what if he screams back

Michael Hayboeck imagine - “Why don’t we go somewhere?”

It was a Friday night and you were so happy the weekend has started. You came home a bit exhausted as the result of studying through whole week so you would be free on the weekend. Your friends and you already made plans to go out tonight since you didn’t see each other for a long time.

“Mum, can I have a car tonight? I’m going out with girls and am going to need a car. May I?” You asked her with your sweet tone, and smiley face she can’t resist most of the time. She smiled back and you assumed the car is yours. “Honey, talk with your brother, he asked for the car already so you two talk this out.” How does he always do this? He always gets the car.

“Mathew!!” You screamed out to your brother. “What’s up sis?” He screamed back from what you assumed was his room. You ran up the stairs and to his room. “You’re going out tonight?” – “Yes I am. Why?” – “Me too. And I need the car. Mathew please let me have a car this time pleaseee.” You made a puppy face which you haven’t mastered yet. He argued back that he is older and that he needs the car but he gave in. You got the car but under one condition. You drive him there and pick him up. In the end he realized you were doing him a favour since he can get drunk. You went to get ready and just before you grabbed the keys asked your brother where he is going.  “Michi is back from Planica so we will probably end up at some random club. You’re taking me to his house. I have something for him.” You froze a bit when he mentioned his dear friend Michael. He was cute. Maybe cute doesn’t cover it, super cute and flirty, at least when it comes to you. But since he is your brothers friend you turned down every drink that he invited you to. “Oh right, yeah, the season is over now. Well, shall we?” You motioned towards the door quietly asking him is he is ready to go. “Let’s go! Good night everyone!” He said and your goodbye followed right after. “Y/N drive safely and take care!” Your mum shouted after you. During the ride you asked him for directions even though you knew the way even though you’ve been there once.

You got to his house and Mathew was out of the car soon. You drove to your best friend’s house to pick her up at meet with everyone else in a restaurant where you went for dinner. “So, where are we going today girls?” You asked them since they knew better where the good clubs are. “I was thinking about the one around the corner. People there are the most normal and not too many perverts and freaks. Anyone else?” Anna said and other girls agreed with her. The good thing was that it was close to the place you were at and didn’t need to drive there also.

After the dinner you went to hit the club where it was already crowded even though it wasn’t even midnight. The first thing you did was find the bar and order drinks. Since you were driving you didn’t drink any but soon you wished you could. On the other side of the bar you saw a glimpse of your brother and his gang. Your eyes quickly scanned people in their nearby looking for a certain blond head. You saw one but it wasn’t him. You didn’t know what would be better to see him and know where he is, or not knowing and he could be right behind your back. Girls ordered their alcohol and then you went to find a table. On your way to the table you bumped into a friend of your brother. You said hi but nothing more since it was pretty hard to talk with such a loud music in the background.

When you settled in and started to talk some of your friends scanned the room and already found some guys to their liking. Apparently they noticed us too and started getting closer and closer. “Hello ladies. Would you mind getting some drinks with us?” he asked with such a smile that you already knew what he was after. His eyes gave away everything. He looked at every one of us like he was deciding which one of you will leave this place with him. Brianna stood up accepting his offer. His friend asked Anna to the dance floor and that was an offer she couldn’t reject. There was only three of you left behind the table. The three of you left started to talk about everything and after a while headed to the dancefloor yourselves. After three songs you felt hands on your waist which caused you to suddenly turn around.

“Wha-“ – “Hello sis. Quick question. Would it be okay with you if my friends would be interested in yours? Two of them exactly…” Mathew shouted in my ear. What? I mean I don’t mind but that would leave me with nobody. “Ask them” You gave in hoping that at least one of them wouldn’t accept it. But who were you to ruin their fun. “I need to find the bathroom if you would excuse me.” You said and left them. When you looked back at them you saw your brother talking to them and by the look on their faces you knew they said yes. Guess you will call it a night a bit earlier than planned.

While you were trying to find a way to the bathroom between the bodies someone grabbed your wrist and you panicked. You’ve had bad experiences when strange people were coming on to you and it got ugly. You pulled your hand but the grip didn’t loosen. You looked over your shoulder and the blood in your veins froze while your stomach twisted. You breathed out. “It’s you. You scared me. Hi.” You greeted him awkwardly while he was still having his fingers around your wrist. Without saying anything he started walking in the opposite direction as you did seconds ago. You stayed silent letting him lead you wherever he intended. You trusted him even though he never did anything to trust him so much. He was your brothers best bud and somehow you trusted him.

Soon after you saw the doors that lead outside and since you were only in a thin shirt and the minute you stepped outside you shivered. You brought your hands to your upper arms trying to keep yourself warm.  “Why did you bring me here Michael?” You asked him confused. He needed a few seconds before he realized how little you were dressed and wrapped you in his jacket that he had in his arms. “Thank you.” You said so quietly that he surely didn’t hear. “Michael, why are we here?” You asked already getting nervous and got weak in the knees. He had this effect on you and you didn’t know what to do. “You look beautiful Y/N.” He said admiringly while scanning your body and finally his eyes ended up on yours. That surely brought a blush on your cheeks. `What is he doing´ you though to yourself while wiggling your legs a bit trying to regain the feeling in them. He took advantage of that and span you around so you were leaned on the wall and he was in front of you.

“Y/N, what will I have to do to get a drink with you?” – “You don’t need to do anything.” You answered his question that seemed rhetorical now that you look back. “What then? You don’t like me enough?” He insisted. This isn’t going like you planned. The whole night is a mess. Including your thoughts. You quickly looked him in the eyes and suddenly couldn’t look away. “Michael, you’re one of my brother’s best friends. It would be awkward.” He nodded his head like he realized that only not. His eyes focused back on mine once again. “So that is the problem. Not that you are not into me?” He caught me. Note to myself: Think before saying anything next time! You opened your mouth a couple of times before noticing he was leaning in slowly. You placed your hand on his upper hand like you were wanting to push him away but he got closer and you didn’t have any control over your movement.

The next thing you felt was his soft lips against yours that were even softer than you imagined them to be. The kiss was gentle since you were both a bit careful but as if got more intense you remembered where you were. Pulling away you placed your hand on his chest. You were afraid to look him in the eyes after this. You wanted this to happen for a long time but it made things complicated.

But you had to look him in the eyes after this. Once you lifted your eyes to meet his, they were different than before. They got darker and weren’t that nice shade blue that they are known for. He was serious but once his lips broke into a wide smile you couldn’t help but to mirror his action. “I don’t think your friends will be looking for you tonight, so why don’t we go somewhere else?” Michael said which you didn’t know how to feel about. Happy that he wants to go somewhere or sad that they really won’t be looking for you?


“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

Someone is pissed. :-) Tiny, Tiny, Tiny snippet of Torn 21.

You heard the sound of the keypad and knew it was Eric. A smile of satisfaction displayed on your face as you heard the loud error beep from him entering the code. You were glad you had changed the code that morning. You heard a string of curse words through the door.

“Y/N!!!” He screamed through the door.

“What?” You yelled back.

“Open this fuckin door!!”

“No!” You stifled a giggle. You frowned when you heard his heavy footsteps retreat from your door.

Oh fuck! There was no way Eric would give up that easy. 

You went back into your bedroom to throw on some lounge clothes when you heard a loud banging at your door. You threw your clothes on the bed and ran to the front door in your bra and panties.

What in the fuck!

You realized Eric was smashing the code box with something. Before you could type in the code to unlock the door Eric kicked it in almost hitting you with the door. His eyes were a blazed with fury. You looked down at his right hand and saw a hammer. He literally smashed the code box to get your door open.

“Eric! What the-” Eric dropped the hammer, grabbed you by your hips and flung you across his shoulder as if you weighed nothing.


Warnings: reader taken to experimental facility

When Boyd and Cora led the group to the road, Stiles froze, his eyes scanning for whatever was giving him the feeling that they’d walked into a trap. You jumped and let your brother shove you behind him when something jabbed into Boyd’s neck and he collapsed.


“Get to the van go!” Stiles yelled at the others who did what he said while he dragged you to the back.


“Stiles!” You screamed, someone had a tight grip on your arm, you couldn’t see their face through the mask but a bright coloured word caught your eye and you realised they were D.R.E.A.D.


“No Cora get off me!” Stiles yelped as she pulled him away and he was forced to let go of you.

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So somebody who I was close friends with in high school just got engaged and I’m like

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I’m just curious about what will happen.


You don’t understand the happiness I am experiencing right now is not comparable to anything that’s ever happened before. I am probably holding the world record for, “most happiness one human being has ever felt before” because I can fucking hold it with my hands and it is beautiful.

HUUUUUGE thanks to audaciousanonj for project PDF and of course to waffleguppies for writing one of the best things to ever be written in the history of the entire human race.

did i!! actually!! manage!! to keep myself!! from casually crushing!! on guys?!?!??!

screw you hansun you broke my record why did you ask for my # and not text back WHY

May I Have This Dance?

Fandom: The Internship

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Warning: Hinted at NSFW themes

Writer: 10ks-chain

Summary/Request: Dancing with Stuart…is well…it’s dancing with Stuart isn’t it? Even if you don’t quite know his name…

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Request #8- Can you do an imagine where you’re having an argument with your husband Eric and he gets really pissed off and pushes you against a wall and punches or slaps you in the face and then ends up feeling really really bad about it ? Thank u

You and Eric were at it again. Your marriage was going great but you two definitely had some rocky days. Today was one of them. You were convinced he was hiding something and you were determined to get it out of him no matter what. You were screaming at him and he was screaming back just as bad. You knew when he gets pissed off he see’s red and loses control but it didn’t matter today. “Babe, seriously back the fuck off!” Eric screamed at you while you followed him around every room screaming at him. “No! Eric, tell me what the fuck your hiding!” He pushes you against the wall, yelling “How many times do I have to fucking tell you I’m not fucking hiding anything!” You don’t give up. You roll your eyes and bite back, “Yeah right!” He lets go of you, yelling out in frustration as he starts breaking everything in sight. You cry out as you watch him smash a glass figurine your great grandmother had gifted you as a wedding present. It was one of your most valued possessions. “What the fuck is wrong with you! You are such a heartless asshole!” you continue screaming with tears in your eyes. 

You start talking shit to him, you call him every name in the book and you start hurling insults that you knew would hurt him. And it worked. You look Eric in his eyes as you finish spitting out comments, you can tell he is no longer thinking straight. You notice his eyes darkening as he reaches his hand back you automatically flinch as you see his hand coming towards you. You gasp out loud as he slaps you hard across the face. You grab your stinging cheek as you let out a sob. Eric immediately snaps back to reality feeling extremely guilty. “Baby, I am so sorry!” he cries out, trying to reach out to hold you. You push him away running into the room that you shared, locking it. You start sobbing uncontrollably, wondering how he could have done that to you. He starts knocking on the door, “let me in, y/n. Please I’m so sorry”, he continues pleading as he hears you crying. He leans against the door running his hands in his hair thinking to himself, ‘How could you have done that? You are such a monster! There is no way she is ever going to forgive you.’ You could hear loud noises and rustling outside the room but you decide to ignore it. 

A million thoughts are running in your head as you process the whole entire situation. After a couple of hours you hear Eric walk out of the house and drive away. You wait a couple of minutes before you finally leave the room. You brace yourself knowing you were going to walk out to a complete mess from the things Eric was breaking. But when you walked out the room the mess was picked up. You looked around noticing that Eric had cleaned the house. It was like nothing had happened. You looked on the counter of the kitchen noticing the glass figurine. You walk over to pick it up when you hear Eric, “I- uh- I tried my best to find all the pieces.” Eric had tried to glue it back together. You turn around to look at him, he has a dozen of your favorite flowers in one hand and a takeout bag in the other. He puts the bag down and slowly walks towards you handing you the bouquet. “I really am so sorry, Baby,” he says in a soft voice. You can hear the guilt in his voice and you can tell he is genuinely sorry. “I got your favorite,” he says looking at the takeout bag, “It’s from that restaurant you like. You know the one downtown?” 

Unsure with what to say, you stay silent. Eric cautiously leans in towards you, “Talk to me baby, please.” You let out a small sob and Eric wraps his arms around you, pulling you close. He’s fighting back tears as he chokes out, “That will never happen again, y/n. I am so fucking sorry, babe. I promise you.” You pulled back, “I should have never said the things I said, Eric. I’m so-“ “That’s no excuse for what happened, y/n” he says cutting you off. He leans his forehead against yours, looking you straight in the eyes, “Baby, I promise that won’t ever happen again. I love you soo much.”

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Theo/Stiles 10
You were infuriated. Styles barged into your house accusing you still up Indio and being on the enemy side.
“I’m not in love with Theo!” You screamed for what seemed like the thousandth time.
“You will always love him.” He screamed back.“you will break his heart and he’ll break yours. But you won’t forget each other. Even if one day you walk past him in either of you acknowledges it.” You fell quiet and stiles just left the house silently.
(Sorry for shortness)

To everyone saying Stiles didn’t do enough to save Lydia...

Stiles made the plan. Stiles stole the key. Stiles passed the mountain ash barrier and nearly saved Lydia before being thwarted, but still he didn’t leave. Stiles chased after Valack. Stiles searched the tunnels for Lydia. Stiles told Theo to break the pipe which led to Lydia. Stiles half-carried Lydia out of Eichen until Parrish had to physically pull him back. Stiles comforted Lydia all the way in the jeep, holding onto her even as she told him that she was going to kill him. Stiles shielded her body from the glass when Deaton and Scott fell to the ground even though he saw what her scream did to Valack. Stiles brought her back when she passed out. 

Sure. Stiles didn’t cut out electricity or break through walls or be impervious to her screams, he was very much human. 

That does’t mean he wasn’t her hero. 


“Do you know how many times it hurt Stefan! No! You don’t! I was in love with you and you were too blind to even see it!” You screamed at him.

“Y/N! Don’t you understand?! I wanted it to be you!” He screamed back at you. 

“What?” You questioned, lowering your voice to a quiet murmur. 

“I love you Y/N. The whole time I was with Elena I wanted to be truly happy with her, but I couldn’t. You want to know why? Because of you Y/N. I wanted it to be you.” 

Sideways. {mika/max}

Things between Mika and Max have been amazing the last three months. They’d went on a vacation and when they got back, Raz was acting strange. He started lashing out and Max didn’t know why. Today, Mika had went out with Danny to pick out for more furniture for Danny and Raz’s place. It left Max and Raz alone and when Max asked Raz a question, Raz started flipping out. He pushes Max a few times and after the fourth time, Max pushes back. “What the fuck is your problem, dude!?” He screams, grunting though when he’s tackled by Raz. “Stop it! Raz, stop! Are you fucking high!?” Max screams again, having a hint that maybe he was.