what if i could actually color this show

What I Wore | Blue Moon

WhatIWore: This. Dress. Is. The. Best! I don’t think I’ve felt more beautiful in anything in a long time! My initial draw to it was the V cut on the back of the dress (I was looking for pieces to show off my bee). When I tried it on, I thought it might be a little more darling (and a little less daring) if I added a lace knit cami underneath which unfortunately covered up the back too. No matter, it’s still a beaut! I just love the cut and the fabric and the skirt and the color and… everything! Wouldn’t this make for a beautiful bridesmaid dress she could actually wear later? 

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I actually am kinda interested in what his reaction would be if he COULD suddenly see all the colors, even if it would be akin to a Marvel "What If?" kind of deal.

well give it time >:U he’s got a lot of life to live, he’ll try them eventually, I already know how and what his reaction is but I can’t show that here yet

Racism, a touchy subject.

Alright, so, I hop on Twitter and see that MTV came out with some show called “White People.” I have not watched it so I won’t act like I know what’s going on in the show.

Now. I’m a Latina. My parents were originally from Mexico. They worked extremely hard and did what they had to do to become US Citizens. When I began Kindergarten, I could barely speak English. That’s my “Person of color” background.

I say this because I am absolutely disgusted and appalled at what is happening on Twitter. Actually it makes me sad to see these hateful bigots act like they speak on behalf of people like me. I clashed with a woman complaining about the show because she stated she was watching the show to see “white people cry” and complained how it did not happen as she had hoped. So, I replied to her and told her if she thought that racial differences (tensions) would subside by putting white people down. Friends, if I hope for something to happen/do something to someone because they are white, that is me being a racist. When I informed her of my background, she quickly blocked me. Another man told me I couldn’t be racist to white people, and when I informed him of times we treated kids who were white like crap in school just because of their skin, I got no reply.

When I was in elementary school, I got caught up with all the cool kids and what they did. We were all Latino, and I, desperately trying to fit in conformed to what they did. I still remember when we would get new kids who were white. They were treated so poorly by my peers and I did nothing. All because they were white. Most of these kids were extremely poor, and had clothes from churches and donation centers. And they were treated like crap because of the color of their skin. I regret being a douche to those kids, and ended up becoming best friends with one of them. My point being is that I don’t see how we want to move past racial tensions with people when we act bloodthirsty to see the other suffer. That will not solve anything. I’m nothing like I was before. But I do see the error in our ways. There are injustices everywhere, I’m not denying that. I’m just tired of people hungering over another’s demise.

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19 and I can't think of a pairing that you would actually write so writer's choice I guess? But make it as ridiculous as possible

Sounds good, bro!  Let’s see what I can do with this.  ;D

Dean and Sam were glancing over the paint swatches with disinterest.  Or at least Dean was.  Sam was somewhat interested in the colors of paint available.  Although, Dean wasn’t sure it would be possible to match the amount of enthusiasm Cas was showing.

“We could use this one for the main library, and this would be a great color for the kitchen,” he was saying, scooping up card after card of potential paint colors.  “What do you think, Sam?”

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So ever since watching Gatchaman Crowds I’ve always thought Hajime’s attitude was kinda……suspitious. A person that is not influenced by any negativity and always keeps her positivity without flinching..somehow it makes me think: could she be just faking it? Could she be actually bottling up her true feelings and only showing what people want or expect her to be?

Now that I’m watching Gatchaman Crowds: Insight I’m wondering this even more, the alien Gelsandra can make people’s feelings appear as a “bubble” on top of their heads, when she does it normal people’s look like this:

Then there’s Hajime…

Tsubasa’s great-grandfather also has a grey colored bubble which makes me think both of them might be bottling up some serious sadness that they do not want people to see.

In conclusion Hajime’s putting up a facade and might explode someday becoming an “evil” gatchaman?? idk

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1) Why did you choose your url?

well, at the time i was really into no.mercy and wonho was my fave on the show so i chose to use his names as part of my url. the ‘wo’ is from wonho and ‘hoseok’ is his real name ~ thus, wohoseok.

2) What’s your middle name?

i have two, actually. it’s addison amanda. i have a thai first name but it was barely used when i started pre-school up until college :\ it was to make things “easier” for my teachers/professors… sadly.

3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

ohhh, maybe something like a phoenix, dragon, or the baku : )

4) Favorite color?

honestly i love black and white, if those even count… but if not, light grayish blue/purple colors.

5) Favorite song?

atm, drive by a.cian. not gonna lie, it’s amazing. 

6) What are your top three fandoms?

i’d have to say winner, seventeen, and monsta x

7) Why do you enjoy tumblr?

i’ve been in and out of tumblr since my freshmen year of college and it was kind of like a savior to me when i didn’t have many friends except for my roommates. i didn’t start off as a kpop blog at first. i had a blog that mainly consisted of fashion and aesthetic but then i ventured off into the kpop tumblr world. i was still pretty reserved and a silent blogger until i actually reached out and started talking to people and joining networks. as much drama as there is on this site, i don’t regret joining and making the friends i have because they are all amazing. it’s definitely a place i come to after a long hard day in the real world and it’s just nice to actually let loose and write the dumbest tags i could possibly spew out and my followers and mutuals all accept me for it :) 

8) Tag 9 of your tumblr crushes (they have to do all 8 questions too) hanbindoors junhweism pepijuniors hongiri huivevo chwesgf hoonsgf jaehopes minsupreme 

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1. why did you choose this url?

When I was 13, I was a huge Naruto and Bleach fan and Hidan and Grimmjow were my favourites. I mixed Hidan (well not really but the word dark comes to mind when I think of him) and grimm together. Didn’t like how grimmdark sounded so I added a y. Been using this name for 7 years now…

2. what’s your middle name?

Sazida~ It’s meant to be Sajida but a spelling error occurred so now it’s that :p

3. if you could own a fairytale pet, what it would be?

A Griffin. They are such majestic and proud creatures, I’d actually love to show off with one!

4. fave color?

Used to be purple but now it’s red (just bought a red skirt yesterday :D)

5. fave song right now?

Gishinanki by Umetora (Da-little cover)

6. top three fandoms?

JJBA (for eternity), Batman and Justice League. Used to be Naruto for 6 years but then SnK and Free! happened and JJBA just steamrolled them all. Batman and JL I just currently got into and totally enjoying it but JJBA will always be first.

7. why do you like tumblr?

The JJBA posts are something unlike any other and all the other relatable things that come along with it. I really do like tumblr but there are just some blogs that piss me off. I’m a bitter person so I hate anything that I don’t like nor know thrown to my face so it’s my fault to begin with haha

8. tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!

Totally optional!

vaginanator (idc, you’re doing this), jojosbrazzeradventures, giulioswife, gottagofaaaaaaaaaaast, batsuperflashmartianwonderman, uruminfuru, fuckmountain69, sluggoo

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Strawberry, orange, banana, apple and cherry~*

Strawberry: What’s your favorite food? Gyoza.

Orange: Do you have any pets? A pet turtle at my parents house!!

Banana: What’s your favorite show? Jojo. But I’ve been watching breaking bad lately. And I like a lot of other shows too!!!

Apple: Would you like to be in a relationship if you aren’t already? Not in one and ….. I would love to be with someone who doesn’t hurt me, lie to me, cheat on me, use me, take me for granted, abandon me, and someone who could be honest with me no matter what, who gets me, who actually proves to me every day “hey you can trust me.” And be able to back that up. I haven’t found anyone who fits these small standards…. I don’t care what color your hair is or eyes or height or gender or anything. I think everyone is fairly cute and dateable and I don’t get hung up over that stuff… I need someone who can take care of my soul and let me take care of theirs. But the search is still on…. So in the meantime I’ll just get laid like a play boy when fall gets here.. Least that’ll give me something to do…

Cherry: What’s your favorite song?…. I have so fucking many. Uh… I’ll post one for today!


Eries rendezyou commandeth that I do this so

I might not write ten or tag ten but ill answer all of theirs and see how many i can come up with

1. What is your dream career?

I have 0 idea lmao

2. If you could dye your hair any color, what color would you want

Im quite a fan of my natural dark ass brown but I really like pastel hair, just wouldn’t like it on myself.

3. Whats your fave animated movie? (Not just disney, other companies included too)

hmmm this is a tough one honestly i actually really do like shrek 2… also nightmare before christmas…. idk

4. What do you think is an overrated tv show?

although i enjoy both shows (the latter much more than the former) i think game of thrones and gravity falls get held up in just slightly too high regard

5. What superpower would you want?

Either selective mindreading, ability to influence emotions, flight,  or invisibility

super speed would be cool too but i’d never pick it above the others

6. If you could change your name what would you change it to?

I honestly really like the name Makki and my first name goes really well with it so i think i wouldn’t change my current name :>

7. What movie had an influence on your life?

Im sorry i just really have a terrible memory with these things

but there havent been many i think

8. If you could travel back in time, when would you go and what would you do?

Either ancient egypt with a camera to have photographic proof that the egyptians were black

the birth of christ but only if i can get the hell back out cause i do NOT wanna live there

phoenicia to see muh ancestors

or to the earliest known religious writing of homophobia to MAKE SURE that does not get into the holy books 

9. Would you want to have a twin?

it depends. Would I like to have a twin in addition to my current actual siblings? no

would I like if my younger sister was actually twins with me? it’d be cool but I dont think i’d especially like or dislike it

and she’d have to be my age, not me hers, because her grade is all assholes and mine is cool B)

10. You can punch one person in the face with no repercussions. Who are you going to punch?

there is ONE specific asshole in my grade who i would absolutely love to punch… but that is a long other story for another time.

okidoki questions:

  1. Fictional characters you really relate to, mentally emotionally or/and physically?
  2. You start a family. Which fictional character(s) are your spouse(s) and who are your children
  3. Favorite ways to experience fiction? (Books, movies, games, shows, audio, etc.)
  4. What would you NOT do for a million dollars?
  5. What would you not do for a BILLION dollars?
  6. You now HAVE a billion dollars. Whats the first thing you do with it?
  7. Who is your in your apocalypse survival team?
  8. Whats your aesthetic?
  9. What is a really minor pet peeve of yours? 
  10. Who is now mutuals with you who you never expected to be mutuals with?

wow shocker i got that done

ok people…

  1. jadenaya
  2. elusivetranscendent
  3. chocolateandpeanutcandy
  4. toasturbuns
  5. dirkles
  6. teenylioness
  7. thefaultin-yourface
  8. lishadra
  9. nozomemes
  10. emberaffinity

if you didnt get tagged its literally only because my “followers” page listed you too far back and i am managing to restrain myself at 10 

have fun

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1. Why did you choose this url?
-J.Cole’s line in power trip inspired this. It is kind of sarcastic, it is just showing I am not dumb.
The line was  Ass stupid, how you get to college. Power Trip has to be my favourite J.Cole song. 

2. What’s your middle name?  
- Do not have one

3. If you could own a fairytale pet, what would it be?
- It is not really fairytale, because it actually exists, but a Liger.

4. Fave color?
- black

5. Fave song right now?
- WoodKid - The Golden Age

6. Top three fandoms?
- Not really part of anything, although I do like Assassins Creed

7. Why do you like tumblr?
- I can say things which a lot of people will understand, and I can express how I feel.

8. Tag nine accounts

I dont really follow people, so I will tag anyone

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I had a lady call in very upset. The apartment number was missing from her shipping address and so she didn’t get her shoes and she had taken time off to receive them and all that jazz. She had called in earlier and talked to another agent who just told her the package would be delivered tomorrow to the correct address. UPS calls her soon after and tells her the driver is still out so he can actually rede liver tonight.

Several hours later he hasn’t been back. She cancelled dinner plans with her husband to wait for the package. She was pretty mad.

I let her vent and meanwhile made a game plan to call UPS and see what’s up and see if they could just deliver to her door even if she wasn’t there. She also said she ordered one color of this show because the color she wanted was sold out. I checked her color and it was back in stock so we did and exchange and I told her I’d call UPS and see if they can just have the first pair return to sender and expedited the new pair. I told her I’d call her back after I talked to UPS.

She was thrilled. She wanted to talk to my supervisor and tell her how awesome I was. I transferred her to my boss and they talked a good 10 minutes while I was on the line with UPS. I talked to UPS had the first pair returned to sender and called her back. She was so happy. She thanked me a bunch and said she wanted to send an email or a letter on my behalf to sing my praises. What a nice lady.


tag game by ttendou !! <3 !!!!

1. Why did you choose this url?
i am absolute trafalgar trash + sushi is my irl nickname

2. What’s your middle name?
um does chinese names actually have anything that is considered as a middle name

3. If you could own a fairytale pet, what it would be?
anything that can fly me

4. Fave color?

5. Fave song right now?
hard knock days (onepiece opening 18

6. Top three fandoms?
onepiece, touken ranbu, runningman (idk if a korean variety show counts as a fandom but there u go 

7. Why do you like Tumblr?
what is there to like tbH im here for fandom content but lord bless the dramas that are happening here always

8. Tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!
SWEATS uHHHHH if u wanna do it THEN GO AHEAD no rules no boundaries u are ur own god

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U dum shite


1. What are your favorite TV shows?
Don’t really have any.

2. If you could dye your hair in any color you want, which one would it be?
Black probably.
Wait. ANY color you say..?

3. Bunnies or Puppies?
Bunnies but sadly I’m allergic to them.

Why this. Pica. Why must you hurt me in this way.

5. Who is your favorite character?
Bruno Mezzoalto.

6. What are your Top 3 Bands?
Don’t like any Bands that much but I guess if I have to chose i’d say
1. Psychostick, 2. Mindless Self Indulgence and.. 3. a tie between The Used, Fallout Boy, Linkin Park and The Offspring..?

7. If you have pets, what are their names?
Smily, Orca, Olaf

8. Do you still have stuffed animals?

9. Cocoa or Coffee?
Don’t like coffee, so hot choclety milk it is.

10. Whats your favorite portable video game (for your phone or something)?
Plague Inc.

Not in the right mood to think up questions right now and tagging people so
Screw the rules I got money I guess

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I mean like some of the colors Pie has could be blended (like gradient!)

Animating that could be a nightmare though :/

(IDK I like trying to figure out what these DigiXrosses would actually look like if someone from Bandai/Toei actually did design it for a show. Like usually I want to try and make the design look like something you could actually see in a show, so yeah. Gradient does get used sometimes in designs, heck the current season of Precure uses gradient in the hairs of all of the Cures, but still, gradients aren’t the easiest thing to deal with in animation so I’d stay away from it)


A plein aire painter shows off his work near Taggart Lake, Grand Tetons National Park…I should have asked if I could buy it…What a wonderful remembrance it would be! The scene below is actually what he was painting.  Just goes to show that it’s important to do outdoor color studies! I also should have asked the artist his name… 

how about instead of making this weird dichotomy between “shows with good writing” and “shows with a diverse cast” we instead demand shows with good writing AND diverse casts?

diverse casts are inherently important because people in minority groups deserve representation in creative work? that’s just… obvious?

like I don’t care how good your work is, if it’s a cast that’s 100% white heterosexuals then I’m ALREADY bored by it. I’m judging your work on it’s social merit and it’s been found lacking.

If your plot could easily include people of color, women, or LGBTQ people or any intersection of these groups and you just chose not to for no good reason then guess what? that’s bad writing. it’s good writing to represent your actual population !

OITNB is a show about a WOMENS PRISON. by definition it will lack male representation. furthermore, it makes total sense to represent the female population and their various identities in terms of race, gender, and sexuality. all types of women get sent to prison.

other shows have casts almost entirely of male characters. why? there’s no justifiable reason there. it’s not like there’s more men than women on Earth.

I wish I could go back to the beach, the actual sea, listening to the waves roaring and seeing the boy jump into the waves. and then come back up onto the shore and look for shells with me. We would pick the same colored ones without knowing what the other was picking. He would pick one up and show me and i would get so excited because he would pick the prettiest shells

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I was tagged by aheartfullofrain. I’m so sorry, Katie. It sure took me long enough to post this.

1.what is your favorite color?


2. what is one tv show you wish you could watch for the very first time all over again?

Parks and Recreation

3. what is your favorite holiday?

I love Christmas and Chinese New Year.

4. have you ever cried from laughing so hard?

Yes, all the time.

5. when was the last time you felt truly happy?

I had a movie date with my primary school classmate few days ago, we haven’t met each other for at least 4 years. I felt thrilled to have actual contact with him again :D

6. is there something you wish you had said to someone but never did?

Hmm, not really.

7. if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleport. Do I need to explain?

8. text or call?

I would prefer texting most of the time.

9. what is one thing you can’t live without?


10. would you read a book of all the things people have said about you? why?

Nah, because I believe I would never see the world and people the same way again if I read the book.

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