what if i open a window or something tho


Pairing: BFFs! Edmund x Reader
Requested: Nope
Plot: Reader tries to support Edmund after his girlfriend breaks up with him.
Warnings: None!
A/N: This is late, but I got a busy day and couldn’t edit it yesterday, so I rather delay it than upload a crappy story… Hopefully you guys will understand! Anyway, when I thought about this at first, it was a series of how Ed and Reader start falling for each other and crazy love and all that cheesy stuff (which I personally love), but I like the way it ended! (even tho if it’s a little sad)…. So if you guys want, I can continue it, just let me know! Hope you guys enjoy it, even though it’s really short!

Yo Y/N, I’m here, can you open the door or I have to climb to your window?

Y/N read the message quite confused. As far as she remembered, they were not hanging out today.

I guess I can, even tho it’s 1am


She got up from her bed and marched downstairs to open the stupid door to her stupid best friend. He’s probably drunk, she thought, or maybe he wants to eat something. At the moment she swung the door open, the girl’s annoyed thoughts about Edmund interrupting her movie marathon vanished.

“Ed… Are you okay? What happened?”
She scanned the boy with atent eyes. He had red eyes and a sniffling nose. He’d been crying. Y/N gently pulled him inside.
“Oh, it’s nothing, y'know, Rose just broke up with me and-” Y/N’s eyes widened and she interrupted him mid-sentence.
“Aw, Ed, I’m so, so sorry!”, she tackled him with a hug and ran a hand up and down his back, the other playing lightly with his hair. “I still have ice cream from last week…”
Edmund brought her closer. He loved the fact that Y/N had to stay on her tip toes to hug him properly.
He smiled sadly. “I would love some ice cream… But can we stay like this just a little longer?”, his voice trembling in the end.
Y/N blushed, but her grip on him tightned. She nodded and murmured a soft “sure”.
After a few moments of comfortable silence, he slowly pulled away, “I think I’m ready for that ice cream now”

Y/N quickly went to the kitchen, grabbed two spoons and the pot of ice cream, and came back to where Edmund stood. They silently made their way to Y/N’s room.
When the pair arrived, they sat on the edge of the bed. Y/N didn’t know what to say exactly. ‘God, I’m awful at this’
“So, uh, do you want to talk about it? If not, we can watch something or play Mario Kart or -” Edmund looked at her and she trailed off.
He sighed after a moment. “I really don’t know how to explain it… She just said that she wanted to break up…”
Y/N pressed her lips, trying to think how to comfort her best friend. “I thought… I thought you two were serious and that she loved you”, the girl looked up at him with glassy eyes. Seeing her bestfriend so hurt, hurt her too. She truly wanted him to be happy no matter what (even though she didn’t like Rose at the beginning of their relationship, Y/N knew she made Edmund happy, and that was enough for her)

“Don’t get me wrong, we broke up in good terms, but I can’t believe it. I mean, I loved her so much…” Edmund almost whispered the last sentence, thinking that maybe that way, all of that would be just a nightmare. He shoved a full spoon of chocolate ice cream on his mouth. Y/N’s heart clenched. He was so sad…

‘I’m the world’s worst best friend’. A few weeks earlier, she broke up with her boyfriend and Edmund, being an awesome friend, stood with her all night long, chatting and supporting her – and in the next day, he punched the guy. But she couldn’t do that. She didn’t know what to say or do, so she just sat there, speaking the clichés “everything is going to be okay”, “she will regret it later” and “she lost the most wonderful person I’ve ever met”.

“Do you want to sleepover? We can build a pillow fort, and watch something. You need to distract yourself” Y/N suggested simply.
Edmund chuckled, “That’s only an excuse to cuddle because I’m warm”, he looked at her and she put a hand on her chest, pretending to be hurt at his (actually true) comment. 
“It’s not an excuse! You know what, I take it back. And I’ll keep that hoodie that you forgot here last year”
“I didn’t forget it, you stole it! You were cold and I gave it to you! You swore you would give me the next day!”
“So you do admit you gave it willingly to me!”
The boy shook his head, smiling a little, “You, young lady, are the worst human being ever”. Y/N smiled, “I know”.

They laid back, staring at the ceilling, a million thoughts through their heads, but they still couldn’t describe any of them. 
Edmund decided to break the silence, “I guess it was for the best. I mean, she didn’t like Star Wars”. He looked at Y/N, as she tried to muffle her laugh. “She did have a horrible taste in things. No offense to that weird face of yours”. Edmund just laughed at her statement.

“Well, I think you should have broken up with her long ago. People who don’t like Star Wars shouldn’t be trusted.” Y/N said. “What did she said to you, anyways?”. Edmund froze at her question.

“You can’t do this, Rose, she’s my best friend!”
She exhaled and closed her eyes, “I know that, but as long as you two are friends, I’ll never be sure that you love me more than her!”
Edmund rolled his eyes, “The way I love you and the way I love her are completely different! Why can’t you understand that!”
Rose let a shaky breath and walked to him, “Ed, we’ve been together for eight months now. I know you love me, I do, and I love you too… But I know that you still feel something for her, and I can’t stay with this never ending doubt that you probably wished you were with her and not me… I’m sorry it has come to this point, but this is the checkmate… It’s me or Y/N”

Edmund didn’t regret choosing Y/N. Yes, he loved Rose, but Y/N was his best friend. Yes, he had feelings for her 6 years ago, but she didn’t want a relationship with anyone, so he moved on. Although he considered all that, it still broke his heart hearing Rose’s last words to him, “I really hope you get her someday”.

Preference #24- Another Girl Wants Him (Zayn, Part 3)

Harry: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Niall: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Louis: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Zayn: (Part 1) (Part 2)

        You woke the next day in your room. You feet ached from all the walking you did last night. You sighed I your remebed the events that happened. A slight pang of guilt hit your heart. You wondered if it was the best choice walking away from Zayn. He did save you, he also looked like he was hurt when you left. You groaned and slapped your palm on your forehead. “I made a huge mistake.” You mumbled.

        Soon you herd something hit your window. “What in the world.” You herd something again hit your window. You slowly got up and walked to your window. Soon as you opened it a rock flew in and you herd a familar voice. “Fuck, shit sorry.”

        You stood outside out your window and looked at Zayn. He smiled and jokingly put his arm out. “Oh (Y/N) oh why where art tho…. Ok I’m not good at theater so let me make this simple but also romantic.” Zayn said and you giggled quietly. You watched him run over to the garden. “Zayn what are you even doing?” You laughed.

        He walked over with a rose in his hand. “I’m here to say sorry.” He holds up the rose for one second before he accidendentally pricking his finger on one of the thornes. “Fuck” He grumbled quietly before quickly dropping the rose. You laugh. “I’m also failing at it…” He says awkwardly, looking around hoping no one saw him.

        “Zayn you don..” He stopped you. “No I have too, I shouldn’t have left you alone. I shouldn’t have even forced you to go with me. I honestly wanted you to be all mine last night, but Juliane butted in and I didn’t want to be rude. Next time I promise to never leave your side. Also beat the shit out of a guy who even tries to touch you.” You smiled at him. “You seem dorky today.” You said resting your elbow on the ledge before placing your chin on your palm. “Well I mess up badly when I’m super nervous.” He smiles slightly. “Mister Badboy is nervous?” You teased. “Hey now…. wait you’re not as mad as I thought you would be.”

        You looked down and sighed. “I’m honestly sorry for leaving, I just wasn’t having fun and I sna-” “Hey now, don’t be sorry. We both made are mistakes and I think we forgive each other. Now I want you too get your pretty little booty down here, I’m having kiss with drawl.”

        You rolled your eyes before you quickly ran out of your room and down the stairs. Soon as you got outside you ran into Zayn’s arms. “I’m sorry Boo.” He whispered before softly placing his lips on yours. You smiles into the kiss before pulling away. “No more parties ever again.” He chuckles. “Maybe, no promises.” You rolled your eyes. “It’s a good thing I love you Malik.” He smiles before pecking your lips. “I love you too.”

Author’s Note: Sorry it isn’t the best but I have exams soon and I’m stressed as hell but I got it done for you I have you like it *smiles awkwardly* Any way, I need you help for what I should do next. Liam for this preference or a Marcel one shot. so vote by clicking here. Also my friend that likes to hold things against me wants to get a tumblr just to bug the shit out of me. *waves a flag* S.O.S