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what is a “russ” and why does it seem like the biggest deal in SKAM ( aka vilde ) ?

so if you’ve seen from season 1, you’ve heard about the famous “russebussen”, or how in season 2 you see william and his friends partying in a bus. so you’ve probably been like “wtf is this shit? do norwegians actually obsess over this?”, well the answer is yes and no. but i’ll explain more of that later on in this post.

so to the first thing, what is a russ? well to sum it up shortly a russ is someone who is finishing up their last year of videregående, or as some would call it, high school. 

russefeiringen or russetia will normally last for about a month, starting in april and ending on the 17th of May, the norwegian constitutional day. during this period you will often find severely sleep deprived, hung over 19 year olds. 
but the russ do other things than drink and party; they also dare each other to the most hilarious things like walking around with bread shoes, go on a date in the school cafeteria with a first grader ( they’re 16 don’t worry! ), walk to the shops or around town with skiis on their feet, sit in a trolly and order a happy meal at McDonalds drive through, and so much more. 

but you also need to watch out, because if you are a first grader or a second grader, you can easily end up on the “terrorliste”, meaning that the 3rd years fuck you over like duck taping you to a pole whilst they throw water, flower, egg and all other stuff. you can become kidnapped, where the russ will take you and drive you to a place and then just leave you there, but they mostly leave you at a buss stop and make sure that you have the money to get home again. 

but the russ often have fights among each other, where the “enemy” can be the neighbouring city, the schools that are close to yours or the famous “blå russ vs rød russ” ( i’ll get into the colours in another post ), or the østkanten vs vestkanten ( east and west parts of oslo, the rich kids vs the middle to lower class kids ) 
now during the fights, you will often throw eggs at each other, egging down cars or other russ. the meeting grounds are trashed after the “fight”, but it’s all for a little fun.

now to the russebus and russebil. both extremely popular amongst the russ.

now this is a russebus, they don’t need to look like this, in fact if you google russebusser, you can find a lot of really cool busses. 
but anyways, russebusses normally cost around 1 million norwegian kroners, but normally they can reach up to 4, depending on how much work you’re putting into the bus.  
now people normally save up from the 9th or 10th grade with a group of their friends just so they can get this bus. the busses look amazing, and is a great place to sleep during landsstreff and a lot of room to party in, on the top and lower decks. this is mostly popular in the oslo area, but you can find them all over the country.

now this is a russebil, again really popular choice for the russ. here a smaller group of friends will save up money to buy the car ( or perhaps their parents have one for them to have ) and they decorate the inside and outside, often writing their names on the car. 
now i would say that the cars are more popular, because of the huge price difference. but hey, if you got the money and if you saved up, why not?

now all of this is all fun and all, but the russ also have to be extremely careful not to party too hard, specially with our new fraværsgrense of 10%. and the fact that our exam period is right in the middle of russetia. so whilst you are celebrating that YAY IM DONE WITH SCHOOL, you’re actually not and have to worry about reading with a hangover. the politicians did this in the 70′s in hopes that the russ would party less, well it didn’t work at all.

of course you don’t have to be a russ, but it’s fun and it’s why we go all out, it’s our last celebration before we head of to universities or jobs. so this is the shortest version of what the russetia is and i swear i’ll write up what the different colours means and the different types of russ you can be, but that should be in a post of it’s own

I respect all ships but I hate the tumblr mentality

If your first thought when you see a character is. “Hmm are they gay or straight?” You have a problem. A characters sexuality doesn’t define them. Just like an actual real life human being. Sexuality does not define you. Love who you love and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But when you start telling other people what THEIR characters sexuality is you need to stop. Blizzard has been working on Overwatch for years. Longer than you’ve even known of it’s existence. Don’t tell them all THEIR characters are gay, or straight.

And for gods sakes let people be happy when two characters they love have more interactions. More character development.

Cause omg who would’ve fucking thought that characters are more than who they fuck??? WOW SO SURPRISE I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. Characters need actual story to be interesting???

Everytime you post hate or try to bring someone down you grown more and more pathetic as a person. You are a sorry excuse and you are not apart of any fandom I love. I won’t allow it. You call yourselves fans? HA pathetic a real fan wouldn’t quite on their fandom over fucking voice lines.

Guess what there’s more sexualities than straight and gay. I can’t fucking stress how little sexuality plays into a characters role. Especially on a game rated T for TEENS. The fact that yall put so much emphasis on it is sad.

If you deny that people on this site aren’t pan/biphobic, heterophobic, and acephobic you are insane. I have never seen so much hate for anything not 100% gay. STOP shaming people because they don’t like gay ships. You all seem like a bunch of psychotic people fetishsizing gay and trans people. That’s all I ever see from yall.

Bunch of hypocrisy too. Tracer can be gay and have a lovely girlfriend (they’re so cute together) but genji and mercy can’t be together? Because what some made up shit yall have about their relationship? Romantic or not Genji does not hate Mercy he calls her by her first name. That’s a big fucking deal in Japanese culture and a sign that he knows and trusts her well.

The Villain of Kuroshitsuji...

This may sound controversial, but I believe that the main villain of Kuroshitsuji is none other than Ciel Phantomhive.

Allow me to explain.

Ciel is a horrible human being. His motives are horrible (revenge), his actions are horrible (up to and including murder), he is generally a brat. Ciel Phantomhive IS the bad guy.

He is not someone to save or protect. He would laugh in your face if you tried. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It’s what makes him so interesting. If you turn him into a typical “abuse survivor,” he’d be as boring as any other human being. It’s his, dare I say it?, evil tendencies that make him interesting. He is half-demon already.

On the other hand, Sebastian, in a sense, is perfectly innocent. He is only Ciel’s pawn and/or knight, depending. He can only move as Ciel directs. Did Sebastian want to burn all those children to death? No. Ciel COMMANDED him to do it. Ciel uses and abuses Sebastian’s power at every turn, per the terms of the contract.

Of course Sebastian is “problematic,” of course he is a bad, bad man. He’s not a man! He’s a demon. An amoral, selfish, self-interested, hungry demon.

Of course Ciel is the villain, or else Sebastian wouldn’t be interested in him and there would be no story.

The manga is the story of an evil little boy and his demonic butler and the terms of their contract. There are only two possible outcomes and two possible storylines: Either Sebastian is marinating his dinner in its own misery for flavor and will eventually consume his soul OR he is grooming his own demonic companion. Either way, there is a vested interest in Ciel being a HORRIBLE human being.

Ciel has shown time and time again that he will ALWAYS turn away from the light, from the time he was ten years old and being made the Earl of Phantomhive.

To see it otherwise is a gross misunderstanding of what this manga is really about. Whether you see their relationship as sexual/romantic/shippy or not, the manga IS a sebaciel manga. It is the story of their contract and their. Everything else is tangential and only serves to further that main point.

Save Ciel? Protect Ciel? HA! Don’t make me laugh. That boy has had every opportunity to be saved and he’s turned it down every time.

This is the last post I’ll make about this

No more jokes

No more infighting

No more memes

No more attacking someone for not being perfect enough for whatever your specific cause is

We are in


Please be rational and responsible and thoughtful in how you handle yourself from here on. And always remember to take a deep breath, think before you speak, educate yourself, and don’t fall victim to fear.

Not doing any of those things is what gets Trumps of the world elected.

We’re all young, some younger than others, we don’t have a lot of experience in this, so be steadfast but also mindful and kind while everyone learns. Again, thinking you know best and are always right is exactly how Trump voters operate. We have to rise above that.

DON’T be lickety-split to just reblog/tweet/share every headline or quote or fact you see. STOP. Take 20 seconds to Google it.

See unsourced information? Source it and send OP the source.

See sourced information? READ the source. Not just the headline.

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

Travel in groups. Stay safe. Be ready to film or confront injustice whenever you’re able to, but if God forbid your life’s on the line no one will blame you for not being a hero that day. We need numbers, not martyrs, we have enough of those already.

Know who’s representing you from federal to local government. Read-up and keep tabs on them. Know their names and what they stand for. Have any questions or concerns, don’t just rant and rave to your friends, send them an email. Make them know you’re a voter and you’re aware of the Primaries in 2 years.

Make Trump the last Presidential candidate voted in by sheer ignorance and fear-mongering.

I want the last Infinity Gem to be Black Panther’s ring.

He’s a major character and an incredibly powerful one. We don’t know a lot of things about Wakanda - in the MCU -, except that people seem very spirituals ; it would be a logical place to find the last Stone, instead of Asgard or somewhere in GotG, where we already found other Stones.

Besides, I don’t think we really know what the Stone’s powers will be in the MCU, but considering the Time Stone controls time and the Mind Stone controls people’s minds, we can suspect the Soul Stone to have something to do with… souls?

That would explain the “thing” between the ring and Bucky in Civil War ; do you know any soul more conflicted than Bucky’s?

(Sorry if someone already posted something like that, I just tought about it while showering.) (Yes, I think about T’Challa when I shower and I’m not even sorry.)

anonymous asked:

What happened so you have to post those gif? 😔

It’s a combination of things, but mostly, I think people really need to reflect on what they’re doing to attempt to support Johannah’s memory. I get it, I totally do, just wanting to do something to prove that they care. 

But there is a line, in which a lot of people are crossing, where they are going to force a still grieving family to publicly acknowledge their way of support. Which could bring on a whole set of variables that make the family themselves uncomfortable. 

Running charity drives (not in her name but in her memory), supporting Louis and Steve’s song, making edits, speaking positively of her legacy, and treating everyone with kindness are things that are behind the line. 

Anything that addresses the family directly, and would result in the family having to provide some type of public, or even private response, is past the line.

Anne Frank's stepsister compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler
In an essay to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Anne Frank's stepsister accused Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump of "acting like another Hitler."
By Gregory Krieg, CNN

Just in case you missed the link in my other post. As someone who has studied Holocaust Literature and who has done a lot of reading on 1935-45 Germany, I feel I am somewhat qualified to point out neo-Nazism when I see it. But if you don’t want to take my word for it, how about the word of Anne Frank’s stepsister, who survived a Nazi death camp, and knows–from first-hand experience–more than a little something about what a Nazi looks and sounds like.


I finally managed to somehow overcome my writer’s block and decided to give you this little excerpt of what I’m working on. I should have it finished and posted sometime tomorrow or Sunday. 


Never in a million years did Dan ever think that, at twenty five years old, he would be surfing on the internet through articles titled ‘Ways to spice up your relationship’ for any reason other than to have a laugh. He genuinely felt like he was back to being fifteen and worrying over his girlfriend dumping him every time he even noticed her talking to someone else.

It didn’t help at all that half of the articles he had already read through were clearly aimed for women and all contained quotes said by sex therapists. His relationship might not be as exciting as it used to be in the very beginning, but their sex life was great, thank you very much. At least that’s what Dan tried to convince himself of before he actually started thinking about what the articles said.

“Hot. Thrilling. When was the last time you used words like that to describe your relationship?”

So maybe it had been more than a week since the last time him and Phil had sex but that didn’t mean anything. They had been very busy with planning their first video of the year and, after a day of planning and filming, neither one of them was ever really in the mood to do much once in bed except for actually sleeping.

It definitely didn’t help that the last time they had been even close to doing anything that could be considered remotely sexual, Dan had fallen asleep as Phil was getting the lube. He turned bright red when he remembered that and slammed his head against the keyboard.

No wonder Phil was considering moving out. How had they gone from being playful and making sure to spare time for sex to being so boring and rarely ever doing anything?

With that thought in mind, he started reading through the articles again and actually got out a pen and paper to jot down notes as he went along. What has my life come to?

You can find the oneshot for this excerpt here 

Literally just…stop attacking people for shipping characters/enjoying pairings you don’t like????

I know people use tumblr and fandoms to escape the stress of daily life, I myself do just that, but recently I’ve seen so much hate in the shipping tags (specifically for Overwatch) and I’m almost dreading going into certain tags.

I don’t care if you can’t stand the pairing,

Many fans, myself included, use ships as coping mechanisms and there are literally thousands of other things you could be doing rather than posting what has become absolutely unnecessary hate in the tags.

Yes, there are problematic fans and headcanons and portrayals, especially when the ship becomes popular. I’m not endorsing those or condoning anything problematic. But instead of this increasingly toxic call-out culture that Tumblr seems to nurture, there ARE better ways of getting your point across. Use conversation and dialogue instead of name calling and spreading the general idea that someone is “a scummy racist shitbag” just because they like Mchanzo, or Pharmercy, etc.

Like, unless the person is being blatantly and clearly racist, you probably have no idea what that person’s experiences are or why they like the ship.

I’ve seen numerous claims that “it’s only white, straight girls that like Mchanzo” or “people only ship Mchanzo because they’re two hot men” and it’s driving me up a wall. Yes, there are going to be people who ship them only because they are attractive, and while this can definitely lead to problematic things, who are you to police who/when/why/how people ship things?

I myself, and many others I know, ship Mchanzo because their differences would make for an interesting dynamic- Hanzo is fairly cold and distant, but certainly not devoid of emotion. Jesse is overbearing at times, but also optimistic and warm. Both are also dangerous, and not to be underestimated. They share sad/turbulent pasts, and in that sense might understand each other.

But anyways, there’s plenty of different reasons why people ship characters, and while some of those are deeper and might call for explaining, others simply aren’t.

I know people will always have differing opinions but come ON. We’re all fans of the same game here, and there are better ways of addressing problematic content than spreading hate and negativity.

I know this is quite a rant but it’s been something on my mind for a while now and I’m just tired of seeing people attack other fans over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

I know this probably won’t change anyone’s mind, but if it makes you reconsider posting hate or sending anonymous hate messages to anyone, then it was worth it.

Please just remember that not everyone has the same experiences or knowledge or insight as you, and it literally costs nothing to hold your opinion, politely explain why something is problematic instead of shitting all over what might possibly be someone’s favorite thing.

honestly in regards to splitting i can see that i mean everything i say in the heat of the moment and i hate that we pretend that one end is more deep rooted, meaningful and sincere than the other. i feel like its definitely possible to love someone too much, there is a place where it becomes unhealthy. especially when its inappropriate. i see all these posts about how “ur bpd partner doesnt mean what theyre saying when they split” but that corroborates the idea that if im idealizing you and telling u im madly in love with u i dont mean that either, i do. i do. the truth is i mean both. i mean it when im angry with you and i tell you i hate you, i mean it when im satisfied with you and tell you how much i love you. and i also take responsibility for both. there is no grounded side, or rationale or puppet master in any given moment. there is no neutral side to me. all i am is honest. i see in black and white and i mean what i say when im either or. is it my fault that ive been swept into an absolutely blind rage/ or that im overly and incredibly infatuated? im not sure. im not sure what its like to truly hate or love anybody. because ive hated people i will tell you i love today, and i love people i will have told you i despised yesterday. i dont know if ill ever be sincere and have a steady grip on my emotional responses. but as of now i no longer want to pretend there’/ a grey area. im never going to love you unconditionally, im never going to hate you indefinitely. maybe thats just me

Is This Seat Taken (Maggie/Alex fic)

This will make a lot more sense if you’ve read “Sorry, I’m Taken” which you can find here: http://enchntedapril.tumblr.com/post/152655549093/sorry-im-taken-maggiealex-fic  And remember, reblogging is love.  :D

Is This Seat Taken?

Maggie Sawyer really doesn’t know what to make of the exchange she just had with Supergirl.  First, the woman was coming on to her, asking her out for drinks.  Then she was all stern, with eyes that looked like they were about to flash red when Maggie told her she was interested in someone else.  Then she was suddenly all smiles and encouragement when Maggie told her the woman she was interested in was none other than Alex Danvers, the person Maggie had been certain was deep into a relationship with the superhero.

Speeding through the streets of National City, the detective mentally shook herself and decided that it was best not to think too much about that very strange meeting.  She was on her way to find Alex, and she needed to concentrate on what she was going to say to her.

She wasn’t blind, or stupid.  When she’d assumed that Alex and Supergirl were an item, Alex’s little invitations to drinks and comfortable banter had seemed innocent.  After all, who in their right mind would leave Supergirl for her?  Well, technically she had just turned down Supergirl in favor of Alex, but somehow that didn’t seem like the same thing.  In any event, she had thought those moments were just friendly teasing, but now that she knew that Alex had been available all that time?  Yeah, those moments leaped the gate from innocent town right on into fully flirtatious city.  All that time, Alex had been practically hitting her over the head with her interest, and she had basically thrown it back in her face.  

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Things like this bother me so much. Kids learn hate. They are not born knowing it. They absorb it from other adults. Why decide to be unkind to someone, rather than considering what environment created this in them and trying to find ways to fix it?

I swear some days I am just done with Tumblr’s shit. What happens when people decide you are unworthy of kindness – but still fully responsible for any actions you take in your despair?

Another giveaway to celebrate the debut of e-girls’ hip hop unit, sudannayuzuyully (that’s hella long, girls)! Super happy for these girls especially Yuzuna ;___; They will release the debut single on March 1st 2017 and their title track is “OH BOY”.

This time I will be only choosing 2 winners~

Both winners will get the CD+DVD version.

Those who would like to participate just need to follow the rules below:

  • Reblog this post. Once. I will not count anyone who reblog this post more than once and I can tell if you reblog this from your other tumblr account. So, only one tumblr account will be counted. Again, sideblog won’t be counted.
  • There was someone who reblogged my giveaway post twice before even though I had clearly said don’t do that :( and unfortunately I didn’t count them in so pls remember that you only can reblog this post once.
  • No likes. Well, you can still like this post but I just won’t count you^^;;
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  • You don’t have to follow me. Following me won’t give you any advantage^^;;;
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  • Please write your e-girls/dream/happiness/flower/whatever name for them on the tag when you reblog this post so I can easily check them :)
  • What if you don’t tag them when you reblog this post or you don’t have e-girls tag? I will still try to find the post by myself but only first five pages or five different tags of e-girls that I think you might use. 
  • What if I don’t find them? Unfortunately, you won’t be counted even though you have e-girls posts on your blog :(
  • BUT, if I recognise your blog because you’ve reblogged my e-girls/happiness/flower posts before, you will be counted^^
  • If you’re under 18 years old, please ask your parent’s permission if it is okay to join and to give your address to me if you are picked as the winner.

I will be closing this giveaway on December 31st (23:59 JST) and will announce the winners on January 10th 2017 Further information regarding the shipment etc will be announced in the winner post. But, for a heads up, everything is on me including the custom fee. I will be choosing the winner using random.org.

All the best and keep loving e-girls, dream, happiness, and flower~! ❤


it surprises me so much that people who post about the two loveliest, kindest people i know of can be so cruel and ugly?? please just be nice. don’t send hate. don’t indirect. don’t gossip and bitch. it’s not hard to be kind. everyone is so tired. majority of us are teenagers who just want to share their happiness please stop trying to drag this out longer than it already has. i barely even want to post this because it sounds too mean, please just think about what you’re doing. there are people behind the blogs you are sending asks to and talking about and they’re all as complex as you. literally not one person deserves this treatment, no one is that bad. i don’t care if you think your opinion is valid, if it will affect someone in any negative way don’t you dare share it or shove it in the faces of others. it’s not needed. it’s petty and disgusting. just let people be happy. think for a second. and please just be nice.

I just want to take a moment to tell everyone who follows this blog, messages me, talks to me and whoever just likes/reblogs the posts, thank you. This blog is less than a year old and I made it to help myself vent, eventually it turned into that and also a safe space where people can talk to me and other people with OCD and feel less alone, anonymously or not (as i never post messages or discuss who has asked what, i understand how difficult it can be just to talk to someone). this blog is almost at 2.5K followers, thank you for making me feel less alone and enjoying the mix of hard times and humour i post on here

On the Importance of SteinMarie and The Positive Influence It Has On the Depiction of Mental Illness and Romance

Warning: LONG POST 

You know, I went through and reread a certain post, found HERE, that featured someone unjustly calling SteinMarie an ableist ship, I need to say something


more than I already did, of course

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anonymous asked:

jyn or cassian (in terms of who you like more as a character)

This is a really good question because I genuinely really like both characters. Taking away the actors and the performances and all the other factors that would bias someone I think I enjoy Jyn’s character more because we’ve been given a woman character with a story and personality that’s different than what we’ve seen before. That’s not to say Cassian isn’t a unique character as well. As you should probably know by now I love Cassian a whole lot. Jyn just kind of resonates with me more. As I’ve said in other posts we see a woman who has been seriously beaten down by life. In the Imperial camp she’s done. She’s expecting death. She’s tired of running and now she doesn’t even have anywhere to run to. Her family has been stripped from her and she pretends she doesn’t care because it’s a defense mechanism. Even Saw left her alone and it wasn’t even her fault. Jyn has become hardened and arguably selfish and I like it. She feels real to me because she has real human reactions. Not everyone is like the ever hopeful Rey who sat on a planet doing the same thing every day waiting for people she didn’t truly know to come back and get her. Not everyone would be like that. Jyn just feels more real to me. Rogue One feels more real to me and it gave the Star Wars universe more gravity and made it feel less fantasy and less removed from the way things are in our world. The movie definitely had flaws, but it really stuck with me. I’m going to stop now before I keep rambling.


It’s finally that time of the year again, isn’t it? Christmas is coming at us very fast and hopefully we will be able to have an another Secret Santa also this year!!

I am the same person who ran @hqsecretsanta2015 and I’m back for more!

Hopefully you all know what an Secret Santa Exchange is, but in case you don’t; It’s an exchange with other parts of the Haikyuu!! fandom! You create something for a person and someone else creates somehing for you! Then it will be posted on this blog and (optionally) by yourself also later!

Make sure to read the THIS before doing anything else, all information is there!


You can contact me HERE and HERE(no anons on this one)

Unpopular opinion but i fucking hate the subtly anti-men posts on here. Yes there are plenty of grody fuckboys in the world. More than a healthy dose, i’d say. But how do you fucking think it makes everyone else feel??? How do you think it makes trans men feel especially????

I just saw that post where it’s like “lol it’s so unfortunate that i’m attracted to men” like what the shit???????? Why the FUCK would you feel that it’s so horrible to fall for someone. I’m in love with the man i’m dating. Doesn’t change my appreciation of other women or nb folks or anyone else. I just so happen to be in love with a man and i hate that tumblr is so hardcore on the “lesbian relationships are the only ones that matter” bandwagon. I would absolutely hate for him to see a post of that nature and worry that because he isn’t a woman that i would ever love him any less. I’m all for everyone loving whoever they want, of whatever gender and/or sexuality. But for god’s sake, can we stop making it sound like all boys are terrible because they’re boys? Fuck that. Fuck that so hard.