what if i just did sets for all of my dumb headcanons

Drunk/Tired Lance College Headcanons

He’s pretty much that Drunk Girl™ post personified.

  • Found Allura crying because she missed her dad and home so he brought her a sweater and a kitten and threatened to beat up whoever made her cry.
  • Interrupted a conversation some girls were having and apologized profusely about it but he just had to say how bomb her highlight looked
  • Was worried Hunk wasn’t eating well due to exams and finals so at 3 am he cooked him a three course meal and made his favorite homemade snack just like Hunk’s mom used to make them (Hunk is pretty much wtf since Lance only seems to know how to make simple stuff and even burned water once)
  • Shiro found him swaddled and buried in blankets or pillows while he was tired but still trying to stay awake and tried to give him that Disappointed Dad Look™ but he just glared at him saying “I’ve seen better disappointed looks from my dog, try again.”
  • Lance usually overthinks things but oddly enough if he’s drunk or tired enough everything is super simple?
    • Pidge: What the hell is wrong with this code???? I’ve re-calibrated it like six times and it still won’t verify anything?!?!!?
    • Lance looking over at it upside down from where he’s laying on the couch all awkward like and what should be physically impossible: Move that 6 and letter A on line 4 to line 5 and move that dash to the right about 3 spaces.
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge: What the fuck 
  • There was one time a professor tried to call Lance out…one time
    • Professor: Lance since you’re so obviously engaged in this discussion and no one else can seem to find the answer can you explain this theory for us?
    • Lance having stayed up till 4am when it’s now 7 o’clock: I could if this was even the chapter you had assigned to us to look at and said we would be discussing today, but I mean you’re either going to say well done and try to make it seem like you were testing us when in reality you had no damn idea and was gonna continue teaching like you knew what the fuck you were talking about or you’re going to try to make me look dumb with your pirate looking ass but by all means do what you do.
    • He promptly passed the fuck out right after.
    • The professor stopped calling on him after that.
  • If Lance is tired enough he literally gives no fucks…at all. He’s trying to go home back to sleep, not deal with anyone’s bullshit today.
    • Lance holding Keith by the collar: Keith no, you can’t fight him today, I’m tired and I want to go home and sleep. why are you trying to fight him anyway.
    • Keith: He was talking shit about my mom
    • Lance rolling his sleeves up: You stay the fuck here I’m kicking his greasy ass myself.
    • They had to get Shiro to pick them both up.
    • Lance and Keith: DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!!!
    • Shiro: What the hell did you two do? And Lance why is your lip busted?
    • Lance: The other guy’s going to need an ambulance okay I’m fine, just drive the fuck away now! I think dude’s girlfriend called the cops.
    • Shiro: What the fucking-
    • Shiro tries to be mad but those two are in the backseat asleep and cuddling so he thinks he can let this slide just once.
    • He doesn’t wake them up when he gets in the driveway so like the shit brother he is he leaves them in the car.
    • He waits until it’s 12 at night before setting off the car alarm.
  • Lance just compliments anyone and everyone when he’s super tired.
    • He’ll say how nice and what a good friend Hunk is.
    • Makes Pidge a flower crown like he does for his nieces and nephews
      • Pidge: Where the fuck did you get the flowers? The campus is literally fake grass and the park is at least 10 miles away. You haven’t even left the dorm what the fuck?
      • Lance: Shhhh hush, now you’re the prettiest girl in town with a flower crown
      • Pidge: What was I before?
      • Lance: Prettiest girl in town duh
    • Does the most badass and elegant braids and styles for Allura’s hair but most of the time he’s not even conscious for it and when she shows up with her hair done up he asks her who she went to and she says him and he just sits there having an epiphany for a solid ten minutes every time looking at his hands like they’ve saved lives.
    • He told Coran he was the best uncle ever and the man has not stopped crying about it. Had the quote printed and framed, it’s hung up on the wall for everyone to see.
    • Shiro was asleep so he just got tape, put strips of it on his prosthetic arm (Don’t write on someone’s arm permanently that’s rude) and used the strips to write out small compliments and doodle nice things like flowers and kittens. Shiro wants to be made about but like…it’s not even permanent and he keeps finding a new doodle every few minutes like a easter egg hunt so it keeps him entertained.
    • Saw Keith was sad one time, went out at 11 at night to an old family friend that lived out near where he was, came back with kittens he newly adopted from family friend and just dumped about 3 kittens on Keith.
      • Keith: Lance what the fuck
      • Lance: Pretty people shouldn’t be sad and you’re like the prettiest so that’s pretty much against the federal law??? And kittens are like happiness personified. Keep them, I can’t take them back.
      • He passed the fuck out right after that too.
      • Keith with kittens in his lap: What the fuck
Lazy Days with Tom (and Tessa)...
  • waking up, stretching, then turning around to face Tom who was already slightly pouting, wearing his signature puppy dog eyes
    • please,” he’d whine while making grabby hands towards you
    • sighing but finally giving into him
  • that day would be a designated lazy day where you’d do nothing but stay in bed and cuddle 
  • and fuck 
  • he’d have bedhead the entire day and it made him look that much more soft 
    • “mmm, you’re so warm,” he’d mumble into your neck as he draped his body over yours
  • hearing light scratching and whimpering at the door signalling that Tessa was up and not happy that she had not been fed yet
    • “she’s your dog, you feed her,” you’d argue as you both figured out who would have to get out of bed
    • “but you’re her mommy,” he’d pout and bat his eyelashes for extra effect making you roll your eyes and sigh
  • eventually you both get up because neither of you came to a conclusion 
  • Tessa jumping all over you and Tom once the door is opened
    • “c’mon, darling, this way,” Tom would coo at Tessa and you’d just swoon even harder for him
  • feeding Tessa before you even think about your own breakfast
    • “what do you feel like eating?” You ask before Tom comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around you waist and resting his head on your shoulder
    • but then whispering “you,” in your ear before lifting you onto the counter 
  • kitchen sex is a given, duh
    • “so really, what do you want for breakfast,” as you both become giggly messes cleaning each other up
  • deciding on pancakes cause its cliche and easy to make 
  • Tom eyeing the batter, wanting to stick his finger in it to smear it on your face
  • you aren’t dumb and you see right through him
    • “don’t even think about it,” while you’re in the middle of flipping a pancake
    • he just freezes because how did you know ????
  • him dancing around the kitchen with Tessa distracting you to the point of almost burning the pancakes 
  • him finally being useful and setting the table and cutting up some strawberries 
  • instead of sitting across from you, he set the table so he’d be beside you and you think it’s the cutest thing ever
    • “I just like being near you s’all,” he shrugs but you see the blush 
    • “I like being near you too,” you say, pressing a kiss to his cheek before grabbing his arm so he’d sit as well
  • having friends play in the background as you both talk about whatever comes to mind
  • he ends up smearing the maple syrup over your nose as you squeal 
    • “I’ll get it,” with a smirk and a wink before he kisses it off
  • you washing the dishes and him drying them because you’re a team™
  • Tessa getting ansty knowing she wants to go for a walk and probably go to the bathroom 
    • “we can let her out in the yard, she’ll be fine,” he promises but you see how sunny it is outside and suggest to go for a walk instead
  • even though it’s sunny, it’s pretty cold so Tom bundles you up in his sweater, pulling one of his beanies over your head, and pressing a kiss to your nose
  • Tessa almost dragging Tom around the park 
  • you can’t stop laughing at it
    • “baby it’s not my fault, she’s a strong girl,”
  • finally the three of you are getting pooped so you head back
  • where Tom pulls you into bed almost the second you’re back in your room
    • “let’s take a nap,” he mumbles 
    • he’s out before you can even reply
  • but you just play with his hair deciding on catching up on your reading since this is the only peaceful time you have 
  • Tessa barging into your room and jumping onto the bed, waking Tom up 
  • you can’t even scold her because Tom loves her so much 
    • “aw babygirl just missed her mommy and daddy,” he’d chuckle as Tessa cuddled in between the two of you
  • she’d get so many belly and head scratches 
  • best day for her hands down 
  • but then Tom shooing her away out of the room, confusing you
    • “why’d you kick her out ????”
    • “because I don’t want her seeing what’s gonna happen next,”
  • lazy, but passionate sex 
  • twice
  • Tom ordering pizza and setting a timer for when it should get there 
    • “it it’s not here in forty minutes it’s free!!” 
    • and you’d just laugh at him but it’s so cute 
  • flipping a coin to see who has to answer the door 
  • it ends up being Tom and he just grumbles about how you’re lucky I love you
  • he ordered so much pizza for two people 
    • “there’s no way we’re gonna finish all this,” 
    • “I’m a growing boy, let me eat,”
  • more sex because he can’t get enough of you 
  • but when it starts to get dark you lay your head in his lap as he plays with your hair while watching a movie 
  • you don’t realise you’ve dozed off until Tom’s peppering you with kisses
    • “I made us some tea, love,”
  • taking the mug and thanking him before cuddling into his side once again 
  • deciding to play mario kart but it just ends up in Tom whining like a little baby because he can’t seem to win against you 
  • makeup sex !!!!
  • finally you’re both getting tired
  • and Tessa’s already in bed with you, cuddling with you both as you and Tom just stare at each other in complete darkness 
    • “I love you so much, darling,” he’d whisper into your ear, sending shivers down your spine 
    • mumbling, “love you more,” in your drowsy state 
    • hearing a faint, “love you most,” from him before falling asleep against his chest with a smile on your face
  • Tom watches you drift off thinking how he’s the luckiest guy before falling asleep himself


A Kiss and Some Makeup

Request: Can you do an imagine where it’s Joe Keery x reader. And maybe the reader works on set and joe starts to fall for her, and she starts getting attention forom Dacre and Joe gets jealous?
Pairings: Joe Keery x reader
Words: 1,246
Warnings: Light swearing
A/N: I loved this idea! To clear any confusion, the reader is Joe’s makeup artist, also the ending is a little rough but I didn’t want to drag it out to be too long. Remembr, I’m always open for requests! 

Joe saunters into his designated chair as you shift through the powders carefully laid out before you. You squeeze a small amount of fake blood to the back of your hand that will soon become the gashes on Joe’s face. You offer him a quick smile and a quiet ‘hello’ as he situates himself, he watches your movements as you dip the makeup brush into purple eyeshadow. “Are you ready to get your ass beat today?” You jokingly ask the actor, Joe huffs in response, dramatically rolling his eyes.

“Let me remind you, I fought off a demogorgon and a couple of demodogs, Steve Harrington does not get his ass beat.” Joe tries his best to keep a serious face with you.

“Oh yeah?” You challenge, “Then why does your script say otherwise?” You nod to the script he left a few hours ago when he last saw you.

“So we’re snooping through each other’s stuff now? That’s what this friendship has come to, Y/N? How would you feel if I just went through all of your makeup?” Joe’s lips twitch, even as an actor, he can’t ever seem to hide his smile around you.

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Some Stupid Falsettos Story

(This is real dumb but i need it out here in the open)

-whizzer literally can drink his weight in alcohol and suffer from no hangover whatsoever the next day hes a god

-this does not apply to marvin.

-trina gets a call from the police station at 1 in the morning asking if she knew these two men, they said they did and they’d been out far past an acceptable time in the park and it was dangerous

-trina drives all the way to the police station and sees Marvin and Whizzer, who upon seeing trina, start giggling like little kids at her face of pure disgust

-she throws them in the backseat, and hears whizzer stage whisper, “oooooooh….. Mom’s mad at usssssss….” and Marvins losing it,

-“i will throw you two out so fast” “yes mother”

-the car is relatively silent, trina turns to check on them at a red light, assuming theyve fallen asleep

-she just sighs upon seeing that no, theyve at some point just left the car and she didnt hear them somehow. Shes so tired.

-she backtracks and eventually finds them, walking down the street as if they werent JUST in Trina’s car. marvin’s starting to get fussy, and whizzer’s still laughing at everything for NO reason

-when whizzer sees trina pull up, he screams and goes “god no! Its the wicked witch of the west!” And marvin just completely loses it and its obvious whizzer is pleased with that by the smug look on his face

-at some point whizzer just has no pants on, theres no explanation and the pants are never found.

-trina checks on the two in the mirror the whole way home again, content with the fact theyve practically collapsed on each other, sleeping soundlessly. She almost thought it was sweet. Then she remembered it was whizzer and marvin and she did not think that anymore

-once at home, trina immediately leaves those two idiots to figure out sleeping arrangements themselves, and goes upstairs immediately to bed

-mendel only sleeptalks a question at her as she flops on the bed, asleep the second she feels mendels arm just kinda reach out to lay across her back

-jason walks downstairs that morning, and is elated to see whizzer!!!!

-whizzer, however, is passed out on the floor, practically on top of marvin, face squashed up against Marvin’s chest, and theres marvin, who is as equally asleep as whizzer

-jason takes his time and makes four cups of coffee, setting them down on the counter, a sticky note on each for each person, a little doodle to go along for them, and goes back upstairs

-whizzer wakes up first, the coffee is cold by now, but you kNOW he drinks it all and keeps the sticky note that says “whizzer” with a little chess piece drawn on it for his wallet

-marvin is DYING his head hurts so bad, and whizzer tells him a “family hangover cure” comprised of cinnamon, egg yolks, and baking powder

-marvin (being the fool he is) drinks this, almost pukes, and realizes too late that whizzer has played him for a fool.

- “thats what you get for letting me just lose my pants last night!!” “What????” They argue like this for a while obviously

-mendel greets the two with “oh, hello , people who do not live here!”

-cordelia and charlotte lose it when trina tells the two about what marvin and whizzer were like, and they assure trina that they will NEVER let them live that down

doodles (’It’ a.u.)

Author’s Note: so ‘doodles’ is based off a soulmate au idea i saw on an instagram post but it was a screenshot of a tumblr post but the original poster’s url was cropped out so if you know who’s idea it was please let me know my messages r always open n i would love to give credit!! 

Warnings: homophobia, internalized homophobia, swearing

Word Count: 4,935 (haha whoops) 

lil playlist thing: I like to listen to music for inspiration when i write so here’s songs i listened to for this!  Dear No One – Tori Kelly, Daydream – Tori Kelly, Eyelashes – Tori Kelly, Would You Be So Kind – dodie, Plans – Oh Wonder, Love At First Sight – The Brobecks,  Just Don’t Let Go Just Don’t – Hellogoodbye, Here (In Your Arms) – Hellogoodbye, Baby Blue Eyes – A Rocket To The Moon, Meteor Showers – Andy Kong

Summary: ‘doodles’ is probably gonna be a series of a soulmate au in which in this universe anything that you draw on your skin automatically shows up on your soulmate’s skin and im doing this for all the losers and their soulmates! shoutout to the sneet sneet snitchie discord for giving me some ideas, i still have to sift thru to see which i’ll incorporate but i do know this series will include reddie and (obviously) stenbrough for sure! okay and so, without further adieu, i give you…

PART 1: POTTED PLANTS (stenbrough)

Stanley Uris had known his whole life through that he had a soulmate. It was as good as written in stone. Well - written in his skin, at least. 

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going to the gym with boyfriend!tom

bless the spiderjizz kids chat for inspiring this beautiful idea + who doesn’t love gym!tom and all his sweaty greatness

  • alright we all know tom like spends a fair amount of time in the gym 
  • and you don’t usually go with him 
  • you just get the hot and sweaty tom afterwards ;) 
  • but one day he invites you along with him
  • you say no at first but he’s very persistent 
    • c’mon! you’re not doing anything here anyways. 
    • eXCuse me, holland? 
  • he just grins cheekily
    • i love you? 
  • so you eventually give in to those puppy eyes and go with him 
  • he makes sure to make plenty compliments on your yoga pants
  • but when you get there
  • and this dumbass makes you lie on the floor 
    • tom? what- i don’t understand.
    • shh trust me, darling
  • and this boy goddamn gets down, hovering his body over you 
  • you’re instantly blushing at the proximity which tom grins cheekily about 
    • seriously, this is dumb what are you doing tom” 
  • and he starts doING PUSH UPS 
  • you just splutter for a few moments, flaming cheeks 
  • bc yeah this definitely is filed under: things that turn me on way more than they should 
  • tom’s watching your reaction sMIRKING LIKE A LITTLE ASSHOLE
  • and when you finally gather your senses, clearing your throat
  • he fucking surprises you again by kissing you when he’s down in the push up 
  • you outright gasp and tom winks
  • he knows exactly what he’s doing to you
    • thomas stanley holland did you just–
    • you’re my motivation, alright?” 
  • you can’t help but giggle because that is adorable
    • and nothing is more motivating than your kisses
  • he does loads of sets, gaining a kiss from you with every push up 
  • it is very motivating 
  • and eventually he stops because he’s tried and just flops onto you
    • gross! you’re sweaty, tom 
  • he just whines because he’s tired and doesn’t really wanna move in that moment
    • okay, yes i am very proud of you tom but please move your sweaty ass off of me
  • he like rolls off you and you giggle at this dork 
  • but after he’s recovered from push ups (he recovered really quickly so you’re real surprised) 
  • he pulls you over to the boxing ring 
  • you’re not gonna lie you’re excited to see this 
  • but then he pulls you into the ring with him 
  • he wants his girl to be able to throw a punch 
  • (if you already know how to he’s so impressed but also ready to fight you) 
  • but you’re just like 
    • how am i supposed to concentrate on anything other than thOSE BICEPS
  • and tom himself can’t get over how cute & fierce you look in boxing gloves
  • you two don’t really fight because you’re both afraid of hurting each other
  • mainly tom is worried tho 
  • so you just square him up, getting right in his face 
    • ready, holland? 
  • he just narrows his eyes in challenge
  • so you lean in and kiss him on the nose 
  • and his entire ‘tough’ demeanor just falls apart as he giggles at that
    • babe, no yOU CAN’T DO THAT, THAT ISN’T FAIR
  • basically, you never really get to box against him 
  • there’s little water fights between you 
  • which actually started because you held your drink bottle the wrong way round and squeezed
  • and tom got a face full of water
  • jaw dropped, he stared at you in disbelief with water dripping 
  • and he probably would’ve dropped it if you had apologized
  • but you couldn’t stop laughing
    • i can’t believe you just did that! you tosser!” 
    • did you just seriously call me a tosser? 
  • bfsdkdljd yeah i want a sweaty tom doing push ups over me 
  • bless alyssa and meggnog for these ideas
Hey, long post here

I have several strongly-worded asks in my askbox regarding how I depicted the Cupbros and jeez. I am not, in any way or form speaking for the entire fandom - I’m just making myself and where my blog stands clear to you:

The reason I see them as adults? They gambled and drank alcohol. And have guns in a way. From where I’m from, its literally impossible for a child to do any of these things. You get a life sentence if you own a gun, and a DEATH sentence if you attempt to use it. 

Each of us grew up in different parts of the world and have a different life experience, so surprise! The way we see things from our point of views are all different! For example, in your country you may be used to seeing children drinking alcohol in a way, but to me there is literally no reason for me to accept that a child to even touch a bottle based from what I believed and experienced my entire life. But you don’t see me going around arguing with those who do.

And here’s the thing to the people telling me that hey! Children gambling and doing all sorts of stuffs are legal in the 1930:

I don’t see the game being set in the 1930s in the first place!

Cuphead to me is a world set in modern times with heavy 1930s undertones. Like, it’s an cartoon world different from ours and a completely different universe from real life. And the art style is just heavily based on the rubber-hose style during then: you don’t have to necessarily lock yourself to see the world as set in the 1930s. Epic Mickey uses the rubber-hose style and its just? A style? It doesn’t determine the time period in a game.

Hell, you can even alter the universe as being in the 1930s but with modern rules. Did robots and UFOs exist in the 1930s? No!!! But that didn’t stop the creators from putting Dr Kahl and his robot and Hilda Berg into the game. So what’s stopping you? And there’s always the option of an alternate universe.

As for how they don’t look like adults: have you heard of how in animation you literally simplify a design so it’s easier work with it in production? To me it’s just a representation and a simplification of the character so you won’t cry as you draw like 20+ frames.

Like seriously, Mickey Mouse is a goddamn adult while he looks kiddy????? Have you seen the anime Retsuko? The red panda lady who looks like hello kitty children style-wise BUT she’s an adult??? They’re all cartoons my dude.

And behavior-wise? The animation studio I interned at have literal adults, like 30+ and 40+ aged adults playing nerf guns and LEGO bricks as relaxation so I really don’t see why it’s weird for anyone over 18 to enjoy kid games. They’re there to make you happy, not for you to judge people’s ages for it.

THE MAIN POINT OF THIS WHOLE THING is that if you see them as kids, that’s great! If you see them as adults, that’s great as well! There is more than enough reasons for them to be adults, and more than enough reasons to be kids, and whatever you headcanon them as, you’re good. But you literally have no right to force anyone to see them your way or your HCs and pushing your reasons onto someone else. If you don’t like someone for their HCs, you just unfollow them, plain and simple. 

(And I will NEVER, ever ship or draw minor characters with adults.)

Finally: You gonna draw the cupbros nsfw? They’re either 18+ or nothing at all. I can’t do jack shit against you if you decide to do that anyway, and it’s NOT my damn job to police the internet or whatever things you do - but if you draw porn of them as kids, then I’m just blocking and moving on. I’m not wasting my time yelling at nasty pedophiles nor do I want them to be in my life. 

Whether you agree or not, that’s fine. You have your own views, and unfollow me if you don’t enjoy my content. But there’s no reason for you to come into my inbox and pick a fight with me over something as minor as HCs and how I see characters as. I’m not wasting my time with you when I can do something else that’s actually important.

This is the last time I’m addressing this issue regarding my blog. Jeez, and people wonder why I prefer not to draw the Cupbros when this happens lmao I’m just here to draw dumb comics and enjoy my time my dudes

RFA asking MC out for Valentine’s Day

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. Whoops. @mysnnyla asked for some headcanons about RFA asking MC out for Valentine’s Day. Some of the actual asking is, er…loosely interpreted. I meant to have this out by Tuesday but, again, whoops.

I absolutely adored the Valentine’s Day DLC and everyone who can should go play it! These are completely separate from that, so no DLC spoilers. ^^

Requests are open.~


  • he’s been planning this for a while
  • been dropping hints like crazy for a while too
  • but the date is approaching fast and he still hasn’t mentioned Valentine’s Day explicitly?
  • like what are you waiting for here, dude, ask already
  • finally it comes around and you’re lowkey upset
    • “Guess I am spending Valentine’s Day alone again…”
  • then your doorbell rings who in the world is coming at 8 am
  • he’s there, dressed in a white suit with a drozen red roses
  • music playing
  • then he starts to serenade you
  • you practically squeal once he’s done, but you hide it well or…not so well
    • “I was about to be really mad. Hmph.”
    • “I know. You’re so cute when you’re flustered, I couldn’t help it.”


  • okay this boy
  • it’s not Valentine’s Day
  • it’s Valentine’s week
  • he spoils you more than usual all week
  • doesn’t play LOLOL at all, he’s spending all his free time with you
  • you’re loving every second of it you just adore each other so much
  • the day before, he brings home flowers and sets up a little indoor picnic for the two of you, lit by candles
  • when you get there he’s acting super nervous
  • face gets really red
    • “MC will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with me tomorrow?”
  • you laugh, give him a kiss on the cheek how is he so cute
    • “Of course, silly. But isn’t that what we’ve been doing all week?”
  • he’s already got the whole thing planned out in his head ofc


  • Valentine’s Day is a really big day for bakeries
  • you two are pretty busy the whole week leading up to it
  • but she is not about to miss spending the evening with you
  • a few weeks before, she had brought it up, surprising you
    • “MC, what do you think about closing early on Valentine’s Day and going out somewhere nice?”
    • “Really?? I mean I’d love that, of course!”
  • you took a bit to get over your surprise but you were super happy so was she
  • ends up confessing that she’d had the reservations for you two booked for months
  • like even the person who took the reservation teased her a bit
  • but you loved it
  • she hums under her breath all day Valentine’s Day bc she is so happy to be going on an actual date with you that night


  • tbh he doesn’t even ask
  • why should he?
  • of course you’re spending Valentine’s Day with him and Elizabeth the 3rd
  • bc isn’t that what couples do? he’s pretty sure anyway
  • but until the day of he doesn’t really mention it
  • he assumes you know he hasn’t forgotten so there’s no reason to mention it
  • finally you end up asking him
    • “Jumin, do you know what day it is tomorrow?”
    • “Yes, it’s Tuesday. Why?” he’s either an idiot or a jerk at this point, no in between
  • you go to bed a little frustrated tbh
  • but when you wake up, it’s to the smell of breakfast in bed
  • then you look around and there’s flowers everywhere
  • it takes a minute for your brain to catch up
  • he kisses your forehead
    • “Strawberry pancakes, my love. Just like that first morning.”
    • “You’re quite cute when you’re confused. You should eat and put on the outfit I’ve bought you. We have quite a full day planned.”


  • as Valentine’s Day approaches, the gifts start rolling in
  • all of them made by him
  • (and all of them doubling as weapons)
  • (just in case)
  • on Valentine’s Day he installs an app on your phone when you look away
  • that takes over your screen every few hours with bad pickup lines and Valentine’s Day memes
    • “Is your name google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.”
    • “You remind me of my pinky toe. You’re small and cute and I’m probably going to bang you against the coffee table later tonight.”
    • “Baby you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.”
  • and since you’re together he’s right there every time it happens and he loves you laughing at his dumb jokes you always did just get him
  • around dinnertime, the app takes over again and you notice him start to kind of blush from the corner of your eye
    • “My hair is red, cats make Zen sneeze, my Six Oh Six, stay the night with me please?”
  • when you say yes, he takes you out to a picnic he had set up out under the stars okay the ‘picnic’ is honey buddha chips and doctor pepper but it’s the thought that counts
Haikyuu!! Pairings Soulmate AU Headcanons

Headcanons about some of the pairings from Haikyuu!! when they are in a soulmate AU. In this one, they have the first words the others say to them tattooed on their body. If there is a pairing you would like to see headcanons like this for, you’re welcome to request it!

These could be considered continuations of headcanons I did previously that were about when the pairings first met. I used them for inspiration to write these ones. You can find those here.

Thank you for this request!

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lazulisong  asked:

top five fantasies victor had about yuri that yuri accidentally shattered

1. yuuri katsuki: international man of mystery

yuuri katsuki is not an international man of mystery.  he is not an assassin, or a spy, which victor had begun to suspect by the time he first arrived in hasetsu.  and that was a shame, because victor thought he could only be seduced that thoroughly by spies, and being an assassin would explain why he never called once, vanished into thin air, never to be seen again, probably not having existed at all.  victor scours his room for clues while yuuri is in the bath, but instead of coming up with a secret weapons cache, all he finds is a hastily stashed collections of posters featuring himself.  yuuri katsuki is definitely not an international man of mystery.

however, he is the most beautiful skater victor’s ever seen in his life.  he lets music possess him, and when he smiles it sets victor’s whole body on fire because he feels like he earned it.  yuuri katsuki is beautifully, wonderfully ordinary.  he likes bad hip-hop, milk-flavored candies and he still reads comic books.  when he speaks, he’s painfully sincere, more than victor’s ever been about anything in his entire life.  he’s completely see-through, once you know where to look.  and victor likes that even more. 

2. yuuri katsuki is not a classy broad

when victor dreams of yuuri katsuki after the grand prix banquet, he anticipates a man more cultured.  which is stupid, because yuuri was a mess the night of the grand prix banquet, but victor had seen him dance, and he thought only a man of refined tastes and pleasures can move so delicately when hammered, and so when he would write dream dates in his dream date diary he would write about taking yuuri to staraya tamozhnya or percoso or EM after a night at the opera, where victor would have blown yuuri thoroughly during an act of carmen in a private box.  they would order ten course meals the size of their palms and yuuri would dissect the the wine menu and demand to see the sommelier.  he would let victor spoon feed him sweetbreads and sea urchin and shark fin soup, close his eyes and moan.

on the way back from cup of china, they stay overnight in nagasaki before heading back to hasetsu.  the restaurant they go to was secretly booked two months in advance, because if victor hadn’t kissed him by now, he was setting himself a deadline.  the menu is a 14-course pre fix that thematically incorporates black walnuts.  

yuuri orders the house red for 600 yen on happy hour.  he wears the same terrible suit with the same awful tie he’s worn everywhere since victor’s known him.  he does not like black walnuts.  victor eats both of their portions.

which is fine, but it’s mildly disappointing.  but on the way back, yuuri’s stomach growls, and victor feels so dumb about the whole thing until they pass by a small supermarket in a mall by the hotel, and yuuri tugs him by the hand inside without saying a word.  he quietly picks out ingredients that amount to 1000 yen altogether, roughly 39,000 less than victor spent on dinner, and takes them back to the hotel.  then he’s almost mad about it.  they get back to the hotel and victor feels a Mood coming on, but then he looks at yuuri who is smiling shy to himself.

“i did this a lot in college,” he says, pouring water from the sink into a cup of noodles.  he’s got the hotel’s iron upside down on the vanity and is cooking an egg on it.  

“what,” victor says.

“you’ll see,” yuuri replies.  

three minutes later, victor has the best meal in his life, second to only yuuri’s mother’s katsudon. 

3. yuuri katsuki doesn’t have a foot thing

“what do you mean you don’t have a foot thing?” victor says confused. “everyone has a feet thing.”

“everyone does not have a foot thing, victor,” yuuri says, rolling his eyes.  he wiggles his toes at victor anyway, feet in the air.  “now c’mere.”

he lets victor fuck his feet anyway.  

4. yuuri katsuki is not afraid of ghosts

“victor, what did you expect?” yuuri asks after the movie. 

victor had expected to have yuuri curl up under his arm.  victor had expected yuuri to hide his face during the scary parts and breathe against his chest, tuck his forehead in the curve of victor’s neck.  instead, victor almost threw his drink at the screen and screamed yelled no less than six times.  

“i thought you would be scared,” victor admits.  the ghost girl made him cry.  

“victor, i’m japanese,” yuuri says.  

5. yuuri katsuki had an awkward phase

yuuri freaks out when he finds a video of an old performance on the internet, and immediately contacts the person who uploaded it to get it removed.  

victor just sees part of the costume over his shoulder and stills.  “yuuri.  is that you?”

yuuri turns around, wide-eyed, trying to hide the screen behind his back. “no!  definitely not me!  just some–some weird kid!”

“when was that taken?” he hadn’t seen it in his first yuuri katsuki youtube fest 2014.  or his second, two months later.  or his third, fourth, or fifth for that matter.  if someone out on the internet had more videos, he needed to know who it was.

“never,” yuuri says.

“yuuri.” victor frowns at him, and when that doesn’t work, tries puppy dog eyes.

“my freshman year of college,” yuuri admits.  “it was–college in america was weird.  i let go for a little bit.”

“like you overate?” victor asks.  he’s heard from other skaters in juniors who left the sport for school in the states–they called it the “freshman fifteen.”

“no, like i,” yuuri says, stops, looks away.  “i may have spent an entire month on ecstacy.”

“what,” victor says.

“i, i, i liked to party?  for awhile, anyway, and it was fun, and i lost control, and anyway, it was just for awhile, but i was still listening to a lot of terrible music by the time i started working on the first free skate for my senior debut, and–”

victor’s snuck around him as he’s been shamefully staring away, and he starts laughing.  “are you kidding?  you skated to darude’s sandstorm? we have to watch this.”

yuuri tackles victor straight into the table, breaking the laptop.  it is three more days before victor can finally watch the video in peace, hiding in the bathroom with his cellphone, before he contacts the guy to ask if there are more.

anonymous asked:

So I have a request idea... headcanons of like what if rfa members knew MC before (s)he joined the rfa like what if they were friends or dating before MC joined? How would they meet? How would the RFA react to MC etc

i have been awake all night because of horrible cramps so i figured i should do something productive and go through my asks


♡You and Yoosung were childhood best friends, living next to each other, classic neighbor next door…

♡Eventually you had to move away, leaving you both devastated and you both fell out of touch

♡When you joined RFA Yoosung immediately found interest in your name

♡"I used to have a best friend named MC…“

♡"No way! I used to have a best friend named Yoosung!”

♡Everyone is just watching you dumb dumbs like… “should we tell them or…?”

♡t h e y d o n ’ t

♡Finally when the party comes around you both spot each other across the room like O:

♡Cue dramatic running to each other in slow motion into a hug

♡After catching up Yoosung turns red and stutters, “D-do you have a boyfriend?”


♡Zen never really noticed the stage crew on his musicals, not that he was rude about it, he just never had time with him memorizing lines, getting makeup done, or actually working

♡He d i d n ‘t notice them until you

♡Running around bossing around the crew

♡ ”I’m Zen,” He’d introduce with a charming smile and when you replied with a “That’s nice, get into positions.” He was sold.

♡Everything was too hectic for you two to actually talk, but when his next musical came around and you weren’t there he was disappointed

♡But he didn’t have to be disappointed for long when he sent the photo of himself when you joined the chatroom and you immediately recognized him

♡ “Wait Zen, I worked on your musical once!”

♡Zen would be so happy,,, Jaehee… wouldn’t be


♡College years were kind of a blur to Jaehee she studied hard and didn’t interact with a lot of people

♡But she did sit next to someone really cute in her Econ class…

♡Both of you shared notes and had a lot of study sessions

♡After you guys graduated Jaehee joined Jumin’s company and got so absorbed with work she couldn’t really hang out

♡So when someone named “MC” joined the chatroom Jaehee immediately perked up

♡"MC…? We haven’t spoken in ages"

♡You both blubber on about how you miss each other’s note cards and study tips while everyone else is like “Um the hacker?”

♡After that Jaehee always made time for you,,, especially when she develops feelings


♡Jumin always kept tabs on rival companies 

♡When the one you happened to “affiliated” with made a stronger investment than his, he was interested

♡He set up a meeting and expected the owner of the company, but instead got a meeting with the owner’s daughter

♡Jumin almost blew it off just because you were woman and figured your dad wanted to auction you off like all the other companies

♡When you had the meeting you definitely meant business and it spiked Jumin’s interest more

♡Later that day when “MC” entered the chatroom and Jumin asked if you were apart of the company he just bought,,, you left the chat room

♡Everyone’s heads were rolling

♡You forgave him… eventually because you were worried like everyone else when you showed up on his doorstep

Saeyoung (707)

-hardest to write he is so antisocial ohmygosh

♡Working at ungodly hours of the night was the norm because of Seven’s job

♡So caffeine was basically required for the job, so whenever he wanted fresh air he’d run to a 24 hour coffee house that you happened to work at

♡Working the graveyard shift was boring, but when a certain redhead would come in it’d brighten your whole day

♡No one else was in the establishment and his jokes made you laugh which killed time

♡He liked your late night chats so much he found himself coming more and more

♡Until one day you just weren’t there

♡He checked a couple more times, and tried to think positively, that you got a better job and you were moving up in the world

♡The day he saw you confused on Rika’s doorstep through the CCTV his heart skipped a beat

♡”I think someone entered the chat room…” He typed with a smile


Darry has a fight with Ponyboy’s new English Teacher…

You had a long night ahead of you grading paper that were due the next day, the whole week you had been awful sick and you just hadn’t gotten around to it. You sat in your classroom, it was way past 7, and you should’ve been gone hours ago. 

So, when a loud knocking sounded at your door you had to stop yourself from screaming. 

“Come in” You breathed, you looked up the moment the door opened and right before you, you saw the most beautiful set of pale blue eyes staring back at you… if he was the ocean he’d have swallowed you whole, and you weren’t sure if you’d mind. 

“Mrs Y/L/N, I presume?” He stated in a stern voice, he folded his arms and it seems as though he was sizing you up. Uh oh- confrontation- the last thing you needed. 

You assumed it was another Soc’s big brother wanting nothing more than to yell at you for giving their sibling a bad mark, maybe he’d even try to buy you off with money that you didn’t want. Maybe he’d threaten you like Charlie O’Brien’s big brother did last week… the possibilities were endless. 

“Yes, is there anything I can do for you, Mr…” You trailed off, waiting for the last name so you knew just what you were dealing with. You got up from off your chair and you extended your hand. 

“Mr Curtis. Ponyboy is my kid brother.” 

“Oh.” You said in surprise. “Is something wrong? Is he okay?” You were feeling slightly panicked, had something happened to him on the way home? Was it another no good Soc picking on the younger greaser kids? Did he get beat up? 

“He came home upset the other day, because of you!” His voice was raised and you involuntarily took a step back from him. “He said you accused him of plagiarism.” 

“Mr Curtis, please-” You tried to explain yourself. You felt horrible, you hadn’t meant for him to take it that way. 

“What you think that because he is a Greaser he is stupid? I’ll bet you’re one of those Socials that look down your nose at us. I’ll bet-”

“First of all, Mr Curtis” You yelled, closing the distance between the two of, so you were looking directly in his eyes. (or up at them). “Don’t you dare belittle me, you don’t know me.” 

“I know you’re a snobby soc that likes to take the credit away from the likes of my kid brother-”

“I’m a greaser, just like you, just like Ponyboy. I grew up on the East Side, my parent’s were so poor that they couldn’t afford to feed me and my three little brothers and sisters every night. We were so poor that we almost lost our home. I worked three jobs to help my parent’s keep our home and to feed us. You know how I got here? Pure dumb luck. I got a scholarship that probably shouldn’t have been given to me in the first place.” 

For the first time this afternoon Darry was silent. He didn’t know what to say to you. He was beginning to feel foolish. 

“But you know what I see when I look at your brother? A goddamn genius. He has something special Mr Curtis and it’s your duty to make sure he doesn’t lose that gift. He writes beautifully, he talks beautifully. One day he is going to make something of himself, he is going to leave us all behind. And let me tell you, I don’t know a single kid who deserves it more. And that is the truth.” 

“He said you accused him-” This time he was speaking softly, all suspicions of malice was lifted from his voice. 

“He took what I said the wrong way. I asked him to stay back after class and I asked him if he wrote it. And do you know why I asked him? Because it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s poetic, it is something you could never expect a young 15 year old kid to write. He writes of loss and tragedies… and he turns it into a masterpiece. I couldn’t comprehend someone so young writing something like this. So yes, I did ask him, but I never said I didn’t believe him.” 

You walked away from him, your heels clicking on the cold, wooden floor. You made your way to your desk and opened the draw, pulling out a 15 page document. 

“Read it, Mr Curtis. You’ll be lost for words.” 

anonymous asked:

Jim and Bones meeting at speed dating

  • Jim’s an expert at speed dating. He does it regularly, known by the event organisers by name and phone number, probably. Jim’s usually there to meet casual fun, the occasional one- to two months worth of a relationship if the girl keeps him interested enough. It’s really not the girls’ fault he doesn’t usually stick around; Jim loves the thought of a relationship, but it also terrifies him. He knows he’ll find someone, eventually, but for now, he’s all about having a little fun.
  • Leonard actually sits down at the table next to him, and he’s a face Jim’s never seen before. “You done this speed dating thing before?” he asks, and Leonard shakes his head. “No, my friend signed me up for this shit. What do you even say to a dozen girls you only get two minutes to talk to?” He asks, and Jim laughs. “I’d start with hello,” he replies.
  • Jim scores a few numbers by the end of the night, and Leonard does, too. “See? Not that hard,” Jim says, “any one of them catch your eye?” “It’s a bit soon to tell, isn’t it?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “Speed dating is all about instant chemistry. No time to overthink things.” “Are you an expert on this?” Leonard asks, and Jim laughs, shrugging lightly. “Sort of.” “Not sure if that’s a good thing,” Leonard says with a small grin, “I’m going to watch a football match in O'Reilleys. D'you want to join?” Jim’s up instantly, grabbing his coat. “Hell yes.”
  • Jim scores another number that night, but it’s not romantic. He just thinks he found himself a new friend, which is cool. They text a lot, and Jim finds out Leonard is a doctor. That means he’s smart, too, and Jim learns that Leonard’s also pretty witty. Quite quickly, casually texting here and there turns to continuous, long conversations about everything and nothing, and Jim’s up way past midnight just staring at his screen waiting for a reply. They meet up occasionally to watch a game together, or they just eat a Taco Bell or whatever, and end up loudly discussing movies, politics, and other things. 
  • “Hey,” Jim says, smiling lightly when Leonard slides down at the chair in front of him. Their restaurant choice is a bit more fancy than usual, but Jim picked it purposely because Leonard’s been complaining Jim’s continuous fast food habit is unhealthy. Maybe, partially, also to impress Leonard with his actual decent restaurant finding skills, maybe he just wants to impress Leonard in general. “Is this place not too fancy for you?” Leonard asks, and Jim grins. “Shut the hell up and order the cheapest thing on the menu, please,” he jokes. Because really, Jim has money. He’s a pretty decent salesman. “Oh yeah? Maybe I want the lobster,” Leonard replies, and Jim smiles fondly. “Then we’ll get you the lobster.”
  • After dinner, a mere few hours have passed and Jim feels a bit on edge. Doesn’t know what it is, he just likes having Leonard around him. “I got a new car,” Jim says, “want to join me taking her for a spin?” “Where are we even going, then?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “I dunno, does it matter?”
  • It’s a pretty good car. Pretty fast, pretty sleek. Leonard looks impressed, although only mildly so, and mostly jokes about Jim’s premature midlife crisis. Jim doesn’t even know where they’re going. They’re just talking, deep in conversation about everything between their favorite football teams, work, and the space colony going to Mars (“Doesn’t it sound fun?” Jim asks, and Leonard makes a face. “No! That sounds absolutely terrible!”).
  • Jim knows they’ve reached their destination once they hit the beach. The parking lot at the dunes is abandoned, the sun is nearly completely set, and the sky still has some bright pink and orange, but it’s fading. Sitting outside on the hood of the car is soothing, as are the quiet waves of the ocean. “I can’t figure you out,” Leonard says, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “What d'you mean?” he asks. “You act all cool, but you’re the most romantic person I’ve ever met. Besides myself. Just how are you single?” He asks, and Jim laughs. “Shut up, dude.” “Look where you brought me,” Leonard says, “if you brought your actual date here, you’d get laid in that dumb sports car of yours.” Jim would’ve thought about that further, maybe, but instead he turns to Leonard with a frown. “What do you mean, dumb car?!”
  • It’s well past midnight by the time Jim drops Leonard off at his house. “Did you enjoy yourself?” Jim asks, and Leonard laughs. “What am I, your date? Want to go again?” “Obviously,” Jim replies, and he wants to give him a joking grin, but instead he must have looked rather fondly. “Really, you’d just drop off your date like that?” Leonard asks. “Hey, I don’t end a good date without a kiss,” Jim says, and Leonard glances in his direction. Jim catches him looking. Catches him leaning in, too, and Jim finds himself leaning in as well. Kissing Leonard is the weirdest sensation. It’s thrilling, the kind that sends shivers down his spine, and Jim just pulls Leonard in closer when the other even leans slightly away. “Jim,” Leonard breathes against his lips, and the way he speaks in such a hushed voice makes it even better. Jim wants to hear more of that breathless voice, his name called out in a quiet whisper. “Can we just continue this inside?” Leonard asks, and Jim raises his eyebrow. “Inside, really? You’re that into me, huh?” “Shut up,” Leonard laughs, “my neck hurts from being turned like this. There’s plenty of positions inside that are much more comfortable,” Leonard replies, and Jim glances at him for just a second, before nodding. “Yeah,” he says, his hand on Leonard’s thigh, “different positions work for me.”

anonymous asked:

aa a hc with an mc who's outgoing and talkative and v e r y energetic and seems really bold but then someone mentions sex and suddenly theyre a blushing mess

I did rfa only bc you didn’t specify who! Thanks for sending this in it was real fun omg 




-that’s so cute??? are you okay?? do you need a glass of water? you’re v red and might actually be dying

-honestly???? turns him on a little bit but like what doesn’t turn this dummy on smh

-teases you about it for the longest time 

-doesn’t tease you in a mean way, he just likes seeing how hard he can make you blush without DOING anything

-he himself does get flustered when he’s not in charge of teasing’ after all, he’s trying to protect you from his whole ‘men are beasts’ thing





- it’s probably 707 that brought it up tbh so he’s prolly trying to get him to shut up lolol

-keeps sneaking glances at you, both to make sure you’re okay but also because damn, you’re cute when you’re flustered

-he makes sure to file this away to tease you later about it in private (maybe he’ll try to seduce you as well……… or at least he wants to. He’ll probably overheat before that)


-if you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even notice her blush

-she’s not blushing at the subject matter so much as she is looking at you

-why did you go quiet?? OH

-she’ll only half-heartedly stop the conversation, she likes seeing how different you can be under different……circumstances ;)

-totally uses this to her advantage tbh

-she thinks you’re adorable 25/8 but this?? THiS??>??

-she wants to marry you on the spot tbh she’s gonna wife you so hard

-she’s so cruel omg if you go out on a café date or something she’s just going to casually be like “so i’m thinking of ordering this new vibe, it’s got 10 different settings and–” and she’s gonna watch you crash and burn 

-she’s def going to apologize after but that doesn’t mean she’ll stop doing it……you;re just too cute..



-he’s so thick smh he has no idea why you’re blushing

- “Whats wrong? Is the room too hot? You’re very red.”


-he’s probably the one that started talking about it in the first place, if not 707


-maintains direct eye contact while talking bout like super explicit stuff

- “it’s just the human body?? It’s natural? it feels good?” “JUMIN, STOP” “I mean, we can discuss our preferences, if that makes it easier to talk. I tend to like it when–” “JUMIN JKSEFKJWEDHK”

-embarrassses his s/o the most out of everyone

-he might play dumb but after a while he catches on and teases you even more unless you get seriouslyuncomfortable

-he’s definitely a guy that’s like….. going to kabedon you to a wall and hold some seriously intense, soul-searching eyecontact while talking about all the things he wants to do to you usoqjsodwjoefjij



-HE’S SO LOUD????? Shut UP

-he’s doing this just to see your reaction LMAOO he can’t believe you went from being so loud and outgoing(like him)to ?? A mouse?

-explore it later? No let’s explore it NOW 

-you’re going to be very unsuccessful in shutting him up. He just gets louder

-he’s laughing during the whole thing too smh why, my guy????

-he’s very touchy while he teases you too. Hands always on your shoulders, neck, arms, back. He holds your face in his hands just to feel how hot you are (and to squish your cheeks, he’s a v loving bf)

-smothers you in kisses even more than usual

peter/ned headcanons p.2

-they had a mutual crush and a ridiculous amount of pining for like. Years. It was painful to watch

-peter tried to ask ned out at least 6 times but chickened out every time. Eventually ned asked peter why he was so jumpy and avoiding him and peter said “you’re cute” and ned was silent for 2 days from shock

-first date wasn’t for another two weeks

-ned: wait so was that you telling me you wanted to go out??
peter: yes can we please forget that’s what happened or our first date is gonna be mcdonalds

-mj is peter’s go-to for ned things

-“he likes linking pinkies more than holding hands and likes sunsets over sunrises and likes to go on walks and have picnics and is a real romantic did you know?? He suggests all the date ideas i cant believe you let me suffer this crush for so long mj”
“Literally stfu peter i’ve been trying to get you with him for ages”

-ned IS a big romantic. He likes to surprise peter with little gifts and leave dumb notes in his backpack

-they are the definition of gross lovey dovey couple for like. Three months. Then they become gross lovey meme couple

-spider-man was one time caught by an interviewer who asked him if he had a girlfriend and he laughed and webbed away

-may is #1 peter/ned supporter she loves ned to bits

-peter? Super ticklish. Ned? Abuses this power

-ned’s lap is peter’s reserved seat. Ned wraps his arms around him and they just chill there. Someone tells peter that there are empty seats available. Peter ignores their offer

-may sets them up on (real) dates all the time. She’ll suddenly get “caught up at work” and leave money for peter with a note saying “have fun tonight ;)” followed by ned’s number

-the number of times they’ve watched star wars together is disgusting

pillow talk

a/n: my first attempt at some ryder x liam! i had this headcanon for some time, and really had to get it down on paper. hope you guys enjoy :)

ao3, for those of you who prefer.

Amelia learns pretty quickly that Liam is horrible to share a bed with.

She supposes she should have seen it coming. The signs were all there. He’s almost constantly either moving or talking, always doing something. In combat, he jumps right in, not afraid of taking harsh blows and getting in close. And then there was the time she stumbled upon him passed out with half his body falling off his suspicious dorm room couch. She thought that maybe sleeping in — well — a bed would tame that a bit.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: they adopt a child??? or just talk about it????????? or something????????????????????????

I have a personal headcanon that Andrew and Neil never have children for multiple reasons. But you know who does have children? Matt and Dan. And they just moved to town.

Uncle Andrew and Uncle Neil spend extended amounts of time with the kids only three times. It goes as follows: 

Incident 1: The Presents

  • The second time that Neil and Andrew see Matt and Dan’s children is when the kids are 6, 8, and 9.
  • The first time was when they were born.
  • Around Christmas time, the foxes always make an effort to see each other.
  • It’s hard for them to all get together at once, so they make rounds as they can.
  • This year, things were more convenient for Andrew and Neil seeing as Matt, Dan, and the kids had just moved closer.
  • Dan got a new job and Matt was able to sign a new contract with a team in the same area.
  • They decide to meet up the week before Christmas this time.
  • Which means that Andrew and Neil need to buy some presents.
  • Except Andrew and Neil honestly know jack shit about children.
  • They have no idea what kids were into these days. They didn’t even know when they were children.
  • All that Neil knew was that he never had any toys. Ever.
  • All that Andrew knew was that toys were bribes and tricks and never anything he got to keep.
  • Which is how Andrew and Neil end up at Toys R Us.

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TLNM Headcanons

This is the first time I’ve actually shared headcanons (and they’re really dumb). These are for the movie just because I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but I have ones for the series if anyone is interested.

  • Other than Nya and Kai, Cole and Jay have known each other the longest. They used to be neighbours before Jay’s parents moved to the outskirts of Ninjago City.
  • Kai and Nya don’t have parents. They both have jobs to be able to afford their apartment, although Kai insists he could just work two jobs so Nya has more time to study and focus on her grades.
  • Nya and Zane get the best grades out the group, across all of their subjects (the two of them have a friendly competition going whenever big tests come up, which the rest of the group find terrifying). Jay comes next with pretty good grades, especially in science and IT, then there’s Cole and Lloyd (they get roughly the same) with middle-ish grades, Cole does best in art and music while Lloyd’s better at english and foreign languages. Kai has the worst grades of the bunch (but not bad grades, he just gets Cs mainly), he’s better at hands-on subjects like woodwork.
  • They often have movie nights at their base. Jay likes romance and sci-fi, Cole and Kai enjoy action movies, Lloyd prefers things with deep stories and morals, Nya likes monster movies and horror (she has nerves of steel) while Zane enjoys kung fu movies as well as animated films.
  • They argue over who had the most fans. It got to the point they did an online poll about it. Turns out Lloyd had the most fans, he was kind of smug about it for weeks.
  • They have a team fridge which they all keep food in. It used to get raided during the night so they set up a camera to see who it was. Turns out it was Wu in his sleep.
  • When they stay late at base after a battle to hang out and work on the mechs they take it in turns to get the food. When it’s Kai or Nya they usually get takeout, Cole buys whatever he can find at the local store, Zane cooks for them on this portable stove he has, Jay brings some of his mom’s cooking to share and Lloyd gets pastries from the nearest bakery.
  • After Koko found out about the ninja thing she started visiting their base often. She makes sure they all do their homework, are getting enough sleep, are eating properly and brings them snacks. It embarrasses Lloyd so much.
  • They have gaming tournaments sometimes. Usually the finalists are either Kai, Jay or Nya. If it’s Kai and Nya the sibling rivalry is so thick you could cut it with a knife. With Jay and Kai there’s a lot of playful shoving which ends up with one of them falling off the couch. Then when it’s Nya and Jay it’s a lot quieter, just super tense.
  • They have found fanfiction of people shipping the ninja together. Most of the time it’s pretty funny, except when they ship Kai and Nya together. Kai actually passed out when they first found out, and he didn’t wake up for an hour. They were worried they’d broken him.
  • No matter how old they get the Ninja will always go trick-or-treating. Kai insists they do it, and no one has the heart to tell him no because of how excited he gets.  
  • After the movie the group decided to look after Meowthra, they take turns feeding them and giving them belly rubs. It’s basically their mascot now.

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anonymous asked:

There is a part of me that wants to see Sweet Pea and Cheryl stuck in a closet together. For science of course.

Part of me really wants this too .. so I wrote a thing. For science of course

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