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Rescue Date - Lance x Reader

A/N: This fun lil’ story happens before the events of Voltron.

Prompt: YESSSSS VOLTRON! If it’s okay with you could I request some light-hearted fluff with Lance and his s/o? If you don’t have a prompt in mind maybe it’s how they meet? I once read this cute prompt where the s/o was getting stood up and right as they were about to leave the character sat down at the table and pretended that they were just running late for the date even though the two had never met and just told the s/o to play along? If that makes sense? Anyway love you’re blog you’re amazing!

Is this what being stood up feels like? If it is, you can say for certain that this fucking blows. You feel so humiliated and undesirable. You were also pretty sure everyone in the restaurant knew of your rejection. If there was a way for you to get rid of this feeling you would gladly pay any price. Just as you were contemplating on giving up and leaving a kind looking stranger slid into booth across from you.

“Sorry I’m late babe. I got caught in traffic.” He said, greeting you like you had known each other for years. Let’s get one thing straight here, you didn’t know this admittedly very attractive dude from Adam so why was he here? Was he mistaken? Did he think you were someone else?

“What?” Out of all the questions running through your head this was the one that ended up leaving your lips.

“Just go along with it. My name’s Lance by the way.” He leaned in and whispered to you. You could help but to smile thankfully at him.

“Well it took you long enough. I was beginning to think you had stood me up.” You responded trying to sound comfortable talking to this handsome, but complete and utter stranger.

“I would never stand you up babe.” He replied smoothly with a broad charming smile.

And that’s how you met your soulmate, in a restaurant where he saved you from your own humiliation. He kept his promise too. Not once while you were together did he stand up one of your dates. Well there was that one time but that, my friends, is another story for another day.

5 vegan tips

1. Do your research
Research and expand your knowledge on veganism! Find out about vegan youtubers, local vegan restaurants around you, recipes, articles and so much more! Before going on a road trip this fall, I was researching on all the fast food restaurants to find out what vegan options they offered. And let me tell u, this was VERY useful! Once I gained my knowledge on what is not vegan and what is, I got a general idea of what I can eat. So now when people offer me things that aren’t vegan, I don’t have to read the ingredients like a maniac, I just kindly reject. Also finding a vegan community online can be very helpful and supportive!


2. Try new vegan recipes
I challenge you to try at least 1 new vegan recipe every week. This will help you get a feel of what food you like, and make it easier for u to cook. I suggest even getting a cook book. For ex. Forks over knifes. This book gave me great food ideas and sometimes I switch up recipes to make them my own.


3. Stock up on fruits and veggies
This is so you always have something on hand. This will prevent you from running to the store constantly. Normally I go to the store once a week and get all the basics: fruits, veggies, almond milk, and 1 frozen dinner. Normally I buy big boxes of rice and pasta 1 a month and then I use my fruits and veggies to make meals out of them, I use the almond milk for random things, and I get the frozen dinner for when I have that lazy weekday. Sometimes I get tofu but it all depends. My grocery list is pretty cheap and far from expensive. Always having fruits and veggies on hand with make it easier to whip up a meal real quick.


4. Make sure you’re getting your calories in
As a healthy vegan, you have to make sure you are getting enough calories in that your body needs. Being vegan it is easy to under eat, especially if you’re new to this lifestyle. At first you’re so used to the mind set of eating smaller portions, because animal products are heavy, and very calorie dense. But on a vegan diet things tend to be lighter, and less calorie dense. So after saying this, make sure to eat eat eat those fruits and veggies, and don’t shy away from bigger portions.


5. Be happy
Try to be happy despite all the animal abuse that continues on. Be happy because you are truly making a difference! You are helping the environment, animal, and your body!

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You Should’ve Stayed

AN: Every time i hear the song “Heathens” I have a visual of a fight scene in my head so this is what i came up with.

Based on the song “Heathens” by 21 Pilots.

Reader, Bucky, mention of other Avengers

Set in the MCU. Reader has powers of her own - but Bucky doesn’t know it.

WC: 477

Warnings: Swearing (duh), fighting, a pissed off Nat

Images aren’t mine

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“Get down!” Bucky yelled as he flipped the table over and used it as a shield to block you.

You sat there, leaning against it and rolled your eyes. About half a dozen Hydra agents had swarmed the restaurant you were in and you knew Bucky was going to try to take them down on his own and try to protect you.

He sat next to you and quickly assembled his weapon, checking to see if it was loaded. Almost as if he was talking to himself he muttered, “Why’d you come, you knew you should’ve stayed.”

Again, you rolled your eyes, “Buck -” but he jumped up before you could finish, shooting down a few of the braver assailants as they tried to approach the table.

You pulled out your phone and started to text Natasha. Hey, something’s going down and I’m gonna have to show my true colours…sorry? You hit send then quickly texted her the heart emoji hoping she wouldn’t be too mad at you.

You looked up at Bucky and noticed he was having a hard time keeping Hydra at bay. You counted quickly and realized he was low on ammo. Before you could act, he jumped over the table and started to go hand to hand with an agent.

You stood up and shouted at him, “Plug your ears!”

He was confused and opened his mouth to question you when you looked at him. You knew your eyes had changed and he would be shocked into listening to you, “Plug your fucking ears, dammit!” and you opened your mouth.

As you sang the familiar tune, the agents instantly stopped what they were doing and stared at you. You checked to see if Bucky had listened to you and thankfully, he had. He still looked confused but he now looked angry at you. Oh well, you thought to yourself. You’d deal with him later.

Hydra put their weapons down and started walking towards you. As the first one approached you, you put your hand on his cheek and quickly, pushed his head back, snapping his neck.

You could hear Bucky gasp and you felt water start to pool around your feet: the pipes had burst and water was shooting out of all the faucets; the building was starting to flood.

Quickly you took out the rest of the assailants. When you were done, you looked around to survey the damage. You stopped singing and felt your eyes change back to normal, but the water was still pouring in from every which way.

You walked over to Bucky and motioned for him to unplug his ears.

With widened eyes, he looked at you. “What. The. Fuck?! What the fuck was that?!”

You smiled and shrugged, “We should go,” you replied, making your way outside where you knew Nat would be waiting for you.

She was pissed.

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Hey bonnie! It's Anna. And I was wandering if you could hide me from him....I don't want him finding me...I can't go back in the suit! I just can't-Anna starts crying and panicking-

Ohw-ohw, calm down little one, we need to talk about this. Why are you hiding? And from what?

I don’t even know where should I take you, this restaurant is filled with killer bots and humans as well.

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I'm so sorry I never ask this really but I was out all day and there's confusion on my dash. What happened with Louis and steve tonight? Steve had a show but was Louis there and rapping or something? Lol sorry I'm trying to look through blogs but it's a lot of excitement and misinformation.. thank you!!

Fans were on Steve’s show tonight and he said there will be new music with Louis. The fans got confused about the rap part because there was a lot of noise in the place. Basically: we’re getting new music from Louis and Steve!

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10, 20, 30 for Mechanical Rose? Love your blog btw ♥♥

10: Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

Penny. She could never forget the smile Ruby had on when eating happily. 

20: What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

Penny’s father would be grateful, I imagine. A skilled huntress to further his own daughter’s skill, and ability to live a happy and human life. Tai, Yang, and Blake would be supportive and happy for them as well. As for Weiss, I think there would be a little bit of jealousy at first, but joy would be inevitable. 

30: one headcanon about this OTP that mends it (your heart)

Their genuine and beautiful relationship is the undeniable result of what patience, kindness, and acceptance can do. 

look if you wanna know something dark and troubling about my descent into mcelroy content, i was in a restaurant last night, having a private conversation with my dear friend emily, and i jokingly and moreover, quietly, referred to maccready as a dirty rowdy boy who I Love, and as SOON as the words leave my lips i see in my periphs this lady who’s been eavesdropping on us snap her head up and look me in the eyes with the most SCANDALIZED expression, like this is who i am now, this is what i’ve BECOME

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🌟Sign: aquarius 
🎈Height: 5'9 ½" (the half is very important) 
✨Last thing i googled: cocina condesa- this restaurant I’m at rn 
🎶Favorite music artist: atm the crazy ex-gf cast
📺 last tv show: gossip girl
👗What am i wearing right now?: jeans, leotard, sweater, sneakers and the cutest pastel shark socks
🌸when did i make my blog: September 2010 *gulp*
🐻Do i have any other blog: i have two fan blogs but I haven’t accessed them in ages
❤Why did i choose my url: at the time it was my handle for all social media and I just never changed it 
🎀gender: female
🍙pokemon team: instinct 
🍕Favorite colors: I’ve been digging purple recently but I normally always go back to blue or green (or a mix in between)
💤 average hrs of sleep: 6-8
🐶Favorite character: that’s too big a question
🐨Dream job: writing

I tag @n-ightosphere @trifle-observation @seagreeneyes and @calgarysummers and anyone else who follows me and wants to answer. Tag me because I’m a nosy bitch

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Nickname: you wish I’d tell ahahah

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5″7

Last thing googled: “Mamma Primi”, the name of a restaurant I want to try in Paris to see the reviews

Favourite music artist: Kings of Leon (but I could list 30)

Song stuck in head: right now, “Just the two of us - Bill Withers”

Last movie watched: LalaLand

Last show watched: I watched the “Powerless” pilot I really liked it

When did I create my blog: 2013

What kind of stuff do I post: fandom, aesthetic stuff I like, ask games

Do I have any other blogs: no

Why did I choose my URL: Orphan Black and my country =)

Gender:  Female

Hogwarts house: MY IDENTITY CRISIS of the day, Slytherin or Gryffindor

Pokemon team: The red one

Favourite colour: Navy Blue or Dark Red

Average hours of sleep: 6/7 but I need 10 or 11

Lucky number: 9

Favourite character: at the moment, Maggie Sawyer. but Hermione Granger is a pretty steady #1 for me

How many blankets do I sleep with: one but FLUFFY

Dream job: Owning a restaurant or bar

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a réagi à votre billet

“just a question, if you were ship marius w a les amis boy, who would…”



courf and marius were like “let’s go out and celebrate!” or something, i forget what the occasion was (marius finally meeting a girl??) and they went out to like a romantic restaurant and i think courf paid??? jfc

i was just talking to someone else about how in my modern headcanon courfeyrac and jehan dated in the past, like in high school or something, but then realized they worked way better as friends and were besties from then on.

and then marius came along and courf harbored a crush on him for a while, until he realized what a precious cinnamon bun marius pontmercy is and how he must be protected at all costs and yeah aesthetic aside they really wouldn’t mesh well. but then they became besties too, like courf looks out for marius like no other.

and the whole time combeferre has been in love with him pretty much since they met each other but because it’s ferre he never said anything because he valued their friendship so much and didn’t want to make things awkward and honestly, it’s fine, so he rants to me about his crushes and romantic escapades, whatever. it’s. fine.

and courfeyrac honestly has been in love with ferre forever too but because he loves so freely and completely and ferre and enjolras are the two people he loves more than anything on the planet tbqh it never really hit him?? courf’s empathy is through the roof ok and yeah he’s pretty in-tune with his emotions but this one blindsided him because it’s ferre. and when he realizes what a giant gay cupid’s arrow he has sticking out of his ass for his moth nerd best friend he like quietly panics because ferre’s never shown interest in anyone let alone his extroverted bubbly flirty mop of a best friend so what is he going to do shit shit shit

and then mutual pining happens and jehan somehow becomes both courf’s and ferre’s confidante which is tragically hilarious, really, and results in a lot of poems about two idiots who can’t get their shit together (which the rest of the amis find fucking hysterical but combeferre and courfeyrac are like what are we missing what’s so funny??)

until they finally do, indeed, get their shit together, and BOOM. it’s like breathing, it’s so so easy, why were they even freaking out?



Life Lately,

  • My uncle’s birthday celebration at a rooftop restaurant, giving us a beautiful view of the sunset
  • Coconut Almond Milk that has like 5 calories only is probably what Hannah Montana means when she belts out “best of both worlds!” Haha
  • Be kind and have courage~ Cinderella was such a good movie, if you haven’t watched it yet, you should!
  • spent the afternoon of Good Friday in a beach and I saw that big tree. Boho feels~
  • Wine night after dinner at La Vie Parisienne (finally!) I will be blogging about the place soon
  • Spent one Saturday morning studying out a very pretty all-day breakfast place, Yolk, which I will also be blogging about soon~
  • TWG macarons which my ate bought me as a pasalubong since I didn’t go with my family to Manila one weekend! <3
  • Furious 7! I honestly haven’t seen any of the Fast and Furious movies before this one but I still felt bad for the loss of Paul Walker *cries*

Anyways, I’m really busy lately studying for my boards but I’m excited to release some stuff I made for you guys! I just need to work a little bit on them and it’s good to go! How are you guys by the way? :)


Hi everyone, 
I’m thinking about starting up some new mini projects here and there to spice up justfortheheart, what do you say? Instead of just having viewers submit stories and personal definitions of happiness and kindness, I want to roam the streets and speak with human beings offline and hear their stories. A week of bus/train stories? Restaurants? Parks? Work? Incorporating photos, videos, audios to these projects if they’re so inclined to participate. What would you be curious to see? As much as this blog is for me, it is also for you. 
Let me know here

All the best,
S // justfortheheart

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Hi! May I request a fanfic where Naruto & Kakashi tease Sasuke how Sakura is is getting really attractive lately and that most shinobi have been taking a liking to her and he gets really jealous about it? Thanks so much! I absolutely LOVE your blog btw! Keep up the good work!

“Sasuke, I’m concerned.”

Those were the first words that popped out of Kakashi’s mouth when he entered the small restaurant and sat down at the table in the back besides Naruto.

Sasuke grunted as he took a sip of his water. “Me too. Your habitual tardiness is not getting any better.”

“Your wife is too hot.”

Sasuke almost choked on his water. “What?” he sputtered out. This was hardly the appropriate place or time to talk about such matters. In fact, it was not at all appropriate in any way no matter the place or time.

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Hi! I’m Jan Beau (previously 18thlabel) and I started this blog a year and a half ago because opening a blog was one of the things i wanted to check in my “things to do before i die” list, so here I am, uploading what makes me happy, not only photography, but collages, videos, gifs, 100% original by me. But let me explain you a little bit more about myself.

I am originally from Madrid, Spain, but a year ago i decided to move to Toronto, so there I was, a waitress in a restaurant, (continue reading, this gets better) and i met wonderful people, I finally felt comfortable with my sexuality and discovered my passion, i fell in love with photography again, and the best thing is that my passion was to create things that inspired others, to pursue my ideas and dreams. I was the kid with bad grades, everyone thought i was going nowhere, and honestly, i don’t know where i am going to finish, but i feel like a poet when I am with my camera (a Canon 5d Mark III), I shoot what i feel at 3 am, i am pure with photography.. now, do I have any special projects? I do, I am preparing a book for next year, and starting to do some video things, maybe open an online clothing store or maybe i fly a unicorn on Saturday, no-one knows, i want to keep learning new things, meet new people that inspires me, and be happy. For me, photography has helped me to realize who i am. Thank you. :) (i told you this was going to get better ;)