what if i bought them all so my order was for $50 and i got free shipping

BJD Moving Sale!

If you don’t already know, SHIGI AND I ARE BUYING A HOUSE! The closing date is at the end of June and we will but moving our crap during July! In preparation we’ve not only been cleaning and packing, but de-cluttering as well. I’ve gone through my stash of BJD stuff and put a lot of thought into what I can let go of. I have multiple things for sale, and I will be making further Sales posts after this one.

Fairyland Realfee June Faceplate in Normal Skin: $40 + shipping

I purchased a full Realfee June from Denver Doll on 12/28/2016, but I only ever intended to keep the body. I am selling the faceplate and it will include the magnet “feathery ears” as well as magnets that still need to be glued inside his head. I will NOT include the original CoA but I will send a copy of it along with him. He has never had a faceup. 

5Stardoll Tumnus Head in Normal Yellow Skin (with mods): $50 + shipping

I am the second owner of this handsome boy, purchased on DOA back in April 2016. I had plans for him but they changed, and I don’t have a reason to keep him around now. The original owner did the mods: pierced ears and widening the eyes a bit. They told me that the resin has also yellowed considerably. He has magnets in his forehead but does not come with horns, I didn’t receive them when I bought him. While I’ve had him, he has done nothing but sit in a box. This is an SD-sized head and looks to be discontinued. I do not have a CoA for him.

Doll Family-A Luca in White: $80 + shipping

I received this little guy with my last Alice’s Collection order, received in April 2017. He’s never been painted, and the eyes are included.

Sakura & Paper Hamster in white: $60 + shipping

I received this little guy with an Alice’s Collection order I got in August 2016. Never been painted, the eyes are included. 

Resinsoul Tiny Carrying Case: $20 + shipping

I got this bag with the YoSD body I ordered from Resinsoul last year. Thing is, the body itself fits just fine in the case but with the head it’s too big. So this would be appropriate for dolls smaller than YoSDs, I think.

Dollheart MSD-sized Dress: $60 + shipping

No pieces have been lost from the original outfit. It was worn for a few months before getting put back in the box for good. It’s still in mint condition, no damage or discoloration. It will also come in its original box. 

That’s all for this post! All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home. I will happily take more pictures upon request, and of course let me know if you have any questions. Items will be shipped from Seattle, WA, USA.

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i remember you saying you were about 4'11. Im about the same size and i was wondering what are some good place to shop for clothes?? Its so hard to find clothes that I can fit into and still look like someone in their 20s.

Yes I am 4′11. I weigh 107-110lbs. I’m just letting you know because sometimes that helps. I have slightly muscular legs (I often find that brands with petite sizing assumes that short people are all super thin so petite sizing can run narrow a lot *cough cough j.crew petite*)

Sizing: tops - XS, bottoms 0 (rarely 00), bras 34B @ gap body**

My Style: I like to wear longer tops with looser fits with skinny pants. I HATE wearing fitted tops. I just don’t like the way they look on me. All of my clothes are neutral colors (white, black, grey, blue, army green). This is only because I have a very hard time finding clothing that fits me so my options are limited. Petite lines also are usually very limited compared to the regular sized stuff so they don’t really have extensive options when it comes to color. I’m very picky when it comes to color too because I find it much harder for me to style color without it clashing. 

I’m also going to put a bracket pricing for every category so you can get an idea of how much I shop the sales/budget incase thats helpful. I personally find that sticking to certain price ranges keeps me in check with my money/budget. 

*For anyone that reads this, I’m aware of what fast fashion is and how some of the brands I mention are really shitty. I’m currently working on moving away from fast fashion but right now thats near impossible for me. I also don’t shop at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.

Bottoms: [$20-30] I hate wearing jeans so I try and find stuff thats comfortable and stretchy. 

1. Ann Taylor LOFT Lou & Grey Ponte Leggings Petite $50 (I buy them when they are 60% off). I have 3 pairs and the black does NOT fade. I’ve had one of the pairs for over two years and they are still going strong. 

2. New Look Petite Highwaist Skinny Jeggings. I like how the ankle part runs skinny. The sizing runs small. I’m a US 0 and I got a UK 8 in them. The black does wash out but I don’t mind for these.

3. Banana Republic Petite Hampton Pant. These are the BEST dress pants I’ve ever found. I got them on sale for about $30 but I haven’t been able to find them for the price again. The fabric is not too stretchy and gives you that perfect “structured” look without the material being too stiff. Most of their other dress pants are either really stiff or too stretchy where it looks too tight on your butt. I can’t find them in black anymore but they sell at the factory store. They also hit your ankles at the perfect spot for being a “cropped” style.

4. Gap Petite Jeggings. Their fits vary a lot so thats something you’ll just have to go in store and try on. 

5. Banana Republic Skinny Fit jeans. I got a pair at the factory store and the material isn’t too stiff! They don’t have an exact name and I’m not sure if they still sell the exact ones I bought since I got them on super clearance.

6. Ann Taylor Loft Petite jeans: I have a couple pairs of their petite jeans from them but I find the material to be pretty stiff. I have them as “emergency” jeans incase there’s that one time I’m forced into a situation that I need to wear actual blue jeans lol.

Skirts: [$15-25]

1. Zara: Their skirts for “regular” sizing run pretty short so it ends up working out perfectly for petite lengths. I tend to like that a good chunk of their skirts are made with a stiffer material so it doesn’t cling as much.

2. Ann Taylor Loft Petite skirts: I have a couple of skirts from them but just a warning, they run just a tad big compared to “regular” sizing. So I’m usually a 0 but I get their skirts in a 00.

Sweaters: [$20-30] I very occasionally buy a sweater for $35.

1. COS Stores: So this brand is like the luxury brand of H&M (literally owned by H&M) with a very Scandinavian style. Their stuff is HELLA expensive but they have really great end of season sales. I like my sweaters to go past my butt and have a looser fit to them. I like that their sweaters fit my shoulders but still run long in length. **They have free returns when you order online. It’s a very hit or miss thing with some of their sweaters since lots of their stuff runs really boxy because its that Scandinavian style. You can generally gage the fit from the pictures online. Its the store where I get my “fancy” sweaters usually marked down to about $25-30. 

2. Ann Taylor Loft Petite Sweaters: just great overall. I tend to get the sweaters from their Lou & Grey line because they always look more clean and minimal. Again only when they are 50%-60% off. Definitely try your normal size and a size up to see if you like the fit to be a bit more baggy. They do run at the “appropriate” length for petite sizing right at the top of your pants so if you want it to be longer, then just order the regular sizing and not petite. Thats what I do, depending on the style of the sweater. 

3. Gap: I haven’t liked any of their sweaters recently but they always have a few hidden gems. :) I buy their stuff in the regular size and they usually fit well on my shoulders. Again, I’ll purposefully get the sweaters that run long so I can wear them with leggings.

Tops: [$10-25] Basic tops are $10-15. Nicer tops are $15-25. This is where I struggle the most. I tend to just get stuff from all over but usually Ann Taylor Loft Petite, Banana Republic Petite, and the Asos Petite brands. J.Crew Petite has a couple cute tops but their style always looks a bit matronly for my liking (also extremely overpriced for the quality). I do a lot of online shopping just to try things on. I return almost everything whenever I’m searching for new tops. ugh. 
*Zara and H&M for some reason have the worst fitting tops for me.

1. Dress Shirts: Banana Republic Petite, Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor LOFT Petite. They have great dress shirts! :) They also have styles that are more straight cut which I prefer. So its not as fitted at your waist.

Dresses: [$20-100] Basic dresses are $20-40. Fancy dresses are $40-100. I try and cap at $80 if I can.

1. Needle & Thread (found on Asos): expensive but they occasionally have a dress that goes on sale for $80ish. Their stuff is very fancy and usually heavily beaded. It’s the brand I keep an eye out on incase I need something for a wedding/winter holiday dress. They don’t have petite sizing but their dresses tend to run closer to petite sizing I have found. Sometimes the waist can run a little long but not enough where it looks disproportional on a petite frame (that always varies body to body). The quality of these dresses are also phenomenal. 

2. Millie Mackintosh: just the same as Needle & Thread, that her stuff runs closer to petite sizing. Even though lots of their dresses have the “fit & flare” cut, the waist part doesn’t hit weird like most of those types of dresses do in regular sizing. It’s the brand that I also keep an eye out on incase I need something for a summer wedding. Her style is a little more floral. If you are going to buy something from her line definitely order from Asos first so you can figure out your size and do the free return thing just incase. Then double check on her actual site to see if the prices is on sale more than the listing price on Asos. For some reason her stuff goes on super sale on her site but Asos doesn’t reflect those prices. If you’re in the US you’ll have to pay international shipping if you order from her site but for me it still ended up being cheaper than getting the same dress on Asos.

3. Banana Republic Petite: great options for more business formal dresses. Some of their dresses are great for also having the ability to be “dressed up and down” depending on the occasion. Again, I always buy their stuff on 50-60% off.

4. Asos Petite swing dresses: these are my favorite casual feel-good summer dresses. I usually buy them when Asos has a 20% off your purchase sale.

5. Maje: I don’t own anything from them because they are expensive but I hear their dresses are great for petite frames.

Coats: [$50-100] I’m desperately in search of a faux leather jacket that fits my frame. The sleeves always run extremely long?? Still haven’t found one.

1. Zara dress coats: So many of their coats run short! They have pretty good end of season sales. I like their coats that have a straight cut to them. **Generally anything that has that “fit & flare” cut with coats looks pretty shit on me.

Bras & Underwear: [Bras $10-15] [Underwear $2-3] 

1. GAP BODY is literally the only place that has bras that fit me. For some reason whenever I try on bras from other brands, I’ll find a cup size that works but the rib size is always so tight. Even though I’m petite, I’m not super narrow in my frame. Gap Body just has sizes that fit great. I don’t know how to explain it. Their hipster fit underwear are also great. I got like 30 pairs during black friday/holiday sales lol. Again, I only buy the stuff when its like 50% off.

Accessories: COS Stores & Etsy. :)

**EDIT: My petite friends that are more curvy say that jeans from Express are amazing! :)

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If you have time, answer all the mm questions :3

ah oh goodness okay!

1. Favorite character - Seven

2. Favorite route - Seven

3. Favorite theme - Seven’s (oh god I swear he’s not gonna be all my answers)

4. Favorite chat background - they’re all so pretty, but I think probably this one:

5. Favorite “Cheritz” voice - V

6. Favorite voice - honestly I love all their voices but I’m gonna have to go with Jumin’s because DAMN

7. Favorite chat emoji - Yoosung’s shocked one where says “hul”:

8. Favorite kiss - Zen’s (Jumin’s is hot tho)

9. Favorite confession of love - Seven’s!!

10. Favorite RFA party outfits - my initial thought was Jumin but I love Seven’s outfit fjdsfhksdj

11. Favorite party guest - probably “Chef RamG” or Tom

12. Favorite chat - honestly most chats with Seven make me laugh so definitely one with him

13. Favorite call - this one or this one

14. Favorite CG - the selfie of Seven and MC! OR (and I’m not saying what these ones are because they’re from the secret endings and NO SPOILERS) bottom left in Seven’s album, OR bottom right in Seven’s album OR the very last one in the ‘Common’ album

15. Favorite good end - Yoosung’s will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the first one I got and it’s so sweet and pure

16. Favorite after ending - Yoosung’s

17. Favorite bad end - out of the ones I’ve done/seen Jumin bad end 1 or 2, although one of Zen’s looks pretty cool (I can’t remember which one - the one with the play?)

18. Worst bad end - out of the ones I’ve done JAEHEE’S BAD END 2 AND 3 PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME DO THAT AGAIN

19. Favorite headcanon - that both Jumin and Seven have a crush on V (idk man)

20. Favorite ship (platonic/romantic) - I SHIP EVERYONE DONT GET ME STARTED i can narrow it down to three romantic ships: yooseven, V x Jumin (vumin?), zen x jaehee (zaehee?). I ship pretty much everyone else platonically

21. Favorite character interaction with each other - any time Seven pranks Yoosung!

22. Best plot - Seven

23. Best character development - Jumin or Jaehee

24. Best antagonist - Unknown

25. Worst antagonist - Rika

26. Best character design - tbh probably Unknown or maybe Seven

27. Character who left the biggest impression on you - Seven

28. Character you’d want to be BFFs with - Seven if he wasn’t my boyfriend, and if he was then Yoosung

29. Character you romantically ship yourself with - S E V E N

30. Most relatable character - S E V E N

31. Most tragic character - Seven, V and Unknown (aka my 3 favourites T__T)

32. Funniest character - Seven definitely (but the others have their funny moments too!)

33. First route - Yoosung

34. First impression of the game - I thought it was gonna be a cute dating sim where I could get a pretty anime boyfriend without any angst (FML)

35. First impression for each character - done here

36. First character you fell for - Jumin

37. Korean OP vs English OP - I love both but I listen to the English one more

38. Current number of hourglasses - 96 (this is the lowest I’ve been in a while T__T)

39. How did you find out about this game? What made you decide to download it? - my friend on twitter was tweeting about Yoosung and I was like huh this game looks cool I’ll try it out. I thought it would be something I could do for fun to pass the time when I was bored and I didn’t realise it would take over my ENTIRE LIFE

40. When did you start playing it? - about 2 months ago I think?

41. Have you completed all the routes and unlocked the secret endings? - yes I have RIP me I’m going for bad and normal endings now

42. Free to play or paid to play? If so, what did you spend on? - I bought some hourglasses for like £5

43. Were you ever obsessed with this game at one point? - still am bruh

44. How dedicated are you to this game? Do you set alarms and try to get 100% for each day etc? - yes I do, and I get 100% on every day rip my sleeping pattern

45. Do you play the game blindly or follow walkthroughs? - I mostly played it blind, but for Seven’s route I occasionally checked a walkthrough because his route was so difficult and I REALLY didn’t want a bad end aagh. I also checked a walkthrough for Jumin’s route a couple of times because I was so sure I was getting a bad ending (turns out I wasn’t but it’s hard to tell with him lol)

46. Did you play the game properly? From casual route to deep route in recommended order? - I played: Yoosung, Zen, Jumin, 707, Jaehee, so almost

47. Moments that made you laugh out loud? - most chats/phonecalls with Seven tbh, and Yoosung makes me laugh a lot too. also, Jumin and Zen’s bickering and Jaehee’s downright sassiness at points

48. Ever cried or shed a tear while playing? - oh god yes, secret ending 1 was the DEATH OF ME like I had to take a break after I did it before I could bring myself to do secret ending 2. I’m still not recovered from it and don’t think I ever will be my poor bbys deserve better

49. How many photos/screenshots of MM are in your photo gallery? - oh god I don’t even know I gave up trying to sort through them a while ago. probably somewhere between 2,000-3,000 (chat screenshots, photos, cosplayers, fanarts, textposts etcetc)

50. How has this game affected you overall? Do you regret playing it? - it’s actually helped with my anxiety quite a lot. I do NOT regret playing it (but I kind of wish I wasn’t so obsessed because it’s so damn time consuming!!)

A Cosplayers Guide to Shopping at Joann's

**Okay I’m going to start this with a disclaimer that I’m using solely personal experience to create this guide. What I do works for me, idk if it is your style or if its something you can do based on your location. I’d also like to say that I work for Joann Fabrics and in this guide I’m going to point out some mistakes I often see by customers and tell you how to avoid them in order to save yourself as much money as you possibly can. 

Know Your Store

Alright lil homie, in case youre like any angry middle aged women shopping at Joanns, I’d just like you to know that ALL Joann’s vary by location. My local Joanns is  very small store, so we don’t carry as much as a larger store would. Understand that if you cant find something at your store, you can special order it or go to another store. 

Get to Know the Workers

Believe it or not, most of the workers at Joanns sew (at least to some extent). I know for a fact that there are three cosplayers that work at my local Joanns. Other than them, there are two seamstresses as well. If you have a question about fabric or construction, ask someone who is at the cutting counter, assuming they’re not busy. Usually, the workers at the cutting counter sew, and will be able to help you. The workers at Joanns just want to help you as best they can, so don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. Also, try to see if you can find someone wearing a maroon apron, because it is literally their job to help you find what you need and help you with any questions you might have. 


Sign up for the mailing list. Sign up for the emails. Sign up for the texts. Download the app. Are you a student? Sign up for the Student Discount card. Are you a teacher? Sign up for the Teacher Discount card. Hell, apply for a job there and get that Employee Discount too. Before you know it, you will be drowning in more coupons than you will know what to do with. The mailing ads are sent out every sale (about every two weeks). Emails are sent every couple of days. Texts aren’t as often, but will have great coupons. 

Read the Ad

Here’s this current sale’s ad:

I’m using this page and a personal experience as an example. 

This page may seem super simple and straight forward, but if you don’t look carefully while you’re reviewing your ad, you might miss something really useful. For example, I skimmed the ad when I first got it, noticed a few things I needed that were on sale, and closed the ad. I did not see the ad for the pattern sale, and nearly missed the sale ($1.99 is an amazing sale omg). Keep an eye out for pattern sales, too, because you can’t use coupons on them!

Okay, so I needed to buy four yards of a bottomweight fabric. As the ad above says, Fashion bottomweights are on sale for 40% off. Does that mean ALL bottomweights are on sale? NO. Only Fashion are. This is where people often make mistakes when trying to use coupons. Fashion is a brand (collection? idk what really but its a type). My local Joann’s carries two brands of bottomweights, Fashion and See and Sew. The bottomweight I wanted, which I had seen the last time I was shopping, was See and Sew, which is not on sale. 

“But that’s not on sale!!"  the novice shopper cries "I thought you were going to tell us how to save money!!!”

It’s not on sale. Which is better. Because it’s not on sale, I can use a coupon on it! Almost all of Joann’s coupons are for regularly priced items. Luckily for me, going on right now is an event called Coupon Commotion, in which Joann’s gives out a metric shitton of 50% off coupons in their ads. Remember how i said to sign up for everything? Well, because I receive both the mailer and the emails, I had EIGHT 50% off coupons going into the store. However, when it’s not Coupon Commotion, there is usually a 50% of fabric coupon every now and then in the mailer.

Back to the bottomweight I bought. I needed four yards of it, and regularly priced at $9.99/yrd, that comes to $39.96 for just that fabric. I, however, still needed four more fabrics, and there’s no way I’m paying with my firstborn child in order to cosplay. BUT, since I have a 50% off coupon, bam! That fabric comes to $19.98 total. Not too shabby, huh?

Never Pay Full Price For Anything

This is my motto whenever I go shopping. Hoard your coupons. watch the sales. Know what you gotta get and how much. 

“But I don’t wanna give out my personal information!!” cries the young cosplayer

No worries, homie. I understand. If you go to Joann’s website, you get print coupons right off the site! And they’re the same exact coupons that you would get through the emails. 

Just go to Joann’s website, and click the coupons link and the very top on the right hand side of the page. 

Pay! Attention! To! Your! Coupons! Some coupons are online only or are not for something you’re buying. There was a 50% off notions wall items a while back, and it ONLY took off of notions wall items. However, people still tried using it (whether knowing or not). A handy guide for you to know whether or not the coupon you received from email or the site is for online only, is that an online only coupon will literally say “ONLINE ONLY” on the top of the coupon. They also will not have a barcode.

As you can see, the 15% off total purchase and free shipping coupons are online only. 

Also, watch for when your coupons expire! Cashiers cannot take expired coupons; the computer cannot read them.

Wait For Sales

“But you just told us not to!!” cries the confused cosplayer. 

Yes, buy regular priced with a coupon IF the coupon is better than the sale. Last sale, the bottomweight I wanted was 30% off. I knew that was not enough to get me to buy it, so I waited. Shopping at Joann’s can sometimes be a gamble. You have to be patient and watch the sales. This is also why you should start your cosplays months ahead of time so that you can plan for the best sales possible. Some sales will be better than the coupon. Right now, fleece is on crazy sale, Blizzard and Microfiber are both 50% off, and Anit-Pill is 60% off. During big holiday sales, some things are on insane sales. During Labor Day weekend, tons of fabrics were 50% off on sale. 


Patterns are tricky. Most cosplayers need patterns at some point in their cosplaying life, but they are hella expensive. $18.75 for tissue paper with some guidelines on it? Ugh. Crack open the piggy bank now. 

There are, however, some good things about patterns. Major patterns companies like Simplicity and McCall’s both produce costume patterns for characters from many series, including Disney, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc, as well as other costume patterns for strange things that cosplays might need. 

However, you can’t use coupons on patterns. Why? Because patterns are ALWAYS on sale, usually 30-40% off. But thats still $11 a pattern, and who wants to pay that? Not me. So unless you desperately need a pattern asap, what you gotta do is wait for pattern sales. Pattern sales are amazing because you can stock up on all the patterns you’ll need for whatever the hell you might make. 

Patterns usually go on sale around Halloween, but its always different for each brand. McCall’s go on sale this week 3 for $5, and last week Simplicity was on sale for $1.99 each. Every now and then, there will be a $0.99 pattern sale for (insert company), and those are the best. They don’t happen often, though. 

Be a Good Customer

Believe it or not, employees remember faces. They remember if you caused them trouble. They remember if you were rude to them. On the flipside, they remember if you were courteous and thankful. They remember the smile on the face of someone they helped. Just be nice to them. They are overworked, especially during Halloween season.

Always have your coupons ready before checkout. Please don’t be that customer who walks up, gets all their stuff rung up, and then asks “so what coupons do you have?”. Cashiers aren’t allowed to give you coupons during certain sales, and saying “But you gave me coupons LAST time” isn’t going to make them break the rules for you. Also don’t be that person who, upon hearing the total, pulls out their phone and asks the cashier where to find coupons. It’s your job as the customer to know how much you’re going to pay, and it’s not their fault as the cashier when it’s more than you wanted.

Also, if there’s something you picked up, but decided you don’t want anymore, DO NOT just leave it somewhere in the store. Just bring it to the cashier, and they will put it away. It’s so much easier for them to put it away than to collect all the random mismatched thing throughout the store and then put them away.  

Black Friday

Black Friday sales are at Joanns too. The sales last all weekend and change every day. And if you have nowhere else to be that weekend, I suggest stocking up on stuff you need. I went there last year and spent maybe $60 on nearly $150 worth of stuff. I’m not sure what the sales will be like this year, but it might be a good idea to watch for when that comes out. Last year, there was a coupon for 25% off your total purchase, which is amazing, especially when you’re buying eighteen yards of fabric. However, this will not be the time to ask employees questions about construction and things about your costume, because they will be overworked and stressed out.

“But isn’t it their job to help me?” the novice shopper asks.

In the grand scheme of things, yes, that is part of their job. However, Black Friday is a stressful time for everybody involved, and literally every employee that store has will be working that weekend. It’s not bad to ask employees questions like “Where’s the elastic?” or “do you carry brocades?” that weekend, but it might be a good idea to wait until a less busy day to ask something like “hey how do i make this thing”. You don’t want to hold up the cutting counter on the busiest day of the year and upset not only customers but also employees. 

**I hope this little guide can help some of you out there. This is all I can think to add right now, so I might add later on. If anyone else has anything, feel free to add! And if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask about something! ignore the copious amounts of spelling mistakes this took a long time to write and also take a shot every time i say ‘however’