what if he's looking at karai like that

Stupid Rant Over Relationships In The Nick Series...

You know whats most annoying about the tmnt fandom? Its their lack of positivism. I was in the tmnt tags, and all i saw was griping about the love interest bull crud about Renet and Mikey.

Yeah we get it, Nickelodeon apparently stinks at the whole romance crap, honestly, i see no problem with the relationship things. Guys will be attracted to girls by looks at first, just like girls can be attracted to guys by looks at first, but then  over time they develop a friendship, a bond, a connection.

With Donnie, he fell for April cause she was beautiful in his eyes, that was just a sheltered teen boy seeing a girl for the very first time, and i mean in person not on TV, once he started talking and befriending her, over time it developed even more, i dont get why people are saying there is hardly no character or relationship development between Leo and Karai, or Donnie and April, I’ve seen them develop so much in just three seasons. Leo really liked Karai, cause maybe he had a good feeling about her? or maybe he was attracted to her by looks, but just because a boy has a crush on a girl doesnt automatically make them a couple.

Just like Donnie and April, they over time developed a friendship, and they are closer then ever, no they are not a couple, just because they kissed doesnt mean they are, Donnie seriously has backed off of April since that kiss, and even Casey has backed off. Leo also backed off of Karai at some point, the way i see it, Leo just wants his friend back, and make his master, his father happy again. 

Call me ignorant, or blind, cause well damn i am, i dont see why you guys are complaining about Mikey having a love interest. He is the most affectionate turtle, so yes he will probably fall for her, and you know what its probably not cause of her darn looks, it could of been how she presented herself, not every relationship based on looks, and by the picture that Ciro presented us earlier this week im pretty sure she did something to really impress Mikey.

Some of you just need to back off a bit, not everything is to your standards or will go your way, and im not trying to be rude, im telling you straight up that your jumping to conclusions, and kinda ruining it for the rest of us who are actually excited for Mikey, and for Renet showing up, maybe im the only one who feels this way, i dunno, just i cant even go into the tags without someone spouting off and making me be like “Ugh, alright time to go watch more turtles.”


Okay, rant over, im done, sorry for those who i really offended, this is just how i see things, how i feel about it, and i do not expect anyone to agree, if you wanna talk to me about this, im open to discussions, here

And im asking that if you wanna speak your mind, please be respectful about it, i will certainly respect your ways and views. :)

Also i know this rant probably didnt make anything better, or was worded the way i was trying to express, excuse me for my in corrections or mistakes. ^^;

And guys dont think i dont love you, i do, i really freakin love you guys. NEVER forget that! NO MATTER WHAT!

((And again if anyone has any story requests for Adventures in April sitting aka AIAS send them my way! You can send them here))

TMNT 2012 ~‘Till It Beat for You~

Just another Ramon fic I had stuck in my head for a while XD. I know I write about them a LOT, but I can’t help it! I ship it so hard!!

This is kinda my personal take of the thoughts and feelings Mona Lisa and Raph had before and after they met. The title is inspired by an AMAZING Sherlock fan-song called ‘Never Knew I had a Heart (’Till it Beat for You) by Karliene. I hope you guys like it :3

Now, Raphael was no expert on romance, nor had he ever wished to be.

Looking at what his brothers could be reduced to when the subject of ‘their girl’ came up – the way Donnie’s face heated up at the very mention of April’s name, the wistful gleam in Leo’s eyes every time he saw or thought of Karai, the downright giddiness that Mikey displayed every time he thought of the ditsy time master, Renet – Raph was pretty sure he never wanted to look or feel like that, not in a million years.

However, he could still understand that the way they felt was genuine, and it was never something he would use against them to truly hurt them in any way, despite how much he teased them for it, how much they teased each other for it. But Raphael wasn’t a fool.

He had a heart, of course, a very big one at that (though one should never make the mistake of bringing that up unless they wanted a broken face). But he wasn’t so naïve as to let it beat for someone whom he knew he could never be with.

So Raph quickly decided that his heart had no room for such intense, nonsensical feelings. A simple fleeting crush, he allowed, but nothing more. He saved his heart only for those he held very dear; his family. And he was happy that way. There were no muddled thoughts clouding his mind, nothing holding him back, hindering him from protecting the ones he did love fiercely with his whole being.

Then he’d met her.

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Karai: “So, this is what happens when you mate with a mutant turtle…”

Raphael: “Yeah, looks like it.” 

Karai: “Dam it Splinter’s gonna kill me when he finds out.” 

Raphael: “Never mind you what about Leo? Splinter will be more mad at him than you Karai.” 

Karai: “Do you think he’ll notice?” 

Raphael: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure sensei will notice a glowing green egg in the lair. Even at night, don’t you?” 

Karai: “I don’t know what to think right now, where’s Leo anyway he should be here.” 

Raphael: “He’s inside, probably freaking out about what happened.”

Karai: “What does Donatello think?” 

Raphael: “Donnie says he dosen’t know why the egg is glowing, must be Leo’s mutant DNA that made it glow. Who knows.”

Karai: “I’m so dead aren’t I?”

Raphael: “You and Leo, yeah you’ll have some explaining to do with Splinter.”

Karai: “It was Leo’s fault,” 

Raphael: “Doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, you both are gonna be parents… To whatever is in that egg.”

Karai: “No doubt Michelangelo will come up with a name.”

Raphael: “Leo won’t let Mikey come up with a name for the baby,”

Karai: “Mm.”