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Heart of Evil

(As you may have guessed, I bought the new DVD.  Now I haven’t seen ‘The Forgotten Swordsman’ yet, but I plan on watching it soon, be it on TV or on the DVD.  However, I DID watch ‘Heart of Evil’, and I think it was a wonderfully-done Donnie-centric episode that’s shown the impact of Splinter’s death on him.  That’s something I wanted to discuss.)

CAUTION: Spoilers under the cut, so if you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read this.

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My thoughts about the when the world's collide

Oh my gosh I absoulotly love this two eps !!!!
We see mona and Sal commander again yay !!!🤓
Lol I can’t stop laughing at that monas face !😂
Utroms are so kind they helped the poor guy ….☺
Dang newtrolizer!!!!😤
Awwww….poor Raph he misses mona but he won’t admit it  ….😔
Donnie and april are just so cute , girl admit it you love Donnie is so obvious….😉
My OTP!!!! I always imagined that Leo and karai train togather in the dojo and it finally happened!!! Thanks tmnt crew!!!🙏
Wow karai said she likes Leo !!! Am I dreaming ??? Is this heaven wha…..😇
That smile of Leo you dork😍
Is that renet ??? I love her hair so much !!!😍
But what about shini???😔
Mikey just gathered all the hot girls around him self!!He has the best taste in girls among all the turts !!!😏
Raph actually plays so good with drums !! Nice !!
Holy space apples!!!
Awww he is so happy
Demotion x !!!
Yaaaaay Romana!!!😍
Leorai is pure gold !!! 😍Just look at this two dorks😍😍😍 karai said the exact same thing that Leo did before lol 😂Leo looks at karai at put his arms like her  Lol karai founds out that she has a hot for Leo as well😏
Monas blushing 😍😍😍
I can’t stop laughing at them lol 😂
okay we get it you guys are so in peace 😂✋
And…..newtrolizer ruins everything…😐
Raph and Mona again 😍
Lord dreg attacked them ???😐
Nooooo Mikey!!!!! Oh yeah and Sal commander sorry 😅
We are friends….yo (my stomach hurts 😂😂😂)
Newtrolizer again 😑
Karai climb down at the wall like a boss 😎
I never get tired of watching these two togather 😍😍😍
Leeeeeo!!!🤓 She loves him is confirmed 😋
April being badass 😎
Relax have a drink!!! Love that line!!!
Yeah Mona please stay on earth 🙏
Good timing bishop !!!
Poor karai she doesn’t know a thing about this places lol 😂
I thought that april gonna be jealous that Donnie and utrom Irma working together…😆
Somebody stops this guy he is everywhere😲
Waterbender april !!! Mae Whitman loves voicing character’s that have cool powers!!   
Nooo Mikey my baby😢
Everything is missed up and Lord dreg attackes great timing!!!!😐✋
Karai screams for Leo love love love love 😍
And Sal commander is gone too…
I never really liked you bishop so if you talk to my woman like that again Iam gonna….(I love Raph so much 😍)
Well said my girl 😘
Leo being badass as always 😍😍😍
Raphs plan lol 😂
Jeez april mona was just supporting of him😕 no need to bring up Mikey 😒in fact mikeys plans are very good sometimes 😊
Mona and karai being badass togather 😍
Yayyyy Mikey is back 😄😄😄
And he has some cool electric powers !!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Donnie tells karai to be careful is my favourite moment❤ (siblings time😍)
April screams for donnie😍😍😍
Chompy you are so cute😍
Again jeez april give mona some break 😑
Love karai lines so much😍
Yayyyyy turtle mech returns to the action ! 🤓
Mikey is just so awesome !😍
Weak is your face rocka rocka looooool😂😂😂😂
Karai and april (friendly moments 😍)
Mikey is sacrificing himself my poor baby😢
Leo and karaiiiiiii😍😍😍😍
April and Donnie!!!😍😍😍😍
Seriously my shipper heart can’t take it anymore😍
Mikey is back !!!you were awesome in this episode  😍
Awwww don’t get his powers man !😐
Leo and karai love parties lol😂
Yeeeees mona is staying on earth with the mighty mutanimals!!! So that means she gonna stay with karai and shini too !!!!😲😲😲😲😲
Lol Mikey takes Leo hands to cover his eyes😂 april fangirling😍 and Donnie is like 😕 and karai is like Iam done with you sh*t guys 😂
Thanks for reading all of this !😅
I apologize for my bad English 😆
I hope you enjoyed it ❤

Part Two of my Fic, “Good Tip” !

Read it on fanfiction.net

Here’s Part One


His headache ruthlessly attacked him, as if the nausea he had experienced all morning wasn’t punishment enough. Laying back on his younger brother’s couch, his mind went through all the reasons why last night was a bad idea.

“I will never drink again.”

He groaned, his head falling back against the arm of the couch. Raphael snickered at the sight of his only older brother partaking in such an over dramatic response to his hangover.

“Damn Leo. You were a mess last night. Were you really drinking that much? Or are you just a-”

“I swear to god Raphael, one more remark on how I can’t handle my drinks and I will-”

Before he could finish his threat, April walked in with a tray of scrambled eggs and ice cold water, while a look of disapproval shone on her face.

“Guys would you knock it off.” she sighed while she softly placed the tray across Leo’s lap. “you sound like children.”

The brothers both tried hard to keep serious faces, though laughter threatened to come out of both of them simultaneously. April always went in to mother mode when she was around the Hamato brothers.

“Leo started it.” Raph mumbled under his breath. He had thought he had gotten away with it, but red hair quickly whipped around as she gave Raphael a death glare. He smiled at his girlfriend before realizing she wasn’t laughing.

“I mean sorry babe, won’t happen again?” he gave her a wimpish grin and she shook her head and they watched as the corners of her lips finally curved upwards. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Yeah it better not. Getting real sick of you two bickering all the time.”

“Don’t worry April, I’ll keep him in line.” Leo joked.

April turned to walk away and Raph quickly slapped her butt as she walked by. April jumped and turned around, pointing a finger at him as he giggled. She pressed a kiss to his lip before biting her lip, and departing back into the bedroom.

“I want that.” Leo said solemnly.

“Me to slap your ass when you leave? That’s a little weird bro. But if it’ll make you happy-”

“Ugh Raph.” Leo groaned and Raph laughed at himself, yet again. Slumping down onto the couch, his hand swatting at his brother’s sock wearing toes, forcing him to make room.

“But seriously. I just want a happy relationship. Is that too much to ask for? I mean you and April. You got everything. An apartment, great memories, trust, love-”

“Lust.” Raph added on and Leo rolled his eyes in response.


“Alright alright. I get what you’re saying bro. I do. I mean I really am living like a King.”

“Oh good grief.” April added from the other room.

“But it’s not that far out of reach man! You just gotta get yourself out there. And stop thinking about your ex.”

Leo wriggled his nose, as a sad smile appeared on his face.

“Yeah. I know. You’re probably right. Dammit why can’t I just let her go?”

“Well you seemed to last night! I saw that chick that came out with you.”

“That chick? What girl are you-”

KARAI. Leonardo shot up fast. He had completely forgotten about her. His emotions quickly turned from excitement to extreme embarrassment as memories of their conversation creeped back into his mind.

“She only talked to me for tips. ” He sighed, while his hand rubbed his forehead, as he still felt the effects of his quick movements, and his body aching for him to slow down. “Besides I brought up Chloe. It was a disaster. She’ll never want to talk to me again.”

“Hey now. That’s not the attitude you had in the car last night!”

“This is also not the LEO you had in the car last night either. ” He hung his head down, looking at his plate of food that had now gotten cold. “It’s fine. She was way out of my league anyway.”

“Aw come on dude. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re not that far outta her league!”

“Raph’s right.” April entered, her hands behind her head, as her fingers finished wrapping her hair tie around her pony tail. “You’re a great guy Leo. Super handsome and sweet. You just gotta… be more confident.”

She smiled at Leo and he smirked back. April always had a way of making things seem better. A skill that Raphael did not possess.

“Annnnd, maybe don’t open with the ‘not over your ex’ angle. Doesn’t normally work.”

“Heh yeah. I’ll remember that. Thanks April.” he rubbed the back of his neck as he spoke.

She winked and tapped Raph on the shoulder.

“Come on babe we’re gonna be late.”

“Where’re you guys headed?”

Leo asked, realizing as he looked towards the pair, that he was still in his clothes from the night before.

“Gym.” April replied, as she stood impatiently by the door.

“Yeah I’m gonna go lift weights like a normal person. While April does… yoga.” the word yoga had a very overly emphasized disgust sound as it left his mouth.

“Maybe you should try it sometime. It’s not easy!”

“Yeahhh. Whatever you say babe.”

He leaned in for a kiss but she playfully pushed his face away.

“You’re such a little asshole.” Raphael laughed and April walked out the door.

“Stay as long as you need, okay?”

Leo waved up his hand, but looking straight forward rather than at April.

“Yeah. Thanks April.”

She smiled and left. Once Leo heard the door close shut, he let out a huge sigh, his legs stretching out as far as they could, while his arms did the same in the opposite direction. He was disgusted by himself. Is this really what it’s come to? Taking refuge in his little brother’s apartment? He rubbed his eyes intensely, and groaned as loud as he could.

I want what they have.

Karai’s eyes flashed in his mind once more. From what he could remember, she was so kind and fun and interesting and beautiful. He wanted to see her again. Wanted to talk to her.

Maybe Raph and April are right. I should go see her.

Satisfied with his decision, he stood up. Catching his reflection in the mirror, a look of disgust came over him.

“Maybe I should shower first.”

Leorai Week (2017): Day 4

Leorai Week 2017: Day 4 – First Date

‘Alright, Leo… you can do this.’ Leo thought to himself for the probably the twentieth time. He continues building his confidence as he traverses across the rooftops of New York City, making his way to his destination.

It has been five months since the death of The Shredder and life for the Hamato brothers has been swell. No rival ninja clans looking for revenge, no alien invasion or plot to destroy the world. Just slow days and uneventful nights, save for a couple of scuffles with the Purple Dragons. It’s has been relatively normal… normal at least for four mutant turtles. Though while some, like Raphael and Casey, sees this as boring and irritating, for Leo, it’s the perfect opportunity.

Many times has he tried to make this work, but there always seem to be something going down that messes up his plan and other times… well, let’s just say he changes the subject… a lot.

For you see, Leo has been trying to ask out the girl of his dreams. From the first time he had met her, Leo never found anyone captivating. Her short, sleek black hair, mixed with the blond dye, a body figure that is both firm and shapely. But what really makes his heart flutter, are those eyes. So dazzling to look at, it’s like a small gateway into that girl who is always looking for mischief. Who is feisty and strong in battle, not afraid of a challenge.

That’s the one problem his brain keeps stopping him from going with it. Karai is one mischievous soul and a favorite game of her’s is tugging on the heartstrings of one Hamato Leonardo and honestly, he’s scared. Afraid that she might not feel the same. Afraid that she would say yes, only to then toy with him like she usually does.

But he needs the answer. Yes or No.

Leo makes his way to the old church, the base for the Neo Foot Clan. Out front him meets the four guard members waiting in the shadows. If this was the old Foot Clan, Leo would have his twin katana swords ready for action. But these days, the Foot are in fact allies with them, though they only listen to Karai and her rules. Though he has been stated as an unofficial leader, as well as a teacher to the more younger members.

The guards nod their heads, granting Leo permission to enter. Now if he remembers correctly Karai should be in the church dojo.

Leo sees Karai in the middle of the small dojo practicing a kata with her tanto. He could not help but watch as she executes effortlessly her moves. The way her body covorts, it’s like watching a ballerina. A ballerina that knows how to kick your ass in a 101 ways.

Good, she’s alone. Okay, Leo just as you practiced, just as you practiced.

“Hey, Leo. You checking me out?” Karai smirked. Oh great, she’s already in a teasing mood. This maybe difficult.

“Actually, I wanted to know if you’re hungry. And I was wondering if you maybe want to come with me to Mr. Murakami’s…” No, wait! That came out wrong!

Karai drops her smirk, to stunned silence. Is Leo… asking her out on a date?!

Usually, she would have some quip, which keeps Leo in a blushing mess. But… her mind is blank. Leo is somebody who always tries to have things in order. And that is why it’s always funny how easy it is to throw him off, leaving him in a fluster.

Rarely at times, does Leo throw Karai off. But this? This is probably the biggest shocker and she’s got nothing to say.

‘You idiot, that is not what you practiced. Now look at her, she’s frozen stiff.’ Leo groaned in his mind, now he has really stuffed this up, big time.

“Sure,” Karai said. Not being sure what else she could say.

Wait, what? Leo looks in surprise at Karai.

“Well, I am hungry. I haven’t been to Mr. Murakami since our celebration of the defeat of the Shredder.” Karai explained.

“That’s great,” Leo said. Happy to know that she will be coming.

“Alright cool.” Karai simply said.

An awkward silence fills the dojo. As the two teenagers could not think of anything else to say. They are in completely uncharted territory, both of them.

“I’ll… I’ll get cleaned up.” Karai said, breaking the silence and starts walking out of the dojo.

“Sure. I’ll wait for you.” Leo simply replied, watching Karai as she makes her way to her room.

‘She said yes. She said yes!’ Leo would have jumped for joy. But settled for a grin. ‘Okay, calm down. You may have gotten her to accept. But it’s now up to you to make sure that everything else goes right.’

Karai has made it to her room and heads for the ensuite. Closing the door, she begins removing her armor to shower. She was amazed at first, given how she thought that it acts as the actual skin for her snake mutated side. But it acts the same as when she’s human.

Turning on the tap and feeling the warm water running across her body, gives her a moment to reflect about what just happened five minutes ago.

There is no way of saying it. Leo asked her for a date.

‘This is your chance.’ A small voice whisper’s in Karai’s mind. ‘Tell Leo how you really feel.’

Yes, that’s true. But this could also end in utter disaster.

Karai knows that she’s not easy to get along with. Being raised by Oroku Saki who is ‘such’ a ‘caring’ fatherly figure, she mostly had to keep her feelings aside, shown only to care for the ‘good’ of the Foot Clan.

She cannot even show affection that well, not in the way that April does so freely with her friends, especially around Donatello now that they are a couple.

It’s amazing that Leo found her attractive. She knows she’s got the body. Many times she has seen boys looking her way when she was in public school, back in Japan. But it was her cold, stone cold attitude and her upbringings from an imposing man like Oroku Saki that scared them away.

But then came Leonardo. Poor naïve, innocent turtle-boy. He may have the abilities of a skilled fighter. But because of his appearance, he had so little contact with human’s when she came into his world. At first, he thought that she was just a member of the Foot not realising her true ties with her leader, the Shredder.

Karai shattered Leo’s thoughts of that he knew when she told him that she was, in fact, the Shredder’s ‘daughter’. Which lead to a breakdown of trust, and Karai on a mission to cause Leo pain, whenever they meet.

Then the real bombshell hit. In which Splinter, the one Karai believed killed her mother, Tang Shen; was, in fact, her father and that Shredder has been lying to her all this time. Which hurts even more given that it was him that killed Tang Shen.

Karai defected from the Foot and returned to her true Father. However, the call for revenge for everything the Shredder has done was too much for her to ignore, which unfortunately lead to her capture and is mutated by mutagen into what she is now a human/snake hybrid.

The tragedy of her transformation lead Karai into hiding, and the compelled turtles on an endless hunt to bring her back. Then she was brain-washed by the Shredder, who was becoming more delusional in his belief that Tang Shen loved him and that Karai is still his daughter.

After all that has happened, after all that she has done to him and his family. Leo continues to hold that same affection for her, which has grown immensely to this day and he has decided to take the next step forward, by asking her out on a date.

‘So then go for it.’ The voice came back. ‘Show him what he means to you.’

After finishing up and drying herself off, Karai is left wondering what to wear. She could wear her armor as she usually does, but this is a special occasion, so maybe she should wear something more ‘date worthy’.

It’s been ten minutes since Karai left to get ready, and Leo has been patiently waiting for his date. Wait can he say that? It sounds so… weird. They are clearly not the type of people who would do these sorts of things, they would rather work on their kata’s, rather than go out for dinner. Not that he can, anyway.

“Okay Leo, I’m ready to go,” Karai said, as she comes to the dojo’s door.

“Great then let’s…” Just as Leo turned to look at Karai, his entire mind goes into immediate shutdown.

There stands Karai, in a jet black knee-length dress, with a pretty frill that skirts the hem. She is still wearing her combat shoes, as well as the purple strap which holds her tanto, its good to be cautious, but he will be honest, she looks pretty badass in this getup.

“It’s nothing that special.” Karai said. It maybe one of her more fashionable outfits, but it’s not something that she would wear when leading a secret ninja clan.

“Yeah… But I haven’t really seen you in anything else.” Leo pointed out. That is true, seeing he’s only seen her when she’s in her armor.

“So, what do you think?” Karai asked, giving a small twirling, allowing Leo to have a good look.

“You look, so beautiful Karai,” Leo muttered, before slapping his hand over his mouth in shock at what he said.

Well, Karai’s heart just skipped a beat.

“Um… good. That was what the answer I was after.” Karai thanked. ‘Get a grip girl.’ She berated herself.

“So, to Mr. Murakami?” Leo asked, hoping to get out of this awkward situation. How is it they can be an effective ninja and kunoichi and yet become stiff as frozen statutes when it comes to their feelings for one another.

The two decided to take one of the secondary exits. No need to have the clan members asking questions as to why the two leaders are going out.

Mr. Murakami owns the small 24/7 Japanese noodle shop on the edge of Chinatown. He’s been cooking for many years, always brings his A-game to the food he makes, much to the amazement of his customers, as he does not allow his disability of being blind get in his way.

Unfortunately, the area was controlled by a ruthless gang, known as the Purple Dragons. Many times they would come to his shop demanding ‘protection money’, to which he always refused. That always agitated them to mess up his shop. Thankfully, they do not go overboard with the violence.

And that is when he met four incredible ‘people’.

During another scheduled ‘visit’ from the Purple Dragons. Four teenage boys burst in, fought and chase off the fiendish crooks. They introduce themselves as friend’s of April, the young girl who’s father was kidnapped.

But something was off about them, they smelled different, almost something inhuman. But they saved his life, who is he to judge them. He allowed them to choose any dish they desire. It was sort of surprising to hear them chose pizza. But, he considered it as a challenge. A challenge that led to one of his greatest dishes, Pizza Gyoza.

He soon realized that the boys were in fact turtles. Mutated turtles when they explained their origins to him. Seeing how kind hearted all four of them were and that they saved his life again from the Purple Dragons, who had gotten help from a group of ninjas. He knows he does not have any worries and that they are some of his best customers. His restaurant also acts as a sanctuary during patrols.

Speaking of his favorite customers, Leonardo had called him during the day about what he had planned. A date with the other girl, Karai. He remembers her well, though they were not quite nice visits, from the time she went after April and when she joined that tiger-man who trashed his place.

But during their celebration of the defeat of their greatest enemy, he learned that most of her life was built on lies. She even apologized for those incidents that she had caused in his shop, which he forgave her for.

It’s so nice to know that the turtles had made new friends and are now exploring the possibilities of having a relationship. It’s been a while since his restaurant had been used as a dating spot. Perpahs he could make something special for them.

*Ding-Ding* The sound of the bell rings in his ear. The sound of two distinct footsteps enter.

Ah, speaking of who.

“Mr. Murakami,” Leo said as he entered the noodle shop

“Ah, Leonardo. Please take a seat.” Mr. Murakami addressed, he hears two chairs nearest to the center of the counter.

“Mr. Murakami-san,” Karai greeted as well.

“Karai, welcome.” Mr. Murakami welcomed her with a friendly smile. “Now that you are here. Do you know what you would like?” Mr. Murakami asked, getting ready to cook.

“We’d like some pizza gyozas for starters,” Leo said. “And then, we’ll have yakiniku for mains.”

“An excellent choice, I’ll get right onto it.” With that said, Mr. Murakami begins cooking. A swivel of a frying pan, a pinch of spice into the boiling pot of ingredients, as he continues his masterful work of creating his most delicious meals.

“So Karai, how are things going with the Foot?” Leo asked, thinking it would be productive that the two talk while Mr. Murakami cooked.

“It’s been alright. Most of the clan are behind me with the goal to turn a new leaf for the Foot. Though I am slightly worried about some of them.”

“Do you think some might defect back to the old Foot?” Leo asked, knowing that some might not entirely agree with what Karai is trying to accomplish. Karai nods her head in agreement. “It is possible.”

“Let’s not have business get in the way of date, okay Leo.” Karai said, really not wanting them to be distracted.

“Sure,” Leo replied, still slightly uncomfortable that he is on a date. What is there to talk about, they are pretty much close friends anyway. Come on Leo, think.

All of a sudden, a familiar tune starts playing from Karai’s pocket. Karai grumbled and takes out her phone from the pocket.

“What is it Shini?” Karai asked, not amused that her evening has been interrupted.

“Oh, nothing much. Other than the question, where are you?” Shinigami asked, concerned being she had not given any notice.

“I’m just having a bite to bite at Mr. Murakami’s noodle shop,” Karai informs Shini of her whereabouts.

“Weird, usually you wouldn’t go unless it’s something like meeting up with the guys,” Shini said, curious as to why Karai is down at Mr. Murakami’s. “Speaking of which, Leonardo came over just recently. Did you know why he came?”

Karai briefly looks over at Leo, who is simply watching her, but seems to be distracted by something else.

“Yeah, I saw him. He wants to know how things have been fairing between us.” Karai said, bringing up what they were just discussing.

“Aw, Leo being worried about you? How heroic of him.” Shini’s mockery cooed, they both know that Leo deeply cares about her. It’s one of his attributes that Karai adores.

“Heh, he does have those moments of playing the hero,” Karai admits. Leo blushes at her praise.

“Good to know. Do you want some company? I’d love to have some of those Pizza Gyozas again.” Shini replied, remembering the little dumplings of pure goodness.

“Nah its good to have some alone time, but if you look out for the Clan while I’m here. I’ll make sure to have a box for you, that okay to you Shini?” Karai bargained, hoping that Shini will take the deal and not come unexpectedly on their date.

“Thanks, Karai. Okay, enjoy yourself.” Shini says her farewells before hanging up.

Karai puts her phone back into her pocket and turns her attention back to Leo, but Leo still has that look on his face, almost as though he trying to remember something.

“What?” Karai asked. Wondering what has Leo’s focus.

“Was that the theme to Go Go Rangers, as your ringtone?” Leo asked flabbergasted.

Karai cursed under her breath, he heard that. No use denying the truth.

“Yes.” Karai drew out. Oh great, blackmail material.

“That’s so awesome!” Leo shouted, a gleeful smile appearing on his face. Karai looked at Leo, baffled. The show is nothing that sacred. Sure it’s got lots of good moments, like in its early seasons. but it’s been dragged down thanks to how cliché the last couple of seasons have been.

“It was one of the first shows we ever watched once we were able to get the tv working. The kung-fu fighting actions, which becomes giant robots against giant monsters. It was so cool! I am mean it’s no Space Heroes…” Leo’s inner fanboy was now awoken, to which Karai can only rest her arm and watch as the leader of a team of ninja turns into someone that’s almost completely different… wait did he say, Space Heroes?

“Space Heroes?! Is that where you’re getting those cringeworthy catchphrases from.” Karai shakes her head in pity. How can a show like Space Heroes drag somebody like Leo in?

“Hey!” Leo shouted defensively.

“What? Leo is it. The cheap animation, character’s with no development and stories which lead to nowhere. Oh, and don’t get me started on ‘Captain Ryan.” Karai pitches the end of her nose upwards. Out of any character in the world of fiction, Captain Ryan is one of the worst leaders ever. Even when she was a child, she knew that he was a terrible character.

“Leo… don’t tell me you’re a Captain Ryan fan.” Karai looks at Leo with a narrowing glare.

The look on Leo’s face tells her everything.

“Leo! He’s the worst of the lot. His so called ‘heroic action’ ranges from stupid to downright absurd. Honestly, I don’t get it how the creators would think that a leader would send his own crew on a hostile battlefield, only for them to simply die, to which the so-called captain regards them as the foolish ones and think, ‘yeah that’s what a leader would do.’” Karai just could not believe it how Leo can see Space Heroes as a good show.

“Well… I guess Space Heroes Generation isn’t exactly as great. And I can see some of Captain Ryan’s actions as questionable.” Leo said Karai does bring so many good points… But she can ignore some of them… right?

“Good at least you see that. After we have a dinner I’m going to show you some good shows.” Karai said. Now, what will be a good one to start off with. Mobile Suits Freedom Gun Fighter, The Creed of the New Beginning.

“I didn’t take you much as a cartoon buff.” Leo commented, still a bit heartbroken about Karai’s opinion about his favorite show. So much for wanting to do a Space Heroes marathon with her.

“Well, when Shredder wasn’t training me to become his perfect little assassin. I used the lore from those old cartoons as entertainment, I was still a kid, remember. It also gets tiring throwing the same guy over my head as fun.” Karai explained.

“That and I didn’t have a gullible yet adorable ninja turtle as a means to escape my boredom, then as an ally, then to an enemy. Before he finally became one of my best friends, who is now hoping to woo himself to become someone more to me.” Karai said with her jabs. Which makes the said gullible yet adorable ninja turtle to avert his eyes away.

“Karai… we’re not alone” Leo looks away, a blush appearing on his face. He just could not believe she would go and say all of that… Oh, wait! Yes, he can, she would exactly do something like that.

“Come on Leo. Do you honestly believe he’ll rat out our date together.” Karai said, enjoying the blushing mess that is Hamato Leonardo. “Hey, Mr. Murakami! Did you get anything of what I said.” Karai called out to the elderly chief.

“Hmm. What was what?” Mr. Murakami called back. It’s clear that he heard what Karai said, but, it’s also clear that he would not tell anyone of what is going on.

Turning back to Leo, who had managed to calm his embarrassment. Karai’s nerves start to build and her heart starts to quicken it’s pace.

‘Okay, Karai now’s your chance.’ The same voice from before called out in her head.

“And do you what to know the truth about that ninja turtle?” Karai’s tone changes to a serious one.

“What’s that?” Leo asked. Is she… telling her true feelings!

Unknown to the both of them, they are slowly coming closer to each other. Until their, lips are but an inch away from the other.

“He’d already caught my heart,” Karai whispered she feel her heart racing, beating faster than any time before now. This is it. No fooling around, she has done that a lot to him and also to herself. But this time, she means it.

“Karai… I love you.” Leo whispered. His heart has been beating like crazy since Karai called him adorable and his mind cannot simply come up with any response. All he is going on is his feelings.

“I love you too… Leo.” She said it, she cannot believe she actually said it.

And with both saying those three forbidden words, they fell into a kiss. Holding onto each other in order for the kiss to deepen. Their hearts, which were beating as though they were wanting to break free. Are now, slow and beating to the other.

“Pizza Gyozas!”

The sudden appearance of Mr. Murakami with a bowl of those delicious dumplings caused both Leo and Karai to jump out of their blissful moment to tumble onto the ground. Mr. Murakami’s cheeky grin said it all.

Leo and Karai dust themselves off as they get up from the floor. But seeing as there is no reason to berate the elderly chief, they return back to their seats. Mr. Murakami places the bowl in the center of the counter and hands with both a pair of chopsticks for them to use.

“Um… thank you, Mr. Murakami-san,” Leo said sporting a profuse, red blush to his face. Completely embarrassed at being spooked. Karai too is a bit red-faced. Nevertheless, Leo and Karai grab their chopsticks.

“Itadakimasu” Leo and Karai thanked. Leo was about to pick up his first gyoza, however, he stops when Karai grabbed the first. But instead of eating it, she brings the dumpling closer to him.

“Open wide.” Oh! She wants to do that.

Blushing, Leo opens his mouth. Allowing Karai to place the pizza gyoza into his mouth. He chews the dumpling up, the flavoursome ingredients melting in his mouth. Simply delicious.

Leo then grabs a pizza gyoza and offers it to Karai. Karai seizes the dumpling by wrapping her tongue around it before Leo can bring the chopsticks any closer. A sly look on her face clearly piques Leo’s imagination aginst him. To which nearly makes him dropped his chopsticks thanks to Karai’s actions.

Karai could not help but laugh at Leo’s perplexed look. Karai grabs another and prepares to do the same as before.

Mr. Murakami listened from the kitchen smiling as Leo and Karai continued to eat, talk and laugh. It’s good to see that these two leaders are able to find connection and love between each other.


Day 4… YES!!

Out of all of the days, this was easily the hardest, being stuck on just trying to find the right words was driving me crazy! But I did it! And I am really proud of it. I hope you guys are enjoying Leorai Week as much as I am. (Then again every day is a Leorai day, the challenge is to find them.)

I feel like that Karai would be a fan of the more mature action anime shows. But still, likes those shows she had seen as a child.

I’m sure many of us remembered shows we liked as a kid. But now when we look back on some, we would probably ask ourselves… ‘how did we like these show again.’ Trust me I have seen many tv shows and movies that I liked from five years ago and now just think, how did I become a fan of this?

(P.S. Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking why is someone like Leonardo a fan of a ‘leader’ like Captain Ryan, it makes me groan with displeasure when it comes up. Also, Space Heroes Generation is just bad. Not a fan Nick, not a fan)

So, anyway, please put a comment down below, favorite and follow! Thank you, your support is much appreciated!

I must aplogise for the late entery, for I have someone beta reading my stories. So expect them later than usually.

Tomorrow, Day 5: Fire & Water


I’ve been entertaining myself for hours okay hear me out

Older. Splinter. Like 40+ years

He’s already full of sass imagine him as like 80+ years old people don’t give a fuck at that age THE TROLLING AND SASS WOULD BE FANTASTIC

Like ok his hearing isn’t what it used to be but its not THAT bad and Leo is of course being a hovering mother hen and is like “no dad you can’t have another cheese sickle” and Splinter pretends not to hear him like “What? I could not hear you” *opens freezer* “Sensei I’m serious” “You are going to have to speak up my son” *takes huge bite* and Leo just deadpans and you can practically hear him thinking ‘I KNOW you can hear me’

“My eyes may not be what they once were but I can still see that you’re cutting corners on your form! Do it again!”

Or! Imagine that he sometimes takes walks and wanders out of the lair to do whatever and so Leo and Don try to give him a curfew or whatever and he just breaks it and it exasperates them… but Sensei goes “I lived with that for 20 years how do you like it now?” “I may not be as young as I once was but I’m as much of a ninja as I ever was!” *backflips out of the lair* and the looks on his children’s faces range from bemused to ‘oh god please don’t break a hip dad we can’t take you to a hospital if you do’

And they try to make sure he stays healthy so Leo & Don try giving him low-fat cheesesickles and Splinter’s all “what is this crap?” And Mikey goes “Oh my god guys are you TRYING to poison him?!” and makes sure his dad gets the goods aka REAL WHOLE CHEESE.

Picture Leo calling April in exasperation because of Splinter’s antics and she’s all nodding and being serious on the phone but she actually thinks its damn funny and so she puts the phone down during a long rant, walks to a different room and just starts laughing. Because to be honest while she wants Sensei to be safe she totally encourages him being a troll… she’s on both sides of the line as it were… and Leo yells “I can hear you laughing! April com”on!” “I’m sorry Leo but you just sound like a mother hen” “I do not!!”

Or picture him sitting in a chair by himself and the lair is quiet… his sons are out and April and Casey are doing human things on the surface and he’s sitting in a chair just him and his book of renaissance art and he’s got this big magnifying glass so he can see it better … Cute right? But then Raph comes home and finds that he’s fallen asleep in his chair over this book and so Raph puts a blanket over him and turns off the light.

I cant handle this.

Don muttering something and the phrase “cat scan” is said but Splinter only hears the first part and royally freaks out and Raph yells at his brother “Are you TRYING to give him a heart attack?!?” “He was in the other room and his hearings not what it used to be EXCUSE ME FOR ACCIDENTALLY SETTING HIM OFF!”

Picture him happy. Picture him surrounded by his sons and daughters with his art book and cheesesickles and he has that fantastic smile and this look of peace about him (Casey’s taking the picture) and he’s just happy okay? MASTER SPLINTER IS HAPPY.

Bonus: Picture 80+ year old Oroku Saki and he and Splinter go at it with their sword canes and lethal walkers

Shredder’s dentures falling out and he’s like “CURTHS YOU HAMATHOO YOSTTHHII!!” And Splinter goes “WHAT?”

Picture these two in rocking chairs on opposite sides of the same porch being angry old men

“Its your fault Hamato Yoshi! The sun is too hot!”

“Its your fault my feet hurt!”

“Its your fault this chair squeaks!”

And Karai kicks open the door and hands them both drinks laced with sleeping meds because she’s just about DONE with their bickering and they both go “Thank you daughter” before being conked out.


“What were we arguing about?”
“I don’t remember but its probably your fault.”

Ancient Rat King tries possessing him again and Splinter is just done and tells him to take a long walk off the short side of a cliff… “You are still determined to use me against my sons?” “Its true, you are old and feeble now…” and Splinter gets an “Excuse you what did you just say” look and just spins kicks R.K across the NY state line.

The potential for funny old man is so strong… he’s going to be really funny one day I can tell. There is great potential in this one.

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking about Mona and how she gets along with everyone else on team turtle and I. Get emotional. Imagine her& Mikey bonding. She'd have no fucking clue what he was saying half the time. But she'd be filled with the need to protect him.

she WOULD she would know and accept that he was as skilled a warrior as his brothers but she would sit there listening to him chatter and poke fun at raph and be generally little-brother-and-annoying @ everyone, and wouldn’t even notice she’d basically adopted him until she was ruthlessly cutting down a triceraton or something coming up from behind him during a fight

then later, with raph, 

“i don’t understand what’s come over me. somehow, michelangelo reminds me of the salamanderlings back on my planet– in that i would destroy anything or anyone who meant him harm, even knowing he’s no helpless hatchling.”

“he literally just has that effect on people. you shoulda seen casey when it happened to him– long story short, they were messin’ around and mikey sprained his ankle, and we all thought case was gonna cry. look, what i’m sayin’ is, it’s kinda like initiation. welcome to the family.”

Here’s my day 3 entry for Leorai Week.  Slowly getting caught up.  Hope at least a couple folk like my entries!

Day 3 Sparring

“UMPH!” The air rushed out of Leonardo’s lungs as he slammed into the wall of the dojo.  He looked up as Karai was slowly bringing her leg back from the hard kick she’d landed against his plastron.  

“I thought we were just sparring…” He muttered

“Oh we are… although I may have heard an interesting story from Mikey today.” Karai remarked.

Leo froze in place, his eyes widened and his lips puckered. What could he have told her? He didn’t do anything recently, nothing that would make Karai want to put him through a wall at least.

“What story would that be…?” He asked his tone riddled with a nervous flutter.

“Well I didn’t get all the details but something about you… and a girl, an alien one at that. Ringing any bells?” As she spoke she closed the distance between them and threw a swift punch at the turtle’s head as she asked her question.  Leo deflected the punch and rolled away from his opponent trying to create some distance as he searched for the words that would allay her rage.

“Ohhh that… well um… gyah!” Leo was so distracted he didn’t even see Karai drop and sweep his legs out from under him.  Karai loomed over him, hands on her hips and her expression one of anger that terrified the young ninja.

“Well… what do you have to say for yourself?” She questioned.

“Umm well technically we weren’t dating yet.”  He said with a coy expression.  An expression which quickly changed to one of regret as he realized his choice of words was not the right ones.  He barely had time to roll to the side and dodge the ax kick Karai brought down where his head had been situated a moment earlier.  Rising up to his feet Leo threw a jab at Karai who blocked it effortlessly. She gripped his fist in her hand and brought it down towards her waist.

“That better not be your best answer.” She said, her eyes widening signaling she expected a more substantial explanation.

“Ummmm well… you had been sucked into a black hole, and if I remember correctly she flirted with me first…” Leo said offering an uneasy and crooked smile.  Karai’s brow furrowed and her lips curled up to one side of her mouth as she considered this.  Then without warning she grabbed his wrist, spinning him and tossing him back against the wall.  Before he could recover she was standing in front of him, one hand placed upon his plastron.

“I suppose under the circumstances I can overlook that little misstep of yours.  So long as you remember you’re my little turtle, understood?” Her words were becoming playful, silky, and Leo could do nothing but nod in response.


“Um what?”

“Stop standing there like an idiot and put your hands on my butt.” She commanded

“Oh, um… right. There.” He said shakily as his hands enveloped her ass and gently squeezed it.

“Good turtle, now kiss me”

CHEATING FICS (Leo, Raph, Donnie, Mikey x reader)

LEONARDO x reader

Blue light

“I thought you had honor!” I yelled from the top of my lungs. 

I had never thought something like this to happen. At least not with Leo. I thought he had a sense of moral and all, but I guess he didn’t. He was just a teenager and he was only learning. Maybe he just was too nice. He was too kind to everybody. Sometimes shy even.

“I- I didn’t do that on purpose!” He stuttered, maybe he was only defending himself because I mentioned honor. 

“It’s the honor thing, right?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

“What? (Y/n)-?” He didn’t even know what to say, thinking I was playing around, making him mess up with his thoughts, giving myself a chance to escape. “No! It has nothing to do with that!”

“Oh it doesn’t?” I said sharply. “So you think an honored man would do something like that?” I twisted his words. Good one, (Y/n)… Way to solve the problem. 

“I didn’t mean that, I just… You’re doing this on purpose!” He snapped at me, not angry though, he was just frustrated. 

“Maybe…” I admitted, shrugging, almost smiling at myself.

“She was the one who kissed me! I didn’t do it!” This made me groan. 

“Well you weren’t kicking her off of you either!” My voice getting heavy with disgust. That fucking asshole!

“I don’t hit girls!” Leo explained, only gaining a more deadlier glare from me.

“Yeah like you couldn’t get her off with other moves.”

“I froze! I didn’t know what was happening!” Leo really? That’s all you’re gonna say?

“It’s because you still like her, right?” I swallowed between ‘you’ and ‘still’.

“(Y/n) I love you!” Leo pleaded, trying to get closer to me, but I stepped away, slapping his hand away.

We were on the surface, at a dark alley. I had stormed away when I saw Karai and Leo kiss. He had kissed back. There was no denying that. For fucks sake Leo, why couldn’t he just say he still liked her?

“You still like her! You wanted to kiss her!”

“She kissed me!”

“WHAT EVER!” I raised my voice more.

Leo thought something for a second. He was silent, trying to look around and find a solution to his problem.

“She’s my sister." 

My mouth wide open. That’s his excuse?! 

"I mean!” He yelled fast, trying to explain the decision of his words. “It’s not like I could ever be with her." 

Not getting in better direction.

"I… I can’t do this Leo…” I muttered, disappointed at him. He didn’t, I mean, he couldn’t make things better.

Leo panicked, his eyes getting wide and his body stiffening. 

“I really have to go now.” I said before turning around. 

When I started to walk away, Leo yelled my name, rushed towards me and took a hold of my arm. I felt a lightning go through me. I didn’t want him near me.

“Don’t go!” Leo begged. His blue eyes searching for some compassion, but I didn’t let him that. I shook my head.

“No. I’m leaving.” I said, pulling my hand, trying to get off of him. He only pulled me closer to him.

“I really want you (Y/n)!” Leo begged. “Just, let’s get back to the lair and I can tell Karai to leave." 

My eyes getting wide again, filled with anger and betray. She was still there?!

"She’s still there?!” I snapped, pulling my hand fast off of his grip. 

“Well, you left so fast, I didn’t know what to say to her.”

“I’m leaving! Now!” I snapped, only to hear him come after me.

“GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP!” I screamed as loud as I could.

“Shh (Y/n)!” Leo tried to calm me down. “Someone might think you’re being attacked on!” I raised a brow at him, grinning a little like a devil. Leo gasped and whispered: “Don’t”

“I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!” I yelled as loud as I could, now hearing people to yell and scream that was I okay and telling that a police was on their way. I didn’t took long till we were able to hear the sirens.

“You better go.” I said threatening. 

Leo’s eyes begging me to not to do this to him, but I didn’t fall for that. I wanted him gone, no matter what I needed to do.

The last thing that happened was that Leo tried to get close to me, take me with him, but when the police car’s lights got closer, he knew he just needed to go with out me. Looking back at me, before getting down the manhole, he looked at me with broken expression on his face, but believe me or not, did I look like it or not, I was more broken than him.

RAPHAEL x reader

I’m not Spike

He had started acting weird along time ago. I didn’t want to push him though, even if it bothered me. Oh how I wanted to help him if he had pain. But there was no way he’d tell me. So I didn’t even ask. 

He never was home and when he was and we spent time with each others, he didn’t make almost any moves towards me. It was starting to get hard to even be with him in the same room. It was oh so hard, but I couldn’t just end it. I really really really liked him, and I, as naive I was, were waiting for him to tell me if he wanted to stop. Maybe I was stupid, maybe I was too nice. Who knew.

But like I already knew, the day when I would finally get to know what was up to him, was now. And the day that it would end, it was now. I always knew it would end in either way, but not because of both.

When I got to the lair, about to see Raphael and spent my precious time with him by just moping and staring at the tv screen, what I found was something that had never crossed my mind.

I arrived to the lair, and was about to go to search for Raphael, who pretty surely was in his room, I crashed into Leo. He was there, in front of his younger brother’s room’s door, just turning around to face me. 

Leo’s eyes widened, and he spread his arms wide open, trying to make it look like he tried to hug me when he noticed what he did. 

“Oh hey, (Y/n)!” He said surprisingly loud.

“Leo..?” I almost growled, but he just locked me into a tight hug, not letting me near Raphael’s room.

“You… You came early!” His voice loud, filled with awkwardness. I tried to break free from his arms, only to gain him grunt and trying to explain his actions: “Why don’t we go to dojo? We never spend time there!” I struggled, but he had already started walking, pushing me in the direction where the dojo was. 

“Leo! Let go!” I snapped, pushing him hard, tearing us apart, then marching on Raphael’s room’s door, pushing it open. 

There he was, on his bed, on top of April.

It took me awhile to even understand that they had noticed us. Leo had walked next to me, putting his arm on my shoulder and starting to lead me away. 

I was so broken I didn’t even understand what happened. Leo had narrowed his eyes at his brother, looking at April with angry and cold eyes.

He had walked me in the dojo, pushing me on sitting position, sitting in front of me, trying to make me understand that he had my back. 

It took awhile until Leo got me out of my trance, he even threatened me that if I wouldn’t snap out of it he would tell Donnie and ask him to explore me if I had fallen into a shock. I of course didn’t want that to happen, not wanting to tell anyone about this, feeling like it was my fault I had been left heart broken. If I had just ended this sooner… 

Leo didn’t agree, like it was even a surprise. He told that this was Raphael’s fault and his fault only.

When he finally got me to get back to my senses, we talked in the dojo for awhile, then Leo offered his help, telling me that I needed to do something concrete and left to get me something to drink.

It didn’t take long for a loud chat reach my ears. It was Leo and… Raphael.

Did she leave?” Raphael asked, coldly and almost sounding like he wouldn’t care if I would’ve die.

No, she’s with me” Leo said mockingly, surely glaring at his brother. “How could you do something like that to her?!

Leo had started yelling. Raphael didn’t care a bit. He obviously was just shrugging his shoulders and not even bothering to think about the whole event more than that.

Well, at least now she knows.” I felt like he had just pushed his strong hand through my chest, gripped my heart and ripped it out.

I got up, went to the living room, Leo and Raphael turning towards me.

“I’m going home, Leo.” I said, not even looking at Raph. 

“(Y/n) you don’t have to-” Leo tried but I cut him off.

“It’s okay. It’s not like I didn’t know that Raphael wouldn’t ever care about anyone. He doesn’t care about humans, or maybe he does care for April, or he’s just playing with her. ” I said coldly, making Raphael mad. He was surely considering either hitting me or yelling at me. “I always knew I didn’t actually matter. I’m not Spike, after all.”

After that nobody said nothing, I only heard Leo gasp and Raphael growl at me. I still knew I hit hard with my words, was he able to hide it or not.

“You’re saying I don’t have a heart? Or that I’m just a mindless monster?!” Raphael finally spoke. I didn’t even look at him again.

“Pretty much like Slash.” I said, now facing his scared and mad mixed expression.

“You know, you’re one little bitch you know that!” Raph snapped, pointing at me, which made me turn around, I looked at Leo, telling him with my eyes that it was my time to leave.

He just ignored Raphael like I did, walking me out of the living room, but before I left the lair, he kissed me on my forehead, whispering: “I’m so sorry about all of this…” His voice low, but loud enough for Raphael to hear. “I hope you won’t start to hate me…”

“No one could ever hate you, Leo.” I smiled sadly at him, kissing him on the cheek before leaving, leaving with an image of Raphael’s broken expression when he saw his ex girlfriend kiss his bigger brother, the one who he envied and hated and loved at all the same time, seeing what he had done.

He just had given his brother something that he had once treasured over everything after what happened to Spike. He had almost handed me to him. And knowing it was all his fault, knowing Leo knew and I knew, he had nothing to do. He couldn’t make this better. He had once again shown us all that Leo was better than him, in anyways.

I’m not Spike after all

That had been a mistake. Letting me slip from his grip. But he knew it was true. He had maybe really cared for me. Not as much as he had cared for Spike. And what happened to him? He left, before trying to rip the family apart, and now he was almost repeating himself. I was going to be the one to break the family now. Making all his brothers hate him for what he did to me.

DONATELLO x reader

Black dahlia (<- (name)song fic for Holywood undead)

Like everyday I visited the lair, where I had grown to consider as another home of mine. I felt so comfortable in there. It wasn’t the only reason I went there though. I had started dating Donnie, the tallest of the turtle brothers. He was such a sweetie. So caring, and a real goofball. I loved him. I hadn’t told him that yet though, but I knew I did. I had just realized that. 

So now that I was getting there, in the lair, I almost took dance steps while I got closer. I was so happy to get down the sewers and not wanting to even think about the surface.

When I got there, my eyes widened. I was now facing something I had never even thought about to be able to happen. 

Donnie was there, his green arms around another figure, April. 

I had never actually liked her. She had been so cold towards Donatello, and made every moment to uncomfortable for us all with her presence. I knew Donnie had had feelings for her, not that he still had feeling for her.

While I watched as Donnie kept April on his grasp, I felt how my breathing got harder. Donnie had his lips on April. They were kissing!

When Donnie pulled away, he smiled down at April, April’s back towards me, not giving me a chance to see her face or her expression.

My head spinning, I tried to keep myself sane, looking around like I was seeing everything the first time, taking steps away, getting closer to shadows and leaving.

“(Y/n)?!” I heard that voice, that sound, that fucking voice! That god damn voice, ringing in my ears differently, making me want to scream and cover the sound under my high pitched voice.

“Oh no!” I heard April gasp. She put her hands over her mouth, facing me.

“Yeah… Oh fucking no…” I chuckled, the tears filling my eyes. I didn’t make any eye contact for the couple. “Oh no that I saw that…”

I hated to say anything. I just wanted to leave, never come back and never see anyone of then again.

“(Y/n) I don’t know what to say…”

Just stop talking… I can’t listen to your voice now…

“We’re so sorry!” April gasped, taking a step forward, thank god I was far enough that it would take her more than just a one step to get close enough, to meet my fist that is.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I snapped, raising my head up, looking at the both of them. My face must have woken something that had died in Donnie back alive, since he looked like he knew exactly how I now felt. Like he felt the same pain inside himself.

“I didn’t mean to…” Donnie tried, his voice shaking but I just looked over him, trying to look cool, which I did.

“No, you did. It’s fine. You two are so like each others.” I smiled. “But you know, I think you have forgotten the fourth wheel.” I laughed evilly, sensing April froze. She looked terrified. Knowing I would finish my sentence.

“(Y/n), please don’t..!” April begged.

“You’re a real bitch, you know that April.” I stared at her with murder in my eyes. “Now that you took Donnie, I may as well take Casey. I’m sure he will appreciate the fact that you had no intention on leaving him, but I’m not sure is he so happy about you kissing others.” Donnie looked at April, not understanding.

“(Y/n) please! This was a mistake! Please don’t tell Casey!” She cried, now getting close, so close she could touch me but I just backed away.

“You… You’re dating with Casey?” Donnie stuttered, obviously not knowing that April never had any intentions to date him. She wanted to be with Casey, but if she stole my boyfriend, I’m not going to make this easy on her either.

“You know what Donnie.” I said, I knew he and April were able to hear the sadness and humiliation from my voice. “You are a mistake!”

I stormed away, leaving April there, crying on her knees, but was surprised by the closer getting foot steps of Donatello. 

“(Y/n) please let me explain!” He tried, taking a hold of my shoulder, only gaining me to pull away and slap him on his cheek, across the face.

“I loved you!” I screamed, not even caring if everybody heard me, the people on the surface and everybody back in the lair.

“You gave me hate, see? You feel that? Can you even feel anything  at all anymore, than you’re own needs, your selflessness?” I tried to push him down as down as I could, yelling and crying at him. He fell on his knees, covering his eyes and started crying.

“Oh you feel bad? You feel sad? I’m sorry, hell, no, fuck that!” my sarcastic remark making him shake even more. I wanted him to feel even worse. “I don’t care about how you feel anymore!” My voice breaking into a crying and yelling mess. “It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife.”

Donnie whined, his voice so quiet even I weren’t able to hear him. All I could be able to catch from the sentences he spit out were some random words from here and there. 

“I’m so sorry”

“I was so stupid”


“I loved… I really did”


“a nightmare”

“Don’t go" 

"I’ve been abused, I feel so used because of you.” I muttered. Donnie sniffed loud. “Seems like all we had is over now” with that, I walked away, only sharing Donnie cry, beg and plead for me not to go.


no more girls

“You’re welcome, hottie!” That’s when it started, every time he saved a girl on their patrol, you begin with them, he flirted with them. Of course you thought it to be innocent compliments, but it kept happening and getting worse. 

The girl giggled, what an idiot, and left, thanking you’re boyfriend once again before leaving. You glared daggers at his way, but he didn’t even bother look at you. He just kept going. 

The last time he saved a girl from the foot clan in a subway tunnel, he kicked the clan member off of the girl, helped her up from the trails she had fallen on, right before the train came. The girl was in shock, hugged Mikey and thanked him over and over again. When you were just about to leave, before the girl left, the girl said something like: “A turtle that heroic must have a girlfriend already.”

You waited what Mikey would say, only to get shocked from his playboyish attitude.

“I’m always free for you, babe." 

When the girl left, you were burning and furious. You walked in front of Mikey, started yelling at him.

"What was that?” You snapped, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Oh you saw that! Did you see how smoothly I saved her!” His voice excited while he smiled.

“Only thing I saw was how you tried smoothly hit on her!” You growled, using his own words. What a blind idiot he had to be!

“Come on, babe! It was nothing!” He raised his arm, wrapping it over your shoulder and smiled happily, impressed that you were jealous. You of course pushed him off, narrowing your eyes once again, starting to walk away.

“Mikey, you just said that you don’t have a girlfriend to that girl! Seriously! What do you think I’m supposed to feel like?” You waved your hands like a windmill, yelling at Mikey who just looked at you with innocent eyes.

“I didn’t say so…” He muttered, sadly.

“I don’t care. I’m with you on the missions and while I watch you flirting with others like that, it makes me feel like that I’m not worth the effort of being your girlfriend!” Mikey’s eyes widen. He looked scared and shocked, not wanting you to say the next words.

“We’re through!” You snapped and then turned and walked away, not giving him a chance to talk this over.

anonymous asked:

why do you like leorai? not hating, just curious; what appeals to you from this pair?

  Omg, that’s a tough question, I’m so used to loving them that I don’t think of it often. To begin with, the way they interact with each other in the show is so special, I like how they start with playing and light flirting and then slowly turn into close friends. Their line is one of my favorites in the series ‘cause it’s shown greatly how they both grow up and learn some important things about friendship and maybe (!) love.

  The reason why I prefer leorai to any other ship in this fandom is their bright and developed storyline. We can see how Leo is the only one to see good in Karai even knowing for sure that she’ll kill him if needed, he is the one to try his best to tell her the truth about Splinter, to help her. Maybe in the beginning it was just a crush of a 15 y.o. boy who saw a rebellious outstanding girl, whom he considered a challenge as well as Karai did. But as the plot went on we saw that Leo cared and worried about her deeply, he wanted her to be safe and sound after everything she’d gone through. I may sound over dramatic, but I guess his crush grew into something bigger. And gosh it did really hurt him to fight her back when she was brainwashed and almost killed his whole family. Now Karai is alright and I’m glad Leo is always ready to help her, to cover her back but more deliberately. Karai has a big influence on him, we saw how she could trick him once (just kidding, we know she did it more than once) using his feelings against him, however, now he has a better control over himself and after all these years our leader in blue can finally put what’s important above what he feels. 

  As for Karai (I can talk for hours about her), I like her character development the most. She was looking for entertainment and found the one who she thought could provide it for some time, that’s why I guess she didn’t consider Leo anything but her toy. It just looked so funny to make some green turtle dork do and say stupid things while trying to act all cool and impress her. But when Karai got involved in this never-ending vendetta he became her enemy stubbornly telling her some unbelievable truths. Her entire world was torn apart by the knives of Saki’s lifelong lies and that’s when she finally saw how much Leonardo cared about her, she understood he’d do anything it’d take in order to protect her and she did start appreciating it. She knew she could trust him, that’s why she recognized him while being almost savage (”Serpent hunt” reference). And Karai still trusts him. And cares as well.

(let’s not forget “you’re stupid but adorable”) 
(let’s not forget this amazingly cute line “not good at saying thank you”)
(let’s not forget smoke-bombs)
(let’s not forget how impossibly sad was that “wanted to say goodbye”)
(let’s not forget “sometimes you don’t have a choice, you think about someone a lot”)
(let’s not forget baby Miwa’s reflection in Leo’s eyes when he had to leave her so Shredder could find and adopt her)
(let’s not forget “I get such mutants as Karai but space lizards…”)
(let’s not forget Karai calling all of the turtles by their full names except for Leo)
(let’s not forget all these “thank you”s she’s not so good at saying)
(let’s not forget their cool team kicking everyone’s butts)
(let’s not forget everything) 

  The latest episodes have shown us how both of them grew up. They treat each other a whole lot differently from their first meeting, they respect each other now. At the same time they still find time to act dorky just like a few years ago. Love that. Unfortunately, I don’t think (but hope with all my heart) that leorai will ever happen but I’m really grateful to this show for making such a plot for two characters so dear to me. Leo and Karai happen to go through hell during this series but they always manage to find a solution. Maybe because they suffer a lot I want them to be happy, I want them to comfort each other sometimes. They make me feel like love is worth fighting for. They make me feel warmth inside. 

  Leorai is my true one true pairing, and I can’t expess this feeling in words. There’re so many reasons I love them and I could probably write a lot more.

  Thanks for your question!

Leorai Week (2017): Day 3

Leorai Week 2017: Day 3 – Sparring Together

“So, ready to lose?” Karai taunted, unsheathing her tanto. That familiar smirk coming across her face.

“You shouldn’t have said that Karai.” Her opponent calls out from the other side. “Now we know who will win.”

The battleground, the old church hall-room. The building was used by the Shredder as a Foot Clan base for his New York criminal branch, with this room as his throne. But now, with his recent death, the church is now used by the Karai’s Neo Foot Clan. A clan which she hopes to build with the same honor and humanity as her father, Hamato Yoshi.

She knew that it was going to be a difficult and long task. But she is thankful to have some incredible friends that have been by her side, helping her in any way possible.

One of those who is helping her and her goal is the one who saved his life.

When Karai first met Hamato Leonardo, they were enemies. She was trained kunoichi of the Foot and ‘daughter’ of the Shredder. While he was the leader of his brothers of mutant turtles, trained in ninjutsu by their sensei, Master Splinter. Many times they have hurt each other, sometimes unintentionally and other times, mostly by her, personally.

But Leo never gave up on her. Always trying to bring her back home. It was because of him she saw the truth on how twisted the man who kept her away from the truth. It was because of him, who saved her life multiple times. And it is because of him, she is happy.

Leo has his twin katana poised and ready to fight.

The two charge forward, locking their weapons against one another. They break away from each other as Karai goes to strike at Leo’s stomach, but Leo blocks and shoves her back. Leo now goes on the offense.

Karai is light-footed and the most nimble of the two, relying on quick effective strikes and stabs. But is not afraid of taking a few hits. While Leo is bulkier and is more of a heavy-hitter compared to Karai.

Leo goes for a swipe to which Karai side-steps to Leo’s left, she when goes in with a forward stab. Leo deflects Karai’s path, directing her so that she’s facing away from Leo. Karai quickly does a full backflip over Leo before he could react.

For nearly half an hour the two continued their spar against each other, though to them it felt more like a dance. Though while Leo is serious with many of the activities he does, such as training, patrol and especially with combat. But when Karai is around, he can make an acceptances to loosen up.

With Karai before, everything was pretty much a game. None was her favorite than seeing the normally stoic Leonardo squirm and act like an uncomfortable teenage boy with a crush. But since she has become a leader, responsibility was something she needed to understand. To which Leo has been helping her immensely with his own experience. Especially these days, since he now must lead without the guidance of Splinter.

Time to finish this dance. Karai swings suddenly at Leo’s ankles, catching Leo off guard. To which he loses his balance and falls onto his back. He looks up to see Karai’s tanto directly in his sight.

“I win,” Karai said, smug in her victory. But that is quickly turned into shock when Leo tripped her off her feet, to which she lands on top of Leo.

“Did you now?” Leo asked, a smug smile on his face. Karai could huff in annoyance and so she instead decided to continue to lie on Leo’s plastron. Enjoying the moment of silent with her mutant boyfriend.

The two are so close, getting lost into each other’s eyes. Their lips slowly coming closer…

“So… are you guys going to kiss?” A voice called out. Who turns out was a Foot soldier.

Karai and Leo break out of their gaze to see most of the Foot member’s surrounding them. During their spar together, the two became too involved with one another to notice that they have grown a crowd. Even Shinigami was among them, and Karai can tell by her mischievous smile. She, like all the others, are expecting an answer.

Karai gets up on her feet, Leo doing the same. She could not believe that she did not notice them. Blame Leo and that adorable, handsome… oh perfect, now she’s letting it show too easy. It was clear to see that she and Leo have some sort of chemistry, given the way how Leo acts around her like someone with a crush and how she would mostly turn to him, rather than his brothers… Maybe, maybe it’s time to go to the next level.

Leo in the meanwhile has become meek and silent since the question. Because though while the two of them, have become a couple. They have not yet shared it, not his brother’s, the Mutanimals. And it’s the Foot Clan who is the most interested in their relationship. Not that Karai would even show a glimpse of who she can be behind those beautiful eyes…

Leo is drawn away from his thoughts as he is suddenly kissed right on the lips by Karai… in front of the Foot Clan?!

But as quickly he panicked, Leo starts to begin enjoying the kiss. So what if they are watching them kissing, it’s about time they show just how much they care for one another to their allies and friends.

The Clan member’s whoops and cheer as their two leaders kiss. While Shini has a gentle smile on her face, secretly glad that her best friend has someone she loves.

Karai briefly stops kissing Leo and turns to look at her soldiers.

“I believe it’s time for a group activity,” Karai spoke out.

“We’ll give you all a five-minute head start,” Karai spoke in a commander tone. A feeling of dread starts to sweep through all members. She may not be as vicious or cold-hearted as Oroku Saki. But she can knock you out cold until tomorrow evening. Where she will then make you train two hours straight, with no breaks.

“Once those five minutes are up, well.” To scare out the tougher ones, Karai shows out her snake fangs for all to fear. “We won’t sure mercy.”

“And time starts…” Before Karai could say ‘now’, the entire area is clear of all Foot soldiers, except for one.

“Come Karai. You really believe your little ‘threat’ would chase me away from you two love-reptiles.” Shinigami said in an unimpressed tone. She knows that it will take a lot more to move her scared.

“Oh, I know Shini,” Karai confessed, to which Shinigami smirked at hearing her friend confess. “So that’s why we have something a lot worst for you.”

Shini looks confused. What could Karai possible have, worst that a training lesson with her mutant side? However, when she looks at Leo. Her heart took a plunged deep into her stomach.

In Leo’s hand is a small USB. A small USB with a black cat keychain. Her USB.

“I wonder what secrets are in this little deceive.” Karai pondered out loud. Her mocking tone are like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard in Shini’s ears. “Leo, any thoughts?”

“Could be anything.” Leo too pondered in that same mocking voice. Not him too? Is he not supposed to be the honorable one of the two? “I’d think Mikey would be very interested. Wouldn’t you agree, Karai?”

If Shinigami’s heart dropped when she saw Leo holding the USB. Then now it’s completely at a standstill once Leonardo said his name.

What on earth did you do to Leonardo, Karai?

“Now Leonardo…” Shini stuttered. She’s not one to allow herself to be defeatist. But those are some of her most private thoughts in that USB. “You’re not one to expose people’s secrets… are you?”

“Usually I’m not for using people’s weaknesses against their will,” Leo confirmed. “But Karai and I are sure we’d locked this room for our sparring lesson.”

Ah, sewer apples.

“And as you know Shini, only the leaders have the keys to unlock the door.” Karai continued, now just adding salt to the wound.

“I know it couldn’t be us… soooo?” Both Karai and Leo simple stared at the guilty witch.

Nothing but silence fill the room. And with the gaze of two against one, it’s clear who the winners are.

“So… four minutes and twenty-five seconds. I guess I’ll be going…” Shinigami coughed uncomfortable, before jogging out the door, and closing and locking the doors without glancing back.

“… So… How long do you want to keep Shinigami on her toes?” Leo asked once he was sure that it’s just the two of them.

“When she learns not to interfere us,” Karai said, but Leo knows Karai and she will probably continue to torment Shini for at least a month… or two.

“Well, we do have four minutes to ourselves,” Karai smirked at Leo. Getting Karai’s hint, a light blush appears on the turtle’s face.

“What is it you want to do?” Leo asked, curious to know what Karai has in mind.

“Depends. Whose turn is it to sit on a throne?” Karai questioned, as she walks over to the throne chair.

The blush on Leo’s face goes into a dark red. She wants to do that again!?

“Mine…” Leo nervously said, but seeing that smirk turn into a full blown grin. He knows that they are going to be here longer than four minutes.


Day 3 completed!

Oh, Leo, you know Karai is a bad influence. But maybe that’s why you love her so much.

So in my headcanon, Leo is an unofficial leader of the Neo Foot Clan along with Karai and helps teach the younger members to become better fighters.

That’s Day 3 done and dusted. Man, I honestly thought I would be struggling to get Day 1 even up. But I guess my determination to please those who love Leorai and my own love of this pairing is what has me rolling.

So again, review, favorite and follow!

Day 4: First Date


leorai week day 6 - au (florist/tattoo artist au)

Ok so you know that otp au idea where one works at a flower shop and the other works at a tattoo parlor? I am hooked on that. I like the idea of swapping the obvious roles too, so here we have human!au for both situations.

I made the first (Karai at tattoo shop) set in my 2012 human!au designs, and the second (Leo tattoo shop) with the idw human!Leo design I dreamed up *^* I think idw Leo would have longish hair so he could practice putting it up in a bushido-style bun. (what a samurai nerd)

TMNT 2012 ~‘Till It Beat for You~

Just another Ramon fic I had stuck in my head for a while XD. I know I write about them a LOT, but I can’t help it! I ship it so hard!!

This is kinda my personal take of the thoughts and feelings Mona Lisa and Raph had before and after they met. The title is inspired by an AMAZING Sherlock fan-song called ‘Never Knew I had a Heart (’Till it Beat for You) by Karliene. I hope you guys like it :3

Now, Raphael was no expert on romance, nor had he ever wished to be.

Looking at what his brothers could be reduced to when the subject of ‘their girl’ came up – the way Donnie’s face heated up at the very mention of April’s name, the wistful gleam in Leo’s eyes every time he saw or thought of Karai, the downright giddiness that Mikey displayed every time he thought of the ditsy time master, Renet – Raph was pretty sure he never wanted to look or feel like that, not in a million years.

However, he could still understand that the way they felt was genuine, and it was never something he would use against them to truly hurt them in any way, despite how much he teased them for it, how much they teased each other for it. But Raphael wasn’t a fool.

He had a heart, of course, a very big one at that (though one should never make the mistake of bringing that up unless they wanted a broken face). But he wasn’t so naïve as to let it beat for someone whom he knew he could never be with.

So Raph quickly decided that his heart had no room for such intense, nonsensical feelings. A simple fleeting crush, he allowed, but nothing more. He saved his heart only for those he held very dear; his family. And he was happy that way. There were no muddled thoughts clouding his mind, nothing holding him back, hindering him from protecting the ones he did love fiercely with his whole being.

Then he’d met her.

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A Dead Man’s Future


This was wrong. This was strange and unnatural and wrong.
One simply does not come back after dying, not like this, not with all their memories intact.
To make matters more complicated, this New York was so very different from the New York in which he’d been killed, as was his body…

                                   … a human body. The body of a young Japanese stranger who couldn’t have been any older than their early twenties.

He hated to admit it but the uncertainty of the entire situation frightened him. As usual the wellbeing of his family remained at the forefront of his mind, and for a while he was beginning to fear fifteen years of his life had been nothing more than a dream.
But if that was true, then who was he? What was his name?… who did he belong to?… Was someone looking for him?

                  Then, at long last, after what felt like days of aimless confused wandering, he found the existence of Karai, and Splinter finally knew the first place to look for answers.

As expected the foot lair was guarded. He could easily assume that claims of being their leader’s long-dead father would grant him either mocking laughter or an assassination attempt, so instead Yoshi claimed to be looking for recruitment as a foot soldier.
… He looked young enough to serve as a valuable asset, and assuming the guards would take two seconds to stop mocking his ragged appearance and actually listen to him, he knew he could easily prove his worth.

2012 Michelangelo

This is the final installment in my why-each-of-the-2012-turtles-is-my-favorite-version-of-each-turtle-so-far series. 

Last but not least, here’s wee Mikey. :3

Oh my. He’s cute. Super cute. I was not prepared for how adorable he’d be in this series. My favorite Mikey used to be 2007, because I thought he was cute, but… I mean look at this face!

One of my favorite things about 2012 Mikey is how innocent and pure he is. This sets him apart from other Mikeys… particularly 2014 (I still can’t believe they made Mikey so lewd in that one).

Seriously though, who wasn’t completely tickled pink by the scene in “Within the Woods,” in which Donnie’s talk went over his head?

I can’t wait to see how he handles a crush on Renet… I bet he’ll be so cute about the whole thing. Be pessimistic all ya want, but this is 2012 Mikey we’re talking about. He probably won’t even realize what’s going on with his feelings or what the butterflies in his stomach are about. This will be ADORBS. 

In the meantime, he still has Icecream Kitty. 

Gotta love a boy who loves cats. 

Plus, he’s just about the sweetest thing ever. He always looks for the best in people.

 He wants to make friends with anyone and everyone… Bradford (before he knew he was evil), Leatherhead, Napoleon… he sees every new person as a chance to make a new friend. 

He also accepts people like family. 

When he heard about Karai being Miwa, the first thing he said was:

He accepted her, just like that. Sure he was weirded out, but that didn’t stop him from loving her the way any little brother would love his big sister. 

The emotion he displayed when she said goodbye to them all proved just how much he wanted his big sister to stay.

He’s a very multi-faceted character. Not only does he get us to well up sometimes, but he also makes us laugh, which is very much needed in this series. 

(I totally messed up the spelling of sundae in that gif, but it is what it is.)

Aside from being funny, he’s an extremely talented ninja. He has a lot of natural skill that sets him apart from his brothers. 

He also has those “ninja vibes, yo!” He’s able to sense when something isn’t right. This isn’t a skill he had at the beginning of the series, but by “Buried Secrets,” he could tell when someone wasn’t who they said they were. 

He’s right about a lot of stuff. He was right about the Kraang and how they were alien robots with brain things in their chests, he was right about Donnie needing to cut the green wire to defuse the mutagen bomb (”The Gauntlet”), he was right about Bradford taking Stockman to his old lab (”Mikey gets Shellacne”), and he was right about… just about everything when they went to Dimension X… both times. 

He’s creative, too! He’s great at naming things and people. Inventions, enemies, friends, you name it. He names it. (See what I did there?)

AND he’s a great diplomat!

……Ok well maybe that one’s still a work in progress. But he has potential! He has the heart of a peace-keeper. He just wants everyone to get along.

He loves his family so much, and he’s not afraid to show it. 

Whether he’s expressing gratitude…

offering comfort…

or just glad to see them…

…he loves to show that he values his family above anything else. Even pizza. 

2012 Mikey is one awesome, cute, creative, funny, cute, loving, talented, loyal, cute strong cute dude. 


1. Shredder took the time to hang up like a dozen billboards and set them all on fire. Back at it with the theatrics I see.

2. Why is Leo in such a big hurry? There’s scenes of him both running and driving recklessly is he trying to warn his father about something or is he trying to save Karai? 

3. Why is there a train? What’s with the train? I saw a flash of Casey Jones, does he have something to do with it?

4. Will April’s crystal powers come into play? Where was April anyway? I only caught a glimpse of her at the very end

5. Why was Donnie yelling for Sensei what happened!?

6. What was Splinter throwing the kunai at? Why does he look so hurt throughout the whole thing!?

7. Does he die



June Flashfic - Beginnings

Pairing: Leorai
A/N: Taken place in a future timeline of the 2k12 show.

Karai lingered, rolling her eyes when another five minutes passed by.

He was late.

She hated waiting around for someone. Especially when that someone begged her to meet him at their usual spot. She scoffed. Wasn’t punctuality an essential part in Ninjitsu?

Long legs dangled by the edge of where she sat, arms tightly folded over her chest. I’ll give him five more minutes, she decided after angrily kicking her feet in the air.

Leonardo sprinted, knowing all too well she would be displeased about his tardiness. His perfectly planned surprise was already ruined. Thanks a lot bros, he muttered under his breath. In his head, he prepared everything. From being two minutes early, to presenting her a small gesture she’d happily accept. And after everything they’ve been through, he was certain this was the appropriate time. Hopefully, his brothers wouldn’t let him down. This time.

Finally arriving at the rooftop of the Byerly building, he let out a sigh of relief. She actually waited for him. Even if he was almost half an hour late. Leo stood a few feet away, admiring Karai’s presence. The turtle was taken back once catching a glimpse of exceptional beauty. Her normally fair skin glowed brighter just as the moonlight beamed at her direction. He couldn’t help but ogle at full red lips, almost jumping when a digit brushed the corner of her mouth. It was just too surreal, seeing her like that.

Finally able to break away from his held gaze, he twiddled his thumbs over his belt, purely out of nervousness.

“Hey,” he lightly greeted, wincing at Karai’s groan. “I apologize for being late.” Quickly he paced. “It really wasn’t my intention to keep you waiting.” The kunoichi remained silent, listening to his nonstop stammer. “I should’ve been on time, I know. It won’t happen again. Things just didn’t go as planned.” Yes, she was a bit annoyed. Standing around looking like a fool really wasn’t her idea of starting anew as a refugee. Again. But, seeing him all jumpy and uneasy, normally small eyes now widened in an unrelaxed way, really made her forget the anger she had. He really was cute.

“Leonardo.” He turned toward his name being called, not remembering her getting up to move close enough to be at arm’s length. Catching her sly grin, he smiled back, knowing she really wasn’t at all bothered. “Why did you call me here for? It couldn’t be for another late night sparring session. Right?”

He chuckled, shaking his head.

“Not tonight.” His restless demeanor soon kicked in. The leader in blue glanced around before settling his gaze at her once again. “Umm, well…” A hand rubbed the back of his neck, trying to search for the right words. “…I actually had something for you…”

“Oh?” Amber eyes brightened in interest, soon peering over his shoulder, looking for anything that looked like a nicely wrapped gift. “Where is it?”

Again, blue eyes darted, frowning when seeing his brothers hadn’t come through.

“Okay.” He breathed. After days of cranking out ideas for the perfect way to ask her, it all fell apart the last minute. Don’t overthink it, his brothers advised, just go for it. He simply couldn’t. Months of battling Shredder, kraang, and any other foe they constantly fought took time away from searching for her. But she was constantly in the back of his mind. Worrying and wondering. Now here she was. Waiting. For him.

Leo reached out, thick fingers subtly brushing her hand. When seeing she didn’t pull away, he gently held her hand, smiling. Karai blinked, concerned by the sudden change of atmosphere. His thumb softly stroke the back of her hand, ignoring the hammering against his chest.

“Will you come back home with me? As in, live with us as a Hamato?”

She felt her throat clogged by what felt like cotton. Muscles tensed. Unsure. Was he asking…? Before she could answer, they heard something fly over their heads, causing them to look up. Leo smiled as Karai remained confused when watching a small drone carry a medium sized box. The blue-clad turtle grinned once the drone lowered. Carefully, it dropped the box into Leonardo’s awaiting hands. He waved at the contraption as it flew away, eagerly facing her while nudging the box towards Karai.

She leaned over, catching a whiff of overused, sugary frosting. Her brows knitted together.

“A cake?”

He slumped his shoulders, but quickly regained his composure.

“It isn’t made of algae and worms. I promise.”

She continued eyeing at the box suspiciously.

“It’s not my birthday.”

“I know.” Bashfully, Leo flickered a smile. “The cake is just an extra.”

Leo held in a breath when her hand ghosted the corner of the box. She purposely dawdled around, seeing how adorable he acted while waiting. It was too cute to not take advantage of. Pursing red lips together, Karai stepped back, sauntering away.

“Well?” she asked when seeing he wasn’t following her. “Are we going home or not?”

Hugging the box close to his chest, he happily nodded, excited to once again be reunited. For real this time.

Leonardo trailed behind, carrying the unopened box, a bit disappointed his plan hadn’t gone picture-perfect. She didn’t lift the lid to read the four neatly spelled out words in light blue, gel frosting.

At least, not yet.

anonymous asked:

I've seen ALOT of Leo hate for this episode, especially for when he ran past Raph. I know hes your favorite, how do you feel about Leo in that moment?

My poor turtle. He has been getting hate for this arc, but I think he’s really been true to character, and I’ve never loved him more.

My thing is, with him running past Raph, people are acting like Leo was the only one who could have done something about it. Like because Leo ran after Karai, Raph suffered 10x more. No, no. No. 
Donnie, Mikey and Splinter were still there with him. Leo did not abandon his brother, he knew the others could take care of him. Had the others not been able to save Raph for whatever reason, I promise you, Leo would not have left him behind. But he knew Raph was in capable hands. He had faith in his family to take care of his brother while he went after the other threat. Besides, medically, if anyone was more qualified to handle Raph’s situation, it was Donnie.

Also, it wasn’t Leo putting Karai before his family. It was Leo knowing no one else was going after her, that he couldn’t just let her run away, and that he couldn’t allow a dangerous mutant out on the streets like that. Those were his priorities in that moment. I’m the only one who can get to her, I need to stop her, she could hurt other people.

Raph was fine after it was all sorted out. Some people are acting like Leo left him with some form of serious/permanent injury. Plus…look at what happened to Leo in the end. His father walked away from him, as did his brothers, and he’s left with the knowledge that this is his fault. There is literally nothing worse you can do to Leonardo than tell him bad situations are his fault, because it weighs down on him. It scars him mentally, and that hurt him worse than any physical injury ever could.

Go easy on the leader in blue, guys. What he’s going through right now is far worse than getting a little venom sprayed in your eye.