparently you need to break in your blog. Reblog it a few times… like, I’d reblog it once a day until I hit about 100 followers.


Just follow every rp blog relevant to what you’re rping. If you’re an undertale rper, there is a really good blog that has been keeping track of undertale rpers, but it hasn’t updated in a while. also, peruse the tags, like #undertale rp, and follow people from there. 


You don’t have to do this, but it definitely helps. Create open rp starters or create a starter for people who follow you (ex. you follow me, so i tag you in a post and make a short starter)! Some people will reply, some people won’t, but it definitely helps to do this! It not only shows that you’re definitely ready and willing to jump into rps, but it also helps other people who are too shy to maybe make a starter for you or other people. :D Some people you follow will also make starters for you when you follow them and it helps to reply to those!


Jump into people’s ask boxes, ask them if they’d like to plot or rp. If they don’t, then that sucks, but you’re just as likely to find someone who wants to rp with you than who doesn’t!!

I know a lot of people are shy when it comes to rping, I definitely am whenever I first start out, but I believe in you! ; v; I know you can do this! Once you get over that hurdle, you’ll feel so much better and more comfortable with your blog and you’ll be rping and having fun in no time!

And please never forget that just because there are multiple other rp blogs of your character out there that each and every rper brings a unique aspect to that character and your version is just as special as everyone else’s version. :D I know, it can be a little overwhelming, I hAVE A MILLION FRISK BLOGS I FOLLOW, but that’s ok bc we all rp frisk differently! We all have different headcanons and aspects and quirks and habits that we bring to our characters that make them unique and amazing and you do, too!! You’re amazing ; v; please never feel like you’re not.


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ok so I have a blurb request if you're taking them (if not I'm so sorry omg) but um 4/4 where you're on the show american horror story and you play evan peters' love interest and idk how they'd react to you having to like be all romantic with him and stuff? thanks so much!

((Ugh I won’t be able to tag this properly cause mobile but))

So Ashton I think would be cool with it at first like he’d know what AHS is and he’d be excited that you’re doing something cool but he’d watch the episode and he’d see you making out with frat boy Kyle/Evan and immediately he’d call and start freaking out a little cause you hadn’t told him that and yeah oops

Calum I think would know right from the start that you’re Evan’s love interest and he would be so reluctant to let you take the roll but you’d beg him to not be mad about it because working with Lily Rabe and Jessica Lange and Evan Peters would do wonders to get you noticed and he’d grumble and tell you no sex scenes without him there

Luke would probably not be okay with it at all. Like, he’d get so jealous because you’re /his/ girlfriend, no, Evan shouldn’t be touching you like that and why the hell is there a nude scene this is for public tv and you’d reassure him that it’s all acting and you’re not into him and he’s ENGAGED and he’d be grumpy until you got Evan to tell him he wasn’t interested

With Michael I think he’d try to pretend he was cool with it. Like, after you got home from filming a scene he’d coolly ask you about it and listen to you ramble about working with Evan and he’d kinda scoff and roll his eyes and you could so tell he’s jealous and it was kinda cute but yeah after “dirty” scenes Michael would show you some reaaaal dirty things

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So, my art isn't too bad, but it's not too great either, only okay. I love to draw, and I know drawing is supposed to be fun and done for yourself. But I can't help but feel discouraged when I work very hard on something and get only 1 or 2 likes on it, and never any comments. I know you're very popular, but have you ever felt discouraged or lonely with your work in this way? Do you have any tips for someone in this situation?

Hi anon.

Hmmm…a bit down, are we? Don’t worry, it’s gonna be ok.

I know drawing is supposed to be fun and done for yourself. But I can’t help but feel discouraged when I work very hard on something and get only 1 or 2 likes on it

It is absolutely normal. It’s a feeling that is enhanced by social networks, places that can give you the impression that your value as an artist has a link with the number of notes you receive. Deep down, you are aware that this “instant gratification” that notes are, can be dangerous and affects your ego in a bad way but still: it affects you nevertheless. Particularly when you see some artworks by other artists having tons of notes and you have none. It’s not being a lil’ bitch. It’s being human and it opens a lot of questions: Why is this person more popular than me whereas we have the same skills when it comes to drawing? What are they doing that I’m not doing? What is wrong with me? Is my art that bad?

You see, it’s normal. A lot of artist, particularly young artists feel that way. You know that comments/notes shouldn’t affect you but they still do. If other people’s opinion didn’t REALLY matter, you wouldn’t post on the Internet (of course, I’m not speaking of pro artists who use internet as a tool of promotion, that’s another problem). You post something and you hope it’s going to be seen somehow, particularly if you worked hard on it.

And also, let’s face it. Receiving comments doesn’t only have to do with gratification and recognition: it makes you feel less alone. At last, you interact with someone, maybe with someone who is gonna become a friend. You are a part of something, not just a hermit in your little corner of he web!

It’s like having a restaurant. You can be a great chef and cook the best beef stew of the whole country, if you have zero customers to eat it, it’s awful.

but have you ever felt discouraged or lonely with your work in this way?

It depends. Much more now, but not really at the start of my “career” on the Internet. I started to post my art online when Internet became popular for the general public (around 1998). I had no idea at the time what it meant “being popular” on the Internet or knowing the pressure of having notes and comments. I didn’t have any means of comparison with other people, apart from some friends blogs (or geocities pages xD ). I mean, when I had ONE comment I was happy, because it was new, because for once it wasn’t coming from my mom. And it didn’t matter that the comment came from some guy from Brazil I will never meet. It was good and it was enough. Not to mention I started to post on the “French web”, it was smaller so having something like 2 comments in 1999 was enough to celebrate and to buy some champagne. xD

So, I took the time to improve, post more and more without too much pressure and the notes/comments came gradually even if I must admit that things changed when I posted this artwork on Live Journal. It was the right art at the right moment and it took up from here. And I was happy you know! Like “OMG! Who are all these people? How did they know about my art? OOooOooOOh!”

But I’m not gonna lie, sometimes, I don’t understand how some artworks I spent two hours on (*) can have so many notes and some artworks I spent more than 20 hours on were judged “mew” by my followers. I want to pull my hair and I’m like “COME ON!! It’s just a sketch!!”, ha! ha! It’s not an exact science and it can be frustrating. I keep repeating myself that I don’t care about notes, that I don’t draw for notes but sometimes it affects me. Rarely, but it happens. Why? Because I’m a human being, not a machine. And also I don’t have the popularity of a SUPER famous artists who hardly interacts with their crowd due to a lack of time and who pays less attention to all this. However, I’m happy that this kind of feeling is affecting me now and not when I started as an artist or even when I started to post on the Internet. It can be really devastating, particularly when you are a beginner, it can create a lot of questioning, a lot of frustrations. Doubts. It can also affect your confidence and your self esteem and it definitely shouldn’t. Whatever happens: never stop drawing, never stop posting.

(*) Two hours being nothing for me ^^;;

Do you have any tips for someone in this situation?

It depends on what platform you are but I’m sure that tagging properly is the key. The five first tags are important so forget about stuff “#socute” or “#myart”. So if you post fandom stuff, be precise: the name of the ship, the name of the fandom + the name of the actors and it should be good. If it’s not something fandom related, “illustration”, “art” (and not myart), “landscape”, etc..is a good start. Now that I think about it…

I posted this lists of advice on how to become more popular on Tumblr.

However, if you are on Live Journal, it’s good to sign up to challenges. I don’t know what is popular in your fandom but in the Spn fandom for instance if you want people to notice you, the SPNJ2 Big Bang, the SPN Reverse Bang or The Dean/Cas Big Bang are not bad at all.

Voilà! Whatever happens, don’t lose hope, draw, post, the notes will come one way or another!